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Wow. What a whirlwind the last few weeks have been. We’ve been trying to catch our collective breath this week following E3. As always, we’re very appreciative of all the comments and feedback you’ve shared with us the last several days, and you should know that we’re working on some cool new content that will be published here shortly.

For now, I thought it would be a good time to wrap up our reader poll. After a grand total of 5,028+ votes, it’s fairly clear to us what features you guys would like to see added to this blog. Over the next few weeks, we’re going to concentrate on the top 4 or so features from the recent poll (downloadable high-res images, desktop widget, e-mail updates of new posts, and a ranking feature), then we’ll build things out from there. I should probably also point out that we’ve already implemented (perhaps quietly) the feature you voted for the most – high-res screen shots. Most of the screen shots on this blog have a high-res version available if you click on them and go to our PlayStation.Blog Flickr account. Check it out …

For our next poll, the team here’s interested in hearing your thoughts about the new PSP colors. Specifically, what’s your favorite color? Jump over to the sidebar and cast your vote now!

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  • Thanks! Can’t wait to see the improvements…

  • hope that they are good

  • When will new PSP come out?? how long will he have to wait???

  • Kratos_ate_Snake

    cool top 4, I was hoping more than one got implemented.

  • Aw, come on….

    That poll is hard. I have no way to vote “None of the Above”…

    Seriously, you should add other colors just so you guys get an idea of how popular other colors could’ve been.

    The idea there’s no demand for anything other then White, Black, and Gray seems ridiculous.

  • Welcome back Patrick.

  • I get it, asking what your favorite PSP colour is.

    That way you know which ones are likey to sell most so you have a rough idea how many to produce of each.

    I’m onto You LOL

  • Xoonaka is right.

    no way to vote “None of the Above”

    there needs to be a None of the above

  • The desktop widget will be great! SCEE really needa get a blog as well, although i doubt they’d have much more news!

  • i dont care

  • Black is the sony colour, i wouldnt buy a PSP any other colour. Luckily i already have bought a black psp so im all good!
    Yea i noticed ur high res screens, and finally, thanks for giving europe a break with a darkness demo before every1 else.

  • i would of loved to see a RED colored PSP and PS3 like the special edition one you can win in that canadian sweepstakes.
    you should have a new poll every 1 to 2 weeks. this way you can find out what the consumer’s want and just guess give us something we don’t want.

  • @ Patrick Seybold

    Is this PS3 firmware 1.9 screenshot real?

    And if so when will it be downloadable. And if so thank you Sony.

  • @Patrick Seybold again

    And mabey a timeframe on the Heavenly Sword demo? The making of video on PSN last night was sweet. Thank You.

  • Thanks Patrick for the wonderful (and hard) job of reading comments and giving us some news. Now can you give us something about the next firmware? Seems like it has been a while since 1.80 (I won’t count 1.81 and 1.82), and can you comment on the rumor of 1.90 with the select music option I saw on some other site. Seems like E3 had some other firmware that the Ps3’s were running on. Was it only E3 specific?

    Btw, I’ll get my PSP black…

  • The new output to television is cool, but not cool enough for me to buy a new PSP when I already have one. If there was someway to make the old ones do it, that would rock. Also if we could get TV on our PSPs like Japan is getting, that would be awesome also

  • oh, I forgot to mention, please add an “edit post” option.

  • @Patrick Seybold

    Will the new PSP be able to upscale UMD movies on my HDTV I own 31 movies. Thanks.

  • cool news hope u can give us some more info on the firmware to come for the ps3 would be great.

  • i would like to see a new poll every week. so you know what we want. and still. I’m a happy ps3 owner but I’m still to poor to buy my first ps3 game, and until that day. cant it come som more demos! yea ill so up for the Heavenly Sword demo.

  • Thank You Sony For your time to listen to us!!

  • How come we don’t get all the snazzy colors that Japan gets? I’d like an icey blue PSP-2000 personally, but I’m still going to buy one regardless. BTW, a friend of mine who wants the 80gb is asking: when does the 80gb Motorstorm bundle hit next month? All we hear is: August.. but when? Oh, while I’m at it, when does the new PSP hit the stores as well? Keep up the good work, I feel a Sony come-back, of late.

  • I like the Japanese colored PSP’s. You never see those types of colors in the US. But I think they’d stand out.

  • Say something about “Select music” Thx!

  • @Patrick

    Can we get Eric Lempel here to discuss the rumoured PS3 1.9 with select music option and further firmware news?

