Warhawk Launch!

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Well…after staying up way too late last night playing, I’m here to say that Warhawk is LIVE and available on the PlayStation Store AND at retailers across the country!

There were some crazy intense games last night and it was great to see players having a great time, earning medals and ranking up. I did notice that on the boards some of you guys have mentioned that your stats weren’t posting after you completed your games. First off…apologies for this, it’s never good to have a medal that you fought for not be credited to your player!

That said, we should all expect some occasional and isolated stats interruptions this week as we bring all the players from the US and Europe online…both for the PlayStation Store version and for the Blu-ray version. We’ll keep these interruptions to an absolute minimum as we would rather not drowned in a tsunami of hate mail.

On another note, we had a great battle yesterday with IGN. They had some of their staffers and some lucky applicants battle our Warhawk team here at Incognito. Needless to say, we had a wicked good time. There were some truly amazing players so to all of you that are going online with Warhawk, be on the look out for Jag71, OneAdam12, Arbole, xT3RMINATORx, WillKills…all these guys are crazy good.

I was able to record some video of our play session for your viewing pleasure – it a bit shaky-cam, not Blair Witch shaky but, well you’ll see. I got to capture, on video, one of the very few times that our best pilot, “Gergination” has ever made a mistake piloting the Warhawk. He won’t be pleased about me posting this vid but it’s entertaining nonetheless.

I’d also like to extend a request for feedback regarding the game setups that we’re currently running on the Warhawk Sever Cluster. Do you like the configurations? Do you want to see more CTF? More ZONE? Higher point limits? Etc. Let us know.

I spent some time last night listening to people on VOIP and it seems like some of the games were ending too quickly so we’ll look to increase the point limits so the games last a bit longer.

That’s it for now…I’m including a collection of Warhawk-related post links below for anyone that would like to catch up on all the Warhawk discussion that’s been published here the past several weeks.

See you all on the battlefield!

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  • Awesome. I can’t wait to pick up this game. Great job Dylan and I can’t wait to play this online.

    I look forward to more games by Incognito in the future.

  • Cool, I’ll be getting this, just not sure what version yet. Anyone know how big the DL version is? And for those who have NAT 3 connections, have you experienced any lag?

  • Yeah, I’m still waiting for the game. Release date..shipping date..blah blah blah..Damnit. I want to play this game already.

  • I’m currently running a NAT3 connection with zero problems whatsoever. This game is just pure WIN.

  • i am so pissed that is only linked to one account on my freakin system. i don’t want anyone going on my account just to play the game. i’d rather get a refund and deal with having two headsets. this is garbage. way to screw this one up. my faith in you has shaken.

  • I am waiting for the bluray release. Want that Bluetooth Headset. Thanks SingleTrac, oops I mean Incog Inc lol. Hope yous can start working on the next really next gen, bluray ,high production value of Twisted Metal.

  • I don’t know why, but we can’t play splitscreen on the official servers! If possible, i would love that option. And, although i think it’s my router (not my connection, I know that) but the games are pretty laggy for me. I’ll check back after I try it without my router, but so far I’m not sure if it’s just launch time bugs, my router, or something else. Otherwise, EXCELLENT GAME! Me and my bro have been playing nonstop for a few hours.

  • I think you should check on the warhawk forums on the playstation forums. There have been reports of games freezing and also some install problems (that aren’t related to trying to share) :)

  • @SteveW62

    If you’re in America, then it’s already out. If you’re in Europe, it comes out thursday.

  • Ya this game is the [DELETED]. I love it. So intense.

  • @GFXology.com
    Nah, I’m waiting for the Blu-ray version. Apparently release date only applies to the PSN store version. Blu-ray disc is due out tomorrow.

  • Hey Dylan:

    Glad the game is finally out. As a tester, I’ve noticed some improvements, but I’d love it if you posted the complete changes.

    I would consider upping some of the scores, especially later down the road when others are going for Master Badges. Some of the master badges will focus on pure domination of the opponent. Granted, they ARE master badges, so I understand the difficulty.


  • This game is awsome. The only thing that is shaky abou the game is that one swipe with a knife can kill a person but 20 shots with a pistol cant. You need to fix that.

  • No complaints here.

  • Dylan, HUGE PROBLEM:

    Alot of people are still having the freezing problems that were seen in the beta. If you need proof, there are alot of threads up in the official Warhawk thread about it. Are we going to get a hotfix? I’ve froze 5 times since last night =(

    Here’s the link to a few of the threads:


    Please give us some kind of answer, we wanna play without crashing the PS3!

