Incoming Bloodborne update to reduce load times and optimise performance

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Incoming Bloodborne update to reduce load times and optimise performance

Look out for update 1.03 later this month

We are amazed and very grateful for the way in which the community has embraced Bloodborne. As you may have seen, we’ve just announced that Bloodborne has now sold through over one million copies worldwide. Thank you to everyone who has supported the project!

Today, we wanted to provide some more information regarding the next patch for Bloodborne.

As we confirmed previously, the 1.03 update seeks to reduce certain load times in addition to performance optimisations. The patch also resolves an issue that resulted in abnormal game behavior after many continuous hours of play. Additional fixes will be included as well.

The team is currently working towards a global release of the 1.03 patch before the end of the month. We will try to provide more specific timing as soon as we are able.

We’re continuing to monitor popular communities and forums for feedback, in addition to the comments below, so please share any other issues or questions you may have.

Please note, online play will need to be disabled for a short period of time to facilitate server-side updates. In this case, and in the case of any future server maintenance downtime, it has been determined that starting at 9am GMT on a non-Friday weekday will disrupt the fewest players globally. We will target this time for any necessary future server maintenance downtime, which will only last a couple hours in each instance.

On behalf of the Bloodborne development team, thank you for your ongoing passion and support.

Troubleshooting network issues

If you are having trouble accessing online features, please check your NAT type and ensure proper ports on your network are open.

  • How to check your NAT type: Please check your NAT type by following these steps on your PS4.

PS4 Home Menu -> Settings -> Network -> View Connection Status -> NAT Type
Check whether it is Type 1, Type 2 or Type 3.

Online functionality may be restricted when playing under NAT Type 3. Please see the manual for more details.

  • Opening ports / Port Forwarding: The following shows the ports necessary to connect to PSN as well as Bloodborne’s online servers. If you are having trouble connecting, please ensure that these ports are open on your network hub.

Port number required to connect to PSN:

  • TCP: 80, 443, 3478, 3479, 3480, 5223, 8080
  • UDP: 3478, 3479, 3658

Port number required to connect Bloodborne’s online servers:

  • TCP: 18671, 20443
  • UDP:9305, 9306

Please check your network hub or contact your provider for more details.

*If you are unsure of your network environment, please either refer to your network hub manual or contact your internet service provider.

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  • How about also fixing some of the poor game design choices, such as the lack of checkpoints, the insane difficulty spikes, and the one hit kill moves some bosses possess.

    And while you’re at it, fix the physics to stop me getting stuck in the scenery when rolling into barrels.

    • git gud

    • Are you new to these types of games? It really sounds like you never played a Souls game before.
      If you get killed by one hit you’re underleveled. There are enough checkpoints in the game too. More than in any other Souls game.

    • If the game is too hard for you, that’s OK. But please don’t dismiss it as poor game design. There are difficult games that are poorly designed. Bloodborne is not one of them.

    • lol
      On my way to destroy the final boss of the dungeons for the plat!

    • Someone hasn’t played a souls game

    • Yeah ? Why don’t you ask them a “Very Easy Mode”, while you’re at it ? Maybe you should be playing Hannah Montana instead of Bloodborne.

    • I never played the soul games and yes this game is hard… And that’s the freaking beauty of it…
      I Love this game, it’s the best game on PS4 yet.. If it wasn’t this challenging I would have put it aside a long tine time ago..

      How freaking wonderfull is it that you get a game where you have 60hrs worth of gameplay.. That’s freaking value of your money..

      If the game is to hard, then upgrade your character, if you can’t handle it and don’t like the game, then put it aside and play something that does satisfy you.

      The game is awesomely made… I can’t say it enough


    • Man if you’re struggling on Bloodborne i’d like to see what you make of the man-eaters on NG+ on Demons Souls lol

    • Don’t bother, just stay away from these games like I do.

    • checkpoints? lol.

    • Go play a platform game dude, Souls games are not for you.

    • Whoa guys, cut him some slack. Judging from his username, kid’s only fifteen years old. Five years for development, I’d give him a decade max of playing games. Likely hasn’t fully matured (do we ever?), which means he likely hasn’t gotten in to many great games. He can’t help the fact that developers have been on a AAA gameplan to sale as much as possible to the widest audience as possible.

      But he does choose to play badly and blame the game: git gud. There are honestly too many checkpoints as is, not the game’s fault if you’re trying to beat it at level 10.

    • So basically you want them to remove what these games are known for? …. oookkkaayyy..

    • Well thanks for the outpouring of support. What a charming bunch. I should have known better than to dare to criticise a sacred cow here.

      There is nothing intelligent about designing a game where dying is punished by forcing a player to traipse through a lengthy section of map for the umpteenth time. That has nothing to do with difficulty, it’s simply tedious and a waste of time.

      I can handle difficult games, but I have a very limited tolerance of endless and fruitless repetition.

    • For someone who doesn’t like fruitless repetition you sure are flogging the hell out of that dead horse.

    • How about getting good and not being rubbish. Seriously that’s all part of the charm

    • Can’t wait, quicker means more death!!

    • This article on Games Radar nicely sums up the infantile attitude some display towards anyone who dares find fault in bloodborne.

    • But, my friend, that is the game. If you don’t want to repeat, don’t die. Funny enough, if you don’t want to die, repeat and level up. How many more checkpoints are needed? I can get to any one place within a minute or two from its nearest lantern.

      Criticism of the game is fine, it can be buggy and is plagued with connection issues, the physics portion of your post I can understand. But what you are criticising are the things that make these games so enjoyable for us. From what you’ve described I envision DestinyBorne, complete with a checkpoint before, during, and after every boss and where enemies scale to your level.

      If these games had ever been anything else than what they are, I doubt Bloodborne would even be here, so to wish for anything else is to wish for an entirely different game: they are out there.

    • of course you’re always going to get people defending a game they like, but it’s quite clear that you simply don’t “get” Bloodborne… and that’s fine… but don’t come on here requesting they change the game because you find it too hard or don’t like how it plays when 1000’s and 1000’s of people DO like it…

      to me it sounds like you don’t get it (like I already said) and also aren’t doing it properly… I’m playing it very slowly, I’ve put probably 6-8 hours in or more and I’ve only beaten 4 bosses (2 of which I did on the first try), I’ve been grinding echos, leveling and exploring and enjoying just about every minute of it (as well as learning the mechanics of my weapons and learning how to tell what enemies are going to do)…

      to give some clarity, this is coming from someone who has never played more than 20-30 minutes of a souls game, to me Bloodborne is a lot more accessible or perhaps its the faster paced combat, but either way it’s hooked me in and despite some occasional hiccups its a great game, but it isn’t for everyone and you have to count yourself in that “it’s not for me” group and not make ridiculous posts like this basically asking for an easy mode… this isn’t Hello Kitty Island Adventure, this is Bloodborne… it’s tough, it doesn’t hold your hand, but holy crap when you get it, its great!

