MythBusters: PSP Edition

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The rumor mill is flowing about new PSP hardware and a PSP phone, and I just wanted to take the time to clear the air. We haven’t announced anything about a new PSP, much less one that would have any phone capabilities. As SCEA’s resident PSP guru, I’m thrilled to hear that there’s so much interest in the platform, but sorry folks, these reports floating around fall into the rumors/speculation category.

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  • That’s great to hear but why haven’t you released any new colors in the US? I’ve owned a PSP since launch and my wife would love one in Pink and I wouldn’t mind owning a white one.

  • Well there it is rumor busted again straight from the horses mouth.

    Kotaku what else are you going to post to create some web hits. Although, I do read your blog all the time. :)

  • Also I’m glad that you stated your the PSP guru so I know to hold you personally responsible for the lack of new PSP colors unlike the UK and Japanese market and for the lack of PS1 games on the PSN!!!!

    Cmon John help the faithful PSP owners out!

  • I’m still going to hold out until a redesign occurs, as silly as that sounds. From the little amount I’ve heard about the current PSP, battery life and analog stick improvements are most important. Thinnes is a bonus as well. :)

  • I figured as much. But thats OK, I’m still looking to invest in a PSP currently, and still hope that you guys have some neat stuff to show off at E3 this year. I’ll be watching!

  • So that means that no redesign yet, but eventually there will right? I think a redesign would be a great idea.

  • Wow. I’ve been trying to tell people this. I always remember hearing about Sony clearing the air, and whenever I look for it when another “OMG SPEKULACION” thread pops up on the boards, I can never seem to find it. But now I have a concrete source :) Thanks.

  • think you need to start getting to work on this PSP slim ive been hearing…if the fans ideas are better than your own…whats that tell you.

  • Obviously they are trying to wait until E3, they cannot say anything yet.


  • FrankTheCrank in da hiz-ouse!!!

    What up to my boys from the PS forums, Joystiq, Kotaku and Engadget…also PS3fanboy.

    Looking forward to posting on this blog!!!

  • I hope your just kidding, resident PSP guru.

  • well.. we KNOW it hasnt been officially announced. that doesnt mean its not true.

    the rumour is that it will be unvieled at this years E3.

    so unless your saying it wont be unvieled at this years e3, than your really not mythbusting anything.

    nevertheless.. cool to see you guys at sony are scouring the net for rumours just like the rest of us. :p

  • Yeah its just rumor and we should get the picture. But its only cause we never had a chance to voice our thoughts on what we want now we do.

    So instead of spreading rumors just say our wishes here.

    I would like to have my PSP do video chat heck I would like to text message on it as well.

    Perhaps even video chat to the PS3 would be cool too.

    If and when a instant messanger becomes available on the PS3 to chat with my friends on the PSN while they are in a game. I only hope that option is spread onto the PSP too

  • I wanna know when we are going to be able to get the psp camera??? Please

  • This isn’t really… mythbusting, perse.

    You’ve just stirred the pot again by saying, “We’ve not announced anything,” when some of your representatives actually have. See:
    And other places where “reputable” blogs have cited sources they say lie within your ranks, although he clearly disclaimers by saying SCE officially declined to comment on it.
    I’m hard-pressed to believe that as high-profile a blog as that would just straight-out lie about such a thing.

    So, why don’t you actually bust a myth here? Tell us what’s going on for once.

  • I think a PSP phone idea would be awsome…but with the iPhone coming out it might not do so good if it did come out.

  • Yeah the PSP camera sounds really cool ever since we got the firmware update.

    also the mic in it could serve as the video phone idea we wish would happen.

    I was thinking an adon to the PS3 controller with the same connector that the PSP camera has would give a mic to the controller or maybe a cam as well.

  • thats no more reputable than your post anyhow I think sony has bigger plans for the next PSP to make it lighter and more compact but also make it more affordable.

  • The internet is a mudhole off rumours and lies and rubbish. .Great that you sort this out.

    By the way i love my PSP and the connection with the PS3.
    Its great for instance that i can get the XBM from the PS3 on my PSP and watch al the movies and listen to all the music and see all the pictures i have stored in my PS3, its a great future!

    And i defently will download PS1 games for my PSP wen this feature is avalable here in the Netherlands

  • In game XMB and Flash Player 9 support.

    after all there is in the news about flash supporting 1080p.

  • LOL I was thinking about suggesting you guys do a myth busters type of post, except this isn’t exactly what I had in mind.

    How about talking about some of the PS3’s protection from overheating that is built in so more people will fold? People always say that they are afraid that their PS3 will burn up like a 360 if they leave it on. How about doing some research on how much electricity costs if you run your PS3 for a month?

  • Not a solid denial on the speculation :D

    PSP redesign, I want it so bad…Its gonna be awesome if the said rumors/speculation is indeed true!

  • @ qxz86

    It seems that what John Koller is saying is exactly that. They have not announced anything. I am sure there are always re-design plans going on for consoles. Who know what plans designers have drawn up for the PS3 already. John is just debunking Kotaku source.

    For the record I don’t want a PSP2. I bought the PSP when it first came out. If a PSP2 came out I know I will have to buy it. I can’t afford it.

  • I hope that at E3 or sooner we get new colors for both the US and the UK since Japan has been getting all the love.

    Also of note I’m still irked at no PSP camera in the US since the UK just got it and Japan has had it for long enough that I’ve been considering importing one for awhile now.

    Ah well, hopefully we get more info soon and I hope this blog is truthful in that a PSP redesign wont appear this year.