  • I looked everywhere today for this game! none of the major retailers have the game in stock! what the hell?! Why didn’t you ship the game out last week or yesterday?? i was really looking forward to playing today, but no! :(

  • Sadly the game is not out in stores yet. :(

  • now all sony needs in Europe is Click And Buy Support or some other form of online pay system ala paypal for the majority of europeans who don’t like credit card payments…

  • This game is all I hoped it would be and more. You guys did a great job and the way you’ve been so open to community feedback sets a great example for all online games. One complaint though: I had to start work from at 7 a.m. today to make a deadline because when I should have been working, I couldn’t stop playing Warhawk all yesterday!

  • The PSN Warhawk download wasn’t as long as I expected, but it wasn’t exactly going really fast either. My only complaint so far with the downloaded version is the fact that you can’t play Warhawk with any other PSN ID/name ON THE SAME PS3. This is quite retarded, even though I understand that this will prevent people who downloaded the game from resetting their stats whenever they’re not happy with it. I hope Incog/Sony changes this with a patch or something.

    As for game mode changes, it’d be nice if certain CTF games weren’t limited to just 1 capture. It basically encourages people to rush for the flag and not play strategically. The game ends too fast with just a 1 capture limit. I think that 3 is a good limit because it works well in certain CTF servers set up that way. Other than that, I think most game modes are fine the way they are… so far.

    Thanks for keeping us updated, Dylan. Hope to hear more about how well Warhawk is doing in the future, as well as any changes/modifications we may eventually see.


  • Oh, and I think capturing flags shouldn’t net people so many points. This can be and actually already has been abused by people who “point wh0re.” They basically rush to the flag over and over and hope they get lucky a few times, getting a crazy amount of points each CTF game.

    Also, I don’t get why we can now only carry 10 charges of the Lightning Gun for Warhawks. 20 seemed like a good amount in BETA, so the change wasn’t really needed. I think you guys should change it back to 20.

  • This game needs way more weapons and maps

  • The only thing I can really say is that I’m glad you fixed the issues with the constant freezing since the beta. That started to drive me nuts, yet never caused me to stop playing.

    As of right now, the game is running and playing absolutely amazing. Since the beta, I’ve been waiting to get my Warhawk on again =P It did suck only getting 3 hours of sleep last night before work, but I needed my fix haha.

    Keep up the good work guys.

  • I’ve also read reports of people Team killing in CTF to steal the flag from a teammate so they get the points. I think this could become a big issue.

  • Firstly, Incognito’s e-mail still isn’t working for me, Dylan! Everything is returned immediately. =P

    Secondly, I’ve missed this game so much since the beta ended. I’ve had a blast today skipping work to blow away my friends and fellow PS3 owners. You guys have an awesome game here, props to everyone!

    I really love the balancing to the pistol and assault rifle. They finally feel like they should instead of feeling like one is a mini-cannon and the other a super soaker. The new sound effects are just great. I personally think that a lot of the score limits on the SCEA servers are waaay too low. Some of the games I’ve been in have ended in under four minutes.

    Which brings me to my next point, and somewhat complaint, I’m tired of earning the Warhawk Recruiting ribbon and it not being saved to my stats. I can’t rank up, even after having four or five of them listed in the end-game lobby screen. None of them have recorded. Kind of sucks. Oh, and the ranking system itself seems to be having issues. I’m constantly having my rank reset, raised, reset, raised, returned to normal, reset, raised, repeat. I have to re-customize my character each time, so it’s getting kind of old. Maybe look at that.

    Complaints aside, this game still rocks… hard.

  • Great thanks alot for telling me how nice it is since I dont get to get it fromt he STORE until TOMARROW thanks a whole lot. I hope your stat servers crash and burn tonight, totally unfair I hope the hate mail floods out, I’m almost mad enough to skip the whole game >.

  • Well, it seems like you already know about the ranks not updating as it should be. So I won’t really mention that. I will mention that games are ending a little bit too fast. An increase will definitely please us a lot more.

    I have a concern though that I typed in the beta forums but I think it was flooded out by other stuff. That is, motion sensing only dog fight rooms. Unless I’m mistaken, you can’t put an option to force motion sensing. It would be cool to have everyone playing with that same style if they join the room.

