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I thought you might be interested in seeing this short time-lapse video from the recent May Gamers Day held at our Motion Capture Studio in San Diego. I thought this might give you a taste of what we have in store for everyone now that E3 is only three weeks away. If nothing else, this should give you a sense of how much effort and planning goes into organizing a press event, and just imagine, the SCEA E3 Press Conference is typically 3-4 times larger than our annual Gamers Day!

There is a lot of talk out there about the new format for E3. You probably heard that it has been moved from the LA Convention Center to a smattering of hotels in Santa Monica. I guess the show’s tagline says it all — “Get Ready for Something New.” The crew over here is racing like mad to get everything ready, so while we’re preparing for setting this year’s benchmark, take a look at this video and we’ll have more on E3 soon….

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  • With that said, I know we make impossible demands and set unrealistic goals for you guys and gals at SCE, but you just got meet or hurdle over the poles we set for you to jump. So its either jump over or get clothes-lined, which is pretty much what happened and explains why SCE got dropped on its bum. So while I will say everyone here may be being unreasonable, including me, I believe your in a position that pretty much demands you jump our high hurdles (expectations). Well best of luck with the hurdle hoping, I suggest you hire some Olympic athletes.

  • i think sony gave u.s and japan ps3s first to see how the customers act by promise and name alone for 600$ but not make with the promises untill format wins then all of sonys departments stock holders will push the ps3 because then they sell hdtvs hdmi audio stuff,stuff,stuff but the format had to win first. notice when reports showed 2 billion slump they we’re like the game department did it! but when BD wins then they will be like yeah sony did it. lol! the point is BD wins and GREAT things come.

  • http://site.gravatar.com/images/files/thumbs/163679.jpg?775697

    Too bad your last E3 Press Conference was sorta….bland and disappointing. I mean, $599!

    Anyways, hopefully this E3 will go well and you’ll make a PSP RSS channel for it again!

  • Hey what are you preparing to Comic Con in SD and E for All in LA october??
    Dont Let us Down!!

  • wow didnt know this events take such a hard time thanks sony for all the good times you have give us and blow MS crap in this E3 show them how to play fair not like them with their dirty play.

  • I hope we see, something thats brand new like a big game coming out that has been under development but nobody knows about it. I hope we se in game gameplay for Killzone 2, gameplay for MGS4, More in game for Uncharted. New features for Home, new online PSN network features. Little Big Planet, and some other stuff i cant even think of right now. I know you guys will blow the competition away. Give it all ya got Sony, Microsoft has nothing on you.

  • Showcase some reall in game gameplay that shows off some PS3 power that no other system would be cabable of make sure its in game or in engine. E3 is going to be sweet.

  • Looks like we just lost Haze as a PS3 exclusive only…when will this stop? Or should I say, will we ever stop losing exclusive titles? The day I found out we lost the exclusivity to Devil May Cry…was just sad! Most people were saying well I already own a 360 I’ll just buy it for that. What’s the point of paying $600 to get it now. Can we please try to focus on not losing anymore exclusive upcoming games? This is starting to become pretty embarrassing.

  • Tried to watch video on my PS3 but only got the sound. Well it sounds good. My laptop is having trouble with lots of web videos so I wait for the PS3 Browser fix. By the way what is the PS3 Browser’s name? If it does not have a name, can we name it?

  • Haze never was an exclusive, it was just ‘leading’ on PS3. Which it still is, by a week.

    Developers should keep their focus on making multiplatform games so they stay in the business.

  • Sony I really want my katamari back! If you guys cant get “We Love Katamari” Atleast Put up the Old Katamaris up for Download on PSN. And For the Record if I have to Pay a Little Bit for you Guys to get the ball rolling on the PSN…..I Will!

  • wasn’t the new e3 supposed to cut cost and not be such a big deal for developers to plan for? I understand the big 3 doing what they need to do…but I hope the developers are staying their course.