    • Clearly, you can’t handle difficult games. The repetition is only endless and fruitless if YOU keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again. Learn from them instead of complaining. Or in other words: git gud. What you’re asking is changing everything that makes Souls games special.

    • Are you just joking? Right? Right?
      Lack of checkpoints? In From Software games there are no such things as checkpoints. Just awakening points(lamps,bonfires).
      This game has the best level design I have ever seen. You know that there are shortcuts right? So you don’t have to repeat the whole level if you die. That’s the beuty of the game’s level design.
      From the closest lamp you can get to most of the bosses under a few seconds if you unlocked the shortcuts.

      And the one hit kill boss moves are for the difficulty. You must be prepared and be cautious because if you make a mistake, you are dead. But honestly there are only a few bosses which can kill you with one hit. In the story there are probably none. You are waaaay too underleveled then.

      Anyways, if you have problem with the game’s difficulty, don’t blame the game, but yourself. If you can’t handle it, it’s not for you and you shouldn’t go even near to From Software games.

    • @Kotatsu2000

      Hi, sad to see that so many are being jerks :(
      But then again I must ask you if you really find it necessary to make a game for everyone?
      Isn’t it ok to actually make a game for a certain type of player? There are already so many games out there that do exactly this. Makes it near impossible to fail and if you fail they insert some sort of invincibility thingamajig. Isn’t so that this can be a great game design aimed at just the type of people that enjoy hard* games? A sad part is that many will probably miss out on the great story that FromSoft is telling but that is also ok. There is a great community out there that can and will help you get “better” if you want to. If you don’t there isn’t much to do but buy another game that perhaps suits your tastes better.
      Once again I’m sorry to see how many have reacted badly to you but know that not all of us in the community is that way. But if you wish to try and “learn” more about Bloodborne may I perhaps recommend you watch EpicNameBro on YouTube, they are friendly there and even help out if needed. VaatiVidya on YouTube also has a few great videos and another favourite of mine, Quelaag. She has started making videos again and you will probably be able to pick up another hint or two there :)
      Also a little tip, if you die at a boss don’t be afraid to just run past all the mobs on the way there, enter, quickly take back your Echoes(SOULS!!) and try a different approach :)
      And once again, sorry to see how many reacted but remember that the quoted gamesradar article also pointed out that it’s ok if you don’t like the game.

      Best Regards Rildiz

      Good luck with Bloodborne!! (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

      *I don’t find it hard but I have tons of experience from previous FromSoft games and I was willing to spend many many hours dying during the PS1/2 and 3 games even the PSP which I barely understood :)

    • Dude, your avatar is ftom Disgaea,mine is too. You can’t complain about repetition.

    • Dammit. Spelling is harder than Bloodborne and it won’t let me edit…

    • Game isn’t as difficult as you describe it to be in fact, it is the easiest of all Souls games in my opinion.This game is meant to be taken nice and slow like it’s predecessors despite being much more fast paced than them.Although it is also quite possible to challenge the game for a speed-run if you have extensive knowledge about the game. With all due respect towards your opinion about the game, the following is my opinion on why the game is fine the way it is.

      First the checkpoints, I believe having too many of them ruins an important aspect of the game: exploration. You are rewarded quite generously for exploring hidden and optional areas. Increasing the amount of checkpoints will also kill another important part of Bloodborne: it’s non-linear progression. Increasing the checkpoints will make the game much more linear. More checkpoints means more hints to where the boss may be, therefore may lead to less exploration because some may be less compelled to explore after learning the boss’ location.

      As for the difficulty spike, as stated previously by a fellow hunter, if geared with proper items and are the appropriate level, there shouldn’t be a noticeable increase in difficulty in advancing into the next area after defeating a boss. Although I admit there is a spike of difficulty in NG+ due to increased damage dealt to you and not by any change of the mobs behaviours or mechanics, therefore it shouldn’t be that much of a difficulty increase if you remember where the mobs and traps are located and proceed with caution.

      Lastly you mentioned getting stuck in the scenery. I think of that as not a flaw in the game’s physics engine, but in fact it working perfectly fine, you don’t phase through scenery because you don’t want to be stuck while in combat do you? You’re stuck because you dodged in the wrong spot and got stuck. Personally I’ve never gotten stuck [Glitch] in the scenery, but I do get stuck when I make a blunder and dodge into obstacles and get my escape blocked off by the mobs I engaged.

      In short, Bloodborne is fine the way it is. It’s appealing and enjoyable to whom it was made for, Souls Series fans such as myself and many others here, therefore it does not have poor set of game design choices. Once again with all due respect, I hope you may find enjoyment in the game and if not, I hope you soon find a game that suits your taste.


    • I am a big souls and bloodborne fan. So when I started reading your post, I thought you were joking. But still, I won’t critizise or make fun of you for your opinion.

      You are right, it is a strange design decision from today’s standpoint, to punish players for not paying attention for a short time and to punish them even more for dying by loosing experience and having to redo long sections. But it’s not a “bad” design decision. It is strange, because most developers fear that their game doesn’t appeal to their audience as soon as they have to redo something. So they make everything simpler or at least give you a checkpoint in almost every new small section of the game, so you can redo your mistake in a bunch of seconds. But actually, what other developers do is a “bad” design-decision. If you fear, your game looses its appeal when you have to redo too much, something is wrong with your game.

      In other words, giving more checkpoints or making parts less difficult to remove the difficulty spikes isn’t fixing the game, but just fighting the symptoms of bad game design. A souls game and Bloodborne, however, have a stellar gameplay that doesn’t get boring when you repeat a part, as every fight is a different experience and requires skill. It wouldn’t be half as thrilling if you could just rewind the last few seconds with no punishment at all. The deeper you get into a new area, the more tension does the game build and the more rewarding it is to get your souls back, or to open a door that opens a new shortcut back to the last checkpoint, or simply to beat a boss. It also adds up to the atmosphere, because, if something in this world looks dangerous it most likely is, while in other games there are moments where an enemy looks like a badass, but is actually a joke. Or you have figured out an overpowered strategy and laugh at any newly introduced enemy, anyway.

      There is also the aspect of true experience in this game. Yes, you loose your souls/blood/experience and progress. But you see your fault, reflect on that and do it better on your next attempt. It is fun to restart a souls game with a new character, because the whole intro which was hard as hell, before now feels easy. If you are good enough you can beat those games without even leveling up. In other games, however, when you die, mostly the game, a mechanic, or the communication between the game and the player is at fault.

