PlayStation Store’s January Sale promotion starts today

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PlayStation Store’s January Sale promotion starts today

Save up to 70% on the likes of Death Stranding, FIFA 20, Marvel’s Spider-Man, Tekken 7 and more

PlayStation Store has an early Christmas present for you in the form of the January Sale promotion, which starts today! Save up to 70% off a huge selection of PS4 games, including Death Stranding, FIFA 20, Marvel’s Spider-Man, Grand Theft Auto V and Tekken 7.
Below is the range of titles that are on offer. Click through to find out your regional pricing.
The promotion runs until 17th January, though some games will leave the sale earlier*, so be sure not to miss out! And additionally even more games will join the sale in January, so look out for a future PS Blog announcement then.

*Find details of when a game is leaving the January Promotion sale on its PlayStation Store page

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  • Still wishing for some PS3 and Vita sales

    • Actually, the discounts for PS3 and Vita HAVE RETURNED but this pesky Access Denied error made it impossible to comment under the blog post.

      Unfortunately, Sony seems to fear earning money out of those platforms – those discounts won’t show up neither on the January Sale nor the Price Drops page while the latter should show ALL discounts.

      You have to MANUALLY look up any games on older platforms you’re interested in and/or be lucky to have them on your wishlist. Examples? God of War Collections on PS3, Suikoden 1-4 for PSP/Vita/PS3, Rockstar PS2 classics on PS3, Hatsune Miku:Project DIVA F (and many SEGA games by the way) on PS3 (the sequel isn’t discounted), Everybody’s Golf: World Tour Complete Edition on PS3, all Square Enix titles I think for any platform, Killzone HD, Bomberman Ultra…

      Of course, still many games that aren’t cross-buy featured with PS4 aren’t discounted on PS3 and/or Vita but it’s something. We can finally hope again for nice sales for legacy platforms.

  • Now please also show the list in the Store. The discounts are there already but it’s still only showing the XMas Discounts. This makes it impossible to browse the new deals.

    EDIT: it’s there now, thanks :)

  • Is it just me, or the Code Vein Deluxe Ed. didn’t get a discount, despite being in that list?

    • It shows as 50% discounted here in Belgium. €34.99 instead of €69.99.

    • Yeah I can see that discount you’re talking about. But it’s the discount for the standard editon. For some reason, both links lead me to the same “Code Vein standard” page on the PSN Store. Deluxe is still at 89.99€.

      Anyway, thanks for the reply mate.

  • So, someone who wants to search for psVR titles, has to search through 1050 titles! No VR filter! Unbelievably clever SONY, thank u for your love and support to VR!

    Moreover, 1-2 years ago, AIM CONTROLLER was available across Europe bundled with a game at around 50 euros. Nowadays it is almost impossible to find it, and the price is almost 70-100 euros with no game included! THANKS SONY!

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