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Wow. What a whirlwind the last few weeks have been. We’ve been trying to catch our collective breath this week following E3. As always, we’re very appreciative of all the comments and feedback you’ve shared with us the last several days, and you should know that we’re working on some cool new content that will be published here shortly.

For now, I thought it would be a good time to wrap up our reader poll. After a grand total of 5,028+ votes, it’s fairly clear to us what features you guys would like to see added to this blog. Over the next few weeks, we’re going to concentrate on the top 4 or so features from the recent poll (downloadable high-res images, desktop widget, e-mail updates of new posts, and a ranking feature), then we’ll build things out from there. I should probably also point out that we’ve already implemented (perhaps quietly) the feature you voted for the most – high-res screen shots. Most of the screen shots on this blog have a high-res version available if you click on them and go to our PlayStation.Blog Flickr account. Check it out …

For our next poll, the team here’s interested in hearing your thoughts about the new PSP colors. Specifically, what’s your favorite color? Jump over to the sidebar and cast your vote now!

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  • @K_a_S

    oh i know…im guilty all the time but most of the time i ask for crap over and over is just to get an answer one way or another…i already accepted the fact that the Playstation 3 in the real world was renamed to Delaystation 3 LOL

    I already spent my $600 months ago so either way Sony has me by my male reproductive units…its all good

  • eh, you guys didn’t include pictures so we can pick which colour looks best.

  • the new PSP will be pretty cool

  • Wow. I thought Ceramic White would take top spot.

    Are you guys going to have a contest to give away some PSP? That’d be swell.

  • @patrick

    what are the chances of us getting this. japan gets all the cool stuff and we get is chew******bacca lol. will there be an option to get the white metallic one without the star wars logo

  • could we please have more color selections for the PSP like Europe and Japan, 3 colors here is a start but is not enough ..

  • Thanks for the info.

  • The majority of the pictures there are low res.

    And why not link directly to the high res versions, instead of forcing us to click on a picture and then choose “all sizes” to see the high res version.

  • Um what if you like one of the Japanese colors

  • I won’t vote as I can’t vote for a blue psp

  • The thing I really would like to be informed here is what features are you working on to the next firmware you’re releasing. I’m sorry but I don’t like the surprises and I think it would be nice to know what you guys have been working on.

  • polls stay up too long! i must take more polls and survey’s send me anything you can think of i’ll survey it!

  • thanks for all your hard work.
    i hope you guys create a mac widget as well.

  • A purple PSP would be awesome..

  • i dont know about color but i really really really want the FFVII PSP japan is gettin

  • Thanks for the honesty Pat- I’d hate to have another disaster like that 2.00 rumor! >.

  • Hey! It cut me off! As I had said: Hurray! I voted for the desktop widget! Thank you, Lord Seybold!

  • Custom Soundtracks please Sony and Ingame XMB. I really need to be able to message my freinds across games, it is very difficult to get a game organized. Also it would be cool if you could implement voice chat through the XMB during games so I could choose to talk to my PSN freinds while I play. It would be kinda like how ventrillo works on PC, I talk to my freinds on ventrillo while I play PC games and it is very convenient.

    I think it would be really cool if we could talk while we were both playing different games, wheather we are playing an online match of Resistance or a single player game like Ninja Gaiden Sigma. This would eb a very welcome feature. So, custom soundtracks for all games (including PS2/PS1/PSN games), universal freind’s list through the XMB with the ability to send/access messages and initiate voice chat from in game. Impement those feature properly and I think you could plaease the masses and silence the ciritcs when it comes to PS3’s features. Also, PSN’s rep would get a mjaor big-up as well. Do it Sony!

  • Just give me the Square Enix FF designed PSP and I will be happy. It’s for Japan only atm, I think?


  • Thanks for the update on the state of the peripherals for the PSP. I’m continually impressed with the versatility of the psp and look forward to anything you guys decide to throw our way.

    The suggestion of additional add ons is great news.. The new Tv tuner being only compatible with the Psp slim is regrettable but i imagine technically necesary. If a phone could be incorporated into the Psp i’d be really pleased but i imagine that would involve market territory which Sony already has covered.

    I love the frenzied clamouring about demos as if you’re sitting in your office hoarding a dozen of them and stubbornly refusing to let them go.

  • Personally, I wish the Ice Silver could have been a core PSP option. I really want a Silver PSP, but I already have Daxter and Memory Sticks. I’ll probably just pay the extra money to get silver anyway, since I don’t want my fingerprints to show so easily on my PSP.

    I’m very curious as to how PSP games will look on when I use component cables. I’m currently have around 60 PSP games and love all the games I have, so playing them on the TV is great.

  • I want that blue PSP……

    Out of those the black one goes so well with the ps3, so that one wins.

  • That widget will work on Linux, right?

  • Kenji and DevilWillCry have both hit the nail on the head.


    The Xbox 360 is a multimedia device with UNIVERSAL controls. The great thing about UNIVERSAL controls is always having them at your fingertips, not hoping that a game in the future will have them. Instead of the lame garbage that we have been getting, with only certain games supporting In-Game XMB, make it universal, so that every single game/media we use, we can also use the in-game XMB. And don’t seperate it either, keep it all together. Have an XMB “Slide” come out of the left side of the screen (similar to the Xbox guide, who cares if you copied, you’ve already copied many things) that only shows one category of the XMB (aka Music is the only one displayed, then press right and now Video is the only one displayed), have everything in that XMB slide, custom soundtrack, in-game chat (with multiple channels, a la Xbox 360…), messaging, even video, say you want to store a video walkthrough for a game, keep video on there too. Make it a “Picture-in-Picture” type thing, that would be a great innovation. Make listening to voices universal, select if you want it just for your mic, both mic and speakers, or just off. That pretty much wraps it up. Add in the wallpapers, and integrate the PS Store into the XMB, the poor PS Store is just an HTML page, integrate it a la Xbox Live Marketplace. Add the damn demos (make the developers port over the demos that the 360 gets!) and all the other stuff we have been wanting since launch, and you are set my friend.

