MythBusters: PSP Edition

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The rumor mill is flowing about new PSP hardware and a PSP phone, and I just wanted to take the time to clear the air. We haven’t announced anything about a new PSP, much less one that would have any phone capabilities. As SCEA’s resident PSP guru, I’m thrilled to hear that there’s so much interest in the platform, but sorry folks, these reports floating around fall into the rumors/speculation category.

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  • The one with the OLED screen had me interested to the point where I’d actually buy another one, despite the fact I just got one a couple weeks ago. I use it mainly for remote streaming from my ps3 (and $5 UMD movies on sale at the local Gamestop). The Sidekick-esque one you linked, not so interested… I prefer regular clamshells personally.

    I’d still love to be able to put all the (perfectly legitimate) ps1 games I own on my psp, using the ps3 as an intermediary if I must. Downloads from the psn store are nice, I guess, if it offered games I want to play. I actually own Suikoden, for example, not to mention every FF release for the ps1, Breath of Fire 3 and 4, and so on (okay, so they’re all my girlfriends games, lol). This is an ability I could have on an older (but still legit) firmware version, but I opted for remote streaming.

    But I don’t see any reason why one couldn’t stick a ps1 game in the ps3 and have it spit out an encrypted copy onto a connected psp with adequate free space on the memory stick… it’s just a matter of the firmware programmers getting around to it.

  • Well, if you ever make a PSP redesign, you better buy I’ll buy another PSP. I enjoy my PSP now, but I will admit there’s a few small problems (d-pad being hard to use for a 2D fighter IMO and not the most comfortable to hold). But even if you don’t, I’ll still be a very happy PSP owner.

  • Godfather_of_gaming

    I am glad you are not abandoning PSP for a PSP 2.

    Thanks for that

  • PLEASE release the white PSP in North America I NEED it.

  • I hope you’re not just saying that, because the PSP needs more games, not a new system

  • I wonder if the lack of color selection here in the States has to do with the possible announcement of a PSP-slim in the near future? Why put out new colors when they’re going to issue a redesigned PSP shortly? Which I hope is true because I’ve been holding out on buying one until the redesign. Instead I just play with my boyfriend’s PSP for now.
    And personally, while I would love to see a second analog stick on the PSP, I don’t see Sony doing such a dramatic change to the gameplay mechanics of its existing user base. A slimmer profile, longer battery life, even expanded internal memory are all good ideas that don’t affect gameplay of the exisiting games library, and would do a lot less to alienate the existing userbase.

    Can’t wait for min-E3!


  • And this was my point, in the US the hardcore gamers don’t care as much for a redesign so much as colors.

    Sure things like better battery life, a second analog, a screen you can see when it is sunny out and even a slightly raised D-pad would be great.
    But those things can wait for a second PSP for the most part, what you should do now is release more colors in the US and UK while also finding out what peripherals and software options we want, I know I have a list and much is more then possible.

  • Well I know that these redesigns are just rumors and speculation, but I’m hoping that Sony will make some of these rumors and speculations. I want to see Sony do more for the PSP, give it a linux operating system, w/ some applications, lets see the psp come in more colors, and for goodness sakes, lets get a pound of downloadable content for the psp – movies, music, etc. These rumors spread because people want more from the PSP. US gamers would love a redesign, the PSP definitely needs a new beginning. The PSP is the same system as it was since day one… if not a redesign, then how about some of those pretty colors we’ve seen everywhere else but in the US.

  • Talking about rumors, I must say I’m still waiting for some GPS Software to work with the PSP GPS Device. As far as I know, only Japan has it, and in Europe, without it, the GPS is useless.

  • @Doom:

    I know that the PS3 doesn’t overheat or even get hot, but I hear people on forums who are afraid of running folding on their PS3s. They shouldn’t be. Other than playing games, my PS3 is folding 24/7 for a month and a half straight. You don’t need to tell me about the hardware reliability.

    I was just saying that Sony should pick a rumor or myth about the system that’s popped up in the last year that’s obviously not true and do a mythbusters on it so then they are on the record about it again.

  • Great to have a place to talk with you all directly.

    I am going on my first full year with my PSP and have been a rumor hunter the whole time. Good to get more from the horses mouth.

    I have only one fear with the redesign. What happens to those of us long term users. Are we in the wind with updates, new hardware etc, because is the new machine gets a keyboard that won’t work on the old (favored) systems, I am going to cry like a girl.

    Also a little rumor control on the much panted after GPS unit for the US would be great

  • Its good to hear truth on the subject, I’m sure game sites like Kotaku need to pay attention to this place :D

  • I’m thinking this is one of those, “we don’t comment on speculation or rumors” things, because making a new slimmed down psp this year would seem very logical. I suppose we’ll find out for sure this E3.


  • I am waiting for the new re-design PSP to get a new one.

