New Gran Turismo Sport content arrives 27/11, including new cars & game features

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New Gran Turismo Sport content arrives 27/11, including new cars & game features

Everything you need to know about patch 1.06, coming soon to Polyphony Digital's PS4 racing sim

It has been a few weeks since we launched GT Sport, and it’s been really exciting to see so many people take to the track. In fact, we’ve already seen over 26 million hours of gameplay around the world, so now we want to share with you our plan for what’s next with the game, including new cars and game features update through Patch 1.06 in November, and the introduction of the “GT League” in December.

Patch 1.06 (coming 27th November 2017)

From November 27th we’ll begin rolling out new cars, and kicking off with these three free new cars:

ISO Rivolta Zagato VGT
Audi R18
Shelby Cobra 427

In addition to the new cars, when the patch drops on the 27th November you can also look forward to the Livery Editor, Scapes and Campaign modes becoming available to play offline (you will still require internet access to save your progress). There will also be various tweaks and adjustments to balance the gameplay.

GT League (coming December 2017)

Launching as part of our free December update, we’ll be introducing a brand new single player mode called the “GT League”. Based on the old “GT mode” of previous titles, players can now look forward to racing through a series of cup competitions from beginner to pro levels, and and even partake in endurance races!

Check out the screenshots below to get a sneak peek of what you can expect in December, and we’ll be adding more races to these leagues in 2018.

GT Sport Update GT Sport UpdateGT Sport Update


GT Sport UpdateGT Sport Update


New cars (coming December 2017)


In addition, the following 12 cars will be added to the game in the free update of December 2017:

  • Mazda RX-7 Spirit R Type A (FD)
  • Nissan Skyline GT-R V・spec II (R32)
  • Nissan Skyline GT-R V・spec II Nür (R34)
  • Ford F-150 SVT Raptor
  • Lamborghini Countach LP400
  • Ferrari F40
  • Ferrari Enzo Ferrari
  • Suzuki Swift Sport
  • Volkswagen Sambabus Typ 2 (T1)
  • Chris Holstrom Concepts 1967 Chevy Nova
  • Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Convertible (C3)

From now to March 2018, a total of approximately 50 cars are already planned for addition to the game. And the updates will continue beyond March! You can of course look forward to the addition of new tracks as well, so stay tuned!

Be sure to stay tuned to official GT and PlayStation channels as there’s plenty more updates to come from the team. Till then, happy racing!

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  • This all sounds really brilliant. Thank you for the continued support and the Clubman cup returns!

  • Great news

    But we want a newest cars not cars from previous GT

    Cars like Mercedes AMG GTR and koenigsegg and Bentley on GT3 …………

  • cut the crap and give us something better than the half baked 1 vs 1 mode for VR.

    at least time trials

  • More details of single player would be good! Is this a full campaign or just a handful of races? The lack of single player is what’s stopping me getting this atm!

    • Same here. I’m interested of course since this is a Gran Turismo after all, but I’m not getting anywhere near this until there’s some acceptable single player content.

    • Agreed. I ranted about the lack of a single player mode and now its here. But its all in the details for now.

    • Same here. We are still in the dark like we were 2 years ago.

    • Fair enough, the post doesn’t give explicit details but there are a few indicators in the images if you take the time to look.

      We can see that there are Beginner, Amateur, Professional and Endurance leagues and that the Beginner League has at least 9 events. Each event looks like it says 4 races in the top right corner and the Boxer, Sunday and Clubman Cup images do show 4 races along the bottom. Finally, we can see a progress banner showing 89 total wins although this may includes duplicates.

      Though it’s not a comprehensive view, it looks like there will be a decent number of events to me.

  • Photos give ”Private photo” error.

  • Agree with #3 but less angrily! This sounds like an awesome update (especially as someone that doesnt play multiplayer very often and cannot commit to a start time for events etc) but as one of the thousands that has just bought a VR headset with the latest deal, the next thing I’d like to see is at least time trial/ghost chase in VR mode as I was disappointed in how limited this mode was at launch.

    • To bring some depth to the VR content would go a long way for the VR players.

      VR expanded to include time trial, with lap time leader boards. Difficulty settings and number of laps for 1v1 ai and maybe just maybe a 1v1 online mode?

  • CALLED IT but it still took you long enough to announce a better single player campaign with no acknowledgment of this huge oversight and mistake. I also called that the damage is already done and that still very clearly stands.

    “we’ve already seen over 26 million hours of gameplay around the world” Oh dear, you are using MICROSOFT nonsensical tactics of how to talk about sales, it must be bad.

    And yes, just like we were asking at Paris Game Week 2015 2 years ago, please give us more details on the single player. I’m still not touching it with this sparse info.