    Is that something that can be done? The motion sensing is definitely fun for the Warhawk. Games dedicated to it would increase the fun… at least for me :D

  • This game is awesome, runs perfectly with no lag, and it only took 10 minutes to download, and I’m in Australia! (I couldn’t wait the extra two days).

    Couldn’t put it down last night & my mates were very impressed, only bad thing was we couldn’t use split screen online, there needs to be some splitscreen Sony servers soon, or maybe I didn’t look hard enough.

    Anyway I love this game and it brings back the great memories of playing Starwars Battlefront II for hours on end…

  • @Dylan

    One type of match configuration that I’d love to see return is the small 32 player matches. Those were unbelievably fun in the beta and should return.

  • Can’t wait until tomorrow. I had this game pre-ordered since July, and it looks so damn amazing! See you online!

  • i cant what to play this [edited] game!!! i wanted to pickup the br version today but no stores had it where i live! which made me so mad! and xT3RMINATORx is on my friends list which is great!

  • The game is awesome kudos to incog for another great downloadable title for the psn.

    I’m having trouble finding any deathmatches that are larger than 8 in fact I haven’t seen any besides TDM do you plan on having any ranked DM larger than 8 players?

  • Hey, Dylan and Co. First of all, Warhawk is amazing, and I hope to catch you guys online sometime. I would also like to see the point limit increased just a tad, as you suggested. Also, I find that a lot of people are having difficulty (myself especially included) learning to pilot the Warhawks. It seems like every single time I get in one, I’m only in the air for a few seconds because I get shot down almost immediately. I’ve caught on a little bit, but it is frustrating. Is there anything you could do to help us poor noobs figure out how to pilot these things?

  • I cant wait to pick this game up soon.

    One question. What ports do I need to open on my router to play Warhawk?

  • To hell with extending the time limits – I usually don’t have much time to hop on, so my sessions are limited to a match or two. It’s nice to hop on one of the ranked dedicated servers and be able to playing a game without having to quit early.

  • Higher point limits please.

    And why can’t my brother play using his PSN ID on my system?

  • the game is amazing. i think i might’ve found a glitch? it’s in that map where it’s only towers and warhawks. the tower right next to the blue main base has those 2 anti-air guns. i was in the 2nd gun and shot the other gun closet facing the main base. the game froze after that. ive also noticed that the SCEA servers have split screen disabled… those are the only servers i go to for now because there’s no lag in them.

  • one more thing. the push to talk L3 makes it kinda hard to move and fly… just make it open mic, and if someone spams or has lots of interference, let us mute the player.

  • This game is kick ass. I haven’t picked it up yet because I’m waiting for the blu-ray version (Stores haven’t gotten them yet here) but I was in the beta and I put in atleast 40 hours. That’s an incredible amount considering it was freezing and dis connecting the whole time.


    On the Warhawk board, people have been reporting having the game freeze on them more than once. Cna you comment on that? Are you aware of a wide spread problem with this, or is it just isolated?

  • For God sake, I thought you guys fixed the freeze problem???! It was a MAJOR issue in the Beta and it seems that it hasn’t been ironed out yet.

    Even you Dylan said that at the latest FAQ before a couple of days here.

    What’s wrong? Will you ever get it right?

  • I personally haven’t froze once yet. I’ve been playing since 3pm central time. It’s 9:30 now… so yeah.

  • I want this game but I’m afraid I’ll have to put up with LAG as with online game I’ve played so far.I have a 1.5mb down NAT 3 connection.Anyone who has played with this connection,let me know if theres LAG.

  • I have to wait until tomorrow to join the fun. BD version for me. ;)

  • obviously some more capture the flag would be great.. and something around 16 and under in my opinion it’s where you have the most fun..

    and that’s coming from a beta tester..

  • Sounds great.

    Im surprised by the amount of flaming going on already though….
    Release dates are not always the day you will see the game on shelves.
    And of course if you buy it on the PS Store you will be limited to using your PSN ID only otherwise you could login and download it to all your friends PS3’s.
    Think, people!

    Anyways, the game looks great, i got in a little time with the beta and hopefully the full version is even better.

  • Great game Dylan & Incog I bought it the minute it hit the store and I’m amazed how good it is. If it had a single player campaign I probably wouldn’t be playing it because multiplayer is a blast.

  • Well I stand corrected to my previous comment… looks like the freezing issue is still there. I just had the game freeze up on me again. Oh the nostalgia.

  • Can we pleeeeasseee get an update on the freezing issue guys?

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