    • A; You didn’t research the game style and it’s predecessors before buying it? I did an knew exactly what I was getting into and it’s the best game I have played so far on this generation.

      B: What you call poor design choices are this game’s specific mechanics. Getting stuck in geometry is a tiny bug and has not happened to me once. There is an easy fix to that though: stop rolling into barrels.

      C: If you can’t handle the game, give up, move on and stop bashing the game because you are not skilled enough to play it. Bloodborne is not for the soft gamer. It’s one of the greatest gaming challenges I have experienced and loving every minute because of it.

    • “Infantile attitude”

      Yes, there are perhaps quite many that may have that attitude I’m afraid. At the same time you need to realize that the things you point out isn’t flaws, it’s by design.

      If the game would have the things you want it shouldn’t be the game it is now. Bloodborne rewards exploration and patience. And yes, it’s unforgiving in a wonderful way.

      If you had done your homework before playing this game this wouldn’t be a surprise for you. And by homework I mean reading reviews, checking gameplay videos etc. But the best homework had been by playing Demon Souls or Dark Souls 1.

      Bloodborne is as it is. Don’t play if it doesn’t suit you. It’s just that simple.

    • I wouldn’t echo a lot of the other comments in response to this. Especially I wouldn’t advocate not playing, because the game is really good. It can be frustrating and it can be really slow going, but it can also be awesome! There are plenty of articles out there to help you get started as a beginner and to help understand how to limit the impact of dying. I’ve spent many hours redoing central Yarnham over and over again, to help me level up and understand the game a bit more. I’m still rubbish, but next time I play I’m going to take a different route and use one of the shortcuts I’ve opened, and get to know the rest of that particular map. One day I’m confident I’ll be able to kill the first boss and move on :)

    • This is not the game you’re looking for. Move along.

    • I’m sorry, if there’s one flaw this game doesn’t have, it’s poor game design. And lack of checkpoints? The game is constantly saving, incase you hadn’t noticed. You can quit out of the game at any time, and you can pick up from where you left off. This game has great pacing compared to the first two Souls game in terms of difficulty, if you want insanely difficult, play Dark Souls.

    • Clearly you’ve never played a Souls game. There are more than enough checkpoints… And honestly, I feel like this is the easiest Souls game I’ve played so far… Still enjoying it though.

      There are more than enough checkpoints… You just need to find them. And you need to level up your character so that bosses can’t kill you in one hit. Simple.

    • Kotasu, i’m going to say this nicely, a souls game is a hard and challenging endeavor if you wish to play and easier game go on and do so but to have a game changed just so it’s to your liking is out of the question especially for a spiritual successor to a souls game.

    • The more you strugling the more rewarding the game is, this is souls game and that’s how Fromsoft keep their franchise alive. Actually many said that BB is easier than DS .. one example is on BB healing animation is fast, so its easy to keep survived.

      I assume that you also play disgaea, so you must be know the joy after hours grinding on item world then you finally able to max your character stats.

    • Hello Kotatsu2000
      I am new at bloodborne and I have not played Souls game before.
      I understand your point of you so I suggest you to watch the videos “Let’s Play Bloodborne Walkthrough Guide Thing With EpicNameBro” from EpicNameBro on Youtube.

      he is making a very good guide. And you will learn how to survive very quickly. i personally watch it before going to work and at lunch so I can think of a strategy for my play after going back home.

      We may meet each other on a Pvp so if that’s happen YOROSHIKU

  • -checkpoints are perfectly fine, just find shortucts back
    -difficulty spikes – when game is nonlinear try other options or levelup before trying again
    -get more vitality, or use proper attire for mitigating proper elemental damage

  • my only complaint so far is why leveling up is locked behind 1 insight

    seems really pointless

    • How is this a valid complaint?
      You can easily get 1 Insight by rushing to the Sewers.

    • The point is so you actually have to learn before advancing. You either have to be good enough to get to/beat a boss or to venture down to the farthest corner of the first area and be willing to use an unknown item for unknown mechanics.

    • I wouldn’t say it’s pointless… it’s about 1 point.

    • It’s so easy to gain Insight, though. Hardly a punishment.

  • i dont realy mind the long loads, but this is a great update to have anyway.
    would like to see the ability to travel between white lanterns without having to go to the hunters dream.

    • Unfortunately, Miyazaki is not known for adding new things to his games (without it being DLC that is) so it’s highly unlikely that this will happen.

      What you say would be a new addition to the game rather than it being a bug fix.

    • Totally agree with you! There should be an option with the lanterns to activate it as a new spawn point without having to go to the hunters dream. It’s not a bug fix, but it would hard be dlc either! Just patch it in.

    • Yep, I agree. It would be useful to travel between lanterns.

  • Please patch the chalice dungeon to be easier to play online.

    As far as I can tell, I have to join a room made public by the host.

    HOPE the host is still there

    Hope the host has rang his beckoning bell

    Then ring my own just to play for one of up to 5 bosses, before I get booted back to my world.

    It’s not worth the trial and error, the most replayable and co-op focused part of the game is going to waste here. I don’t even care about loot, I just wanna kill some tough bosses with people. Cheers

    • Also, I can’t find anybody in “Players met” after playing with them online. And my Bloodborne activity on PS4 (trophies, when I’ve played it ect) don’t exist. These issues don’t happen on the US version

    • Ye a big YES to this. Coop and matchmaking needs a major overhaul or atleast a big improvements, because its kinda half baked right now :(

    • Like I commented on another section below, highly unlikely cause they will have to revamp the entire system (how it works etc) and that’s going to be more than just a bug fix.

    • If you go to the Hintertomb Dungeon, you’ll find an item which will let you use the first shrine. Here, you can select to search for people to invade or people to coop with, and you can get summoned to any dungeon as long as you’ve unlocked it before.

      They should have put it somewhere in the main game tbh and not in a dungeon, but that is how it is. I also would like to be able to just continue on after having killed a boss and do the whole dungeon in one go. HEY FROMSOFT, READ THIS STUFF.

  • Please add ability to warp directly from a lamp to another lamp to remove an unnecessary load screen in cases where you don’t need to go to the hub.

    • Unfortunately, Miyazaki is not known for adding new things to his games (without it being DLC that is) so it’s highly unlikely that this will happen.

      What you say would be a new addition to the game rather than it being a bug fix.

  • having to ring the bells is the worst implementation of a “souls” like multiplayer system yet. no thrill to ever get invaded like usual.

    • Agreed but it makes sense, how does the Lore allow for the *searching* of other Hunters and invading them without notice.

      If you ring the bell then you invite them in, it makes sense.

