One Last Thing on E3 2007…

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It’s really hard to believe it has been a month since E3. The team here at SCEA is pretty much fully recovered at this point and is shifting gears to Leipzig and the Tokyo Game Show. Before we leave E3 2007 in the dust, however, we thought we would share one last thing.


By now, you all have probably caught some part of our press conference, but you may not be aware of all the work that went into it. You guys seemed to have enjoyed the time lapse video we put together following our Gamer’s Day in May — so here’s another one from our press conference and our adjacent post-show arcade area at E3. Hope you enjoy it. Oh, and if you’re wondering what the glowing balls of light are in the arcade area, think ping pong balls…3,000 ping pong balls.

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  • I feel bad that it’s over but even worse for the workers that put it up. It takes the most work to put it up. 2.5 hrs for the conference and the put down is fast. It sucks that all that work to put it up went back down so fast.

  • @ Dave
    Thanks for the reply Dave. I figured it was stock music, but somebody had to write it. Is there anyway that you would know who wrote it.

    The PS3 is totally worth the 600 bucks I paid for it. The PS3 has already paid for itself to 1/2. The other half will come next year. Thanks, Sony.

  • @ Dave

    Do you know if SCEA is planning a large presence at E for All next month at all?

  • Deng KatanaKing… someone’s been drinking too much Hatorade. Maybe its 4 replies on 48 comments, because 44 of the comments are the same and at least he’s communicating clearly. Maybe you should do a spell check on your comment. -=) Anyways, SCEA congrats for doing such a great job at E3!

    Also, awheaten, the $279 xbox is not comparable to the PS3. It’s their xbox 360 Elite for $449.99 that is comparable. Regardless, PS3’s still on another level. AND the xbox came out in 2005 that’s why they have more game (at the moment). Maybe you should do some homework first?

  • @ post #10, calm down. This sort of thing is fantastic, the blog that is. We get to hear and see things straight from the source and you have to speak comments like that? Oh and BTW, this blog does cover games, or did you miss that other section? On top of that, you post a troll-like remark like yours and wonder why I/others make our statements. Keep up the good work SNE, don’t slow down.

  • @49, Dave

    Lol at the 3rd and 4th response :)

  • The music is:

    The Faint – Paranoiattack

  • @48, aweheaton

    Did you just compare XBOX 360 core to PS3??? Are you out of your mind? A console that doesn’t include a hard drive, no wifi, no hd movie playback functionality. Sony doesn’t need to drop thier price at all! Sony needs to prove content is king. If you actually watched E3, you will see that the games releasing for the PS3 are incredible, and those exclusive titles are what will get people to buy in at a $500/$600 price point. What good is a cheap, crappy console without games? People will buy PS3 because of the content and experiences on the console, and Sony needs to deliver on those experiences, as well as educate consumers. I was extremely surprised that 60% of PS3 owners don’t know about bluray. A price drop won’t help PS3 much in the long term, if there aren’t any games to support it. So, Sony, thanks for the great job you’ve done, and I look forward to all the upcoming experiences that you will be bring to Playstation 3.

  • @ Dave Karraker

    Is the press conference coming to the store in HD also? I would love to see the whole thing in HD. (even if it’s +2GB big)

    Looking forward to Leipzig, personaly I hope SCEE shows a new F1 game there.

  • @ sony

    Plz make posible microphone via optical input, i have a 5.1 headset with microphone, in a 360’s friend microphone works, but no on mi ps3!! PLZ fix it!

  • Im still laughing @48, Dave Karraker’s last 2 comments :) Its good to see a Sony kind of changing their style from strict, arrogant businessmen, to funny, down-to-earth guys. :)

  • time lapses kick so much ass.

  • Real sweet video it’s always cool to see time lapse vids nice job guys

  • wtf? the music isnt sony exclusive? godamnit we lost another one guys

  • @64

    Oh noes :(!

  • @aaquib
    The extras don’t matter on the console. I don’t use wifi, most people don’t have hdtv’s and most people don’t have the internet to download downloadable content. So I have done my homework. The Xbox360 price point is at Nintendo Wii status. The Xbox360, graphically, is still on par with the PlayStation3.

    Don’t get me wrong; I’m a fan boy too. I think Sony can win this war. But they are in trouble because consumer are now saying, “Hey, now we can buy a next gen console at a Wii price”. Geeks like you and I may know the importance of having a hard drive and all but, to the mom of a kid, who probably don’t know how to use either one, it makes no difference at all.

