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Wow. What a whirlwind the last few weeks have been. We’ve been trying to catch our collective breath this week following E3. As always, we’re very appreciative of all the comments and feedback you’ve shared with us the last several days, and you should know that we’re working on some cool new content that will be published here shortly.

For now, I thought it would be a good time to wrap up our reader poll. After a grand total of 5,028+ votes, it’s fairly clear to us what features you guys would like to see added to this blog. Over the next few weeks, we’re going to concentrate on the top 4 or so features from the recent poll (downloadable high-res images, desktop widget, e-mail updates of new posts, and a ranking feature), then we’ll build things out from there. I should probably also point out that we’ve already implemented (perhaps quietly) the feature you voted for the most – high-res screen shots. Most of the screen shots on this blog have a high-res version available if you click on them and go to our PlayStation.Blog Flickr account. Check it out …

For our next poll, the team here’s interested in hearing your thoughts about the new PSP colors. Specifically, what’s your favorite color? Jump over to the sidebar and cast your vote now!

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  • Thanks blizzard182!

    I’ll try that. But isn’t the quality with a HDMI cable much higher than with the standard ones? wouldn’t I be missing the whole experience if I change them?

  • What I don’t like about the piano black is that it gets finger prints all over it and the screen too.

  • @RobinNL

    Of course. RCA cables sucks!

    But that way you probably are going to know if the problem is your TV, or your HDMI cable, or maybe your HDMI output instead of the whole PS3.

    Also, try changing the refresh rate in the HDMI output in your PS3. I heard that some TVs don’t respond that well to all refresh rates.

  • @37

    I agree on the need of parents to control and filter what their kids consume.. but that’s just part of the point. To make that particular demo free and available to download can spark all kinds of controversy here in the US. Given what I perceive to be a media bias against Sony and the PS3, I can imagine the headlines we’d see in the US if that demo was made available here. Every week we get to read about a stabbing or shooting or what not “due to” video games here in the US. I don’t think it’d be wise that’s all.

  • @RobinNL

    It most likely is the HDMI out on your PS3. A bunch of the Demo units that came out a launch had the same problem. I though that Sony had fixed the problem back in Feb. I guess sometimes stuff slips through the cracks.

  • @Blizzard182

    Thanks again, I guess I can try it to figure out where the problem lies like you said.
    If the problem is the PS3 would I be able to go to the local store to get it fixed? and what if it’s the HDMI cable? how would I be able to explain that and would a new HDMI cable do the trick?

  • i like the ice silver color.

  • @40cal

    So what should I do if that’s the case?

    Sorry guys for the trouble but I really dont know what to do.

  • @ nmc75

    I know what you are saying. I just get sick and tired of people not taking responsibility for there actions or trying to blame forms of meida for there lack of parenting or just admiting that there kids are F’d up.

  • PSP should be like a case, the back and front come off and you guys (Sony) sell different colors and versions. Kind of like how the top of the PS3 comes off.

  • 60 comments and no Patrick. I think he posted and ran. I dont blame him though.

  • @ Stoffinator

    the ps3 top really comes off?!?!?

  • Sounds good…I have enjoyed the blog so far. Maybe a few more updates though…a couple of days between updates doesn’t seem right especially for the season….

  • I hope you guys keep Dynasty Warriors 6 a PS3 exclusive when it comes to the States.

  • would every one stop compaining that there are no demos it is getting annoying
    1. most of these games u are compaining to get demos for are games u know u are already going to buy. also when u get done with the demo then u are just going to complain more about when the actual game is coming out

    2. personally i would rather that the developers focus their time and energy on refining the actual game as best they can and not have to be distracted with making a demo for you guys

  • Kratos_ate_Snake

    Its cool, I think they get a PM when we reach 300+ comments. Thats when the red starts appearing. Just keep posting…..

    OK maybe not… anyways they said they were making an announcement about the firmware so lets just wait for a while… yup….. anytime now.

  • i just wanna know whats going on with the next firware update some insite would be nice :)

  • @icecoldgangstaa

    It does if you want to. But you void your warranty and you probably end up with a non-working blueray drive.

    I think that’s what he meant

  • Thanks everyone. My favorite color is definitely the Ceramic White.