  • I can’t wait to see what you guys have ready for E3. Interesting video and nice song.
    Hopefully, we’ll have some nice content to look forward to on the Playstation store.

  • “it would be INCREDIBLY cool if the ps store were also updated with videos from the event ?

    Be even cooler if the PS store got them AS they were released, rather than at the end of the week. Be even cooler again if they were on the PS store before they hit sites like gametrailers.

  • I dont think that exclusive titles matter that much as long as games are being made to take advantage of the PS3 and not being ported over from the POOR BOX 360. My E3 wish list. 1) GPS for PSP in the states. 2)Killzone 2 prefected. 3)MGS4 release date. 4)FFXIII info 5)anything PSN related. 6)A God of War 3 teaser. WOW this list is getting long. What the hell? I WANT IT ALL! Also, Ken Kutaragi we will miss you, enjoy your well earned retirement.

  • yeah, the PSN store needs to be updated more often with stuff like this and other things… like the RFOM update and Motorstom update…

  • get MORE demos in the playstation store
    for all the games coming out!!!!!!!!!!. MAKE some new add ons for fight night round 3 more boxers!!!!. and motorstorm NEEDS a freeride level.

  • Wow that is cool if I were working there I would probably like to be the guy setting up all the Screens.

  • i love E3 i have to see what sony is going to do!

  • Hopefully there will be some really good announcements of whats to come on the PS3 at E3. I’m excited about E4All the most though, cause it’s gonna be like E3 and I’m actually going. ^^


  • I hope and pray that Sony brings out the big guns at this years E3. I’m hating all these negative comments from xbox fanboys. It’s obvious that MS is paying top dollar to put SOny down. Look what they are doing with Take-two and GTa4. It’s all a high paying marketing scheme M$ is doing,

  • self.confessed.cynic

    Hmm – despite everything else, the best thing Sony can do now, aside from securing exclusives and getting Home out, is to announce a price drop for the PS3.

    Honestly, aside from us diehard fans, everyone else out there doesn’t /know/ the online services are lacking (they just know it’s free), and they don’t /know/ that the PS3 interface needs work.

    What they DO know is that the PS3 doesn’t have any exclusive AAA, mass-market titles (like GTA 4, but it’s too late for that) – that it doesn’t have any real differentiating factor from the xbox360 (Home), and that it’s damn expensive despite this.

    Just to let yall know, a price that I WOULD buy the PS3 for (being in Australia and the current offering being $999.95, but I play the PS3 at my friend’s house till I can afford one) would be:

    20GB (assuming you’re still selling those somewhere): $400 (a tad above xbox360 premium)
    60GB: $500 (a tad above xbox360 elite)

    …which should translate to, hopefully, a $750 AUD PS3 (what the PS2 launched at in most retailers).

    You all know you can /reap/ money back from online screenings (over Home) of the latest movies and TV shows – especially if it’s a system where I only have to pay once for 3ish viewings. (it should be streaming because we realise that a downloading service would be a piracy issue, given that Linux can be installed onto the PS3). Music, on the other hand, can just follow the itunes path.

  • CooL vid..
    I hope whe get footage during the E3 in this blog and on the PS-store, Not only footage, give us demo’s please, also of third party games….

    I must agree with some guys here that you must take action to ensure PS3 only titels from Third Party devs. Shure it will cost money but it will drawn gamers to the PS3.
    I dont understand Third party devs…The Playstation was the system that draged the gaming industry out of a bad period,.
    The devs have to thank Sony for this, and what are they doing?
    Taking money from of a company which wants to break the console market just like they did on the OS market in the past.
    Common Sony I know you have the power and the quality in house for a great comeback.

    You know that there are more than 120.000.000 PS2 owners out there. Give them a reason to change to the PS3.