    • Why would you want to race against AI instead of actual people though?

    • Really? Because you can actually improve vs AI, online it’s all about the car, you get sucked into the whole “having to have the best” just to make the game playable. And then you get beaten by overpowered dlc cars and it becomes pay to win. Some of us just want to earn, win, collect cars and tune them so that they’re fun to drive and not have to explain what we find fun to an online community.

    • Or because we want to play when we want, not just when the servers are available. No progression I single player while offline, [DELETED] is that.

    • Yes, really.

      You can improve your skills against other players, even more so than racing against dumb AI with their obvious mistakes and loopholes you can exploit race after race. I really don’t get why racing against AI would be more interesting than racing proper, unpredictable human players.

      I have no idea how GT Sport could ever be pay to win, as all dlc is free. You’re an odd one, aren’t you?

    • Because not everyone is into multiplayer. Be it due to social anxiety or just not wanting to play against other people because losing to actual people is psychologically a whole different thing than losing to an AI.

    • Been a player since 1983 and still going. Hate adversial online-multiplayer, love single and co-op in split screen or online with friends… Never bought a game (and never will) with no proper single player action. Don’t want to be beaten all the time by egoistic b*stards who take pleasure over wasting noobies as constant losing makes you a dull boy… If I suck, I don’t want someone to be constantly reminding me of it. Gaming should be fun, not a measure of your d…

      Therefore Bots over real players? 99,9999999999% of time!

    • @aberot

      Fair enough. There’s not a lot of voice chat going on in GT Sport, so people taking pleasure in beating noobs and constantly reminding them they suck seems a bit exaggerated. Also the matchmaking is pretty good, so you won’t be racing players that are way out of your league.

      Personally I don’t mind finishing 10th five races in a row. It made the two (yes two out of 60 races I’ve done) wins all the more satisfying. Racing AI and finishing in the top 3 every time just seems.. pointless.


      To me losing to AI is so much more frustrating than losing to another player who’s just clearly a better driver. I’m quite familiar with social anxiety myself, but I don’t see how that would be a factor when no one’s using voice chat anyways. But ofc that might be different for you or other players.

    • @Jaspelino22 Because the name has “GRAN TURISMO” in the title. I want to be able to play a GRAN TURISMO game the way I always play them. Why would I want to play online in a game series that had perfect 10/10 games in the past without ANY such feature before? Its the same answer I have for people with something like Tekken, when they complain about the online or that I should be playing that. Why would I be expected to when I never did before with its past, critically acclaimed and never surpassed, games?

      I played the Beta, it got boring really fast in the 3 races I did and I finished in the exact same position that I qualified, every single time. Waiting around for the races to start was a bore too.

    • Ah, you don’t like it when things change. Well, better get used to it. Things will always change my friend!

    • Better question is “How do you play online when there’s no one left playing”?

      All the online focused games are basically a waste of harddrive space once their player base or company gives up on them or you can’t find a decent match. Which sometimes happens in 3 months or less.

    • very simple really, most act like kids and lots are kids

  • Will there be tuning and upgrade available too like the past games? Single player will still lack progression it seems

    • “… Campaign modes becoming available to play offline (you will still require internet access to save your progress).”

      And this is still a NO from me. You can play offline, but you can’t save??? What the … ???

  • Thats it here come my purchase especially with Black friday plus discount!

    Nice new features polyphony and you have obviously listened to criticism and took this to make this product better but please give us some more Vr features as well.

  • That has made the black Friday price I paid yesterday on PSN even sweeter. Its good that PD listened to criticism, however its now a trend it seems to wait a few months for AAA games to get huge updates and patches to essentially finish them. However, kudos to PD for offering so much new content to the game for free.

    And for those asking for more VR content, I hope those racers also get their wishes. I had wished for a offline GT mode, and here its now coming. !!

  • Oh wow, Shelby Cobra. I normally don’t play racing games, but I might actually get GT one of those days just to drive around in it XD

  • As to be expected, the only mention of “VR” is in the word Chevrolet… This level of neglect feeds theories, like did they make it this worse to create a self-fulfilling prophecy? In a few months Polyphony can say: “See? Hardly anyone used it anyway!” :/

  • Great news and a very nice update, looking forward to seeing more for GT Sport? Will all updates be free or are there plans for paid DLC too?

  • Now you just need to remove the always online requirement and it will spot on.

  • these are awesome news, and with the game having 50% off thanks to Black Friday, i’m heading for the cashier. gg!