    The video out quality from UMD is DVD quality and looks very crisp and clean. Glad to see so many of you have your UMD movies. 40cal – 31 UMDs? I’m impressed. That’s a few more than me!

    I can’t verify that the ‘your music’ screen is real. It’s obviously not a great shot, and I was at just about every kiosk during E3 and didn’t see anything like that on any unit we had there, and yes, I helped set them up, so I would definitely have seen it. I think it is an artists creative expression for what they want..We will definitley have more info on the firmware updates here very soon.

  • but very soon of sony it’s too much for my :(
    Thx for the feedback

  • Another request for the blog…find a way to moderate the PS fanboys and Xbox fanboys running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Maybe remove any sign of koolaid if possible.

  • That’s awesome Patrick!

    I cant wait for the next firmware to come out!

    Patrick, do you know what I can do with my PS3 problem? (see 39)

  • @ Patrick Seybold

    Thx for the reply hope very soon means sometimes today or tommorow hoping this next firmware will be something worth while.

  • @29 on behalf of PS3 fans everywhere. Please, Please, Please sell your PS3 and never, ever come back to this blog again. You are extremely annoying and have gone from being constructive in your criticism to being a nuisances.

  • @74

    I believe that he spent more time complaining and writing that stuff than looking for a way to get the demo.


    Do you know if we are going to be able to use the TV stream feature of the new psp on the old psp maybe with a firmware update? I own it and love that little thing =)

  • Thanks for replying Patrick. I was just going to ask if you could give us a update on the new firmware update.

  • @Sony

    We really need some Edit, Quote and Reply options in the posts.

    I am fine right now. It just a suggestion.

  • @Patrick

    thanks for the heads up, but.. yes, there is a but.

    Very soon. I hate those words, although, I know you can’t say when, because it can be changed, pushed, delayed, canned… like the “very soon” heavenly sword demo. Could you tell us things more like “following weeks” “following days” or “following months” so we, at least, get some idea of something…

    Ok, my rant is over, thanks for posting, I like what you’re doing, this shows that this blog is for “customer service” in a way, but it’s more than “the other brand” offered yet. So many complain, yet not many thank you.

  • @Patrick

    Do you know if we are going to be able to use the TV stream feature of the new psp on the old psp maybe with a firmware update? I own it and love that little thing =)

    I also would like to know if this could happen with the old psp… of course I could always give my old psp to a friend as a gift and buy a new one … hmmm

  • By the way what do I have to do to get my gravatar to work.. i have everything setup correctly … or so I think and it’s still not showing on here.

    Anyone that figured it out please let me know.. Thanks in advance

  • [quote]And I want to ask sometime important about a possible problem with my PS3:

    Sometimes when I start a game, it doesn’t start and my TV keeps switching from a black screen (HDMI) to a no signal. For some reason the black/white unclear one we know from old analog channels.
    It keeps happening till I turn my PS3 off, this then takes a few seconds more than usual too by the way.

    I’m wondering if this problem is with the PS3 and if so what can I do about it?

    I bought my PS3 at launch in europe and this problem occurred maybe once every two weeks at first but now it’s happening more and more often.[/quote]

    This problem only happens with disc based games by the way.
    Should I send a email to SCEE about this? and are there more people with this problem?

    I bought it at launch in europe

    PS: thanks for your replies Blizzard182 and 40cal but I still dont really know what I should do if the HDMI cable or PS3 is the problem.

  • @blizzard182


    We really need some Edit, Quote and Reply options in the posts.

    I am fine right now. It just a suggestion.

    Quote and reply we’ve got. we need edit and preview.

  • @RobinNL

    Try to change the refresh rate first. Maybe is that.

    If there is a problem with the cable, I would go to the place where you bought the cable and tell them to give you another one to try. Maybe take the PS3 with you and test it with them with the old and new cable.

    Then if it does not work. Contact Sony’s Support. I would do that

  • Yeah, and do you do that? Wait, I am going to try it on Internet Explorer. I have firefox.

  • Please make the trees in Gran Turismo 5 at least 3D

  • who care about the psp colors. i already own a psp and i want know what you guys are going to do about this video feature. i dont what to spend another 200 bucks so i can watch my psp video/games on a bigger screen.

