One Last Thing on E3 2007…

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It’s really hard to believe it has been a month since E3. The team here at SCEA is pretty much fully recovered at this point and is shifting gears to Leipzig and the Tokyo Game Show. Before we leave E3 2007 in the dust, however, we thought we would share one last thing.


By now, you all have probably caught some part of our press conference, but you may not be aware of all the work that went into it. You guys seemed to have enjoyed the time lapse video we put together following our Gamer’s Day in May — so here’s another one from our press conference and our adjacent post-show arcade area at E3. Hope you enjoy it. Oh, and if you’re wondering what the glowing balls of light are in the arcade area, think ping pong balls…3,000 ping pong balls.

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  • Cool more cutscenes.

  • Sorry I meant time lapse videos

  • Cool video and cool press conference overall from Sony this year. I hope theres some big announcements for Liepzig though. *coughs rumble*

  • Cool. Do keep posting more of these, especially from the Leipzig event and the Tokyo Game Show.

  • love set building and unbuilding ;)

  • Real nice setup. Good job Sony!

  • very nice. Usually events take two weeks two set up a daunting task I must say.

  • Amazing in deed. Wonder how much a set up like that

  • Sony really delivered at E3 this year. Every other company barely released anything new, like Microsoft all they really did was disappoint people by announceing Too Humans delay, and announced some gay TV remote thing.

    Wii did better than Microsoft by announcing some new titles ( Mario Kart) but the wii fit board isnt that great. If thats your main hit of the show than thats pretty lame.

    Then there was Sony, which totally stole E3, with announceing new features in Home. ( I liked how you showed off the new home to game feature. Not only did you guys announce a new feature and display, but you showed off a new map for Motorstorm. That was genious.)
    Sony announced alot of new games, and delivered with real gameplay footage of Killzone. ( which looks amazing.)

    Overall, alot of other companies did really show off anything new, they just showed trailers. But sony showed off all their games, and.. announced new stuff. Great show Sony.

  • Im not even going to comment since everything i say seems to be negativity anyway…

    I will say this…i dont care about events/shows…etc…I care about games/demos

    end of discussion for me

  • haha damn all that work for 90 minutes. cant wait what you do at Leipzig and TGS.

  • The vid was alright. I like peanut butter and jelly. Yum!

  • I agree with everyone else, I was very impressed with Sony’s E3 presentation this year. Hopefully they can continue it going through Leipzig and TGS 2007.

  • @10 arse! Take a pill.

    The work it must have taken to organize, and execute E3 for SONY would have been tremendous, and all you can say is “…bah humbug…”

    Keep it up SONY. Show more of your people – and the odd things they might get up to :), your games, plans and anything else you can think of!

  • Sony, kill your operator from E3.

  • Thanks a lot. Sony definitely took over E3, and I even heard that you, Dave Karraker, invited Microsoft’s Larry Hyrb to your press briefing. That was pretty cool of you, and a nice way to show them who the king of E3 was this year :)

  • thanks for the insight

  • even tho E3 was awesome, doesn’t mean they have won the war or anything. Just shows they got alot of stuff to live up to.

    Hoping for the best!

  • I was so glad to see you guys put the press conference on the PSN. I would love to have all the past ones too. I got them from gamespot but they are such bad quality. I don’t know why, but they are something I watch a lot to pass the time.

  • Cool video guys, but I have one question.

    Dave, where is the full video of the press conference on the PSN store that was promised to us a while back. I believe Patrick said he was going to check on why it never made it to the store, but never got back to us about it. Could you update us on the status of whether or not it’s going to be on the store soon and why it has taken so long to get up there. I’d really love to see the whole thing in HD. Thanks.


  • I really like that video, thanks for sharing it with us. SCEA always has the best press conferences.

  • Uh,cool video.Oh,and don’t feel bad Loucifer, shoot…..I’m with you on that buddy.I think they hear what they want to hear.We say demo they hear video.Miscommunication I guess.

  • @21. Go to the PS Store>Featured>E3>E3 press briefing. Its in SD, but still looks great and is the entire conference.

  • Love these videos:) Slow it down a bit!! haha.


  • Very good video. Care to tell how much the whole set up cost to make/construct?

  • Whew I’m tired now after watching all that work….Time for the weekend. :D

  • Fun video :).

  • Good video to whine down the week

  • Wow. That was way cool. Will there be a demo?:)

  • You guys should be proud of the show you put on at E3. You kicked ass!

  • that’s very cool.

    that’s what i like about Sony, you put so much effort on your work. keep up guys!

  • I love time lapse stuff. Sony E3 was great, but really, PSN just wasn’t used to its potential.