    • I like it.
      I hated that in previous From games that I could’ve been invaded at any time. I don’t want to worry about that.
      Unfortunetly there are locations where a “Bell ringig woman” appears without you ringig your bell.
      Though the “bell ringig woman” seems bugy a little bit. When I ring my Beckoning Bell she doesn’t appear, only when someone friendly’s joined. I tought that she should appear immediatle after I ask for help.

    • I think the bell mechanic is great :)
      And it fits with the story of the game.

      I would like to see a future DLC that offers some kind of “Cosmic Phantasm” bell that allows for random invasions.

  • Should that read 9 *P* m GMT on a non-Friday weeknight?

    • I hope not.

    • The US blog says “1 AM PT” so it probably should be 9 AM. It’s copy-paste from the US blog as always so that’s why it speaks about weeknights and 12h clocks.

    • The US blog says “1 AM PT” so it probably should be 9 AM. It’s copy-paste from the US blog as always so that’s why it speaks about weeknights and 12h clocks.

  • Not really got any problems with the game per se, but I still can not fathom why there is no option to pause the game. It’s been like this since Demon’s Souls… Do I answer the phone call from the wife and die? Or do I ignore who and risk dying in real life. Just think someone should take Hidetaka Miyazki San to one side and inform him that offering gamers the ability to pause games doesn’t make things easier… Just allows me not to annoy the better half quite so much.

    • You answer the phone and die in-game, it’s as simple as that.
      if you can’t take the loss of a death in the game then stop playing right now…

    • Just quit to menu takes like 1 second. Or suspend play.

    • Go to safety and you can answer your phone.
      Or if you are in the middle of a fight, the phone can wait… No one will get hurt because you can’t answer your phone immediatly. They can wait until you call them back.

    • It’s only a game dude. Real life > video games. Pick up the phone, make the call, replay part of the game later. Bloodborne’s a lot of fun, but it’s not important.

    • You are aware that you can’t actually pause the internet and expect millions upon millions of players to wait when you finish your call?

    • Some ppl dont understand the fact that sometimes time is an issue.
      I work two jobs, so if i play i don’t wanne die cause i can’t pause.
      Adding pause is really a simple thing any other game has.

    • just press the playstation home button dude, i always use that as my pause button.

  • it would be nice if you could respawn enemies without going back to hunters dream like in the other souls games

  • Great game, just got the plat a few days ago. That Watchdog in defiled dungeon though…ugh!

    I hope there’ll be some DLC available eventually. Perhaps that is what that closed door near the Cathedral Ward is for? ;)

  • This is all awesome!! But is there any chance of an Eileen fix in the upcoming patch?

    • Indeed, the questline has worked one time in four playthroughs which sucks as the Hunter of Hunters rune is one of the best imo.

  • Load times don’t [MODERATED] me off. Rom the ..(expletive) vacuous spider [MODERATED] me off. One of these days I’ll be dancing on his grave.

    • Rom was one of the easiest boss fights in the game I had.
      I killed first try.
      Just run at it and ignore the spiders.

    • You have got to be joking…. “Run at it and ignore the spiders” that really doesn’t work, unless you’ve been playing for hours and the memory leaks has caused the AI to become thick…

    • Well, finally killed Rom this morning …just love the feeling of finally killing a Bloodborne Boss that has haunted you for days, the Tonitrus worked best for me

  • The elevators guys. Please fix the elevator glitches, that’s made it nearly unplayable for me, and the worst part is that it can’t be fixed unless I restart the game (which I’ve spent about 20 hrs already) and hope I don’t run into it again.

    • Throughout my 200~ hours of gameplay I am still yet to discover any gliches or programming issues with the elevators.

    • What’s the problem with the elevators? I had no issues.
      I read that the elevator is glitchy at Cosmos, but that’s the only one.

    • I got the elevator blitch also, it’s killing the game.

      Many people are reporting this same bug.

  • Please fix the bug that causes elevators to become STUCK. I can’t get down to fight Ebriates and therefore can’t platinum the game.

    • You can try summoning a random or friend when close to the elevator and he/she will spawn at the bottom and can activate it for you.

    • Summoning doesn’t work either. Currently there is no known fix for this glitch.

    • There are a lot of blogs tlking about this glitch that needs attention, I myself got traped by this yesterday playing online. My elevator is stuck at the bottom and will not go up again, can have most of the trophies in one playthrough and this bothers me much because I don’t want to do it in another NG+, please, notify Fromsoftware about this glitch, it is a real pain.

  • nessuno se ne importerà di quel che dico ma certe texture in certe zone sono un colpo in un occhio, come nel caso di certe zone sul tetto di Cainhurst Castel, sono così brutte che sono di certo una brutta distrazione dei programmatori, ci vorrebbe pochissimo ad aggiustarle ma nessuno lo farà; le stesse textures orribili di certe rocce nelle zone basse dei dungeon creati con i calici… E poi il frame rate vomitevole e la linea tozza e orribile delle statue sempre at Cainhurst Castel. I tempi di caricamento invece non sono per niente un problema per me. From Software mi raccomando fregatene di quel che ho scritto. Questo merita chi ama il vostro gioco più di voi evidentemente. Aggiungo anche che in Dark Souls per uccidere i fantasmi erano giustamente necessarie armi maledette… i fantasmi donna di Cainhurst invece si uccidono normalmente con armi normali… per tutte queste cose Dark Souls resterà inarrivabile. FROM SOFTWARE AGGIUSTA I DIFETTI CHE TI HO APPENA ELENCATO, TI PREGO!!!

    • English!

    • Moaning about textures and framerate lol git gud scrub!

    • Aside the angry and provocatory tone, he is complaining about the frame rate issues and the quality of some texture pointing out the zone of Cainhurst Castel’s rooftop(?) and the deepest(?) zones of the chalice dungeon as an example.

    • lol, you’re crying because dark souls 1 required a specific kind of weapon/damage to hit the New Londo ghosts, while you don’t need special kinds of damage to hit the Cainhurst ghosts? What kind of issue/problem is that? They’re not evenr emotely related. Plus this game, when it comes to depth of mechanics/game world, is comparable enough to ds1, and doesn’t have things on par with Izalith/Bed of Chaos….

      lol, ti lamenti perchè servivano armi maledette o l’oggetto della maledizione per fantasmi di Petite Londo mentre non ci sono cose del genere per i fantasmi del castello di Cainhurst? ma che lamentela è scusa? sono giochi diversi, mondi diversi, fantasmi diversi? che cavolo di lamentela è? hahahaha
      che poi bloodborne per quanto riguarda profondità di meccaniche/gioco se la gioca alla parti con ds1, e non ha cose rushate come Izalith/culla del caos; certamente ha problemi e difetti ( in primis i caricamenti, che stranamente per te non sono un problema, vabbe), ma basta fanboysmi su ds1 dai…

  • My number 1 complaint is matchmaking: most of the times it takes AGES to find pvp/coop. Even when my friends and i ring the bells on the same spot it sometimes takes 5 full minutes for us to be connected.