    Thanks in advance

    PS. PSP is piano black ;)

  • I choose red!


    Ok, as of right now, I am issuing an ultimatum. I have been jogging around this site, since it’s inception, defending the PlayStation brand. I have cried back against those who are denouncing the acts of your company both before, and following the events of E3. The complaint list is far outweighing any positive feedback you are recieving at this time. Regardless of the negative aspects of many fans outcries, and how childish they can be in the manner of which they cite such cries, these things are to be addressed IMMEDIATELY.

    I am a PS3 owner, and I, amongst others, are getting anxiously annoyed at the things that this blog is turning into, and has turned into since it began. Our feedback, while you so politely note has been “listened to”, it is quite obvious that it has not, in any sort of the phrase. The requests we ask are simple, things like “why aren’t there any demos up on the PSN?” This is not a hard question to answer, and I have answered it a few times for people, but yet, there are no calming words I can put out there. This is only getting worse as we speak. I learned that yesterday, the PSStore update that the UK got included a demo for The Darkness, a game that is already out in the US. They have a demo, one that can easily be put on OUR servers, yet it isn’t. Why is that? I bet you cannot answer that. The development crew from Ninja Theory has also told the public that the demo for the highly anticipated title Heavenly Sword is ready, just sitting there, hoping that you guys will take initiative and PUT IT OUT. The fans are clamoring for these kinds of things. We have been demanding it for well over a month now, and while we know that the PSN is just beginning to get on it’s feet, we are not asking for an unholy flood of content. We are asking for 1 demo a week. ONE, just one. Just something to give us a taste of some of the games we are hoping to go spend our hard earned money on, but want reassurance, so that it isn’t a situation where we kick ourselves for it in the long run.

    Jumping back to my ultimatum. It has not been easy to defend these situations, as that’s why you guys have been just giving it the cold shoulder. You have been just kind of ignoring it, so that when you do get little things done, you can revel in it, and spin it PR wise, and make it look like your listening. But the problem is convincing the mob of people on here that we are gonna have a consistent selection of content, without you just putting it off, and delaying things that others have had for months. I can only relay this in a statement as such:


    Now, I remember this game being written for the PS3 originally, as that it was touted first on your system, yet Xbox gets a demo first? Is the game THAT far behind on PS3? Are we even gonna see the damn game at the same time? Get Midway on the phone RIGHT NOW. Have them come on here, and explain why there isn’t a PlayStation demo coming out at the same time. Have them tell us the truth, and don’t fluff it. We are sick and tired of waiting around for answers like pet owners waiting at a vet’s office, waiting to see if our favorite pet is gonna be put down or not. Prove to us you’re not rabid.

    The whole point of this is that I want you to take 5 minutes of your day, and not necessarily solve these problems, heck, we know you’re no magician. We just want a solid response. One that will explain this lack of feedback from the people running this blog, from the people that are being given our time, and more importantly our MONEY. Take 5 minutes out of your precious day, and write a post about how you know we are screaming for content, and why it’s taking so long to deliver. We will understand as long as you actually go and SAY SOMETHING. Don’t leave us in the dark, as it will only incite anger.

    Also, concerning the post made today. We understand that the post-E3 period is a chaotic one. You guys put your whole [DELETED] into that event, and came out as good as you possibly could have. But come on, a “what’s your favorite color PSP?” poll? Are you kidding me? What if we all band together and say NONE OF THEM, would you pull the system off shelves due to lack of “consumer demand”? Oh, that’s right, there isn’t an option for that. Listen, we don’t care about what people think of the new PSP colors. Obviously you do, but you can determine that by the feedback you’ll get from retailers when the system goes on sale this fall. So why bother putting that up? It just seems, I don’t know, evasive, and in some ways, redundant.

    We are consumers. Not puppets. Listen to us for real, and stop dancing around our questions. My ultimatum, as I have danced around this whole time, is that if you do not find a solid way to respond to us, in a timely fashion, I will join the hordes of pissed off consumers right now, and that’s one less happy PlayStation fan. As an avid blogger on many major sites, including Kotaku, I am pleading with you to not give me a reason to be angry with you guys.

  • PSP in Piano Black it matches my PS3 and Sony TV. And my car and the wifes truck and the new Vaio W/BDD I want.

  • Firmware 1.90 any information on that? And if the e3 picture is a roumer about “select music” can you confirm it or say its not true?

  • The PlayStation.Blog Flickr account pics are very cool. Wish I could have been in the Sony demo room. Yall would have had to drag me out. HAHA!