    But, I do agree that Sony hasn’t been out that long. All I’m saying is that they need to do something quick because I know if I was a third party and I see the sales of the Wii and 360, I would be more incline to use the hardware of a console who’s may not be as good but is easier to program for and has a bigger user base than one who may not.

    Point made. Sony, do something. Make a core like Microsoft did and get that baby under 400 bucks.

  • @ post #66, keep an eye in the skies.

  • @66

    I completely agree about how the average consumer definitely sees the XBOX 360 as a better value, and that’s why they should step up their marketing. I walked into my best buy the other day and saw 2 guys wearing xbox 360 shirts promoting it, and right in front of the PS3 kiosk. Why aren’t Sony guys there?

    I don’t think a new console would really help Sony at this point, because of the technology in the machine, and me, as a hardcore gamer, doesn’t want to have my games downscaled for a low end machine. I really think Sony has to come out and deliver great content, then go ahead and convince consumers that its a great value. They should have more marketing, on TV, magazines, in stores, highlighting the value of PS3 as a games machine, with wifi, hard drive, media center, PSP conductivity, and more. A price drop won’t help if consumers still don’t know the value of what they’re getting, because they won’t utilize it.

    And, about exclusives, its really going to be Sony’s 1st party that raises the bar in games, and drive people to buy that game. Games like Warhawk, Lair, Uncharted, Little Big Planet, Killzone 2, and so many more are going to drive PS3 sales, and that is what is going to grow the install base, and get 3rd parties on board for the PS3.

    Thats just the way I see it, anyways.

  • Great E3 ’07 good job guys…
    Killzone 2 was awesome !!!
    Although id hoped to see Getaway, Eigth Days, FFXII… Oh well Leipzig and TGS still to come.. Grtzz from Holland.

  • Sony’s presentation was smooth and very well kept.

    It really gave you a nice feeling and the games have me psyched for the fall!

  • Hey, are you guys going to be at Edinburgh, Leipzig, GDC China? If so, can you blog it with pics?

  • Great showing at E3! I was thinking since podcasts are pretty big, all major gaming websites do it and so does your competetitor Micro$oft, it would be cool if some of the guys who post articles on the blog could start their own official Playstation Podcast, i think it would be another great move to help stay connected with the consumer (it’s just a thought)

  • I love watching videos of people building things and then taking them apart. I even went to the extreme to sell all my game consoles, just I could invest more time to watch these types of videos. Sony…fast to put together stages…..content on PS Store……ehhhh not sooo fast.

  • If Sony is to survive, they must lower the price of the PS3. You can say all about making good games, hard-drive, wifi capabilities, DLNA, you name it. All the Heavenly Swords and Killzone 2s will not save this system. I go to school every day. I work there and I take classes there (Indiana University Southeast). No one. I mean NO one has a PS3. Some say all the games they want is coming to the 360, but most say the price is way too high. That being said, the PS3 is serverly under price. But people, in general, don’t have HDTVs therefore they don’t care about Blue Ray.

    I’m personally and offically asking for another price drop. People are just not seeing the value.

  • nice vid

  • We all know that students are broke. Hell a lot of us are, or where once in the same place. The 360 is not cheaper than the PS3.

    The price breakdown!

    Wii is still $249.99
    Wi-Fi and card reader included and online gaming is free.

    PS3 60 gig $499.99
    Wi-Fi, 60 gig hard drive, Blu-ray drive, HDMI out, and card reader included.
    Online gaming is free.

    PS3 80 gig $599.99
    Wi-Fi, 80 gig hard drive, Blu-ray drive, HDMI out, and card reader included.
    Online gaming is free. Includes Motorstorm.

    360 core $279.99
    Hard Drive $99.99
    Wi-Fi $99.99
    HD-DVD drive $179.99 after price cut in Aug
    TOTAL $659.96 $479.97 without HD drive

    360 Premium $349.99
    NO HDMI OUT (now getting HDMI even though Microsoft said it was not needed)
    Wi-Fi $99.99
    HD-DVD drive $179.99 after price cut in Aug
    TOTAL $629.97 $449.98 without HD drive

    360 Elite $449.99
    120 gig hard drive and HDMI included
    Wi-Fi $99.99
    HD-DVD drive $179.99 after price cut in Aug
    TOTAL $729.97 $549.98 without HD drive

    X-Box live is $50.00 a year.

