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I thought you might be interested in seeing this short time-lapse video from the recent May Gamers Day held at our Motion Capture Studio in San Diego. I thought this might give you a taste of what we have in store for everyone now that E3 is only three weeks away. If nothing else, this should give you a sense of how much effort and planning goes into organizing a press event, and just imagine, the SCEA E3 Press Conference is typically 3-4 times larger than our annual Gamers Day!

There is a lot of talk out there about the new format for E3. You probably heard that it has been moved from the LA Convention Center to a smattering of hotels in Santa Monica. I guess the show’s tagline says it all — “Get Ready for Something New.” The crew over here is racing like mad to get everything ready, so while we’re preparing for setting this year’s benchmark, take a look at this video and we’ll have more on E3 soon….

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  • Cool, but how do we view the time lapse video?


  • Very Cool video. You guys put an awesome amount of work into these events. I really can’t wait for E3 now.

  • Patrick@

    I hope you have some really good surprised for E3. Its like early christmas, just promise me that i wont end up with getting a knitted sweater. I hate soft presents. ;P

  • Sweeeet. Im hoping at E3 we’ll see: Killzone 2, Uncharted, In-game XMB, Movie/music/tv show download service, Warhawk, Socom, MGS4 Playstation Cards, and hopefully a bunch more features and some new games to PS3.

  • I got the faith. That vid was fabulous. I’m going to be uber nerdy during e3 and even more obsessive about reading blogs.

  • To Patrick

    Will this blog be updated with E3 coverage and announcements? I hope so!!!


  • Cool video.. so much work goes into these shows, and we appreciate the work to showcase the games. I’m looking forward to any and all news from E3 on this blog. :) Hopefully, as E3 games and news are announced, the PS store would in turn have demos and videos to download so that the E3 marketing momentum can be capitalized.

  • Cool video, looking forward to E3. Question for you regarding the current uproar on some message boards (PS3forums) regarding the comment made by a rep from Sony on Geoff Keighley’s show. A comment was made regarding the current model for PSN being that it’s free, but that that could change later. Just wondering if this is just a “cover your butt” type comment in case it does ever go to a pay to play model, or if that is the plan at this point. I know, in the past, Sony has been adamant that their service to play games and all the essential things would be free, but that games such as MMO’s may be a charge. And that is understandable. Just wondering if there is some clarification or an official response that we could see here on the blog regarding that.

    Great job so far on this blog, behind the scenes videos are always fun.

  • @Godofwar55555

    In the Jack Tretton post about the past consoles, he did say that he will update this blog with all the E3 coverage.

  • Hey Patrick, I bet there’s gonna be some well known series appearing exclusively on the PS3… .. .. …..right? ;(

  • *Besides Metal Gear Solid & Final Fantasy…*

    sorry, forgot to add that in my recent comment.

  • Nice litle video I am looking forward to E3 and will be watching it on g4techtv.

  • Come on Patrick, gives a little hint of what will be shown at E3. Just a little one to get us exited.


  • looking forward to what you have to bring to the table this year, Sony :)

  • Godofwar55555 – I can’t spoil the surprise..;-)

  • Will SCEA have a live stream from the E3 Press Conference? Or do I have to watch via ing.com or gamspot.com?


  • I hope that Sony will use E3 to show what the PS3 is about and why it is the console to beat and I agree with factory, use this time to show why people should spend their cash on the PS3. It is time to quiet all of those critics that cant stop talking bad about the Ps3. I cannot wait.


  • @Patrick

    youre such a tease :(, kill the competition this year! Show them not to mess with BIG S lol.

    By the way, will there be a LIVE feed of the conference like last year? can you confirm that?

    I want to be able to watch it from here, I need to see Killzone 2 “front row” on my PC. Im in doubt that Sony’s shows have improved ALOT since GDC, if those were appetizers then E3 will completely nuke the whole place.

    I know Im nagging Patrick, but I really want to see more series besides MGS4 & FFXIII on the PS3 :).

  • *Im in no doubt*

    Sorry, fast typing.