  • I was glad to see the High-Res screenshots on the Flickr account when it came out. I will be even more glad to be able to download them from here. The Ranking Feature is going to be cool that way we can bury stupid comments.
    Patrick you mentioned on an earlier blog post and I quote:
    “And if that isn’t enough for you, we’ll have tons of content hitting the PLAYSTATION Store this week, including the SCEA press conference and exclusive first and third party videos and trailers, only available through PLAYSTATION Network. These will be available shortly after the conclusion of the press conference.”

    I was wondering when are we going to see the Sony Press Conference on the PSN Store? I have not been able to see the conference yet. Not the whole thing anyways. I would like to see it in HD so that is why I haven’t seen it anywhere else. If it is too big of a download maybe you can do it in three parts like they did on XBOX Live already.
    Thanks for everything, Patrick

  • @29

    I can certainly understand the Darkness demo not being readily available on US shores.. I mean, have you played the demo/game? That demo itself is ultra-violent and bloody. My guess on why it’s on the Euro store vs. US is that reason alone. The Europeans have more leniency in my opinion about that sort of thing. I suppose if the PS store can restrict certain content based on the PS user ID birthdate, then yeah, it could make it to the US store, but probably more trouble than worth it.

  • In store European store usually we receive the things later, this is an exception …

  • Kratos_ate_Snake

    @ CitizenInsane27

    dam, you don’t post every 5 sec. like some other people, but when you do you write a freaking essay. lol

    good stuff though…good stuff.

  • @nmc75

    That sounds like something that parents need to controll to me.

  • @Sony

    Does anyone noted that EU Store has the 2.0 version of GT HD Concept? And we had 1.2 and then nothing? I believe there are strong license issues here.

    Anyway..I am downloading GT HD and Darkness demo so…

    *wink wink*

    Also, guys, the only good thing about the EU Store is that they have the darkness demo. We have A LOT of trailers and videos which they don’t have. Also, there is no E3 content on their PS Store so, it is not a big deal.

  • I like the white PSP with vader on the back.

    Great update and yeah SCEE should get a blog too so I can ask my question about the F1 games there.
    They made them in the past so that would improve my chances.

    *****PLEASE READ******
    And I want to ask sometime important about a possible problem with my PS3:

    Sometimes when I start a game, it doesn’t start and my TV keeps switching from a black screen (HDMI) to a no signal. For some reason the black/white unclear one we know from old analog channels.
    It keeps happening till I turn my PS3 off, this then takes a few seconds more than usual too by the way.

    I’m wondering if this problem is with the PS3 and if so what can I do about it?

    I bought my PS3 at launch in europe and this problem occurred maybe once every two weeks at first but now it’s happening more and more often.

    *******thanks for reading, I really appreciate it**************

  • About the PSP..

    Why not doing the new model with changeable faceplate ? I think that way you only have to manufacture one console but hell, I am not complainning, just saying.

  • Red would be good as long as it’s 66 Ford candy apple red complete with flames.


    Demos are a double edged sword. If I could have rented or had played a demo of Darkness I never would have bought it. So all of the PS3 demos I’ve downloaded and played have confirmed that the game isn’t worth buying.

  • @ Madness3120

    that could be from that cat game from the psn store in japan.

  • Gotta be honest I could care less about you guys working on this Blog and would prefer for you to put your resources into releasing content on the PSN!

  • Yes, i would like for someone to reveal whats up with firmware 1.90.

  • The blog features are great and all because I would really like to see more content for the blog… but as kenji said I would really rather see much more content for my PS3. Being that I’ve had my PS3 since the launch I can say that the PSN has come a LONG way but still needs a lot more. Great update this week. Is Castlevania any good?

    As for the PSP colors I would have liked to have seen more of a variety but for the 3 we’re getting I’d have to go with black because the other too would get too dirty.

  • @RobinNL

    Test with another cables. I have read a couple of things about the HDMI cables. A couple of people had some troubles.

    If you can see your PS3 fine if you use the common RCA cables, then it might be the cable.

    Good luck man.

  • @lakaihigh

    Castlevania is great. Download it now.

  • I am curious, is this desktop widget going to be for both Macs (Dashboard) and Windows? As a Mac user I’m worried I’ll be left out.

    Also would like to express my disappointment with PSN and its updates as well as lack of firmware features.

  • @ Patrick

    Just want to know if the “your music” screen is real. a simple yes or no would do.

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