New on PlayStation Store: Fallout 4 Vault-Tec Workshop DLC, Hyper Light Drifter, Retro City Rampage, more

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New on PlayStation Store: Fallout 4 Vault-Tec Workshop DLC, Hyper Light Drifter, Retro City Rampage, more

Plus a whole host of new Minecraft content and the free NHL 17 beta.

There’s plenty of new content this week to keep aspiring builders busy: Fallout 4 gets its long-awaited Vault-Tec Workshop DLC, while Minecraft fans can fight it out in Battle Map Pack 2 before taking on episode seven of Story Mode. And of course, there are plenty of new titles to keep you busy, including Hyper Light Drifter, Retro City Rampage, and your chance to try out EA Sports NHL 17 free of charge.

Here’s the full list:

PlayStation StoreOut this week





  • Retro City Rampage DX
    27th July

  • Tumblestone
    27th July

  • Masquerade: The Baubles of Doom Demo
    27th July


  • EA Sports NHL 17 [BETA]
    28th July

  • Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force
    29th July



  • Retro City Rampage DX
    27th July




  • Retro City Rampage DX
    27th July



26th July


26th July


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8 Author Replies

  • Once again, please look at the missing Megadimension Neptunia VII avatars, which include but may not be limited to: Purple Heart, White Heart, Uni, Rom, Ram, Purple Sister, White Sister Rom, White Sister Ram, Uzume Tennouboshi, S-Sha, Planeptune.

    • Meanwhile I would call all my fellow Neptunia enthusiasts to report this missing Store content, because that’s what this is, through Playstation Support.

    • Further from my comment last week, I am currently waiting to find out if the EU stores will receive these Megadimension Neptunia VII avatars.

    • It is a bit sad to be this upset over avatars…

    • It is also a bit sad that it takes a full 14 days after the supposed release date for the issue to even be recognised. Both the PS Store team as well as Idea Factory International have been completely mute on this subject – and THAT is what I am upset about.

    • On IF twitter page – All #MegaNepV2 avatars will be available on the NA & EU PSN Store next Monday, July 11th! I know wonder how hard can it be to understand the word “All” for Sony.

    • The avatars missing should be arriving by the end of next week.

    • I thank you for your trouble.

  • And still no Sword Coast Legends in Ukrainian store(((

  • Retro City Rampage DX came out on Vita, PS3 and PS4 two years ago.

    The *PSP* version came out this week.

  • £45 for the Marvel bundle? Lol, k

    • Yeah, Activision is crazy setting such a steep price. Don’t know what they are thinking.

      And we don’t even know if the DLCs for both games are included…

    • Apparently, MUA doesn’t include any of the exclusive characters available in the X360 Gold version of the game, not even in XBone. Grrrreat…

      Still dunno if the MUA2 DLCs are included.

  • Hey Francesca, any update on Tavo Master for the PS vita? Any news would be great at this point. Thank you in advance.

  • id have considered the ultimate alliance games but at 30 quid a piece or even 45 quid for both you can keep it

  • Where’s this week’s Rocksmith Pixies DLC?

  • Organ Trail for PS4 14,95€
    Organ Trail for PS Vita 15,95€

    And this in Finnish PS Store. Seriously? This can’t be right!

    It’s $9,99 in US Store with this text “Purchasing this content entitles you to both the PS4™ system and “PS Vita” system versions!”


    • Yeah, the EU/AU price for Organ Trail is absolutely disgusting. It’s $24 on the AU store (PS4 version is $1 cheaper just to be extra cruel). That’s almost twice the American price *and* it’s ten months late.

      Thankfully barely anyone’s been stupid enough to buy it.

  • @Francesca
    Didn’t get the ABZÛ Pre-Order theme, is it still comming, or should i contact customer support.

  • Hi Francesca. I’m happy that now we have a date for the Towerfall DLC (29th it seems)! Thank you very much.