    I have one and would love to get a new one(re-design)

    Nothing wrong with the one I have now though. Just need a change.

  • Thanks for the commend, i have a PSP now for 5 days and i love it :D

  • Actually, the original PSP feels fine to me other than the fact that the Square button feels weird and that the battery life is abit too short. Been using one for 2 years now.

    But I will welcome a redesign anytime, and I feel strongly that it will come soon.

  • Yep, the current PSP is just fine.

    The only thing I could suggest is a bluetooth attachment for the USB port. That way I could use my phone’s headset and not have to worry about the wires.

    Plus if you guess do add a phone feature/VoIP in america then would only enhance it. ^_^

    And where is the Camera and GPS in the US? Come on! We want it too… please?

  • Well, I guess that’s a little disappointing – I’m totally willing to replace my current PSP with one that is smaller and has built-in storage.

    What I am really looking forward to though is some sort of centralised online service, one that hopefully extends beyond just the PSP and into the world of the PS3 and perhaps even the Walkman. To have separate stores for the Walkman, PSP and PS3 would be disastrous – but, I’m sorry to say, given Sony’s track record of online distribution and inter-departmental co-operation, I wouldn’t put it past them.

    Enough whining though – thanks for starting this blog. It’s great!

  • Please stop saying things like, “these reports floating around fall into the rumors/speculation category.” Too many knuckleheads will view this as and inconclusive denial, and will think you are holding off on revealing anything until some future event, like E3.

    If you’re going to put an end to the rumors and speculation, come right out and say, “these things are not true, there is no redesign coming!” Say it three times, and make it as loud and clear as you possibly can.

  • Well it is nice to hear that Sony is listening to what is going on and not saying that there will not be a new PSP version. Just at this point in time there is nothing to talk about. I for one hope the rumors of there being another PSP are true. Because for one this means the old PSP will go down in price and then more people will be able to get a PSP. So I think that would be cool to see more going out to get a PSP. There are lots of great games on the system and the only reason not many people have gotten to play them was because of price.

    So I for one can’t wait to see what news comes out of E3.

  • I gotta say, I think a newly redesigned PSP would be ideal. Just to snazz it up even more would really draw attention to the magnificent platform. Nintendo has had immeasurable success with their many iterations of the gameboy. Give it a shot, Sony. You don’t have anything to lose, but lots to gain. I know I’ll buy another one. My sister’s been eyeing mine for too long.

  • Don’t you have to say its just rumors untill its officially announced?

  • Redesign the PSP we need it to be!

  • I would love to hear more information on rather this redesign is truth or rumor, because I am looking into buying a PSP and would want to get a newer design as opposed to the older one.

  • Well nice thing you clarify this, i think the current desing in the PSP is great, the controls may seem a little odd, but the game developers have known how to implement this well (like in MGS:PO or Syphon Filter), And if you change anything it will mess up the current games.

    Keep up the good work, this blog is a great aproach to the users, nice move!

  • a new psp would be sweet, im plannin on gettin one this christmas

  • just bring back the damn squirrels to the ad campaign I would be straight…and regardless of what you post here I know that there is a new slimmer PSP lurking somewhere out there and that’s why I haven’t replaced my PSP which has been broken for over a month…good thing I have a girlfriend so I could just take hers. sorry Killzone:Liberation was too good to pass up.

  • A new one would be cool but im still having too much fun with the original. it will happen eventually, i just dont think we need one. there is still a lot of life left in it.

  • ChaoticInfinityX

    If it weren’t for the time and minimal $$ i put into modding and customizing my PSP, I’d actually care. Unless there is a massive upgrade like a 2nd analog stick (which I know won’t be happening for years if ever)… I won’t be buying a PSP2 or the like. I would be satisfied if Sony would just release better games & more content for their PSP and PS3 platforms.

    Push those damn developers to release stuff on time!! I’d like a decent 3-month period where games are release ON SCHEDULE!! I know it’s a lot to ask… but flex your muscle! YOUR SONY FOR CHRIST SAKE!

  • Interesting. These rumours originally stem from BT’s announcement to allow voip calls on the PSP. People end up getting the wrong end of the stick and thinking about phone calls – Something SCEA would have trouble offering without a solid telecoms backer as the US industry is so segmented. Just to let you know – BT are still going to offer this service in the UK very shortly.

    here’s the original BT announcement link (not sure if we can post url’s here).

  • the new psp sounds cool! the phone thing is nice but unnecessary. Its not like i’ll give up my cellphone 4 it, but 4 those who are, it’ll pull them in n give the iphone some competition. But don’t u think tht it’ll be out too soon if its “officially” announced and released in the next yr? I think sony shud focus on the ps3 b4 they move onto making a new psp, cause we r hungry for more current psp and ps3 material. Otherwise the new psp is a gud idea n a step in the right direction, but one tht shudn’t be rushed into.

