New Shadow of the Beast screenshots unveiled

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New Shadow of the Beast screenshots unveiled

Your first glimpse at how the PS4 action-platformer is shaping up

It’s been awhile since our last update on Shadow Of The Beast. Our long silence has been because we’ve been working hard to turn the concept we showed last time into a reality. And, whilst we haven’t quite finished that journey yet, we wanted to take this chance to share with you some early shots from the game.

We talked a little in our previous blog entry about the impact that the original games had on us as kids. When our team started putting together the concepts for our take on Shadow of the Beast, one thing we kept coming back to was how important it was to us that we made sure that our game stirred up that same level of emotion, especially through the visually striking, alien landscapes of Karamoon.


The screenshots you see here are taken from the harsh, arid wasteland that is Karamoon’s desert. The balance between beauty and brutality has been a running theme for us whilst we’ve been building the game. Our main character, Aarbron, was forged by the evil Maletoth as a living weapon – and his journey through this beautiful, vibrant world is a savage one. We have tried to find ways to bring both sides of this juxtaposition to life to create a unique and intriguing setting for the gameplay to live within.

Along side creating a range of sweeping vistas and strange creatures, we have also been busy refining the game’s core combat and platforming to try and find just the right blend to make a compelling experience for players.

It’s been a long road to get here (especially if you are counting back to our original inspiration!) and we thank you for both bearing with us and taking the time to read about our progress. We hope to have more news to share with you before too long!

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  • This looks sick. Gonna buy this!

  • Good to finally have an update. I really hope the game will be worth the wait.

    • We’re really pleased to announce an update, and we are continuing to work hard to make the best game possible…keep checking back for further updates.

    • Wait, this is that Amiga game from back in the day! 10pints!! Brilliant, that is such a blast from the past.

  • So the amiga game was good then?
    I’ve only played the versions on the Sega Master System, Sega Genesis and the SNES and they’re all awful

    • I played the C64 version and liked it. Although to be totally honest I kinda loved every game back then. I didn’t even get upset when the original tape loads failed. Just reloaded, did something else while I waited for the reload…well except track’n’field. Remember that taking more than an hour and always failed twice :( Thank jebus SotB was on a cartridge ^^

    • The Atari Lynx version was the way to go :)

  • hah was wondering what had happened to this just last week. We were worried it wasn’t going well then we say Sony XDev Europe post some pics on twitter 2 days ago. I must say I’m intrigued and eagerly awaiting more and as a fellow alumni of the original, I played on C64 though, I must say it’s really a must purchase just to find out what you have done with this new shiny thing :D

  • I love the soundtrack in the original Amiga game, hope the soundtrack in this game can live up to it.

    Wish there was some more colours though, the original game had purple sky, green tress and so on. Now it’s mostly brown.

    • They’ve only shown the one level so far, I’m sure the others that they haven’t shown/finished will be more colorful

    • We are working hard to live up to the memories of the original games….this is only one level from the game, based in the Karamoon desert. Don’t worry we have plenty of different landscapes and areas to explore in Aabron’s journey.

    • Good to hear :-)

  • any chance the game will have some of the original music from the shadow of the beast series.? and it would be great if the original game was in there some how too… Psygnosis made some great games back in the day always loved the logo too.. after this remake Leander and wipeout please

  • I am so excited about this game. I have been waiting for news!

  • When do you plan to show a gameplay video from the build you showed to the press at the XDev event?

  • Still got the first one on Amiga. This is one of the most anticipated PS4 games for me so I am glad hear more about the game. I thought this was canceled. I’ve been amped since I saw this remake of the original trailer: – So epic.

  • Had this on the Amiga and it was one of those games you just had to be there at the time to appreciate. I will admit it was all graphics and sound and bad gameplay. The only thing in recent times to compare to is like The Order.

    I really hope there is a level paying homage to the original, like the very first level in the original with the lush trees and smooth as silk scrolling wall in the foreground. I also hope the music is good and a bonus extra of the original game as an unlockable in there somewhere.

  • I always knew I was going to buy a PS4 before it was released but it was seeing this at the press conference that sold me on buying a PS4 on release day. Then,……… nothing! Gutted, thinking that it had been scrapped. But after all the silence, now you give us this. Some people have been buzzing about all the new Star Wars news, etc. But this, this news has got me buzzing!!! Consider me happy! Thanks for the update. I can sleep happy knowing that this is still on the horizon.

  • I thought would be a 3D remake of the original idea.

    Instead it’s a 2.5D game…then it’s a digital release I think

  • Do you guys have an idea of price yet?

  • CGI Intro animation is really stiff & lifeless..
    Like the depth of field play & hoe its a good game.

  • Hoping for the best, this was a game I played back in the day.

  • Now this is an instant buy!

  • Hmm I didn’t see any Zeppelins!! :)

    Shadow of the Beast on the Amiga was a showcase game. It showed how pretty a game could be on the eyes and ears. It was pretty hard to play though and I admit that I only saw the end thanks to cheating.

    I can remember seeing it running for the first time and deciding that the Amiga was to be my next machine.

    Will the final battle involve thumping the bad guys big toe?

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