    Any other news for Organ Trail?
    I’d really like to buy it, but not overpriced :’-(

    Anyway, thank you and thanks too for listing DLC by platform :-)

    Please Playstation Blog staff, forgive us for our impatience, but we are your boys, ESPECIALLY PSVITA ONES ;-)

    We love you, but you are a little slow sometimes ^^’

    Please tell me that you’ll fix Organ Trail this week; the developer assured me that the price is 9,99 euros.

    Thank you in advance.

    • And Organ Trail is CROSSBUY!

    • Oh right!

      Please Francesca, remember that Organ Trail has Cross-Buy!

      If you need a reference, I have the tweet from the developer concerning both Cross-buy and Price ;-)

      Do your best Fran!

    • I’ve raised the cross-buy and pricing issue, and I’ll update when I’ve received confirmation of any changes.

  • Any news on Attractio Vita yet? I hope it doesn’t become the next Towerfall.

    It least I can finally be quiet regarding Psychonauts now even it was not mentioned on last week’s Store update.

  • What’s the deal with Asemblance? When it’s going to be available in most of Europe?

    • From previous experience I would say that it’s “the usual” issue.

      SIEE (previously SCEE) is requiring all publishers to translate metadata to languages corresponding to the official languages of the PSN shop in all countries. Meaning if publisher want to release game in Poland he MUST provide all metadata in polish language.

      If you are waiting for a game, PM publisher and offer him free translation of metadata. It takes around 5 minutes to translate… and well not only you are helping publisher (which obviously doesn’t have money to translate metadata to all languages around the world) but also it means that you might play game.

      And please don’t ask me what’s the point of forcing publishers to translate metadata of english only game to various languages… that are not supported in game. That’s something only few employees of SIEE might understand…

    • Oh, now that you say it, I remember helping with the translation of PSN Store metadata for one game in the past, I totally forgot about it. Yeah, that may be the case.

    • Yeah, I also helped few times with this. It’s absolutely no brainer, that takes just few minutes and helps a lot if publisher don’t have money for things like this.

      Anyway, just to let you know. I’ve just sent via twitter translation to PL language… if metadata was the issue maybe they will use it. And seeing how they “liked” that twit… maybe?

      Anyway cheers. I hope that you will be able to buy it soon here in Poland.

  • Is that Riptide price correct? £10!?
    I got the first game for $0.99 from the US store.

  • So I’ve noticed that we can now pre-order the Batman Telltale game here in Europe and get The Wolf Among Us for free as a pre-order bonus just like in the US.

    However, in the US there is also a 10% discount when you pre-order and there is currently no such discount here in Europe. Are we not getting this? The US version is cheaper than the EU version even without the pre-order discount at the normal US price…

    • There seems to be a ten percent discout. It is going for A$40.46 which is $44.95 minus ten percent.

    • Yeah you’re right, it actually does have a 10% discount, my bad! Here in Belgium it’s 27 euros. I’m guessing that the normal price is 30 euros, and that 27 euros is the pre-order offer.

      However, this isn’t clear at all right now. The page simply says 27 euros like that is the NORMAL price. So I thought we were supposed to get a 10% discount on that price. It doesn’t say that the normal price is 30 euros and the discounted pre-order price is 27 euros.

  • When is the big summer sale suposed to start?

  • Tell you what, it would be really helpful if each time there was a big exclusion list (like with Asemblance this week) some reason was given for the absence. “We’re waiting for the devs to submit localizations for those regions”, “We just forgot to flip a few switches in our systems, whoops”, “A dog ate the download link”. Surely that can’t be asking for too much.

  • Asemblance (Not in Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Germay, Italy, Kuwait, Lebanon, Lux, Netherlands, Norway, Oman, Poland, Qatar, Russia, Saudi, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, UAE)

    U could just have typed :
    Asemblance UK only (like most things on this blog)

    • Australia and New Zealand?

    • Hey, just like I wrote earlier to @Kub-666

      Most probably the issue is lack of translated metadata. While I can’t say for sure that THIS IS the reason this time it certainly was the reason several times before.

      You can PM publisher and offer translating to dutch those few lines of description in shop by yourself.

    • It’s available in more countries than the UK, as you can see from the list :) we find the best approach is to list where it isn’t available to avoid too many enquiries about whether a title is available in a certain country.