    Also keeping the same coop functions for chalice dungeons is counter intuitive. Noone wants to do a chalice boss in their world AND in someone elses just for both of you to advance in the dungeon.

    Still overall the game is great and i really HOPE there will be dlc with new weapons/armor and more variety in chalice dungeons (they are really similar and not rewarding at the moment).

    • I gave up on coop – I must have spent about ten insight trying to find someoneto help me with tough bosses; but no one has ever shown up :(

  • This is great news. Not sure if this is part of the incoming patch or not however there is the elevator glitch that needs addressing.

    The elevator glitch: Which has been reported in more than just one location seems to affect players depending on how the character leaves the world via teleporting, being summoned ect. It affectively locks the elevator in one position.

    On a separate note from the perspective of easing players into this game I understand (Yet sincerely dislike) the lack of Bell Maidens in the world which offer invasions. As of Dark 2 it seems that invasions are being curved at every opportunity. It would not be in the communities best interest to continue implementing more restrictions onto invasions. The community as a majority enjoy them and the while the minority are more vocal about there distaste for pvp it WAS an aspect of these games that made them enjoyable and added longevity to the games lifespan. It’s also a very unique aspect of the game which is why some of the community love it so much which is the capability of making our own pvp game within the actual game itself.

    With invaders at the disadvantage of hp I don’t see why Bell Maidens shouldn’t spawn at every location, especially since they can be killed quite easily by those that enjoy co op or pve only.

    Events: This is off the topic but I hope there are events for this game like there were in demons souls. Respawning Bell Maidens on Halloween, No Bell Maidens anywhere on Christmas things like that.


    • As you get further into the game the bell maidens become very common there are areas they spawn in pretty much everytime I spawn there after dying and definitely everytime I ring coop bell…

  • A suggestion for an upcoming patch:

    Allow players who have beaten the boss in any particular area, who are ringing their sinister bell, be invaded by others ringing their own sinister bell. At the moment once the boss is beaten it is impossible to find regular PvP as people are not allowed to invade.

    Another change I would also like to see is have Bell Maidens spawn in ALL areas of the game once a player enters New Game+. As it stands there are only 3 areas in the game with naturally spawning Bell Maidens. Players have the choice to play offline or to kill the Bell Maidens if they do not wish to PvP, those who do want to invade are having almost no freedom in the areas in which they can invade…and when they can invade they are always at a 2v1 or 3v1 disadvantage, as well as having a 30% health reduction.

    • allow me to say some people want to play online to play with friends and not be invaded and even with a password some people can still invade if simple enough I see nothing wrong with limiting the pvp areas

  • That’s all well and good, but having Platted the game last Thursday…what use is it to me now?

    • You stop playing games after platinum?

    • No, not always, but upon achieving a Plat there’s usually very little, if anything, left to do. In the case of Bloodborne, I’ve done and seen everything…having spent 100+ hours in the game. I could continue to play to invade/co-op but it’s not something I’d spend generous hours doing now, considering the backlog of games I have. Aside that, it wasn’t really the point I was making. :)

    • Grats on the plat! It seems like you are ready to move on. Well, when you do return to Yharnam once again, (DLC, we all know they are coming), at least the load time and performance will be better.

    • Dude, Congrats.

    • Congrats on the platinum. As for the patch, fortunately for the rest of us who plan to continue playing the game, the patch isn’t in development solely for you. So feel free to move on.

    • Appreciate the Plat congrats, but I’m hardly the only one to get it and by far not the first, but thanks all the same. That’s a fair point Lucius, I suppose if/when dlc arrives I’ll benefit from the patch but I have to comment on the unnecessary and frankly ‘missing the point’ comment from Snugenz…of course the patch isn’t solely for me…who’d have thought eh?! Why even say something so foolish?

      The point I was making is that those that pre-ordered the game, or bought it day one at full price, are being rewarded with a poorer running game than those that wait, and often are able to purchase the game at a discount too…really brings into question why anyone should buy a game at launch, and possibly at full price. This culture of releasing games with bugs/glitches, online issues and other variables is starting to really grate, on not only myself it should be said.

      As for the Plat, point is that I’ve finished the game, found all the secrets, killed all the optionals etc…, the patch is of course welcome, but it’s too late for those that bought the game day one at full price…there are countless people that have Platted this, and many that will have done so by the time this patch is released, given it could still be two weeks away!!

      I’ll be fair and admit that I didn’t really have any great issue with Bloodborne, nothing game breaking, although the load screens were a touch annoying, but if I’m paying full price, day one, for a game I expect it to be running smoothly, and I shouldn’t be all too willing to accept patch after patch to get the game running the way it should have at release.

      I had a great time with Bloodborne, I’ll be back if/when there’s dlc no doubt, and I’m not directing this solely at the game itself, it’s the culture of releasing non-optimised games with a ‘well fix it later’ attitude that is bugging me, and many others. Bloodborne might be extremely low on the guilty scale for this, but there’s no denying that I’d have had a better time with the game if the load screens were snappy instead of constantly waiting 20-40 seconds every time I wanted to go somewhere…which we all know how annoying that can be under certain circumstances.

      I’m happy for the patch, the game is great…but it should have released with these issues already sorted!

  • Spoilers.

    Need elevator glitch fix, the button you step on to activate the elevator is staying depressed for the Ebrietas boss fight, summoning a coop partner doesn’t help fix this because the button won’t come back up and the recall lever doesn’t work. I can’t get two trophies, a chalice, and a gesture because of this since Annalise was killed by Alfred before I gave her a Blood Dreg.

    • Everything else has been a wonderful gameplay experience and I hope the glitch can be fixed soon, the Lunarium key glitch was fixed incredibly fast and I hope this fix is equally doable. Bloodborne is a work of art due to how integrated and immersive the gameplay and lore are, and should not be judged on how it measures against its forebears but on its own merit alone.

  • I’m on NAT 2 here and still haven’t been able to get anyone to join me on bosses. I did get invaded once, though. Sent ’em packing. ;>

    • I carry my cannon so if I get invade they better be good at dodging otherwise nobody has killed me yet.

  • Will this fix the insane frame drops on the Loran Darkbeast? Hair physics are nice but the fight is impossible at 10fps. I’d rather have frames than hair physics.

