Guilty Gear Xrd ~Sign~ hits PS3 & PS4 next month

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Guilty Gear Xrd ~Sign~ hits PS3 & PS4 next month

Keenly-awaited fighting game favourite gets a digital release on 3rd June

Many of you may have been looking on with mounting frustration as the Japanese and North American releases came and went with no hint of an old world release. But now, at long last, catharsis has arrived. Arc System Works is beyond pleased to announce that Guilty Gear Xrd ~Sign~, the latest entry in the world’s best fighting game franchise, will be coming to Europe on 3rd June, 2015 for PlayStation 3 and 4 via digital download on PlayStation Network.

Now, here’s the deal with this blog post: If you’re reading it and that last paragraph got you excited, then there’s not really anything I can tell you about GGXrd that you don’t already know. Sweet-ass 2.5D graphics from Unreal 3 that have all the beauty of sprites from the days of yore but none of the drawbacks? Heard it, I’m sure. New moves mixed in with takes on old favourites? Old news. The introduction of characters like Elphelt the gunslinger or Ramlethal the…well, whatever Ramlethal is? Please.

But maybe you’re actually that rare person who isn’t already familiar with the fiery majesty of Guilty Gear. If that’s the case: I almost envy you, because you get to discover all this for the first time.

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Guilty Gear takes place in the world of our future, where technology is suppressed and magic reigns supreme. A war with a genetically engineered race of living weapons known as Gears has left tremendous scars on the planet’s surface and decimated the Earth’s human population. Although the hot war appears to be over, a newer, colder one takes place now in the shadows and on the fringes of society. Some Gears still long to eradicate humanity, and sinister individuals and organizations scheme to further their own ominous ends. In this shadow war, you’ll be fighting on the front lines.

Arc System Works has a long history of fine-tuned, intricate fighting games. You may be familiar with a few of their other projects – little games like BlazBlue and Persona 4 Arena for example – but it was Guilty Gear that put them on the map, and now they’ve returned to one of gaming’s greatest hits.

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The gameplay is informed by years of work at the top of their industry, and the visuals are provided by a heavily-customized Unreal 3 engine that merges sprite techniques with 3D animation for the best of both worlds. No other game looks as good, runs as smooth, or plays as well.

Don’t let the pedigree scare you off, though: Guilty Gear is an old favourite to be sure, but it also welcomes newcomers with a tutorial and training system that’ll help you figure out the basics and learn how to throw a punch – or ride the lightning.

So when 3rd June rolls around and you feel a craving for a game you can sink your teeth into, there’s only one choice. Guilty Gear Xrd: Ask for it by name. (It’s pronounced “Ecks-aard.”)

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  • The lack of a physical release really bothers me. I’ve been waiting for an EU release but i’ll likely purchase a US copy now.

    • i bought the US version and i can tell you is amazing …it’s better than street fighter 4 in every aspect !!! the tutorials are really well made !! this is the best fighting i ever played !! buy the US . version it just cost 39 dollars

  • Who’s publishing?

  • Wil this one be available in the Netherlands? Since the last blazblue wasn’t… :(

    • This. So close to switch full to an US ID. Support for Europe and some countries is getting more awful lately. Digital only releases while the rest gets a normal retail release.

    • Sadly yeah :(

    • I have feeling that Xrd will be available in The Netherlands. Why? Because SCEE are the publisher of this game(according to PEGI).

      And they(SCEE) also have digital vouchers of this game(according to Game UK’s web store :/).

    • Still Digital only and full price even we get it months later. I pass, there is coming much more coming next month I rather get.

  • Finally found a publisher eh? Shame it’s digital only, but screw it. I’ll take it. Anything for a proper fighting game on PS4!

    • Mortal Kombat X is out you know, Injustice was enjoyable if a little bit flawed.

    • I’m fully aware, thanks. Not supporting MKX cause of all the Season Pass crap. Injustice was a port. Nothing more.

    • I get season pass fiasco but the game still functions as a full priced game and an amazing beat em up. I assume that means you are ignoring batman too? Maybe they should have released the dlc like NIS, nearly £40 worth per NIS game with no complete edition in sight? What about little big planet? None of those are complete editions. Yes injustice is a port but it wasn’t a bad game, turning your nose up because they brought it to ps4 proves how spoilt some gamers have become.