  • Oh c’mon. Kerbal Space Program is still missing? is there any good reason, why the game can not be published yet on EU store? Is it not working properly in this region? Does it contain unacceptable and offensive content for people in this region? Or is this just red tape and paperwork issue, that everybody wants it released, but noone is sure if they can push the “publish” button, because some filed in some form is marked by cross instead of circle and that is not usuall for the process? Or is it something else?

    • They are moving slowly on this because there was an issue with the payroll. The truck crashed. Apparently there were bananas everywhere.

  • So… Rock Band Rivals Pre Order? or how long are we going to continued to be screwed over with Rock Band content?

    • Probably for quite a bit longer.

    • High hopes mate. We got done over on the Rock Band 4 pre-order. In the US they got 10 free songs and a theme.

      Here we didn’t get the chance to pre-order it. You just have to look at the poor effort put into the export packs. I swear it will be a year and we will still have to wait for stuff. It isn’t Harmonix, it is SCEE. They are beyond useless. The Q&A team must work for xbox or something because they only seem to want to sabotage the the brand.

      I’d sack the lot of them and start again.

    • Read this from harmonix reddit

      I actually was just talking about this this morning with some folks, assuming this question would come up.
      One of Sony Europe’s tools we use to move this process along is awaiting an update/fix. We don’t have an ETA from them on when that will happen, but until we’re able to use that tool again, we can’t make any more progress on exports or other entitled DLC content.
      These issues are also affecting other digital products for Sony Europe, including the Rock Band Rivals pre-order, which has also yet to launch for SIEE players. Sorry for the continued problems here, we’ll continue doing everything we can to move this forward, and we’ll let you know when progress is unblocked by Sony.
      To folks outside of SIEE areas, SIEA uses very different tools and processes, so Sony America players aren’t affected by these issues, as I’m sure you’ve noticed.

    • So in other words you wont get nothing until the tool is updated and unblocked by scee

  • Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme VS-force is out as well ^^

  • Hey, trying to be as friendly as possible but this is the 5th time or so asking.

    The Legend of Heroes – Trails in the Sky Chapter 1 is no longer available for purchase with no information anywhere incoming about this, I’m growing tired of fishing for a response on here with a tiny window of a reply period.

    This really is not a great way to handle queries, issues and other concerns with PSN. The support service rudely tells me to come here for issues around releases, compatibility etc and then I’m ignored so where are you actually supposed to go for queries/feedback for Playstation products, issues and releases?

    • The game license must have expired, now the publisher must renew it, can not do it, it depends on it pays off. The same happened to the WILD ARMS XF and it never returned to the store.

    • We are awaiting confirmation on whether this title will be renewed.

  • I am just wondering why you don’t use the format that the US blog uses in store and also annoucements? Looking at both right now ans US seems vastly more informative with game description for each game. Also their discounts lists seem to be better organised every time they have a sale. If there is any chance anyone can shed light on this I’d appreciate it.

  • One more thing is the ‘Related Posts’ links. The 4 i have listed on my screen are from the following dates – 02/10/2013, 05/03/2014, 19/11/2014 and 27/05/2015. So how are links to articles or in this case sales posts from nearly 3 YEARS AGO related in any way to this week, month or years sale posts or articles in general? This is a regular occurring thing where the links are either totally outdated or will have no relevance to the posts at all. Will this ever be fixed?

  • @Francesca @everyone

    sometime back i redownloaded Tekken Revolution, only to realize that it didnt find the patches. I got a tip to delete and redownload the the game, which I did. however the I still cant find the update. I would be happy for some form of help game for anyone.

    P.S. Hoping to Gran Turismo 6 Annivairy Edition on sale tomorrow or the Summer Sale.

  • Perfect example of the ‘Related (or UNRELATED) posts is today’s PES 2017 annoucement that has links for the following – Final Fantasy XIV free week dated 27/02/2015. How on earth is that relevant in any way shape or form to today’s article? Especially since it is about a free week promotion 17 months ago? By the looks of it the blog has a random link generator but seriously no one bothers checking this at all? If it was my blog I’d at least make sure my related posts were actually relevant in some way. Just a little management on these things will make this blog more useable so please try to addfess this.