  • Allow proper co-o. If you want to get anal about doing it disable the trophy’s and or have a sperate character. Next time I see co-op on the cover of a game I’ll have to research it first.I got the plat……. Never play again

    • yes, but trophies are simply throphies platting a game means nothing if you had no fun in doing so.

  • Congratulations, the game deserves it.

    If you’re looking for feedback to improve the game here’s mine:
    – Gameplay balance: canon is OP, make it extremely slower to reload. As it stands, its a PvP cheese. I also feel like 20 blood vials is too much, reduce it to 10 and also reduce the number of cocktails you can carry. I believe this would make the combat better.
    -Content/Secrets: Every Souls game is known for having a secret if you manage to beat tutorial boss. Sadly this isn’t on BB. What if you had a cutscene variation for the first time you got into Hunter’s dream without dying?
    – Minor issues: If you choose long hair, it goes through some costumes. In the elevator next to the cathedral there’s a texture that doesn’t make sense. The hunter below the other one that uses a machine gun should be able to follow you further, I see many players using a AI exploit to beat him.

    I would love to see good DLC content like Artorias of the Abyss.

    • I have to disagree.

      The cannon needs 30 STR to use in the first place, and takes 10 QS bullets per shot to use. When most people will only be able to grt 2 shots off, you realize that It’s not OP.

      20 blood viles is in line with the 20 Estus flasks from Dark Souls. Blood viles do not refill like Estus, and players can completely run out of them. The mechanic is balanced. :)

    • Please fix:

      – Co op, PVP, chalice dungeon connectivity / functionality

    • I think it is fine as is they need not lower vials, or molotovs if a person wants to use a cannon so be it I use it to avoid invaders nothing wrong with that.

  • Fix the horrible framerate and fix the frame-pacing issue!How can anyone play the game with that very bad framerate its beyond me.Dieying because of the difficulty its one thing..but people die on this game because the horrible framerate that dips Bellow 30fps way often and provokes input lag on the controller,not to mention the frame-pacing issues,sutter..!Performance shoud be King on this game and not the graphics,fix the performance even if the graphics get tone down!

  • Online matchmaking is broken plain and simple. The pattern seems to be: start up the game > get 1-3 quick pvp matches (30 sec to 3 minutes in between matching) > then nothing for 20-40 min > 1 fight > wait another 20 min > repeat. NAT settings are not the issue here. PS4 resuming from sleep also not the problem. I’ve seen this confirmed in areas where HUNDREDS of players who are with in level range, have port forwarded and are all ringing their pvp bells are waiting 20 min between connections. PLEASE address this soon. Thank you!

  • I just put together a big list of things I would love to see fixed/added to Bloodborne to improve it. I will include snippets of it here:

    First off here is a list of technical issues I believe should be addressed:

    – Loading times (I don’t think I need to explain this one!)

    – Framerate judder/dips. While nowhere near the level of Dark Souls Blight Town there can be the odd hiccup here and there. It’s nothing severe but it would be a welcome fix none the less.

    – Aliasing/Shimmering. Particularly noticeable on thin objects and geometry such as branches or fences. Not sure if there is a solution for this one as applying more intensive AA methods could potentially make any pre-existing issues with performance even worse.

    – Match making. Everyone (myself included) seems to be having a tough time finding matches (for co-op or PvP). It can be particularly frustrating when trying to co-op a chalice dungeon with a friend. Even after setting a password, using the same chalice glyph, standing in the EXACT same spot and synchronising bell ringing it still doesn’t want to work the majority of the time. I was hoping match making would improve after a few weeks but it still seems to be very inconsistent.

    – Clipping. Ok so this one bugs me in particular but I can understand if you don’t care about it. Basically there are a lot of clothing items (and hair in particular) that clip through one another. Of course this is a natural side effect when a game utilizes cloth physics so lavishly but it can become a bit of an eye saw at times. If you keep any weapon on your characters back and are wearing anything that flows or flaps when you run the clipping can be quite severe at times (e.g Ludwig’s Holy Blade can be particularly bad). Not sure what to suggest that could fix cloth collision but I would really like FromSoft to address hair clipping/collision issues. This is really only going to be a problem if your character has long/shaggy hair (or a beard) and is particularly apparent on anything with a pronounced collar (so basically 90% of all clothes in the game!). – POST CONTINUES IN NEXT COMMENT –


    – There are two potential fixes for the hair clipping/collision issue. One is to disable hair physics when wearing certain items of clothing to prevent clipping when in motion. The other (which leads me onto my next point) is to allow us to edit our characters appearance at any point in the game.

    – So I believe this should be a feature of ANY RPG that allows character creation. There are not many games I can think of that let us alter the appearance of our character after the initial creation process at the start of the game but I desperately want that to change (Dragons Dogma and Fallout 3 are the only two I can remember right now). I feel like FromSoftwares games in particular suffer from this lack of feature because we are stuck with the characters we make for such a long time and are totally unable to tweak their appearance in any capacity.

    Perhaps if we were only allowed to edit/modify our characters hair/facial hair and apparel (such as glasses) then it may be an acceptable compromise. It seems like an easy thing to implement into the game and would even make sense in the context of Bloodborne (giving its dreamlike/lucid setting). There is even a mirror in the Hunter’s Dream workshop where this feature could be added! Either that or put an option in the main menu or even give us the option to alter our characters appearance at the start of new game +… This is one feature I would love to see added (even if it meant purchasing it in the form of a DLC).

    – An option to disable chromatic aberration. This has been a highly requested option among many people and I definitely agree. The main problem with CA in Bloodbornes case is that it seems to emphasise or draw more attention to the aliasing issues I mentioned above. CA adds red/green contrasting colours to the edges of objects (with the intensity increasing the further from the centre). As a result it can make a lot of people dizzy or “blurry eyed” when looking at the edges of the screen. To be honest I don’t find CA totally out of place in a game like Bloodborne, when the game revolves around the concept of dreams and such. But FromSoft should still provide us with an option in the menu to disable it if we choose. – POST CONTINUES IN NEXT COMMENT –


    – More HUD options. Dark Souls 2 introduced a brilliant new optional feature where the HUD would minimize after a few seconds of inactivity. The HUD would remain in its minimized form until you pressed the attack button (if I recall correctly) so for the most part when you were just running around the HUD would remain compact and discreet. Unfortunately this feature wasn’t carried over into Bloodborne which only gives us two options for the HUD, all on or all off. It would be great if they could add an auto hide/minimize feature for the HUD or even just provide an opacity/transparency slider (which would REALLY help with screen burn in!).

    – Photo/Filter mode. I really don’t expect this to ever come to Bloodborne but after seeing it being added to games like Infamous Second Son, The Last of Us Remastered and more recently The Order 1886 I can’t help but feel every current gen game should have this feature. I know given the “always online” functionality of FromSoftwares games it may not be suitable but there is no reason they couldn’t make it an offline mode only feature.