    • Functions as a full function game? It’s content that was announced before the game went gold…. Dont see how you possible can justify that. But if you wanna support it, go right ahead. I couldnt care less.
      Nothing to do with being spoilt. It has something to do we didnt buy a PS4 console to play ports of PS3 games on it.
      And yes. I’m ignoring Batman too cause of the season pass. So goes for future titles.

    • Hey Rawanz. I understand your point of view, a season pass at 30€ is too much. But i don’t think not buying the game shows that you don’t support season passes, but you won’t support Mortal Kombat. I think if people stop buying this kind of DLC, then it will stop. But that won’t happen i’m afraid. Even the stupid 20€ buy all krypt content as been a success :( WHY???

    • My main goto Digital fighters on PS4 for now is Ultra SFIV + GG Xrd :D

    • I don’t think you’d want to support this then, with 2 characters locked behind DLC which are featured both on the cover of the game and heavily in the story :/

    • See this is what I don’t get, dlc is bad, unless cdpr announce it then its amazing because they called it an expansion pack? The timing of the announcement means nothing, they could probably announce it before the game because they have it there on the plan. Do people really believe the voice acting for these “expansion packs” weren’t done at the same time as the rest of the game?

      Only point I’m making is I very rarely buy dlc and never feel like I haven’t had the full game when I buy something. But if I enjoy a game sometimes I have the option to add to it which for me is good.

      But then people will believe what they want once they are on a crusade.

  • Yay! Finally! As its a digital only and a niche title, I hope they don’t charge over £30 for it. £25 would be an instant buy for me.

    • £39.99 for PS4 and £32.99 for PS3.

    • hahahahaha

    • You got the exact price point , shame it’s not the case.
      I’ll stick with street fighter I think….,well I know.
      It’s good it’s finally coming though.

    • What!?! I could have ordered the physical US version from Rice Digital 4 months ago, why would I pay £40 for this. They clearly misunderstand the target audience for this game and are pricing like those ‘japan curio’ games on the store. Bad move.

  • A week after Ultra Streetfighter IV and double the price :(

  • Any word on the DLC characters?

  • It is going to be available in Portugal?

  • So the game releases in Europe AGES after the U.S. Digital only. Only one week after USF IV and I won’t even mention the ridiculous price… You screwed up, Arc System Works. You screwed up real good.

    Arc System Works obviously HATES Europe. I don’t see why european gamers should love them in return.

  • What the hell is this ppl thinking about… releasing a digital only game 6 months later, without characters that were exclusive in usa and japan… and at £40 when you can import an english copy (if you haven’t already) for £26 from the USA…

    And on top of that releasing a week later than Ultra SFIV wich is half the prize… really what the hell are you guys thinking about…

  • RodrigoSharingan

    Its to late for me to care. Months after releasing everywhere, digital only and of course a ridiculous price. Sorry but i pass… Once again Europe is ignored.

  • If you’re gonna release it digitally only at that price, at least give us the DLC characters, no?

  • A 6 month delay for some overpriced digital only garbage, exclusively for the european pond scum. Good to know Arc System Works put a lot of effort into this release. You are garbage.

  • X_Blood_Curse_X

    Delayed for months, digital only, BS DLC & a load of missing characters.

    Thanks but no thanks.

    If anyone wants to play a good Guilty Gear i’d recommend Accent Core Plus on either PSP or the US PS3 store

  • PS_TrophyHunter

    The voice acting in the trailer is awful

  • Ah, so that’s how you say ‘xrD’! Good to know.

  • Go physical or go home.

  • So is this release going to follow the recent ArcSys release formula, as in skipping half of the countries of Europe?

    Because it’s not like the delay, increase in price and scummy digital-only treatment were enough, the one thing it desperately needs is limiting half of the countries even getting this game, just like all the previous ArcSys releases.

    I don’t know how this could be worse, other than not releasing a game here at all. I really adore XRD as a game, but this release won’t be seeing my support. And even if it would, most likely I wouldn’t even be able to.

    • That seriously freaking irritates me and one of the main reasons I am not keen on Digital-Only releases in Europe.

