MythBusters: PSP Edition

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The rumor mill is flowing about new PSP hardware and a PSP phone, and I just wanted to take the time to clear the air. We haven’t announced anything about a new PSP, much less one that would have any phone capabilities. As SCEA’s resident PSP guru, I’m thrilled to hear that there’s so much interest in the platform, but sorry folks, these reports floating around fall into the rumors/speculation category.

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  • Ahahaha…. this is the sort of thing I warned against – don’t use this blog as a mouthpiece for the PR team. You will lose any and all credibility that way. Despite public opinion, gamers aren’t fools. They know the PR speak and English are two different languages. Let’s do a little translation work shall we?

    PR Speak “We haven’t announced anything”
    English Translation: ” We haven’t told you about it yet, but it exists”

    This isn’t the place for a press release style answer to rumors. If you don’t have a concrete confirmation or denial of a rumor, avoid posting about the topic until you can say something of substance.

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  • “We haven’t announced anything about a…”
    What are you trying to ‘Myth Bust’ with words like that?

    They just dropped the price on the PSP the sells go up. People start talking about a redesign, sales go down. Can you say manage the problem so you dont half your bonus at the end of the year? lol

  • What I honestly want to know is whether the official line towards the PSP is the same as it was towards the PS1 – IE no 2D games, because it makes it look the machine less powerful.

    I have been waiting for *two years* for official news about an NA release for the Suikoden 1/Suikoden 2 PSP edition.

    No news at all. Is this because Sony feels 2D games make the PSP look weak?

    Seeing as we’ve had both Valkyrie Profile and Metal Slug 2D releases in the not so recent past…..LET’S HURRY UP WITH SUIKODEN HUH?

    Especially with the ridiculous prices that Suiko 2 fetches on Ebay. You’d make *alot* of people – including me – very happy by releasing this in English.

  • Hey, i am loving my son’s psp. lol. anyway, can we look forward to a new Killzone: liberation 2.

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  • John Koller // Sr. Marketing Manager, PSP You need to pimp this site as much as possible!! PSP FTW!!!!

  • One thing that Sony does well is address problems in hardware. The PS3 is an excellent example… there’s really no flaws in the ps3 hardware. So I have high expectations for anything changes and additions to the psp.

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  • I don’t have a psp as of yet, but will wait ’till there’s a newer model to buy
    a new one.
    though I might pick up a used one to hold me over :P

  • All sony should do now is turn the PSP into a windows-like platform and allow free software development.

  • Please launch in US with alternate colored PSPs! Not in a year or two, now’s the time to put PSP in full swing.

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  • Tadot Yes, I know but whe as consumers can tell it here. If Sony says it I think a lote of people dont believe it, but whe as PS3 owners know that the PS3 NEVER GETS HOT. :-)

  • So long as it’s rumor or speculation, I would still like to see a redesigned PSP :)

  • If you decided to redesign the PSP, please look into making the analog nub stronger. I’ve had to have mine replaced (and getting ready to have it replaced a second time). A friend of mine has gone through three of them that I know of.

  • Actually, it’s not just the nub itself, but the analog mechanism inside, too.

  • Rather than a redesign, I would like to see Sony spent some effort on the PSP, period. Like games – where is Gran Turismo PSP? Why was The Show 07 for PSP, one of the few games Sony itself made for it, so buggy and slow?

    Why not let developers cache data on the memory stick to reduce loading times? Why not sell downloadable games? Why not let PSP owners without a PS3 buy the old PS1 games that run on the PSP? Why not let developers use the whole 333 MHZ cpu?

    There’s a ton of stuff that should be done to help the PSP (starting with more quality games), rather than a redesign which seems to be aimed at people who don’t own a PSP. Why not aim at pleasing at those that do, so maybe more software will sell (which is the PSP’s main problem).

  • I completely agree with qxz86 in that Sony, you haven’t done anything here to clear the air, but instead stir the pot once more…

    Most likely whatever you’re doing will be released sometime soon maybe at E3 but I really think you should clear the air fairly soon. Ive been waiting for a PSP for a while now but I’m holding off for the redesign, because as soon as I get the old one, a new version pops out!

    So don’t leave me hanging on rumours and just tell everyone the truth so we can all make decisions.



  • But if I had to choose what would go in it I would say: 8gb hard drive, a push-in slot loader for the UMDs, a built-in camera/phone (not that big clunky add-on), flip out keyboard, and of course slimmer and lighter.

  • The most interesting part of this blog entry is that you don’t flat out deny that a re-vamped system is in the works.

  • Why did sony develop the OLED.
    check it out in live action:

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  • I love my PSP

    wipeOut pure is the best game ever

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  • Please consider 2 things:

    1) A duplicate digital joystick on the right side which internally maps 1:1 to the DPad (perhaps software configuration possible to the face buttons). This adds 2 joysticks without breaking compatibility.

    2) Text based RSS support. You have the browser please make it happen.

  • Listen Sony just cut out psp slim and gives us PSP 2. And please please put in Bluetooth full support. It would make life easier using it .

    Imagine wireless headphones, or sending data such as saved files for my ps1 games to the PS3 wirelesley.

    Also if the psp was like cellphones and could receive wireless anytime that would definitley make it the ultimate wireless device. Leave the wi-fi in though.