    – Add item info on loading screens. This one is really odd, for some reason they decided to make Bloodbornes loading screens as bare as possible with just the games logo on display. In past Souls games we were treated to item descriptions or even images of NPCs in the case of Demon’s Souls. They always made the loading times slightly more bearable as we had something to read at least. But given how long Bloodbornes loading times can be it just makes the decision to remove any reading material for players all the more perplexing. I understand if they want to remove the risk of any spoilers to the games plot but surely they could have given us something to keep us occupied considering how much we are staring at that black screen and Bloodborne logo.


    • The HUD in BB is much, much more discreet as a whole compared to any of the other FromSoft games, taking up far less of the screen but still managing to be very informative and accessible when needed. The “inactive HUD” feature is one that doesn’t need to be implemented at all. I do like the suggestion of an opacity slider though, just to be able to clean it up to preference would be nice.


    Now I will move onto suggestions for possible gameplay improvements:

    – Make lamps function like bonfires did in Dark Souls. So in Dark Souls each and every bonfire you encountered would allow you to rest and restock supplies (while re-spawning all enemies), repair your weapons, access your storage box, level up and warp from bonfire to almost every other bonfire. This was such a convenient system and it puzzled me greatly why it was later removed in Dark Souls 2 and Bloodborne. I understand that you didn’t have any specific NPC like the Maiden in Black, Emerald Herald or Doll that would handle levelling up in Dark Souls. But it feels odd to refine the system after Demon’s Souls then go back to the old system for DS2 and BB. Ideally they could find a way to balance it so that it gives us the convenience of Dark Souls bonfires with the character interaction of the other games. I really like those NPCs in the other games but you just can’t argue with the sheer convenience Dark Souls system brought to the table. Perhaps the best case scenario is if the Doll still retained her purpose as the levelling up NPC and the lamps granted all the remaining features (resting/restocking, repairing, storage, warping). With such long loading times the ability to just warp from lamp to lamp without having to go back to the Hunter’s Dream first would be a particularly welcome addition.

    – An item that lets us respec our points. This one’s very straight forward, Soul Vessels in Dark Souls 2 let us reset our characters assigned skill points and change them how we saw fit. I thought this worked well in DS2 as Soul Vessels were very hard to come by so the respec process couldn’t be done continuously. An item similar to the Soul Vessel would be very welcome in Bloodborne and could be used via the Doll.

    – An item that lets us respawn bosses. Again just like another item in Dark Souls 2, Bonfire Aesthetics let you respawn the boss of that area while pushing that entire area into NG+ (or further). It also made certain items and enemies respawn such as crystal lizards which made material farming SO much easier (I’m looking at you Dragon Aerie!). We should therefore we allowed to apply this item to any lamp we encounter in the game so that it functions just like the Bonfire Aesthetics.



    – Button remapping. Specifically an option to change the input for certain commands such as jumping. This is only a niggling issue but it wouldn’t hurt given the fact that we were allowed to swap the jump command to L3 in DS2.

    – Unique visceral attacks/executions for each weapon type. Ok so this one will definitely not be added in any updates (or DLC either probably) but maybe for the inevitable sequel. The visceral “claw gut wrench” attack is pretty fun to pull off in Bloodborne but just imagine how much cooler it would be if each weapon (including guns) had its own unique execution. Although considering the fact that nearly every weapon has an alternate form this may require too much work. Maybe we could have one for slashing weapons, blunt weapons, thrust weapons and guns?

    Right that’s all the improvements and fixes I can think of for now but please contribute by suggesting what else could be added or changed to make the game even better.

    • Button remapping is already a feature that is built into the PS4 as of the last QoL patch. So it need not be implemented into the game at all seeing as how the system handles that part already.

      A lot of these features that you suggested while some good, some questionable and others I feel unnecessary most will not be implemented into the game at any point in it’s life-cycle. A lot of the features you mentioned would almost require redevelopment of the game from the core. Eg, Bonfire Aesthetics, Lantern interaction almost removing the need for the Hunter’s Dream as a central hub and chromatic aberration.

      I like how you’re passionate about BB and how it can improve though, it shows how much you are into it and how much you care about it.

  • Eileen the Crow did not appear in my game at all please fix this bug. I now have to start new game+ to get her gear.

  • Pls fix the bug that you will get instakilled from moon presence as a phantom. Its annoying

    • This is a story-based game mechanic. Sounds like you need get more “Insight” (Bloodborne’s version of ‘humanity’) to be able to see it.

  • Will this patch fix the elevator (lift) near a certain optional boss? I’ve been waiting to beat the game until I can defeat this boss, but the lift is stuck and there is no other way to access it.

  • Please fix Ebrietas elevator bug !!! :(

  • Please address the Altar of Despair elevator bug, along with all the other elevator bugs.

  • If im repeating what someone else has said then im sorry…with that being said this message is void if the patch fixes this issue.

    The level gap for finding players seems to be too small in my opinion. I LOVE this game and i play it with a friend and he seems to have more time than i do which causes him to almost always be ahead of me by quite a few levels. I have trouble staying withing 10 levels especially when leveling up cost 100k+ blood. When i try to connect to anyone else, either its part of the netqork issue that is being addressed with the new patch, or the community just doesnt level past this point, or im out of range of other players which would really disappoint me considering there should be 1mil other players. Please consider increasing the gap just a little possibly??

  • Please look into the effect of the camera auto correct function. When entering a nightmare fog with camera auto correct off the FPS will dip to almost 1 to 2 FPS for up to 20 seconds and then recover. When the camera auto correct is enabled there is no loss of FPS entering the nightmare fog. This may be true elsewhere when fog is present, but is extreme when zoning into a boss battle after a death.

  • Sounds good. I shelved the game to go back to Dark Souls 2, I’ll wait a little longer for this patch before I go back. I want to re-roll anyway.

  • Please fix ‘Lost Connection … returning to main menu’ issue. It happens 9/10 attempt when using red or small resonant bell !!! Its an annoying bug.

  • I found a nasty bug. I killed Amygdala in story mode and it did not unlock the trophy and did not give me the chalice she drops or the chalice trophy. Anyone else have this huge problem?

  • “We’re continuing to monitor popular communities and forums for feedback, in addition to the comments below, so please share any other issues or questions you may have.”

    If you ask:

  • First and foremost, I’d like to thank Hidetaka Miyazaki, Sony, the teams at FromSoftware, Japan Studios and anyone else involved in making this game a reality! Demon’s Souls was my very first Platinum trophy, I often feel the same satisfaction in playing this game as I did with Demon’s Souls. Dark Souls as well and thanks for Dark Souls II on PS4; it may have been my least favorite but still very enjoyable on PS4.

