Secret of Mana 3D remake launches February 2018 for PS4 & PS Vita

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Secret of Mana 3D remake launches February 2018 for PS4 & PS Vita

Square Enix’s classic RPG returns with new visuals, new music and local multiplayer

One of the greatest RPGs of all time, Secret of Mana, is coming back to life in 3D! Secret of Mana will come to PS4 and PS Vita digitally worldwide on 15th February 2018.

Secret of Mana holds a special place in many hearts here in the office, so we could not be more excited for new fans to experience the time-honoured classic for the first time, and for existing fans to dive back into the fun fantasy adventure that they know and love.


“I’ve heard of Secret of Mana, but I never played it and I’m just used to more modern graphics.”

The above is basically the gist of conversations I have had with most of my gamer friends, and could possibly describe how many of you feel about the game. We’re here to fix that! Here’s what you should know about the remake:

The game will faithfully adapt the beloved story and top-down gameplay while adopting modern 3D graphics and controls. Meaning that the game has been fully rebuilt from the ground up, but still remains true to the whimsical gameplay of the original. In this new remake, you can expect the great game all your friends have been saying you missed out on, reborn.

After playing the original, watching this trailer hits me right in the nostalgic feels… EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. So, if you’re like me and played the classic version, but wonder what new things you can look forward to outside of the completely revamped 3D graphics and updated gameplay:

  1. Voiced characters: That’s right, you heard Randi in the trailer and you’ll finally get to hear Randi, Primm, Popoi and many other characters talk and express themselves throughout their adventure!
    To add to that, the game will have language options which will allow players to experience the game using Japanese voices and/or subtitles.
  2. A newly arranged soundtrack: We’re excited for you to hear a beautiful, newly arranged soundtrack that pays tribute to the original.
  3. Local multiplayer: Yes! Sit down with two of your friends (up to three players) to experience the adventure together.

To give you the lowdown on the story: Secret of Mana revolves around a courageous young man named Randi. I think Randi will successfully make headbands cool again (some may argue they were always cool, and I would agree.) Anyway… Randi inadvertently discovers the Mana Sword, a weapon of great power, and finds out that he can harness the great power of Mana. He then embarks on a quest to defeat the evil forces attempting to control Mana, and is joined by a tenacious and caring noblewoman named Primm, and a mischievous yet kind sprite named Popoi. Together, the trio take on a treacherous empire in attempts to bring balance to the world.

“If I love the series and want something a little extra to make my experience that much better, what is there?”

You are in LUCK sir and/or madam. If you pre-order the game on PlayStation Store then at launch you’ll receive:

  • Individual PSN avatars for Randi, Primm, and Popoi
  • DLC costumes
    • “Moogle Suit” for Randi, Primm, Popoi
    • “Tiger Two-Piece” for Primm
    • “Tiger Suit” for Randi and Popoi


Look how adorable those costumes are! I wonder why the Tiger Suit makes Popoi look so grumpy…

Pre-orders will go live at 12.00pm BST/1.00pm CEST today! For those who want to pre-order on PlayStation Store, you can click here from this afternoon.

As a fan, Secret of Mana is a personal favourite of mine, and I’m honoured to be bringing the title to the west. I sincerely hope that all current and potential fans are as excited as I am and will love the game. As we lead up to release, be sure to keep up to date with all of the new Secret of Mana content through our official Square Enix channels!


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  • You’d think 25 years later a remake would actually look better than the original.

    • Yes it looks great in my opinion

    • it looks just as bad as the remake of the first game.

    • I think as 3D remakes go it looks fine. I loved Secret of Mana and I love pixel art but the original SNES game never looked all that good to me if I’m honest. The sequel which didn’t come out in the west but was fan-translated had much nicer graphics and use of colour.

  • One of my favourite JRPGs. I spend so much time in this games maxmizing every skill!

    Of course it will be a day one for me. Any idea if it will have Japanese voices?

  • Damn this surprised me. I had no idea one of my fave SNES games was coming to playstation on both PS4 AND Vita! And while I often don’t care for HD or 3D remakes of classic games I loved I actually quite like the look of this one.

    I still remember working tedious warehouse shifts in college holidays to save up for this game on my SNES. Was worth it though. Absolutely loved it. Which is weird cos I don’t really care for RPGs or Squaresoft games in general (I bought Final Fantasy III and Chrono Trigger imported for £60 each in one go and found I didn’t really enjoy either one of those). Looking forward to this one.

    I don’t remember the characters actually having default names back on my SNES cart. They were just boy, girl, sprite I think. :P

    Yeah this looks a likely purchase for me with the added bonus that it’s got nothing to do with Nintendo whom I very much dislike these days. :D

    • Hah you are not alone here. I remember my mom chipping in for half though. She was pleased with how my grades looked to she chipped in half. First game and system I bought myself was PS1 and Wild ARMs.

    • Yeah again I’m not a big RPG fan but I had Wild Arms on PS1 (and Grandia which I surprisingly really enjoyed) and I still find myself whistling the intro tune. :P

  • Wooohooo!

    Dang, that is nice. Know what will make it even Sweeter? If you will also sell the newly arranged tracks :) This game is not only one of the best games out there but the ost was absolutely beautiful. Been listening to the Millennium collection and I need more <3

  • Btw Sorry to be so off topic but how’s it going for Kawazu-san? Been waiting for Romancing SaGa 2 on Vita here in the west…..and not so secretly hoping for Scarlet Grace to make it over as well. That game is so beautiful and also has a stunning ost.