  • Thanks for giving us more deckchairs for the Titanic. I’m not really sure what you guys have been working on for the past few years. A half-finished game with some ridiculous features (always needing to connect to save??) Please sort out the inept and arbitrary penalty system. I get rammed off the track then I also get a 10s penalty? Sort it or scrap it.

    As I have told friends recently, this is a fun online racing game, but it’s not Gran Turismo.

    I won’t finish on a negative, though. It’s a fairly attractive game with some great engine sounds and fx. The all new tracks are almost all fun and a challenge in different ways. I’m looking forward to added content to keep me playing, though more likely offline.

  • Super news, after all the negative comments coming from some gamers I was holding out and hoping there must be more to come, and it’s sounding very good indeed. Offline playability is important and the return of endurance racing will be welcomed by many. Would still like to see multiplayer in vr but for now my appetite has been whetted.

  • I start feeling fed up with the constant change of flatscreen and VR. After VR it is just pretty difficult to go back. I enjoy online races despite the sometimes incorrect rating system, but driving in VR is so much more enjoyable.

  • I was thinking of paying £6.99 and getting this at £25 but have a feeling the offline gameplay won’t match up.

    • I ended up buying it. The deal is good. Long term support looks good. If they let us down I have other racing games with good single player content.

    • Can’t trust game makers for long term support. Day 1 offline features is all that matters, that way if they break the game or remove a feature that was important to you for no reason, you can always reinstall the game without the patches. If you wanna gamble on future support, know that it’s long odds and promotes incomplete releases like this.

    • It’s definitely a gamble but I’ll take Polyphony Digital’s reputation for continued support over EA and Need for Speed. I decided the game had value at half the price, particularly with the planned update. It might be ‘incomplete’ but it’s also half the price. [Edit: missed a space between words]

  • GT Mode……YES!! You listened. Now this is worth a buy. Hope it’s on sale for Blk Friday if not, meh I’ll buy anyway. Single player is what I have been waiting for.

  • This line “you will still require internet access to save your progress” means the game is a no buy for me. When they add the ability to save your game progress without the need to be connected to the internet then I will buy the game.

  • It’s realy great news. I hope they understand that most of the updates should remain free of charge. And the main thing is that all new tracks should be free.

  • Great new I was hugely underwhelmed when I first played GTsport, I used to like finding the right car for a certain race and tuning it up! The online gameplay doesn’t interest me so fingers crossed GTmode is back. Just hope it doesn’t go down the microtransaction route with future content

  • Why have you never put the cosworth range of cars on GT, would love to have a Sierra & escort cosworth in my garage and mk1/2 escorts, Rs turbos and stuff. More street cars please as these are the type of cars most could afford owning. There are many others from vauxhall etc I’d like to have. Please make it happen!!

    • I wonder if it’s due to all of the boy racers that have nothing better to do than enter car parks and do wheelspins all night.

  • please bring back the red bull formula 1

  • This is a promising update Sony/PD. I feel the all negative comments and poor reception GT sport has received due to the lack of single player content since its launch has forced a rethink. An esports only GT was only going to appeal to the very niche of markets. A very welcoming rethink and a reminder to never forget your core audience.

    I will sure consider picking this up but the track list is still very lite, we need more classic GT and real racing circuits that have graced previous entries. I will keep an eye on how it develops before getting a copy but it’s a good start in winning trust back from someone who has been with you since the very start in GT1.

    • I think they caved in to pressure to deliver something and decided to fix it after release, people were starting to ask questions like why can everyone else deliver a driving game/sim each year and yet PD couldn’t deliver a game in four. They slapped GT: Sport together quickly, delayed it twice and this is the end product.

    • I feel they lost sight of what made them extremely successful in the past. It’s probably not a stretch to say Sony pushed for this update due to the poor reception and less than stellar numbers.

      I just hate this trend where everything must have or changes it’s focus to online multiplayer only. I have no problem gamers liking online but it’s not for everyone which is evident in the ratio of how many PSN accounts there are to PS+ Subscribers.

      Anyway, I’m just glad that I can now look forward to enjoying a GT game on PS4, it felt ever so odd without it.

  • as this game is being sold in a PSVR Bundle, maybe have a bit more of a fleshed out VR Mode, like the time trials and so on,

  • Salve! Io ho scaricato l’edizione con i DLC di gran turismo sport. Però vorrei dare via alcune delle 12 auto che mi sono state regalate grazie all’edizione di Gt sport che ho comprato, ma non si può. Per il resto il gioco è stupendo!

  • Despite moaning at the lack of single player content I bought this a few weeks ago as I found a good price for the GT controller bundle. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at how absorbing the game is, despite not being one for online gaming. I find myself playing in online races regularly now. The graphics are the best I’ve seen on hdr 4k, and the cars handle much better than those on Forza 7. This latest announcement is a real bonus, and at 50% off currently you’d be mad not to snap this up, you won’t be disappointed.

