Warhawk Launch!

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Well…after staying up way too late last night playing, I’m here to say that Warhawk is LIVE and available on the PlayStation Store AND at retailers across the country!

There were some crazy intense games last night and it was great to see players having a great time, earning medals and ranking up. I did notice that on the boards some of you guys have mentioned that your stats weren’t posting after you completed your games. First off…apologies for this, it’s never good to have a medal that you fought for not be credited to your player!

That said, we should all expect some occasional and isolated stats interruptions this week as we bring all the players from the US and Europe online…both for the PlayStation Store version and for the Blu-ray version. We’ll keep these interruptions to an absolute minimum as we would rather not drowned in a tsunami of hate mail.

On another note, we had a great battle yesterday with IGN. They had some of their staffers and some lucky applicants battle our Warhawk team here at Incognito. Needless to say, we had a wicked good time. There were some truly amazing players so to all of you that are going online with Warhawk, be on the look out for Jag71, OneAdam12, Arbole, xT3RMINATORx, WillKills…all these guys are crazy good.

I was able to record some video of our play session for your viewing pleasure – it a bit shaky-cam, not Blair Witch shaky but, well you’ll see. I got to capture, on video, one of the very few times that our best pilot, “Gergination” has ever made a mistake piloting the Warhawk. He won’t be pleased about me posting this vid but it’s entertaining nonetheless.

I’d also like to extend a request for feedback regarding the game setups that we’re currently running on the Warhawk Sever Cluster. Do you like the configurations? Do you want to see more CTF? More ZONE? Higher point limits? Etc. Let us know.

I spent some time last night listening to people on VOIP and it seems like some of the games were ending too quickly so we’ll look to increase the point limits so the games last a bit longer.

That’s it for now…I’m including a collection of Warhawk-related post links below for anyone that would like to catch up on all the Warhawk discussion that’s been published here the past several weeks.

See you all on the battlefield!

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  • Best PS3 game so far!!! great job you guys. can’t wait to see what downloadable content you guys come up with.

  • is there any difference in graphics between the two styles games? Downloaded version? V.S. Blu-Ray?

  • Dylan,
    Is the package deal with the game and BT headset a permanent combo? If not, will the package deal still be available in a month or so?
    Thanks, I just played a few rounds at a friends house and I had a blast! Work is going to keep me quite busy for the next month and I wanted to make sure this deal would still be available.

  • OMG. As soon as GameStop gets that shipment I am so there. I am taking the day off just to play this game. Cant wait.

  • Dylan,

    Please get more split screen servers up before 1:00pm Dallas time. Also I thought that we could host our own servers I will be playing on a 9mb conection as soon as I get my BD copy in the morning.PSN ID jimmy903. only 14 more hours. I want to get some shots off at some of the beta boys.LOL

  • some of the SCEA ranked servers games are too quick in the rotation, i think like 4 out fo the 5 map/rule changes were fine just 1 end way too quick. The account thing is annoying but i get the point of it. Oh well

  • The game keeps FREEZING on me!

    This is a bit different from the beta freezing. In the beta it would freeze during the gameplay, but now the game freezes once I finish a game and it goes to the countdown screen. Pressing the playstation button has no effect and I have to turn off my PS3 manually.

    All 4 games I have played have ended like this! Not only that but I am having some trouble joining games also. Can you guys please help me out?

  • Could you possibly up the amount of flag captures required to win a ranked game? I believe it’s set to 1 right now, it should really be set to 3 :-P
    Other than that, WARHAWK IS AWESOME!

    PS: This game needs a shotgun :-)

  • I just downloaded it. This game is awesome!

  • nice video!

    played the beta, bought it as soon as it came at psn, good game.

    cant wait for new downloadable maps! i hope you guys are making new maps now :D hopefully free too!

  • Warhawk looks crazy fun! have to wait to pay day to pick this up, thanks for the cool vid.

  • i am curious as to who where the first 10 people who bought warhawk on the PSN. That would be a fun stat.

  • this game is what iv been waiting 4

  • 1 thing i think it need
    when you kill somebody or plane
    there should be some kind
    of a sound 2 let you know
    that was your kill

    the game is so much fun
    good job

  • Wow I was not thinking about buying this because of the release of Metroid Prime 3 today, the Lair on the 4th, Heavenly Sword, Assassin’s Creed, Guitar Hero III, Folklore, but it seems I must add this to my list. I just wouldn’t want to get massively raped all the time and make this game less enjoyable.