  • Oh no, preorder bonuses again… Are we going to be able to buy those after release, or will it go the way of WoFF’s JPN dub?

  • That opening scene looks nice but then the graphicstyle turns into funko pop and it’s bad.

    • hey nothing’s as bad as funko pop. At least these have proper eyes and not those cold stoney black voids of a funko….

  • I am so excited!! This was one of my absolute favourite games ever, never mind just on the SNES. Will this be a digital-only release?

  • I liked Adventure of mana and will buying this game someday. But it wil release in a time with many good games and if it’s 40 euro. I have too pass :(.

  • Please make this a thing and bring Chrono Trigger and Dragon Quest 1-6 out like this. I am pre-ordering this for sure.

  • I would like to point out that Randi’s ‘friends’ in the last picture are hovering ever so slightly above the tree. Requires fixing if not already done so methinks. :)

  • But will it work? I am sick of Squeenix remakes crashing to the point of unplayability, and then being left unpatched.

  • Great, will get it day one on Vita.

  • I will definitely get it on Vita! But how about some nice physical editions (PS4/PSVita) on pre-order on SE Shop like you did with #LostSphear ?

  • Sounds lovely, but it’s probably too much to hope that they will do more than to simply remake the game? There are rumors that the SNES version had to be cut down heavily because it was originally planned as a game for the Super Nintendo PlayStation CD-Rom addon. With this finally coming to PlayStation, it would be the perfect opportunity to fully restore it to that rumored version.

    • The way squareenix is doing remakes nowadays, I’m surprised it isn’t episodic and with a huge change in gameplay…im looking at you, FF7 and FF12….

    • To be fair, FF XII wasn’t different, just the Zodiac instead of basic version (though would have maybe been nice to give a default option).

      Still have no idea what they’re thinking with VII. It doesn’t look all that great and the gameplay looks kind of bland genric action game (a genre which Square Enix are terrible at), coupled with slightly odd voice acting, a bad director (seriously, stop letting Tetsuya Nomura direct games and do story lines already, he’s proven terrible and slow at it so many times), proposed storyline edits, the horrendous “aerith” (or let people pick the original better spelling or the terrible lisp one from crisis core) and episodic nonsense means it is like some weird joke.

    • @soniq The pre-order page on the PS Store does mention extra content in the game.

    • @Lathiel- I’d be surprised if that extra content is more than just some costumes.

  • Nice to see a notable release for PS Vita in 2018 too.

  • This is pretty great news, except for one thing. Why the hell is it local multiplayer only? What’s even the point? The original had local multiplayer, get with the times and let us play online

    • Would be nice but least on PS4 you have the option of Shareplay but yeah it means you already need existing friends on your PSN friend list wanting to play it at the same time you do but at least they then don’t need their own copy?

  • Thank you so much for this! I’m going to get it Day One for Vita, but please make sure the game is compatible with PlayStation TV, just like Adventures of Mana was before.

  • How can we get the preorder bonus for the Vita version? Will it be cross-buy? Then we could preorder the PS4 version to get the bonus.

  • One of the classics I never got to play as a child. Hopefully Square-enix keeps this up, I mean, Chrono Trigger with DQ 11 graphics (using unreal engine 4)… wow…

    I played&finished all the classics jrpgs: final fantasy 3-15, dragon quest 4-9, grandia 1-2, tons of “tales of games” persona 2-5, pokemons, zelda games, legend of heroes games, suikoden games, disgaea games and much more- yet whenever I talk jrpgs or mention my favorites, usually the veterans always go: you never tried secret of mana? and my answere is always, no. well finally I get the chance :) And no, I didnt wanna pick up secret of mana on Ios, because I suspected the controls wouldnt be good at all.

    • What about DQ III though? ;D

    • havnt thought about it, maybe, but been playing other, newly games, but… I heard that when you finish DQ11 in on the japanese version, you get a code that unlocked DQ1-3 on ps4. Also heard, that DQ 11 is tied into with DQ1-3 but not gonna spoil it. so yes, im gonna go through DQ1-3 probably when I finish DQ11- but then again, so many games isn 2018…. geez. KH3, god of war 4, shenmue 3, dq11(as I said) days gone, last of us two, red dead redemption 2 etc

  • What about DQ III though? ;D

  • Francis, Is there also going to be a physical release too?

  • Oh my god. I had no idea there was gonna be a remake of one of my favourite games.

    Surprised about the 3D, but it looks good. Different but food.

    Definitely day-one for me.

  • I will happily purchase this game if you make physical copies! Thanks.

  • Big fan of the Mana games, so DAY ONE BUY :D

  • Maybe we can get a 3d Chrono Trigger next or at least they can release Seiken Densetsu 3 in english already! No remake required with that one. It’s the most beautiful snes game that never came to North America. Hope a 3d remake of Chrono Trigger would have a better art style though…

  • Good thing it has Japanese Voice overs. That voice acting was, erm, interesting.

    Then again there hasn’t been many JRPGs with decent English Voice acting, so it’s not unexpected!

  • This my childhood game still got game on super nes and glad coming to ps4 . Since I own supernes console before got ps1,ps2,ps3 and own ps4 as well.

  • Guys, there is a physical copy coming for Japan. As they’ve announced multiple languages and subtitles I’d say this will be playable for western audiences…

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