  • Dear Kazunori Yamauchi, Polyphony Digital, and fellow Racers. I have a few requests. Racers, if you agree with them, please comment & Share with others to get PD’s attention. Kaz & PD, if you see this, please strongly consder the usefulness of these ideas and the value & increased fun factor that could come if they are implemented into the game.

    Big Requests:

    Please include a feature for Private Livery Sharing from one person to another (friend or not), so people can trade & share liveries exclusively (for Decals & Replays too please).

    Please Add a Tournament Mode and a Co-Op/Team Mode to Online Lobbies.


    Lobby Host chooses how many Teams, How many players per Team, how many Rounds, selects Tracks for each Round, vehicle class for each Round, Laps for each Round, , Manufacturer Off/On, Team color Off/On, and the basic lobby settings.

    Teams select a Team Name, choose Team Color, or use personal vehicles (with their own Team Livery: optional), and can choose a manufacturer.

    Scoring is done via a Points System. Every player player scores points according to their position, with 1st offering the most points and 16th the least.

    So in a 8 team race w/ 2-Players on each team, a team that has one player in 1st and one player in 16th would lose to a team with a player in 2nd place & 3rd place because that team has a higher average score. 

    Please, also add Multi-Class Racing to online lobbies (for Team and Solo races).

    Please add an online warehouse, construction yard, dock area for players to cruise, drift, jump, create their own course layouts, race, and create Replays on. It will also be good for Go Karts.

    Please include a Director Mode (like the one found in GTA) so we can create our own cinematic showcases of the action that an automatic replay camera will often miss.

    Small Requests:

    Please include a feature for Private Sharing from one person to another (friend or not), so players can share Liveries (& team liveries), Decals, & Replays exclusively.

    Please also add Replay Options to remove player names from Replays & auto-switch to the player in 1st place.

  • Give us better VR at least 1 v, 1 online would of been a good start

  • No old school muscle cars. About to sell the game im upset that the dodge charge hellcat is on there but not any challengers

  • I think the VR with Gran Turismo Sport is brilliant but its really limited, shame.

    Has anyone seen the 180 VR video’s starting to appear? Really clear compared to 360 vr. My thoughts are, admitting im no techie, With a racing game the only view you need is to your sides and in front of you cause you have mirrors. So using 180vr for a racing game, Could that help developers in making the view better?

  • I’m going to start the campaign to bring back Grand Valley and Trail mountain, right here. Who’s with me?

  • This is great news. At first (before GTSport came out) I didn’t think the online-only side of the game would work, but it does. I love the sportsmanship rating system. I know it not perfect, but it’s a damn site better than any other online racer I’ve ever played. I did miss the old single player part though (Forza 7 filled that part and is great “apart from the lootboxes”). I’ll tell you what would be really cool though. If they let you play the GT League with the sportsmanship rating too (optional though). I would love that.

  • Remove the always online requirement, add full VR support, our no buy at all.

  • I’m downloading Gran Turismo Sport now, my first racing game. I like the idea of racing against 19 other players. I just hope it won’t be too hard to find a match.

  • Nice screenshot simulator.

  • Just picked the game up for £20 so i’m ready

  • Been after a driving game to complete my hard drive but passed on this because of the single player but again I’m tempted.

    How’s the standard of racing online? I like clean racing not dodgem car style.

  • I just bought GT Sport and there’s already an update – sweet. Lambo Countach? YES!

  • I got it last week and have been simply enjoying the feel of the cars in arcade. I’ll give the online a try later but the only race game that ever managed to interest me online was Motorstorm Apocalypse. Good thing to see GT mode being added and more cars. Because the lack of cars is my biggest gripe so far (even worse considering comparing cars and how they feel is my biggest joy in the series). It’s literally like a demo in that aspect. Maybe you earn more cars that aren’t available for actual purchase and I’m missing something? But as for purchaseable cars… Ferrari for example, only has 4 cars, of which one is the 458 and 2 are variations of it, so basically 2 Ferrari’s… This is the same for all brands and manufacturers… So I mostly expect to see A LOT more cars being added, freely. More tracks, too.

  • Those 3 new cars aren’t free! Anyone know why?

  • pseisuis aç tuot sèrt

  • Should be allowed to save offline!!!

    Am glad that there will now be a campaign so have changed my review on Amazon from a 1 to a 3. But in order to get any higher there should be offline save.

    Can’t believe how bad you have mucked the series up Sony, I would of been happy with something like Driveclubs social features.

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