    I’am persuaded that you can do this….Sony wil win at the end off the line. Speaking as George Lucas in a quote from Starwars;


  • Sony re-release a lesser console version with only 2 usb ports, no memory card readers, no wi-fi, 20 gig with emulation ps2 engine. Sell it at $350-425 with even more rebates for Blu ray movies. You will win sales, and the format war. Once that is done, release a psp to ps3 video program so psp games can be upscaled on a HDTV set but still played on psp. This will boost sales of both. Also import 90% of Sony Online Entertainment games to the PSN. Games like Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune! will be huge hits and take some of the casual market away from the Wii. Add online gaming with this and you have a huge party hit. Too sway over more “hardcore” gamers, put more PS1 classics to the store and work a deal With squaresoft to release Final fantasy games (ps1) through downloadble applications with the mandatory High Definition touch. Once the Gun con is released with Time Crisis 4, re-release old school shooters such as: Lethal enforcers, Carn-evil, Area 51, L.A. Gunners, and various other arcade shooters perhaps even the virtua cops series. I am sure Capcom and Midway won’t mind working with these idea’s.
    Good job not forgetting the PS2 users, with new games being released still for the ps2 a year after the arrival of the ps3!

  • Its like a new trend to make fun of the ps3 just for the price! just wtf is that? for an example lamborgini is a very expensive car, so doesnt it suck cause it expensive and you cant afford it! NO! If you buy x0 you might have to buy the new hard drive on that aswell, heck just buy x0 elite but still its only 100-120 dollars cheaper. x0 is just a made for playing. Ps3 IS MORE, its a media center with versatile functions! and you dont have to pay 50 dollars for playing in the online, seriously x0 players dont understand that they might pay way more than ps3 is worth cause MS charges on EVERYTHING.

    So blow their minds on the E3, make them think twice before making fun of the ps3. Steal competitions spotlight!
    Ive seen loads of stuff whats coming and it looks great, keep it coming.
    Cant wait for the suprises that you guys promised. I take a wild guessing that the suprise will be A) Some legendary serie coming back to the ps3 B) Loads of downloadable content on the ps3 and features C) something really and i mean REALLY HUUUUGE that none was expecting!

    This is living!

  • BOOOOO, this video does not work with my PS3 www-browser!! :( Had to use my ubuntu box for that.

  • E3 is all well n good for the u.s, but is the uk going to get a similar event?, i cant remember the last games event here, but i do reember it being bloody huge and all the games companies were there showing their wares n stuff + plus i remember walking out of the show with 3 full bags of goodies(and i mean proper goodies), which included 18 game demos,5 dvd’s,various magazines, 3 t-shirts,…..and stuff i cant remember, it was fab,
    I think sony are going to have a few surprises up their sleeves this year, mainly downloadable stuff i reckon(and even a hint about the rumble coming back????).
    Sony Rocks and i love my PS3 = BRING IT!

  • Cool video!

  • @ okcomputer624 the new katamari is coming to the ps3 so dont panic

  • you guys rock. hope you drop some major bombs at EA

  • Can’t help but feel that this is a massive E3 for the PS3. Lot of doubt still about the machine, negative comments all over the media, users crying out for new games and content.

    E3 is not make or break but a lot of people are looking for answers and confirmation the PS3 is the format to own over the coming year.

    I also hope that Playstation can sift through some of the moaning and whinging that you get on sites like this and sift out the key info the user community is giving. The key is to not just read it but implement it where feasable. The key focus of the PS3 should be games!

  • Cool video, hope you guys have something inovative to share with us cause all PS3 news is not good news. Really excited about some of the future releases. One other thing I think you guys may be loosing touch with your fanbase, I do own a PS3 and think its really cool. Only thing is sometimes I find myself looking for a reason to play it. I never felt this way about the Ps2 and Hope E3 has plans to put life back into our consoles…

  • Yea Yea Yea…the video was cool…now that the fans are aware of how much goes into the PR aspect of the games…maybe now you (Sony) can concentrate on make the games themselves….enough Hype…Sony’s word means nothing…ACTION SPEAKS LOUDER THEN WORDS….GIVE US THE DAMN GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @Patrick

    Let me ask you then Mr. Sr. Mgr of PR…whats your stance on relating to disgruntled fans on Sony’s apparent lack of games, Delays on system launch, delays on game releases, delays on map pack releases…how bout all the delays themselves…too many delays to list?????

    because EVERYONE avoids THOSE issues like the plague…and we want ANSWERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cool Vid, thx. E3 here we come.