    I love how Bloodborne feels like a mix of Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls, when it comes to the world design and layout. Many people complain that warping to the Hunter’s Dream is a unnecessary step, those people “imo” have either forgot or never played Demon’s Souls. The only difference is that Demon’s Souls had many of the games NPC’s in the Nexus, which made it interesting when traveling back. I have yet to beat Bloodborne but have only interacted with two NPC’s so far, and many of the Nexus’s secrets would unravel accordingly, whereas in Bloodborne I have yet to encounter much change as of now. I’m pretty far in but am not expecting too much of a change.

    I’m really pleased with Bloodborne, difficulty and all, and am wondering if there’s any DLC in the works?

    I know that Artorias of the Abyss wasn’t planned DLC, as Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls were complete games, but I’m crossing my fingers because Artorias of the Abyss was more like an expansion, not DLC. That was a smart move finishing that DLC even though it cost Miyazaki his major roll in Dark Souls II but lead to Bloodborne. Funny how things work… Sorry for the rant everyone but I’m loving this game way too much to not say my piece!

  • You should probably fix the nasty Bug about the Elevators – for example the Elevator glitch at lumenflower Garden, its stuck so many Player cant take the Boss anymore except newgame+ This is destroying the whole Game experience. I am also waitin for the fix so that i have all Chalices and all Bosses taken before ng+.

    I hope you noticed this Bug already

    Best Regards

  • Please fix:

    – Co op, PvP, Chalice Dungeon connectivity / functionality

  • The loading times haven’t diminished my enjoyment of the game, though I feel that loading tips or item descriptions would have been good, like in DS as at least you have something to read then and it often helped me understand things about the game a bit more.

    For me the framerate is the biggest issue. It’s almost unplayable in coop with 2 other players most of the time. Even in single player it gets pretty choppy here and there and I’ve had hits not registering because of it. Rarely, but still. Personally I would have sacrificed the little messengers for better overall performance. Maybe that’s not how it works but it seems to me they use a lot of memory that would be better used elsewhere. There was nothing wrong with the old messages and bloodstains IMO. Not to mention the fact that the bloodstains often don’t work anyway!

    I’ve seen a few bugs with enemies getting stuck in the air, or floating about. Even hitting me through the floor when they are floating in a room underneath – Old Yharnam just down the first set of steps in particular.

    I’ve had a few crashes. The main one I remember was that the Frontier headstone became available before I found any of the lamps there. I clicked on it and it crashed.

    next comment…

    • I can only speak for myself but I have never noticed any issues with the framerate. Doesn’t matter if I use Beckoning Bell, Small Resonat Bell etc. Me and a friend also co-op quite often together and he has no issues either. We haven’t noticed anything neither on our way to a boss, in a boss fight or when we get invaded. So even in co-op when we are three players in total we can’t notice any difference.
      Only thing this far is that it can take a couple of minutes before we find each other after ringing the bells, but once teamed up it runs fine.

      Can’t explain why it works fine for me and not for you, but can it perhaps be an issue combined with latency? We have at minimum 10/10 fiber connections and using switches instead of routers etc. I know that framrate and lag isn’t the same thing but if there are some issues with the framrate, everything will propably get more bad if latency issues also are added to the mix.

      We have of course not tested every single are yet, and this may perhaps change things, but we have come quite far in the game and no issues yet.

      No expert, just a thought :)

  • I don’t mind not warping between lamps, but not being able to reset the enemies and your health etc for grinding is such a pain. As other people have said, it was one of my least favourite things for Demon’s Souls that FROM fixed and made much better for DS. Can’t see why they would go back to this system personally. Same goes for storing and repairing, especially with no repair items!

    I know it won’t be changed as it’s a whole UI system but the blood gem system is so bad. They look crap and you just end up with so many things that look the similar and aren’t organised very well. It’s just a very irritating system that seems deliberately awkward and unintuitive. Likewise I miss the rings which have been changed for the Runes. I miss being able to change between these as I go through the world. I’m the kind of person who changes armour and rings depending on enemies, coop, bosses etc and I can’t see why the designers put this shoddy system in place. It’s not terrible, but the fact that the one you have selected for each slot is not greyed out in the next slot is a bit irksome. They don’t even look particularly cool like the rings did.

    I also have the problem with not seeing player’s met when I’m playing coop with strangers, though other people have sent me messages.

  • As a Demon’s and original Dark Souls long time player with hundreds of hours in those games utilizing online, mainly for pvp, my biggest concern right now is the online for bloodborne. Load times are bad, but imo not as bad or as urgent as fixing the matchmaking system/online. What kept those games more or less running after the initial 2-3 weeks was the online aspect. The main content is amazing for bloodborne, probably my favorite of the games, however its online connectivity is garbage in comparison and NEEDS to be fixed, ASAP!

    Connecting to the servers isn’t the problem, from what you might think by adding all the NAT/ports talk. Connecting to other players is the problem, both design wise and actual connectivity wise. I have NAT 2. Always connected to PSN. Always connected to servers. I see messages fine. I see bloodstains fine. I see ghost fine. The thing I can’t do is A, co-op with ease in less then 2 min, and B, invade or get invaded with ease in less than 2 min. Dark Souls was the definition of online fun after its patch 1.05. Constant invasions. Always summoning signs near boss doors for almost every boss. Darkroot Garden was a HAVEN for pvp, literally nonstop invasions, one after the other thanks to the covenant system there.

    Bloodborne doesn’t have this. It takes 5-10 minutes at the MINIMUM to invade or summon someone, sometimes it takes 20 min+ for 1 match to go through. I can live with 40 second load times, I can’t live with 10+ minutes of just waiting around trying to invade someone, or summon someone to help me with a boss at the correct level in the area (lv60 frontier, lv80 mensis). Password summoning is faster but that still takes time to search for people who want to help rather then like in DS you’d simply see a sign and summon them. The game’s online is going to die out if you don’t fix it soon From/Sony, for those that have beaten the game, created multiple characters to pvp with, the only thing for us to do is multiplayer pvp yet can’t because the servers are horrible, and the conditions of invading/summoning/ringing bells is bad. Make it so Bell maidens appear in other stages besides nightmares. Cathredral ward, hemwick in day, cainhurst, forbidden forest, etc. Make them RESPAWN. MAKE THEM SPAWN IN THE AREA EVEN AFTER A BOSS IS DEFEATED! The only way as an invader to invade is solely reliant on these bell maidens, which only 3-4 areas actually have them by default. Please fix this issue ASAP!!!! TY <3

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