  • the only thing is that im still waiting until tomorrow to pick up my copy since gamespot gets it in tomorrow or today, its late here in nyc and yea jags is nuts bloodline all the way

  • Great Game Dylan Jobe can’t wait to get my blu-ray copy later this week and get in on the action!!!!

  • Can’t wait to pick up the game tomorrow!

  • @ support

    is there any problem with credit cards ??? i can´t add funds to my wallet im getting invalid card error :S … There re lots of threads in PlayStation Forum regarding this issue :D



  • Mr. Jobe,
    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do something about allowing other accounts on the SAME PS3 to play the downloadable version of Warhawk!
    Maybe just tie the game to the PS3’s MAC address? ANYTHING! It’s just that my brother and I split the cost of the game and he would like to play it and keep his own stats, of course. And I already had the EXACT headset the package comes with, so I really had no reason to buy that version anyway.
    I understand it is probably my fault I didn’t see the note about the downloadable version of Warhawk only being playable on the PSN account that payed for it, but I was just SOOO freakin’ excited to play this game I simply blew past reading that stuff… Please do something about this! If not, I suppose I learned my lesson to read the fine-print (even for video games…), but I’d still be pretty dissappointed that you guys made this kind of decision.

  • reset your ps3 and log in the playstation store
    and make sure all infor is right

  • did he mean liars?? hahaha.. i guess he’s been reading to many LAIR reviews and got confused there for a second..

    man it’s so embarrasing to do something like that.. plus dude.. this is nothing new.. 80% of games get to the stores on wed or thurs at the latest.. they’re not like movie releases,

  • Rock on, I’m reading reviews, and this game sounds GOLD, I’m picking up the retail tomorrow!

  • I know you have no control over this particular area Dylan, but Sony if you’re reading this, PLEASE get a handle on your shipping the next time you have a game simultaniously release on blu-ray and on PSN. Warhawk (disc version) should have been shipped to retailers a few days before the release date so all stores would have it by the time it hits PSN.

    Because what happened is that I want the blu-ray version but it’s no where to be found, so it has been a test of my will power these past 24 hours. I would have given in by now and downloaded it but I was in the beta, so its easier for me to hold off an extra day till I can find the blu-ray in stores.

    Next time though, ship the game a few days early so people like me who want the extra stuff and the hard copy of the game, don’t have to beat themselves up as they wait for it to arrive at their nearest retail chain.

  • Thanks for the blog update. Loving the new widget (Mac user here)

  • LOL @ joey. LAIRS? No, LIARS. You’d think anyone copying and pasting something 25 times might check the spelling.

    Anyway, yes, it sucks that the retail version still isn’t on shelves. I bought a bluetooth headset then bought Warhawk from the PSN. I must say it is quite incredible to play.


    WHAT HAPPENED TO BEING ABLE TO TURN OFF MOTION CONTROL FOR THE GROUND VEHICLES?! I LOVE using the Motion for the Warhawks but i HATE using it for the ground vehicles like the jeep.


    Great Game it is very fun :)

    P.S. Why cant we send messages or game invites in game??


    Can anyone help me with my freezing issue? I even tried connecting my PS3 directly to my modem with a cable and it still froze after I finished a game.

    I have played 5 games and every single one has frozen afterwards. Somebody please help!

  • I would love to see the ability to go split screen on the dedicated servers. Even if meant dedicating some unranked servers. There is a glut of big games in blue but a lack of big games I can join with my friend.

    This game is way too fun. I haven’t had any freezing problems whatsoever, or any other problems at all.

    Now if I could just figure out some of those pilots are dodging missiles so well…

  • so many trolls commenting… motion control for the ground vehicles… last time i looked, motion control was allowed on/off for warhawks… i played in the afternoon and played tonight. seems as though you guys changed the server options. the length of each game is just right now! that Snake26 is also trolling in the playstation forums about the ridiculous freezing. warhawk froze for me once, but i can see it as a minor glitch and ive been playing since the afternoon… the more i play this game, the more fun i have. it’s halo and resistance packaged in one!