    Dont spend money on psp slim invest in psp2. And bring it out Christmas. DS is nuisance. Thank you.


    Please someone post something about the lastet store update so that we have a place where we can go to express our frustration

    Thank you

  • My favorite psp color would still be black. Also the U.S. needs the camera. We r people 2.

  • just because its unannouce doesn’t mean, it doesnt exist.

  • Yes we know it is unofficial but the fact that a Sony Ericsson PSP Phone patenthas been submitted is a strong sign that this is more then a rumor. Sorry but here in the states we are used to getting lied to and left behind, just start telling it how it is.

  • Thanks for the blog.
    With the PSP sales here in Japan number three on the charts after the Ninendawg consoles, it isn’t time for a new PSP but more investment in creating new GAMES. Going to all of the shops and not finding anything compelling to buy is disappointing.
    And bringing over some of the US games officially to Japan like MLB Show 07, Madden NFL, and Killzone Liberation would be a boost. I’m sure it has to do with the licensing but the lack of good sports games (VIrtua Tennis and Winning Eleven aside) in Japan is sad. I’ve bought the above games in import shops (at $60 a pop) so I’m partially satisfied but for Japanese only gamers, the choices are few for sports fans. Many Japanese gamers would buy the games if a simple manual was included in an English only version based on discussions with users in game shops.
    And I bought the above games only because I was able to download the demos from the US site. I’ve read about them on the game sites and viewed the videos but the demos opened my wallet.
    The phone is a mediocre idea but utilizing the Go cam for WiFi video chats would be interesting with players around the world.
    Love the PSP and hope that you continue to bring out inspiring and fun games like LocoRoco!

  • What I’d like would be a PSP version of Skype. It’d be very easy to use the existing headset to make VOIP calls that way, and Sony already has an agreement with Skype for the Mylo, so it shouldn’t be very hard to extend that to the PSP.

    Make it a cheap disc or free downloadable app and it’d be very, very popular.

  • i agree with browren above – get skype for it (or some similar voip/sip phone).

    If you haven’t given up on UMD yet, then please do the following (do this and it will succeed): Package UMD discs with DVDs and sell them for a little more than the actual movie. I have a PSP and love it, but i wont buy the movies because they cost more than a DVD – which is crazy because i can take that DVD and use software to easily rip it to a Memory Stick DUO card as an mp4.

    If you drop UMD, replace it with a hard drive or microdrive (something greater than 20gbs). Then you can compete head to head with iPods and offer a lot more (wifi/games/screen/price…).

    I dont use the connect service (always hated atrac3’s crazy DRM.. i have a minidisc recorder too but just use it for recording then exporting a wav). But, IF you put the music connect service in my PSP as a service (like you did with RSS), i’de buy tracks. I would buy many if you made them mp3s (partner with emusic).

    good luck, i hope Blu-Ray and UMDs dont follow Mini-Discs and BetaMax into obscurity.

  • Just because you havent announced it does not mean it wont happen. So currently it is a rumor.

  • I hope this rumor won’t be true, it will be at a disappoint for those who bought their PSP recently, like me. Even if it’s for real, hope Sony can have a 1 to 1 exchange.

    Of course prior to that, they can programme some copyright security in the PSP Slim. This way, piracy can be prevented too.

    Actually, it would be good if the new PSP software operate like a PDA. We can use for work purposes too.


  • I was hoping for a new annoucement oh well the PSP is bad arse!!

  • i still would like info on weather u guys are thinking of makin a new version of the psp

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  • I would buy a psphone in and instint. ive been holding off on buying an apple iphone because ive heard about this new psp phone. If you guys do make it. please make sure its got psp quality graphics you have a huge hardrive. ah anyways ill know you guys will deliver. still waiting though….

  • I had wanted a PSP during its initial buzz in development. But I was disheartened to see that it didn’t come out the way I envisioned. How did I envision it? Screen slightly larger and a built in slot loading drive for PS1 and PS2 games.

  • well i had my psp for about half a year now but i dont know about my psp users in america but i am tired of the ordinary black psp i would like the US to have a more variety of colors like white, blue, gray, or even pink just to be different.

  • I pretty much treat all rumors as false til proven otherwise so the real shocker would have been if it were confirmed.

  • You guy’s keep it going with opinions and sources of media news, because Sony filters this for market research and development. Your Expressed views matter. I am a US resident with the camera from Japan and it is absolutely Great! Unfortunately Japanese and British Markets get the upper hand with Technology. And Yes BT did announce just recently (May 23rd of 2007) that BT and Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) have signed a groundbreaking deal to transform the PSP (PlayStation®Portable) gaming device by adding wireless broadband communications functions, including high quality handheld video calls, voice calls and messaging. This is exciting! Keep pushing! Who know’s what’ll Happen!

  • i am still wondering about the PSP Camera. i would like to know when it will be available for the US

  • Ok, get stuff together. This is what we need:

    PSP camera
    Different colors
    Video phone (via hotspots)
    A PS1 ripper on PS3 firmware, so we can rip our own games legitimately for our own PSPs. I think that was one of the promises way back when.

  • if someday psp is redesigned i just wanna second analogue stick

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