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I thought you might be interested in seeing this short time-lapse video from the recent May Gamers Day held at our Motion Capture Studio in San Diego. I thought this might give you a taste of what we have in store for everyone now that E3 is only three weeks away. If nothing else, this should give you a sense of how much effort and planning goes into organizing a press event, and just imagine, the SCEA E3 Press Conference is typically 3-4 times larger than our annual Gamers Day!

There is a lot of talk out there about the new format for E3. You probably heard that it has been moved from the LA Convention Center to a smattering of hotels in Santa Monica. I guess the show’s tagline says it all — “Get Ready for Something New.” The crew over here is racing like mad to get everything ready, so while we’re preparing for setting this year’s benchmark, take a look at this video and we’ll have more on E3 soon….

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  • I have a feeling Sony has ‘pulled back’ some of the bigger franchises of the xbox 360.

    If Sony announced Shadow Hearts 4 & Azure partnership for exclusive to PS3, anything else will just be gravy.

    Oh, and Killzone 2 kicking Halo 3 in the nuts would be a good desert.

  • @rukusa

    I believe the announcing of Killzone 2 should be the main thing for this E3.

    Also, I am hoping big news for the updates and PS Store.


    I mean, I can not even register my credit card to buy things! I want to give you money Sony..hello?

  • It would be awesome if you guys post high quality video of your presentation. Although I’m not sure how the new E3 format will affect the way you present.

  • Cool video, I like everyone else am hoping for some cool stuff this E3.

  • I hope that they finally announce release dates for Lair, Heavenly Sword, Warhark, Uncharted, and Ratchet at E3. I cannot wait.


  • I liked the video. Much work put in there in total.

    I am too excited for E3. Expecting All Gamer’s Day titles to be there plus Killzone, and then some other titles that we haven’t seen for a long time like The Getaway. It would be nice to see some coming XMB functions too.

    Other than that just need more info about what is so special with PSN and PS3. So people know exactly what they are paying for.

  • Wow, that was awesome. E3 is going to be awesome. Can’t wait! Keep it up Sony!

  • Sony is going to steal the spotlight with a rumble controller, home, and all these great 1st party games. Sony is really upping its 1st party titles and thats what people want to see. Good job sony.

  • Looking forward to seeing some new information on upcoming titles.

    Come on Sony! Get me excited!

    (LA Noire please!)

  • Hopefully the new E3 won’t be a media circus the way the last one was. That was the reason it needed to change the most in my opinion.

  • man i wish i could goto the convention. cool video though. [: I hope things are a little less crazy than last year.

  • thats crazy. to bad i couldnt go.

  • Nice vid…too bad E3 moved from L.A. it was always fun driving by the Convention Center around this time of year to see all the activity.

    Go get them Sony!

  • That’s correct, they havenot announced anything about the new Getaway game in two years, I hope this year we get some new info.


  • Really nice….:)

    Fun to watch stuff like this…gimme more…:P

  • Awesome vid, shows lots of efforts. Now prove the naysayers wrong and show them that the PS3 is the REAL DEAL of next-gen.

  • Any chance you can stream the keynote (and other events…) from here? :)

  • I bet you guys that Sony could steal the show by announcing that MGS4 and FXIII
    will remain exclusive to the Ps3, (Not that I dont think that they wont), this could make microsoftfanboys cry and not to mention Bill Gates who apparently is trying to buy everyone of Sony’s games.


  • How can microsoft be suing Immerssion for rumble. Do any of you Sony big wigs know what is going on. Are we going to not get rumble becasue of greedy Microsoft? Is there any other way to create rumble. Sony you are technological kings common you must can move away from crap happenings like this.

  • Can’t wait to see what you guys at SONY have in store for us at E3.
    Hopefully whatever it is we can download it on PlayStation Store.

  • Anyone know the name of that song?

    pretty cool Sony.

    I hope we can get a MGS4/Killzone/GT5/FFX13 and LBP showing at the Sony press conference. lol

    would be awesome though.

  • Keep fighting the Battle, Sony! We’ll be in the trenches with you. Only a few weeks away til min-E3!

  • Coool video!

  • What a joke about the Immersion Deal and Microsoft – makes my blood boil – Sony – why don’t you buy 51% of Immersion and then stick it to Microsoft – before they do it to you. Also can you please start buying some exclusives – like Microsoft – as waiting for Sony exclusives – while we see exclusive after exclusive get grabed and paid for by Microsoft to steal your thunder. Pay the money and make sure this is not going to happen on the big ones. Buy some companies if you have too.

    The backseat driver

  • Came on Sony,show us the gap!! ;-)

  • I hope Sony will be prompt about putting media (trailers, game play demonstration videos, etc.) up on the PlayStation store this time.

    Microsoft is very good about releasing lots of media on their download service when their big events happen, so that everyone with a 360 can partake of the excitement and feel like the XBL store is one of the best places to go to participate.