    I am still a little confused as to how the 360 is cheaper than the PS3, and as far as price the Wii is obviously cheaper.

  • Most people don’t see the value of a PS3. All they see is I can buy a xbox 360 for $280, or I can buy a PS3 for $499……what do you think the average consumer will choose? The PS3 needs a price drop later this year, or else the 360 will outsell it too much that it won’t be possible for the PS3 to catch up in NA.

  • @awheaten
    I’d say give Sony the benefit of the doubt until 2008. The christmas consumer frenzy is going to hit pretty soon and if Home+Eye are as good as theyt looks, they’re going to make the 360 look like antiquated technology. The games are what really sell the consoles and I think they’re pretty evenly matched at this point. I’ve heard a new rumour suggesting Bioshock will be on the ps3 in 08.

    As to blu-ray… I remember playing multi disc games on the pc long long ago and i found it to be quite a pain in the @ss. Do people really not mind swapping dvds on the 360?

    Add to that you’re using pricing for the low end of the scale. I think part of the reason Microsoft screwed up was because they set the bar too low for their system. The core had no Hard drive so they can’t suddenly release games that need it to speed up the game. No Hd Dvd drive in the core either so games must be on dvd. I’ve heard of space being an issue on 2 games so far.

    Completely unrelated to the topic .:) um. nice video?

  • Looks like easy work to me.

  • Sorry to be off topic.Has anyone heard anything about “Interstellar Marines”?

  • @ Dave Karraker

    I have a few questions, please answer them!

    1. Will the Sony Conference ever come in HD? I don’t really care if the movie comes in at close to 2.0GB+, most of my movies (did I say that?) are coming in at 2.0GB+. =/

    2. Will the PlayStation three ever be able to act as a server back to my computer? That way I can view my PS3’s files on my notebook.

    3. Can you please let the PS3 install games on external HDD’s! When I go to my friends house I hate having to re-download the games all over again whenever a new one comes out…

    4. Does the PS3 support NTFS? So I can use my Western Digital 120GB HDD Passport.

    — That question was directed to the gerneral public.

    ~ Thanks for your time.

    PSN ID: The-Last-One

  • I love watching videos like that.

  • I noticed a lot of posts are pretty … pointless in this blog right now, so I thought I would move aside from the E3 thing for a second too >_>.

    I’ve emailed Sony about this issue I’ve had with one of its PSN games. Go! Puzzle. I’ve purchased the game and as awesome as it is to me, online is broken. If you play online with someone, the picture of someones avatar ends up covering part of your screen. Meaning you can’t see what you are doing… Also, if you try to rematch someone, you can’t. You can both hit ready as many times as you want, but the game just won’t start.

    Making games also is a bit of a random encounter. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Is there any way to get this information out there so maybe a patch can be made for Go! Puzzle? In particular, I play Skyscraper and that is the game I noticed the problems with.

    A response from someone that can actually do something would be very much so appreciated. Sorry for adding another off topic post >_>

  • I would also like to add that the email response from Sony did nothing to help. They really can’t do anything about the issue since it is with the game itself and not a problem on my side.

  • Can I have a one of those big monitors pls? (A)

    Very cool vid! Always love those video’s showing whats behind the curtains :D

  • yeah E3 WAS a month ago.. get over it and give us some new news. nothing bites like watching all these people playing the new Motorstorm tracks, or wandering around Home, or playing LBP… and what do Sony give us to play? Wipeout!? it’s like standing on the lawn watching the cool kids having a party and getting to drink the warm flat beer left in the morning….

    i don’t want content in 2008, i want my cake now. :)

    thank grud there’s some decent stuff coming out soon. DiRT, GTA, Warhwark, etc. etc.

    just as i go, how about a game/app for the PS3 for people still owning EyeToys? or at least the option in the XMB to take a snapshot with it to attach in a mail? just a thought. i think that would be a handy little feature and dead easy to include in the next update.

    oh and yous americans moaning about the PS3s price, they cost $850 in the UK.. and still outsell the 360, that has to say something for how much we love our Playstations over here.


  • @40cal and roadclimber
    I’m not giving up on Sony, I’m edifying. Hey look, Sony’s system is the best console on the market, but they need to find a way to lower the price. I hope we can agree on that.

    I like the price break down 40cal did for this thread. But, I agree with B1ack_Mage. The SYSTEM COST WAY TOO MUCH.