  • I notice you really didn’t deny it, just said its speculation. ;)

    I just hope if there is a new PSP it comes out cheaper then the current one did. These devices are getting to pricey for most people to afford.

  • Tanod, the PS3 never overheats i had my PS3 on a hole night about 12 hours for FoldingHome, the PS3 was not even warm wen I checkt it next morning, and wen I play RFOM for over 6 hours the same result.

    And the electricity cost is another myth, the PS3 takes about the same amount off electricity as the 360.

  • I love this blog.

  • I am actually eager to see a PSP redesign not a PSP2 because that IMO would be a bad business move. The PSP is in good standing right now, and has a great userbase. You would not want to pull a Microsoft and release a new portable too early. Dev’s are just starting to get their heads aroud what they can do with it.

    A redesign like I said would be great though. Thinner, more light weight, longer battery life, built in flash memory.

    I might buy one to go with my PS3 then. ^^

  • Exactly my thoughts when I read it, Stoffinator. :-)

    They never expressly denied anything. They simply didn’t confirm anything.

    Now the question is… was such a post written to try and calm down talks of a new PSP ahead of E3? Or was it intentionally thrown out there to stir things up and get the buzz going to build up steam before E3? I’m thinking the latter. ;-)

    I’ll tell you one thing, though. I’ll be watching the Playstation news coverage over Xbox 360 and the Wii! They’re basically telling us in advance that we need to be keeping our eyes open.

  • I want a white one. Gimme a white one.

  • That’s great.

  • Yo Guru,

    All I want for X-Mas is a second analog stick.


  • Thanks for clearing that up John.

    Please pass on the word to everyone behind the PSP that an update would be super cool. There certainly seems to be a lot of interest.

    For a suggestion, how about adding Sony Reader functions to the PSP? That would certainly attract a new kind of customer.

  • I must agree with some of the others that this was confirming and denying nothing.

    It appears to be fluff…

  • make this happen

    release a new psp version with a clam shell design, make the buttons touch sensitive, and the umd player faster

    make it compatible with the psn, where you could dl new games as well, music…movies.. i would love to buy movies for the psp on the psn….

    the possibilities are there, dont wait until its too late

  • Here’s a solid idea, thank you Playstation for giving us a blog like this to hear straight from the people who know.

    My thoughts are given the overall current success of the handheld market, I believe (current rumours aside) that Sony will be pursuing this market further with either a redesign of the PSP or a second model. Which has changed over the past year.

    Given the low sales earlier in the game (especially compared to the leading competitor) and the homebrew and hacker problems PSP faced, I thought it was dead in the water. But with increased sales and hopefully some lessons learned when it comes to price-point.

    As well as the importance of having a solid library of titles that can (and should) include some direct, if not improved ports from other systems (star ocean on psp = hurray! and I am still waiting on FF VII and VIII before I surgically implant the thing to my arm)

    I do appreciate direct comments on the rumour mill though, it is good to have clear reminders of what a rumour is.

    My first comment, one of many I am sure… Wow, I want to thank Sony again, I think this is a great idea and am looking forward to reading many more staff comments and hearing about what’s happening from the source direct.

  • so you deny the phone .. cool (WINK)

  • If there is a Psp phone, Let it be more focus on the hardware FOR Games. Sony already creates phones. Still see no need for it to be multimedia in that way. But as far as psp to psp sounds fine.

    But that PSP Redesign would be nice ;)

  • Sony, thanks a bunch! I thought this site was going to be some crap with only official annoucements, but SWEET! I, and the Playstation community appreciate what you are doing for us and hope you will listen and consider our feedback.

  • Well when you guys do offical announce it ill be here to comment..even though i got a psp already..and i really love it..

  • well, here we go again, rumors en conterrumors, the phone on psp was initiated for Sony itself at the launching of psp, is only cuestion of memory, and is not imposible at all, the games is the realy matters for psp, but interaccion whith ps3 is too, sony don´t have to menospreciate that.

    in the harware point, a second analog stick is so wished, especialy for the games are for incoming

  • its so soon to redesign psp, but more color a collectors edition like games that offer more than value pack works well i think a place for buying musics games and videos exclusively for psp is awesome, something like itunes

  • I currently own a PSP, but I would definitely pick another one up if it was thinner and had some built in flash at least 4GB but 8GB would be ideal.

    Actually while I’m at it, here’s a couple of suggestions that are not very common: how about putting all the PSPs inputs (remote, headset, and charger) onto one unified connector, makes it easier to manage the cables when Im using it to play music in my car. And finally toss in USB charging.

  • when is north america getting the camera and gps for the psp?

  • First and foremost I love my PSP. If you were to make a redesign. There are a few gripes. Battery Life is too short. The selection of PS1 games that you can play on your PSP are really horrible. I hope in the future true Ps1 classics are included.

  • I agree with #1, except for the pink part. Mr. Koller, I have been waiting for different color way for a long time. I would’ve bought a white, red, and gold PSP. You have nothing to lose, just release the color PSPs in the US.

  • Godfather_of_gaming

    I am glad that u guys are not abandoning the PSP and goes for PSP 2, thanks man.

  • I would expect an announcement soon though ;).

  • New PSP Slim/Phone Rumor Debunked By Sony « Next-Gen Gamer

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  • As soon as a redesigned PSP is available, I’ll be buying one. I don’t have the original PSP because I’m holding out for the new one.. hopefully with a slimmer design and longer battery life and more onboard storage space for media. Please make it available to buy soon! I can’t wait to get one and connect it to my PS3 and serve up some media remotely!

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