    Getting trailers on the PlayStation store weeks or months after an event such as GDC (and months after the videos have been available at dozens of sites across the Internet) brings very little value to PlayStation 3 owners, and very little excitement about whatever was announced.

    We PS3 owners will form a thriving community around your products and your company, if you give us the access to the information and excitement, rather than saving it up and dribbling it out so that you’ve at least got _something_ on the store, while we still wait for new games.

    Use your tools, guys.

  • ” I guess the show’s tagline says it all — “Get Ready for Something New.” The crew over here is racing like mad to get everything ready, so while we’re preparing for setting this year’s benchmark[.]

    Sounds good, I can’t wait!

  • Cool………………………..NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Im with what PBJ said. The thunder… youre loosing it guys! I dont know if you carry some principles, but honestly, truely you must strike back.

    I have a feeling that the MS conference will try to indirectly take low blows at Sony’s current performance. Tell Phil to make a xxxxx tattoo lol (or not – it would be like directly mimic Moore’s moves), or maybe let a plane fly over the sky and write out the exclusive title or something-

    Either way, I have hope that you guys will come back from E3 more triumphant than ever making MS & Co. start thinking if they have underestimated you position.

    And yes, like people suggested, this time re-announce MGS4 & FFXIII as PS3 exclusives to shut up the random ramblings by PS3 haters.

  • Yeah just pay off Square and Konami to keep them exclusives.

  • I can’t wait to hear what you have in store for us. I t had better be good after your failure to land exclusive content for GTA4 on the PS3. I still don’t understand that blunder! And to jonabbey, well said.

  • i cant wait to hear what surprises u have for us……im sure u wont let us down

  • huge .. something HUGE it has to be at least 1/10 as huge as the original size of the XBOX to turn more heads …

  • To be honest I also wonder who of those people is the infamous Sony representative ‘Aisenherz’ from neogaf.

    I’ve come to some possble conclusion that its you patrick ;).

    Either way, if you know the guy tell him that Rukusa admires his/her work.

  • Cant wait!

  • ya i cant wait for E3, 3 weeks left wow!

  • w00t E3! Cant wait to see what you guys have up your sleeves

  • Wow, a video of scaffolds? Even that was a let down… much like everything else with the ‘Sony’ name nowadays.

  • i can hear the video (but cant see it) because i rely on my ps3 for computering (my family computer is windows 98 and has alot of viruses)…plz update the flash for the ps3 plz :) and also i cant update my psp through my ps3 ever since the update…plz fix that to :)

  • I just want to add that I expect to see the PS2 bundled with the eyetoy to combat the Wii fad…

    I mean it’s a gamecube with a new controller PS2>gamecube time to break out a Crash Bandicoot eyetoy type game… and on a completely different note


  • I’m hoping to hear announcements on the PlayStation Eye, Rumble Sixaxis, PSP re-design. More info on Home, LittleBigPlanet, Heavenly Sword, Uncharted, WarHawk and Lair, possibly Gran Turismo 5. Plus, an announcement about firmware 2.0 which will finally include in-game XMB access. Then, we’re all good to go.

  • out of topic, i wonder if i can get pc games to run on the ps3

    PSN must stay 90% Free, at least in sport games and some others

    I want to play Hockey Online for free

  • Oh, I forgot about seeing Hot Shots Golf 5, Killzone 2 and news about The Agency. Plus, could the new game announcements include a Wipeout game? If so, hip hip…..

  • well patrick if it’s possible.. please if mgs4 is gonna stay exclusive, you should announce this.. there is soooooooo many threads and news about it going to 360, about 10 each week, it’s just soooo annoying.. please end the pain.. lol.. and i think it would be great to send the announcements to the psn store, now that would be cool

  • HEY PATRICK. I think you have a very nice bum.

  • im sorry patrick :( im kinda embaressed. i just had to say it. LOL

  • I hope that Sony announces a new Syphon Filter game for the Ps3 and a new Twisted Metal and Wipeout Ps3. That would be sweet.


  • i hope they anounce the ability to use the PSP to act as a remote for the PS3 multimedia capbilities.

    add to my current wishlist, ability to use PSP to control PS3 audio/video/pictures but allow video/sound be outputted onto TV and strereo PS3 is connected tooo!!

    oh yea, i’d love the XMB in game too like everyone else, perhaps we’ll get our wish! :)

  • Here are three games that need to make returns and be exclusive to PS3:

    -Legend Of Dragoon [You own the IP so use it.]
    -Parasite Eve [Tell’m to make it like the first one not the second, which made it too third person shootery.]
    -Jet Set Radio [A bit niche, but it was cool so get that IP from Sega and make a updated version of it.]

    I guess thats about it for the impossible demands that will never be realized.

  • Would of been nice to see this video on my PS3 perhaps on the next update.

    Not sure why on Playstation sites dont support video on a PS3.

    And perhaps the next E3 could be on Playstation HOME.

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