  • I could care less about the features of this blog…I dont play PS3 games on the blog…

    I care about the features of my PS3 and PS3 games!!!!

    You want a suggestion Patrick???

    How about combining your PSN stores….do you have an idea how much content is split amongst all those stores???

    Games on Japan’s PSN

    Demos/Trailers on UK

    Sony BMG Music Videos on Australian PSN

    If you guyz combined all that crap into one store…do you think anyone would be able to complain about content???

    well im sure someone would!

    but for the time being i set up my japanese/aussie/UK accounts to download they’re content


  • @blizzard182

    How can I change my Refresh rate? I checked all my PS3’s settings and I cant find the option anywhere.
    I did find the HD settings and those where set on 1080i max.

    And because the problem isn’t always and only with disc based games I think it will be really difficult to test it at the shop.

    Maybe worth noting is that I dont use the sony HDMI cable but the one I use is $30 also.

  • Kratos_ate_Snake

    Patrick, are you saying that you don’t really know when a new update is being made? Cause if you knew you would just say that it is a fake picture. Or are you just beating around the bush?

  • Kratos_ate_Snake

    Is very soon like a couple of hours/days soon or Heavenly Sword demo soon? I want to know how often I should check for that new firmware news.

  • Nice keep it up Sony… I think Piano Black is just whicked, it goes so well with the PS3 and PS2… no need for any other colours!

  • @K_a_S

    David Karraker grabbed the bull by the horns and directly answer many of our questions and concerns…no sense in asking Patrick…he’s just the “hyper” aka PR

    check out the post on the previous thread…demos are coming over the next few months…yes…months

  • Don’t work on any desktop apps just get content to the Playstation Store.

    Get the PSP store running
    Get the Demos out thtere
    Get the firmware up and running
    Get the PS Store redesigned
    Get Wallpapers working
    Get XMB in Game
    Get Voice Chat working

    I don’t care if this site works better, I want the $600 and $169 machines I purchased to work better!

    If you’re not responding on this website to our questions what do I care if there’s a poll here?

    I can do all this same stuff on a dozen other websites but what I need is for my Consoles to show me what no other console can do!

  • @RobinNL

    I can not access my PS3 right now. It is in the settings area. HDMI output or something like that. It should say if it is 25 or 24, or 29. Cant remember.

  • Wow, sorry about my earlier post. I was naive, and I had completely missed Karraker’s posts on the previous blog. My apologies to those I ticked off on here, and to Seybold, all my rantings had been addressed, and I just wasn’t paying attention! My bad guys, once again, wont happen again, I just need to read deeper in every day!

  • @CitizenInsane27

    Man, just to so you know and feel better. You can download Darkness demo. Google is your friend.

  • @blizzard182

    In the video output setting the only option I can select is the HD resolution.
    And in the BD settings I found something about running Blu rays at 24hz but thats only for movies.

    So if the option isn’t there then I should try to return my current cable for another one?

  • Kratos_ate_Snake

    Lucifer, I don’t blame anyone here at sony. I know they will never answer our questions directly. I don’t care how many times we ask them to tell me what firmware 2.0 will have, they won’t tell us until they are ready to make an announcement. Thats how this companies work.

    If they told us that the rumble controller will come out on September, then no one would buy a controller therefore they rather announce it a week or the day it comes out. like the ps3 price drop.

    I can tell you that demos are coming too, is that really all you wanted to know?

    They know how to feed us little meaningless info till they are ready to tell us what we really want to know.

    Of course that one stop us from asking them questions….

  • @RobinNL

    Nono, I guess I was wrong then. Maybe there were the BD settings. The option has nothing to do.

    I would call Sony (Take your serial number with you) and then explain them the problem. If they recognize the model as one of the 40cal said, then maybe they are going to tell you to send them the PS3 back to them for review.

    Did you try with the normal cables?

  • Thanks for your help blizzard.

    I’ll email Sony tomorrow to explain the problem and I’ll add my serial.

    A few years ago when I bought my PS2 at an early stage, I didnt respond to all these small problems (Like this one) but at the end after my warranty my PS2 broke. I paid full price then also and I dont want to same to happen again.

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