  • yee ma boy patrick now i’mall exited for E3

  • Hey Patrick, will Sony debut some new PS3 games that have not been announced before? Like Suckepunch’s unannounced game.

    P.S. I hope we see more PSN Titles too.


  • Wow very impressive amount of work put into the presentation. Loved the motion lapsing on the video very cool. Im really looking forward to seeing whats in store for E3. Im wondering though will we have PSN updates from the floor or will it all be on the blog? Whats up, im dying to know.

  • Looks Sony is getting ready to kick some major ass! Make us proud Sony! I have really high hopes.

  • I like that :)

  • That was pretty cool. I remember watching alot of the trailers for the games shown at gamersday and being blown away. 2007 will be crazy with titles like Warhawk, Heavenly Sword, Uncharted, Home, and Folksoul.

    I cant wait to see what is in store for 2008 and the stuff we dont even know about for 2007.

    Keep up the awesome work guys!

  • Oh and Lair cant forget about lair. ^^

  • I really hope you guys pull out all the stops. I know many friends who are simply waiting for that showstopping announcement, that will get them really pumped about Playstation again. Although we have gotten tastes, with some of the announced games, its gonna take something big to turn around the sony “hate-train” that has been in effect since last e3.

  • That was pretty awesome.

    I just want more release dates this E3. I MUST HAVE MGS4 AND LAIR!!!!

  • Man, you guys really need to knock’ em dead this year. I’m expecting a lot of exclusives, Killzone 2 megaton, and XMB/PSN upgrades. Don’t disappoint!

  • Cool video. It surprises me to see how many people worked just for one day.

    Even knowing that E3 it is smaller this year, go out there and make it bigger!

  • You guys seriously need to tell me if a new psp design is coming out, im looking to buy and i wanna know if i should wait!!

  • Like many others, I can’t wait to see what you guys have in store for E3. I just hope its filmed so we can all watch it, like past E3 Press Conferences.

  • Hopefully we can get some good quality video of E3 maybe??

  • sony better start to give me some reasons NOT to throw my ps3 out of the friggin window. it doesnt matter what happens at E3 cos it will be christmas 2011 by the time us guys in england get anything worth having…. why do we always get delays, i didnt delay when handing £500 for the console!!

  • Awsome Video, And Can’t Wait To See What’s In Store At E3..

    ah, If Only I Can Go To Either Gamers Day ‘n E3..

  • i’ll mirror some of the other comments i’ve seen for this post and other posts: please update this blog with E3 information as is happens. also, it would be INCREDIBLY cool if the ps store were also updated with videos from the event :)

  • Can’t wait for E3. Great video! Come on Sony don’t let us down. Maybe throw some in-game XMB ;)

  • I think you guys should do a presentation about how Microsoft is trying to sue Immersion Tech just to keep their precious rumble away from those who deserve it. I hope it blows up in their faces. Just for being arrogant, trying to keep everything for themselves, instead of looking at the industry as a whole.

  • Patrick,
    Assure us that E3 will be good enough to get people exited about the PS3 again. I’m tired of seeing journalist and everyone else, sometimes including myself bashing the PS3. It’s just that it’s hard to defend the system if people are not happy or exited by it. Please tell us E3 is gonna be THAT GOOD. Not like last year.

  • Yeah, I’m looking forward to this event too. This just gets me more hyped!

    On a side note, I hope Sony will clarify recent rumors about charging for PSN at E3.

  • Nice video I am looking forward to E3.

  • Can’t wait for E3!

  • Man, I’d love to work for Sony one day.

  • E3 is no longer an event for gamers and yet here we have Sony acting as if it was.

    I can’t blame them for trying but unless any of us are in the press or work in the right sections of Sony we have no chance of getting in to enjoy any of it.

    I suppose with enough online coverage for many of us it will be about the same as long as there is enough coverage for those things each of us are interested in.




  • @Korlithiel

    E3 was never ever for gamers, it was for the industry only, which is why it was called a trade show. ;-)

  • Why I can’t see the video?

  • Cool…and good Sound!
    Hope to see you in Germany at the Games Convention, too!

  • Maybe, Gran Turismo for the PSP wil finally be shown.


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