  • I agree with the comment above. Nice video clip, but just reminds me of how much of a wasted opportunity the PSN and E3 had together.

  • nice

    this just reminds me: wasn’t the full conference supposed to be posted on PSN?

  • It was an unforgetable show. Alot of mouths were shut up that evening. A tremendous step from last years ..urgh.. horrific E3.

    BUT!… I am still concerned that we havent seen more about the home trophies since GDC.

    I personally am set to be a reward system junkie, and I dont feel like getting it anywhere else than from Sony.

    It makes it hard for me to chose which games to buy because I do not know which games support trophies and which dont.

    –Anyway, wonderfull show Sony you really broke through, Im looking for to Leipzig and TGS (IN PARTICULAIR), cause I have a good feeling about TGS.

  • I really can’t wait to see what you guys have for surprises at Leipzig and TGS.

  • Sony pretty much dominated e3. Im excited about tgs and have a good feeling as well im hoping to see team icos new game at tgs along with many others square enix as well. Gj sony

  • Very Cool Video, guys. Thanks.
    Who wrote the music in the video? I would love to know?

  • we see all that work its not for nothing :) once again Keep Up the good work guy u do it awesome (i just want to say again u doing bad for classic on the psstore that @#$%) but everthing else are so gooodd :)

  • It must be akward having a job title with ‘Corporate’ in it, always sounds like ur a 50 year old in a suit who eats cole.

    Anyway, cool video.

  • You guys should’ve credited every single worker…just kidding, who cares about them. As long as I get to watch all of their hard work in 30 seconds.

    yes that was a joke too.

  • @35

    See my post at #24

  • cool video, loved the music! who’s it by?

  • I think the only announcement that they will make at Leipzig are many of the things we have already seen at E3. But seeing as though many games have been pushed back months, some even into next year ( amazes me to think that developers have so little grasp on what they are actually doing that they need another 6 whole months of developing to get the product right )
    Maybe an open beta of LBP or HOME or maybe news that the problems with the bluetooth mic’s for Singstar have been fixed ( real bummer i must say) or maybe something about the EYE which has seemed to pass under all radar’s or maybe some unknown game which will be out in DEC 2009….who knows, i just hope that SONY improve the store’s content, get HOME out as quickly as possible, and push the dev’s to get some actual games out to the public….my wallet hasn’t been opened scince R:FOM, now thats a bad sign.

  • @ SCEA Team

    You really did take over E3. You’ve showed the best games, best console, & my personal favorite; Home. Thanks for all you’ve done Sony.

    … now only if you can do the Home public beta… * laughs*

  • Once again, excellent E3 Show. You guys really took the cake. I have a big feeling Lepzig is going to raise the roof and MGS4 showing will soldify that feeling. TGS will be the big guns on RPGS, and other genres. White Knight Story, Final Fantasy XIII/Versus, Folklore, Shin Megami Project, and countless others.

  • I know this is off topic, however since the price drop was just mentioned at E3, I feel it’s fair for me to bring this up now since it is one of the events that happened there.

    All I have to say Is that Sony has a lot of explaining to do. At $279 price point for the 360, Sony is going to have to explain why their console is so much more expensive, meaning over $200 dollars more expensive than Microsoft’s console. At $499, Sony’s console hardly seems like a good deal. They need to do something, and do it fast. I can hear Konami now saying, “We’re going to Xbox EXCLUSIVE”. And don’t give people that same old story saying, “That there are things the PS3 can do that Xbox360 can’t do”. I’ve seen Xbox games. They look very good, though I do admit that Sony’s game look just as good if not a little bit better (but I mean a little).

    Anyway, I hope you all are listening. Another price cut will do you all good, even if it is not at the $279 point at least get it under $400, because to be frank: Xbox360 has better games right now, the multiplatform games look better, and the price is much less. I think a price drop announcement is appropriate at the Tokyo Game Show this year. Like Jim Rome says, “React to me!”.

  • @Evid — Yes, the full press conference is available on the PS Store. Someone already posted the location, but go into the PS Store>Features>E3>E3 Press Conference Video

    @Herby — The music in the video is actually stock (so we don’t have to get cra$$y rights to use it). Can’t buy it in stores.

    @Loucifer — The demo for “E3 Press Conference: The Game” will be available for use on your Sega GameGear very soon.

    @TheDevilsJoker — Haven’t worn a suit since the day I interviewed for this job. Coal, however, is a regular part of my diet.

  • For a Snr Director of Corporate ‘Communications’ thats not really alot of communicating……4 replys to 48 comments.

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