    I love my PS3, but it isn’t living to it’s fullest. That reminds me, this isn’t how the UK ads are portraying as “This is Living”. Get those updates in, and get some more software exclusivity! Can’t wait for the MGS4, GT5, R&CF, Uncharted, HS, Lair (btw, where are those two demos? just freaking add them to the store, and get the darkness in there too!).

  • BTW, [/rant]

  • PSP colors? Who cares. How about giving us a poll for PS3 firmware features. Maybe that’ll put an end to the updates that give us features nobody requests.

  • I wish sony would make several different types of controllers and let the gamers decide. since everyone who plays games has different ergonmics. I was one of the few excited about the boomarang controller it looked nice and big so i could wrap my mits around it. Also it would have doubled well as a steerling wheel for driving or flying.

    example…I love the playstation controller but I have large hands and if the controller was longer and larger It would be so much better. I need a larger controller.

  • #124 has got it on the money. Many of us may not like it, but microsoft hit it big with many of their designs natively built into their firmware. If sony wants to keep its market, show us some features that will clobber the xbox 360

  • Just got done watching Minority Report I like to have the data gloves that Tom uses, this would be a cool addition to the PS3, better than the Wii wand.

  • at #128

    #124 is correct,you are right,but the stuff that Microsoft has right now,it took time for them to develop that stuff as well.They’ve been in the next-gen category a year ahead than Sony,so it shouldn’t be too surprising that they have a couple of more features than they do.

    Plus,the bottom line is and always will be the games.Microsoft has their games,but so does Sony.And so far,Sony’s fall/winter lineup is looking incredible

  • If you have polls each week you can see what we gamers like and dont like about things.

  • I love the interaction that you guys at SONY are finally starting to give the PLAYSTATION GAMER!!!!It was much needed and is very much greatly APPRECIATED by US the PS GAMERS.
    I’m to the point where I can’t wait to see what SONY rolls out next “”o””!

  • Jumping Jesus Jack Tretton on a pogo stick.

    There are more important things to talk about than PSP colours. What next? Cute outfits for your PSP?

    Some hard, substantial news please.

    This update is *rubbish*.

  • Interesting things happening in Microsofts camp. Still no official word as to how many units they’re sending out are deffective but i guess we can take the extended warranty as a sort of grudging acceptance of their systems fallibility.

    Add to this the multiple lawsuits they’re facing in regards to their systems insatiable appetite for chewing up discs and i can’t see how anyone would buy this thing.

    According to latest reports, the sales of the the 360 have dropped about 60% in the last quarter. Personally i’m surprised it’s not more… who would buy a product with a 1 in 3 chance of getting a dud?

    What concerns me is that i’ve spoken to people who’ve had multiple replacements which means they’re replacing the system with new units and the person is just unlucky or they’re not finding a permanent solution to the problem.

    i’m just grumpy because i picked up a used copy of Lost Planet and (like Gears) it froze my system at about the 50 minute mark.

    Anyway. that’s the alternative people..

  • I am quite appalled that Australia won’t be getting the extra PSP colors. I was very happy when I saw the new colors, as you managed to get a range of colors, without resorting to a cheap Nintendo kind of look…But the fact that they’re all destined for Japan, except the ones we already have over here (black and white) is pretty damn annoying. I’d have loved one of those blue PSPs.

    Also, I heard about decreased battery life, and that annoys me somewhat as well, (what happened to high capacity batteries?) but that’s another issue.

  • Not that this little comment way down here will probably get read now that this topic is being pushed down etc, but I thought I’d come comment on some things I’d personally like to see incorporated into the blog, I’d like a feedback button of some sort, not just a contact consumer services button etc, I want to speak my mind sometimes, like right at this moment, and would love to be able to tell Sony something vital to their online plans, but I can’t actually find the proper channel to do it through, I’ve searched high and low, and the entire internet is like a giant sign from Sony lately saying, don’t call us… we’ll call you(referring to: Sure we can leave messages here on the boards or in GAP if we’re fortunate enough to be a GAP member), but what’s our personal gaurantee our message is heard, and truly/honestly taken into consideration.

  • @Kedaro

    If Sony cared what about what we thought, they wouldn’t have screwed us over with the bait and switch.

  • guys, stfu about all the comments about psp colors being stupid. they are expanding the market and everyone knows there are ppl out there that actually wants a colored psp. and i think its cool that we get to see different colors finally. i always wanted a white one. black is getting too plain to me for some reason cuz thats all they use on all their systems but ps1

  • @Nephlabobo
    I don’t know, sometimes I’ve often thought the same thing, is this a bait and switch… here we are loyal followers of Sony paying out for the machine, while all the support jumps ship… are we pawns in an executives bet or something?
    the (rough)quote “Our next system will sell a Million Units no matter the support!” comes to mind, I truly hope this isn’t the case, I’d like to think that Sony likes having a Computer Entertainment division. I fight the sony haters all over the net, but I come here to tell my true feelings… because this is where it needs to be said.

  • Nice new poll. I want a WHITE PSP, OKTHNX

  • When does home come out ?? i seen a few cleps about it and it looks kool!

  • Well it’s been a week and a half, one of topics have been adressed. Going to add anything anytime soon? Please I really want that desktop widget!

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