  • @Loucifer

    Stop moaning, if you don’t like it buy a 360 and stop coming on here demanding games every post. Games take time.

    Sony cant control release dates, go and [DELETED] to the 3rd party suppliers. There is not issue with games they have schedules, some slip, end of.

    It was the same when the PSX came out, the same when the PS2 came out and it was definately the same when the 360 launched. The Wii have been a success with hardware sales but look at the titles available and there are only a handful of decent titles.

    You cant have a software catalog overnight, it takes TIME. If you want rushed half finished games then I hope this isn’t the console you find them on. I own all 3 formats and think that in a years time this will be the format of choice.

  • Release the ELDER SCROLLS: OBLIVION downloadable content. Ubisoft and had it ready for the PSN since May! What gives?

  • Hey omegasyde:

    Oblivion is not published by Ubisoft, it is published by Bethesda. Is it true about the DLC being ready since May.


  • Awesome vid. It really was a mega show with lots of content.

    Gotta say Heavenly Sword took me to another level, love the game to death.

    The other games were great too, can’t wait for this and more on the new E3.

  • @Angelus73

    No offense dude…but unless you work for Sony i dont care what you have to say!!!!

    And if games take time like you say (all knowing fan of Sony) then why not you answer the question of why EVERYTHING associated with the DELAYstation3 is delayed…why say a game is being released on such a date and proceed to methodically push dates back…or tell everyone that a map pack is coming out on a specific day and then delay ON THE RELEASE DAY (Resistance) and even Motorstorm which i dont own anyway…so if you can answer that question i would be glad to stop b****ing…but you cant! so why not do ME a favor and leave the responses to Sony…well not like i’ll get a response anyway

  • @138.

    I am trying to let Sony to release it already. And I meant bethesda sorry, good correcting!

  • Great vid, I’m looking forward to E3. You have a lot of fans out there that still need a reason to justify thier purchase (not me). During E3 you guys should keep the ps store filled with your E3 content, anything and everything. Not just trailers but the presentations also. Watching trailers through a video camera doesn’t do your 1st party games any justice.

  • Sony should be really happy as i am. I beleive PS3 is the ultimate computer entertainment device. They should be in the guiness book of world records. This box is like pandoras box. Everytime a new update arrives new things are opened up. More things can be done with the system. The games look incredible as well. The ability to play music, wiew pictures, video, streaming all those things as well form my pc,and lets not forget folding research. Wow his is a hell of alot of stuff for $600. No one should complain.

    All i can say is nuff love and respect to Sony and Father(Mr. Ken Kutaragi) and i thank God i am alive to experirence this kind of technology. As for my friends and other gamers and who never made it pass 2006 respect.

  • I only have one thing to say for SONY. I have been a SONY buyer since the early 80’s (used to buy MITSUBISHI cause they made good tvs)

    You guys lost 2 of my fav games. Resident Evil (most importantly) and GTA.

    Its ok. But how about coughing up some money to Rockstar and making sure LA NOIRE is the next BIG THING and getting exclusive rights. If not thats cool. Just keep making AAA gameplay, AAA storyline, basically AAA games coming out of SCEA. Because the 360 coughed up $50 for “exclusive content” on GTA. It just shows me they can’t create any good games (Halo and Gears of War after 2 consoles isn’t a big library and hasn’t made a name like PLAYSTATION when it comes to gaming, let’s be frank)

    So Sony. Keep up the good work. I am really looking forward to MGS4, Uncharted, Lair, LBP, The Agency (if it will be free and all it’s cracked up to be), and hopefully you guys set some kind of “PS3 QUALITY STANDARD” with SOCOM. It’s a great game. No better TPS shooter. So please make it good and don’t rush out crap. Get more devs working on it, or kick back the release date, just don’t screw us over how UBISOFT has please. I don’t want to pay $60 for my PS3 game when it will be a low quality 360 type game.