    • Increase in price? Game may have dropped in price but £40 is still cheaper than the game cost to import when it released in NA.
      My copy cost me £49. It was $60 (about £40) plus shipping costs.
      £40 is actually a spot on price for a day 1 cost ignoring the delay. Hell we’re actually paying less than the day 1 NA price if you take tax into account. (NA was $60+tax which in our case 20% would be an extra $12)

      That being said I’m not buying it since I already have a physical copy and see no reason to buy it.

    • I also agree with OrderSora though. I generally dislike digital only releases in Europe since they’re always overpriced.

    • If this was 6 months ago all this would be find. It’s not 6 months ago and you don’t garner any good will from doing that to a region.mic it included all dlc for 40 then maybe but as is, no.

  • I want to say it too. It’s too late.
    I would have even paid full price for the digital release LAST DECEMBER, right now I don’t care anymore: community is already dying.
    BTW, Warner should thank you because you upped the sales of MKX in Europe

    • Yeah, it was too late. Capcom’s Ultra Street Fighter IV is out next week before this game’s EU release and Warner Bros. Game’s Mortal Kombat X is already selling pretty well. Good luck with the European sales with this game Arc.

  • I’d have payed 60quid 6 months ago.

    Now I don’t think I would even pay £30. Loved Arc too, but essentially waiting till there’s no hype left before releasing your game in eu is daft. If indie games can do worldwide launches Arc can.

  • I too would like to see a psychical release.

  • If it was a retail copy I’d glady pay £40 but not for a digital only version considering I can get a retail import version for £29.Think i’ll end up doing that instead.

  • Hi Gail,
    for future instalments please don’t keep us in the dark :(
    If you don’t know just say “I don’t know”. Putting up the “ignore everything” façade got me to import ages ago. That sweet sweet CE was…well Sweet :)
    And now while I want to buy it….it just seems to late and to expensive :(

  • NamelessGamer505

    The price is ridiculous especially for a digital title months after release, at least throw a bone at us after the wait but I guess thats asking too much.

    I also wonder why there isn’t any game that doesn’t require PS+ to play online aside from the F2Ps. I was under the impression it was up to the game creators to decide that, its weird how 100% of them choose to lock their games to PS+. Unless they don’t get to decide.

  • LittleBlueMacaw

    And then, ASW announces Guilty Gear Xrd ~Sign~ Plus for JP and US a week later after release. And I’m being serious here! It’ll be Persona 4 Arena all over again!

    Also, wasn’t this game on sale for like $20 on the US store? Europeans always getting screwed… :(

    • You can make a US account, PS4 is not region locked thankfully so have another account for stuff like these.

  • I have one very, VEEEEEEEEEEEEERY important question:

    Will this game be availble for every european contry or will it be like Blazblue Chrono Phantasma and some countries will NOT have the game?
    Because I’m still pretty damn angry that Chrono Phantasma still isn’y avaible in my county.

    • ChronoPhantasma isn’t even the only game like that. Vita games like Magical Beat and Unsigned Legacy are also unavailable for half of the countries in Europe. I would have bought both games Day One, but yeah, way to prevent that by not making it available in my country.

      Why the h*ll is it so hard for actual publishers to release their games competently here? Indie developers have managed to do that, there’s just no excuse for bigger companies like ArcSys.

    • Believe it or not, it’s Sony who is blocking the games for those countries. They require store page translations for every country who has their store translated, or else the game won’t be available, which is unbelievalby stupid. Then there’s publishers such as ASW who thinks that UK, France, Italy, Germany and Spain equals Europe. Portugal got Fantasy Hero and Damascus Gear because they apparently discovered that South America and Portuguese is a thing.

      So blame Sony. This rule is unreasonable and it shouldn’t exist.

  • Sorry, no physical no buy.

    It’s as simple as that.

  • RIP Fighting Games. No Retail = No Buy.

  • Arc System Works.

    This game is not only 6 months old and doesn’t include free DLC.
    It’s still full price £40? Are you crazy? And also Digital Only on top of that too!
    Don’t blame us if your sales numbers are bad. Street fighter iv ultra is priced at only £20, half price! With every DLC.
    Reduce price that is all and sales numbers will skyrocket.

    • Oh I forgot, No PS3 stick support?? SFIV supports PS3 sticks with Labzero’s driver, get on it and you’ll get tons of sales.

  • Too late Arc, Mortal Kombat X and Ultra Street Fighter IV is going to outsell it even if USFIV is also a digital only release.