  • Oh please, this is as true as the 80GB PS3.

  • 80gb ps3 is true wanker bloke. in korea
    and aphrika did u even read the blog for gods sake

  • Hey guys at Sony, what’s your take on homebrew?

    I’ve got a homebrew-ready PSP (v1.5), yet I still buy PSP games to this date (Ratchet and Clank was my last purchase, and oh was it worth the money). What do you think about me and other who use homebrew, yet don’t pirate games?

    Regards, Alex

    PS – We need some more PSN games! My arcade thumbs are getting itchy for more games!

  • to be honest, PSP redesign would be competing with the PS3 this fall right?

    I don’t know that I would want it to come out until say next spring if one was to come out, because I want the PS3 to do as well as possible.

    If PSP redesign was to come out though… I would definitely buy one.

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  • I think Sony should hold off making remake for the PSP and concentrate more on making great games for it. The first party developer should set the bar for the third party developers to follow >_

  • A right stick is as necessary as the ds’ dual screens. we need it to compete, but next year. Sony should focus on the ps2 and ps3 this coming holiday season.

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  • Every reaction that I’ve seen on the internet or whatnot regarding these rumors has been positive, so if something like this is in the works, that has to be encouraging for Sony that people are so excited about it. I just bought a PSP about two months ago after the price drop to $169.99. The system is fantastic, only things that I don’t like are the slow load times for UMD games, and somewhat low battery life. I also wish it were available in white in the US, I would have much preferred that than a stereotypical black. :)

  • I love watching MythBusters on tv. I didn’t know there was a game!

  • I guess I’m just glad you didn’t deny the rumors of a new PSP revision coming. Hopefully it’ll show up at E3.

  • If Sony reacted on this rumor, I think there might be something after all.

    If not, then go make a revised PSP:
    -more battery life
    -slimmer design
    -few GB of memory
    -even better screen

  • I do think that a new PSP would be nice to see. But I also want to see there be more then just one color. That you can pick from. I can’t but feel a little sad that other parts of the world have more then just the black PSP and over in US it is just the black one. I think even if there no plans of a new PSP version that bringing out more colors could breath a new life into the PSP.

    Also as some people have said about blue Tooth being added in a future PSP or just as an add-on. I would like it alot.

    It could be a big help in remote play with the PS3. Plus another thing if there is a new PSP. I for one would like to see a built in Mic. That I think would be one of the biggest things to add and could help out alot.

  • I’m just going to skip to the point, id be highly disappointed if what your saying is a statement and is definitely pointing out that a PSP revision is certainly not coming. I don’t know how much more of a “hearing” you need from your fans to actually start taking them into consideration. But i know plenty of people who are just crazy for a redesign. Second, if i don’t see anything remotely mentioning anything about a PSP Revision, then theres alot of hope lost from me, and probably from many of its Die-Hard fans. So please don’t go on disappointing us.

    So far i haven’t discovered any reason to not to come up with a redesign for the PSP in its lifetime.

    P.S- i hate questioning sites from cooperate companies, but… i do wonder if you do take our comments into consideration… not that i don’t believe in you. But i would like a little bit more evidence that you do. Then you get my immediate serious attention.

  • You didn’t really bust any myths, I already knew the rumors and speculation, were rumors and speculation. If you wanted to “bust” it you could at least deny it or something.

    A psp refresh would give the PSP a much needed second chance in the market, if timed properly with some killer new games that would send people to the stores.

    You guys dropped the ball on the PSP from what I’ve seen. You had everything going in your favor at first. You had a great launch line up, Sales of yourr proprietary movie were flying off the shelves despite all expectations or even what seemed good sense (in that dvd’s were cheaper, and you got more stuff on them). You even had the rocky start of your opponent in your favor (who was well entrenched and had destroyed all competition to ever face it in the handheld arena.) You could be the handheld to own right now, instead yours is the one that gamers leave on there shelf collecting dust hoping that one day a game will come to resurect it.

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  • See, John?

    What did I tell you back on message 69?

    Stop pussyfooting around and put out a REAL denial of the rumors. Heck, your posting just started it up again for some of these knuckleheads.

  • Honestly as someone who bought the PSP day 1 ive always had a love hate relationship with it. One of the biggest drawbacks would be the control inadequacies. The d-pad is way too stiff for its own good, the lack of the L2 and R2 are a mystery, and it desperately needs a second analog stick (or at least something to control the in game camera with). That being said everything else about the PSP is a thing of beauty. I mean a faster umd drive would be nice, as well as a screen that doesnt ghost as much on certain games. The PSP is still phenominally better than the competition imo (they just have had the benefit of a redesign as well as strong japanese dev support). That in my opinion is the few problems holding back the PSP.

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