  • Oh and SONY. I don’t know why you guys let companies like UBISOFT and others make the PS3 version of a game MONTHS LATER after release on the 360. Most importantly, I believe that you SONY, should take matter into your own hands and set a standard. Don’t let them sell us a downgraded version of a quality game (downgraded version being a 720p 360 port) with even more downgrading by slowing down the framerates. Come on are you serious? We know the quality the PS3 has, thats why we bought it. Since these companies like UBISOFT, TAKE-TWO, and others are not making QUALITY PS3 titles, why not you make them?

    Show the PS3 consumers and the world how MUCH BETTER the PS3 really is. I have no doubt that PS is the PAST, PRESENT, and FUTURE. Look at god Of War 2 (thats PS2 people). You guys need to unlock this “potential” and set a “PS3 GAMING QUALITY STANDARD”.

    Because today’s gamer’s aren’t like the gamer’s of my time. We yelled, kicked, even worked overtime to get a QUALITY Nintendo, Sega, or Playstation game. And yet I have not seen ONE good game come out rather than Motorstorm and Resistance. Seems to me that these DEVS that make port overs should make the PS3 version first, that way we don’t get cheated because it isn’t fair to PS3 owners that the 360 isn’t as good.

    Also we are getting cheated by Take Two. I read on GAMEPRO.COM ( i honestly think this site hires air-heads to right stories) that GTA made the PS2 what it is today. I laughed, almost got angry, than remembered why get mad?

    That right there showed me GAMEPRO.com’s very LOW LEVEL of INTELLIGENCE. As I remember it, the world cried “SONY DON’T SELL IT” because other consoles were too scared to touch that violent game. As if it wasn’t for SONY I, along with the rest of the common sence world, know that if it wasn’t for SONY taking the PARENTAL GUIDANCE heat, than GTA wouldn’t be anything but a dream.

    Sony you guys set the bar. Don’t let companies like TAKE TWO screw us PS3 consumers over. Why make GTA IV not at HIGH QUALITY on the PS3 because the 360 limits it. That isn’t fair to the PS3 owners. Don’t let TAKE TWO or any other company for that matter do this.

    Also I know there was never a NEXT GEN WAR. Next gen means NEXT generation. And BLU RAY, CELL, and 1080p spell it out perfectly. But man you guys need to get some games out.

    I understand RESISTANCE was a BRAND NEW EXCLUSIVE shipped on launch. Yet people ( i like to call them cave-men) still complain you guys aren’t good at making games. Hahahaha. Funny isn’t it?

    Just do me a favor. Hurry up. I can’t wait for you guys to shut people up and push out more games.


  • killzone 2 should be something to see..

    and maybe sixaxis rumble, and ofcourse more info on home.

  • @The_Jump_Off

    I agree.

  • @ the_jump_off and darktorns I agree with you two. Sony we need a sixaxis with rumble ;) and soon

  • I really dont miss rumble that much yet it would be nice to get it back. This is some good news for all of us waiting for PSN games.According to Gamasutra, developers at Sony’s San Diego studio have been given a new focus, designing three new downloadable titles for the PS3 on the PlayStation Network. According to SCEA producer Jim Molinets, his team of 30 people will now spend their time on those new products. “Because the [development] team is smaller, the dev cycle is smaller, and because our expertise level is high, we may be able to address things like that very quickly, as opposed to having to wait for a full two-year product cycle.” I found this info on gameinformer.com

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