    But to be fair, had Sony made a labtop computer, most customers would be all over that 599 price. But, most people are like, “for a videogame costing that much”. Most think thats unacceptable.

    More @40cal

    Most kids at my school are rich white kids from Louisville or So Indiana. They got money and live with their parents (who has money as well). The consenus at IUS is that the Wii is more fun. And, most like Mario (of who I left in my teenage years for the Genesis, ohh now I’m showing my age).

    Again, its going to be hard for Sony to convence their customers that its future proof (I hate that word) and they should buy their system because of all the add on feature while their console is costing so much. They should get it under 400 some way, some how. That being said, I’m not saying they should introduce another console to the market. Just saying they need to somehow sell what they have for under 400 to compete. I don’t think Home is going to help either because to be honest, I don’t think that is what the average customer is looking for. Everytime I talk to people about it, (and I talk to alot of people) they don’t seem impressed. That means one of the 2 things: One, they are not experienced with playing games online and are not interested, or Two, well, the 500 dollar price tag may not justify Home.

    In the end of the day: 279 for Xbox360, 499 for PS3. Thats all people look at believe it or not. They don’t care about all the technical stuff (like us geeks), just as long as they can play games with their friends at home or by themselves.

  • @82: NTFS is a Microsoft spec and so it’s unlikely the PS3 will ever see the capability to read it.

    @The high price of the PS3. We’re still very early within the life cycle of the PS3. Its common for early adopters to pay a premium price. Constantly whining about it won’t change a thing. Talk with your wallet if the PS3 is too expensive for you don’t buy it. Eventually the price will drop to a level that is more acceptable for the common person.

  • self.confessed.cynic

    “@Loucifer — The demo for “E3 Press Conference: The Game” will be available for use on your Sega GameGear very soon.”

    Made my day.

    Keep kicking a$$ and taking names Dave.

  • @Dave

    Sad part is that if that were true i’d buy the god damn thing…at least i’d be playing something instead of watching videos on my $600 movie player!

  • @40Cal

    Nice breakdown dude i try telling people the same thing they just put on blinders and see the core price


    “I’m with you on that buddy.I think they hear what they want to hear.We say demo they hear video.Miscommunication I guess”

    LOLOL…sad but true

  • LOLOL…ok i laffed real hard at this BUT this is quite serious…i ALMOST want to agree with this guy

  • The vid was awesome…..

    You guys work really hard to market what you’ve done…

    It was an amazing press conference :)

  • I love how i can say a person eats coal who is an important member of a huge company, and i get a jokey reply back. Hurray for playstation blog.

  • AWESOME job at E3 Sony! You have stolen the show at the GDC and E3. Let’s carry that momentum to the Lepizig thing and the TGS. Just show off all your games and a nice surprise *cough*Touch Sense Rumble*cough*.

    M$ is so unoriginal, I mean Scene it was such a rip off of Buzz, I’m glad most sites caught that though. And they didn’t show off anything new! Plus I thought they sounded a little cocky, especially that Blonde Guy, Sony had a much better show with the whole humble thing going on. And you showed what everybody wanted to see: The Games! I’m glad you were like, this is Haze another PlayStation 3 Exclusive, let’s take a look!

    Nintendo stumbled a bit, but I thought they did better than M$, although they were showing off Wii Fit to much, which in my mind might be good for some people, but I don’t think it was the right time to announce it. At least they demoed MP3 though.

    So it goes Sony, Nintendo, and M$. 1UP and G4 agree, along with everyone else. Let’s dominate Lepizig Sony! (But please show off some FFXIII, and officially announce that MGS4 and FFXIII are PS3 exclusives. Not timed exclusives, not mutliplatform games, but exclusives! All these rumors are so annoying. Plus if you announced this than many people would get a PS3 this Christmas to wait for these games! And play all the great games you have this season! Good job nagging Haze and Unreal Tournament 3 from M$!)

    P.S. Please make a deal with Bioware so one of their games is on the PS3. Their games are SO good.

  • Interesting.

  • Now thats a lot of work. But the E3 showing was a good one, best so far.

    Keep it up!

  • Hey Dave, thanks for the video and great job at E3. Can’t wait to find out what you guys unveil at Leipzig and TGS. I hope there will be “fireworks”. =D

  • I hope you guys are bringing Leipzig and TGS to the PSN like you did for E3.

  • 100.

    you guys def. one E3 this year compared to nintendo and microsoft

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