  • I don’t know what disappoints me more……..
    1. The fact that there is STILL no Kerbal Space Program in the Store.
    2. That we’re continuously told, by both Sony and Squad, “we have no info yet”, and suddenly go totally silent on the matter, in stead of giving us a REASON WHY! Is it just delayed? Or is it cancelled? WHAT AND WHY??!!

    • According the info it is definitelly not cancelled. My personal guess is that it just did not go through the certification. If you read the reviews and forums you will find out complains that this game has serious issues in all areas – performance problems with huge fps drops, freezing, crashing and bugs inlcuding save corrupting bug, that will just delete you progress. For whatever reason, the game was released in US. But it seems EU certification process just find this statu unacceptable and stopped the release. So my guess is, that now the developers are “forced” to fix the game, ask for new certification and once it is in releaseable state, we will get it.
      Of course people are angry at SCEE for not releasing it. But the more I read about the PS4 version the more I believe tehy did the right thing and the the SCEA is the one not doing the certification job properly.
      The main problem is lack of communications. But if my guess is right, the Sony is really not responsible for pr dmage control. And this is on the shoulders of developers.
      But anyway – hopefully we will get working version soon. Im really looking for playing it.

    • Just create a USA account. SCEE are a joke.

    • We cannot always give reasons behind these things due to confidentiality and trust. When I am able to provide adequate reasoning, I will, otherwise I will provide more of a yes or no answer to a question.

    • Thanks Francesca. We (or at least I) understand that, as hopefully you understand how frustrating this can be for us! Especially the “indefinitely” part, that causes a bit of a let-down every week. I’m trying to stay positive by thinking Kerbal will be much better on the PS Neo anyway. When’s that one coming out? ;)

    • Hi Francesca.
      I understand it’s a confidentiality and trust issue.
      My “frustration” in this matter is, that, being from Denmark, we are, more often than not, feeling “left out”, when it comes to new releases.
      I know that licensing issues and such can halt a release in certain countries.
      But sometimes it would just be nice to be a little more “in the know”, with what’s going on, when it come to certification.
      It’s a little sad, when a game you’re looking forward to, gets delayed or doesn’t release in one’s own country, without any reason. :)
      Have a nice weekend. @’}–

  • PS+ better be damn good this week after ANOTHER good showing from MS.

    • Good showing? 2 of those games were on plus ages ago, we is on par with NBA, ie 2 sports titles no one plays and I can’t even remember the other game, most of their recent offerings are games that were on plus around a year ago

    • WWE2K16 = good shoeing imo.

  • Will Damascus Gear for PS Vita be ever available in Russia?

  • OMG A new Shiren game!

  • I’m going to struggle to get sleep now, I’m having a bit of a Shiren Rush.

  • Tumblestone is currently $54.95 NZDs on the ps store for the ps4 version. Is this pricing incorrect? Seems super expensive.

  • I am looking for Arcade Archives: Rygar. I see the US store has it so why not the EMEA/EU store?

  • Yay vault tec dlc!

  • Any idea when Attack on Titan will be available for pre-order?

  • @Francesca

    So, how long until Organ Trail price and Cross-buy is fixed? Not only US got that game 10 months ago, but now we have to wait for you people to fix this. I want to buy that game, but I’m not going to do that because of your mistakes. That costs money to the developer also. People won’t buy their games because of mistakes, that shouldn’t happen in the first place. And it’s sad because this isn’t even the first time this kind of a thing happens in PS Store Europe. And I’ll bet this isn’t last one, either. Take a grip, start doing your jobs like you’re meant to. And by the way, start talking someone about that thing, where we in Europe have to wait games to be published way longer than in the US because of Store description translations. Most of Finnish PS Store translations are made with Google translation and even as a Finn, I can’t understand a word they say. So, stop that, start fixing problems more quicker, give us games as easily as US Store gets them and for the love of doG, stop making us wait for buying games because of your mistakes!

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