  • need to change the filter so that you can select only ranked or unranked games. The lag in between you ranking up and the actual implementation of that rank seems to take a while…. fun game though

  • hot pockets you are an idiot

    I have the damn game and if you don’t believe me I will meet you online in Warhawk. Pull your head out of your ass.

  • Thanks for all the comments everyone!

    Both positive *and* negative…just like in the BETA, the team and I read all the boards, looking for issues that need to be fixed. Anything that we (the developers) can fix we’ll make every effort to do so, unless there is an ultra-compelling reason why we shouldn’t/can’t…etc.

    Somethings are just outside of our control but you all know how that goes :-)

  • It is good to see that the game is doing great. My personal experice? Well, I made the choice to get the BluRay version, and ti turns out that GameStop is getting WarHawk a whole day after the shipping date. Talk about luck

    Anyways, all I know is that tomorrow is the in which I will be getting my warhawk. I shall see you all online in due time

  • Everyone is so MAD for this game right now, very crazy! Friends have been calling looking for it in stores but hopefully today we’ll all find it.

    Some clerks were getting mad because some many people were bugging them about it haahaa… But hey… we need to blow stuff up!

    See you all “soon”. =P

  • i don’t suppose theres gonna be a demo of sorts…still debating if i should get this or not. I’d like to get a feel for the game first, maybe i’ll just get a video membership somewheres and rent it.

  • Thanks for reading our comments Dylan. Please let us know if you guys find out what is causing the freezing issues.

  • Love the variety of room selections. Love the game. Can’t believe how rock-steady the graphics are and how lag-free it is (so far).

    Yeah, it’s definitely not saving my stats (and precious medals!), but I’ll survive and hopefully that’ll stabilize. I’m sure the Beta to-do list was long, but certain “easy”improvements are still missing, which is puzzling. It’s still impossible to read the letters/numbers of bases/checkpoints. And I’m on a 56” DLP HDTV; can’t imagine what it looks like on SDTV. These are kinda key for teamwork; need to communicate locations.

    Still… love the game.

  • I own 2 PS3’s and had I known that after playing it in the living room that I would have to wait 24 hours to play it in my den I would have bought the blue-ray game. What are the odds of getting a refund so that I can get the blue-ray instead?

    Great game!

  • @Dylan
    ” Anything that we (the developers) can fix we’ll make every effort to do so, unless there is an ultra-compelling reason why we shouldn’t/can’t…etc.

    Somethings are just outside of our control but you all know how that goes”

    Is that your way of telling us that there is nothing that can be done about the DRM issue and ability or lack there of for subaccounts to use? :)

  • I was in the Beta and i must say its just as fun good job Dylan. :-)

  • I don’t have the game but wanted to say that I think it’s great that you guys are coming here and asking for feedback from the community. Keep up the great work.

  • Please enable some sort of lobby system & buddy system separate from your psn buddy list.

    Please enable “channels” with open mics within the channel.

    Please allow warhawk to be played on sub accounts as well as the master.

  • Warhawk is da [DELETED] :-) I cannot wait till tomorrow waiting for the blueray U guys should send in the game so it can be @ da stores august 28 But o well i guess i always need to wait 1 day for blue rays :-/ but great JOB hope to see warhawk 2 with the single player co-op and online guys U GUys rock!

  • Please enable separate sixaxis settings between warhawks & vehicles.

  • I’ve been playing Warhawk pretty much straight since it came out last night and I’m really impressed – the gameplay is tons of fun, the graphics are awesome and there is NO lag at all!

    I was able to verify a theory I had and I guess it turns out I was indeed killing (and be killed by) you Dylan. Cool.

  • That was a good game, even though you handed our asses to us heh. You guys are like some killer bees when you swarm the base. Thanks for this great game!!!

  • only 15 hours till Uk release :) not sure if i will be playing tho i got my cod4 beta key

  • Only problems I found…
    – Rounds ending a little too soon
    – Sometimes I would get credited with a team kill when it wasn’t me (in passenger seat of tank and driver runs over mine of enemy and we both die but I get a team kill).
    – Bug where people have the same name as me
    – People on your PS3 with different profile names should be able to play. My roommates using my profile and stats isn’t fun.

    Otherwise great fun game.

  • hey i have an important request!!!!!!!!!

    please please make a warhawk gamercard, like the gamercard from resistance fall of men!

    this would be sooooo cool to have your stats in your signature

    pleeeassseee !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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