  • Glad to see this come to the EU. Digital only distribution wouldn’t be so much of an issue if the price reflected the lack of resale value and the price of retail games of an equivalent age. Going up against USFIV at that price is going to be a tough sale, yeah USFIV is old but it’s a solid game and gives an experience that others fail to match.

    I understand that the position with digital pricing is to keep physical retailers sweet but I think Sony need to remember what got them the head start this gen, that was with customer orientated policies not retailer.

  • I think the most important questions here is the price, will it come with the DLC characters and if the EU release will be patched up to the latest version that recently hit on the Japanese and North American versions of the game.

    Will Europeans be able to play with North Americans?

    Why did this take so long to release in the EU? Just like Persona 4 Arena did?

    I mean, it’s awesome I’ll be able to finally play this game but we need more information.

  • Oh you were so close to getting some money off me!!! but then you screwed it up by going digital only. Guess the £40 is better off in my bank account.

  • sorry but arc System works can keep it like with blazblue always bought the series in the past but with shafting europe constantly with digital releases NO THANKS!!!!.

    if you can’t do physical give the licensing to NIS america so they can do it. i even bought the damn pvc figures off blazblue figure seems i won’t be doing that again in the future.

    • Well they did get NIS America to publish Arcana Hearts III: Love Max!!! and Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters right? So why not this game and BBCP?

    • @supersmith2500

      most likely cause the price arc system works wants for it’s I.P for publishing their game. some japanese company’s are like idiots and think their titles are worth a couple million even if the title is more niche.

      most likely the deal with SCEE is they publish it but sales go towards Arc system works so that SCEE has another game to show on their console.

  • Will this come out in Sweden? I’ve heard that a lot of European countries are not getting this game.

  • CaptainWitwicky

    What?! Digital? Again?
    Disappointed to say the least, I kinda wanted that physical collector’s edition to come to Europe…, but noooooo…

    And finally, we’ll be able to play it…that’s at least something, right?

  • Unfortunate to see how many people are passing on the game because of the late release, although I can’t say I blame them . It’ll be good to see the EU lobbies significantly busier, though. To those who are picking up the (figuratively) game feel free to add me for some games.

  • Another digital-only release? Im not buying this then, what a shame.

  • They are passing it because Europe again gets a digital only release and we still need to pay full price. And probably there is a change we will never see the DLC. Enough other reason besides the game did release a lot later.

  • all these disgruntled fans, and zero replies just feel the love offa company not carring with that i mean arc system works and SCEE.

  • Cool story, will buy for a cheap price, in a sale, a few years from now.

    That’s how we roll here in the “old world”…

  • Yeah I get where everyone’s coming from and they have every right to feel that way. I know a lot of people won’t I like me for saying this but I just think it’s a bit more complicated than “Arc Sys hates Europe”. I mean, thinking about it from a business standpoint, surely there must be some difficulties getting the game over to Europe? Things such as ratings, translations, publishing and such, or maybe the market in Europe isn’t big enough for them to justify taking a risk and releasing it over here? I’m not saying this is the case, but it may explain the digital only release. Of course, they may genuinely just not care about Europe, I’m just stating possibilities.

    It’s a shame too, since the development team did such a great job on it.

  • Heaven or Hell

    Lets Rock

    ……on and release guilty gear for the vita in eu.

  • So 6 months later and digital only. Thanks for nothing Arc system works.

  • Bought this physically last year for £40, what the hell guys?

  • 6 months late? Check.
    Full AAA price? Check.
    Digital only? Check.

    Waiting for PS+? Check.

  • Simply terrible,european fans get [DELETED] again,first you hear NOTHING about a european version for 6 months,then just like that it’s announced that its dig only.For the players?seems like after a great start sony is dropping the ball big time.This is,of course,after allowing Squeenix on stage for an announcement of a rererelease of a ps1 one game while everyone was expecting the Remake,the number two [DELETED] up of the year.

    • Agree, they can at least give us some information, i was in search all along, and boom! Suddenly… They even released that trailer, without any additional information. I’m one of those who is crazy with guilty gear, but i’m also, a stubborn one, so i waited. As right know, i don’t know about price, dlc, or will be “Xrd” available in all regions? Ahh… Munen!

  • What is the chance of this being available in Australia as well? Pretty please?

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