Looney Tunes Galactic Sports arrives on PS Vita later this year

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Looney Tunes Galactic Sports arrives on PS Vita later this year

Go for gold in a variety of zany sports

Greetings, earthlings, Today I would like to share with you some details on a new title, that the brilliant team over at Virtual Toys are currently putting the finishing touches to.

Coming soon, exclusively to PlayStation Vita, Looney Tunes Galactic Sports will bring everyone’s favourite Looney Tunes characters together, including; Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Taz and Wile E. Coyote to name just a few.


Hosted by the notorious Marvin the Martian, the Galactic Sports takes place on (and above) his home planet of Mars.

Spread across ever increasingly fiendish torments, these intergalactic athletes will get set to compete in a variety of zany sports. Race to the finish line in Space Races, take aim in Galactic Archery or duke it out in Space Boxing.

As well as going for gold, these Looney Tunes will be setting their eyes on earning some invaluable XP. Earning XP will unlock new Looney Tunes characters, which each have their own set of particular skills.

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These sports are not all solo events however, team up with your friends and take advantage of the PlayStation Vita system’s ad hoc mode to compete against each other.

To tip the odds in your favour, there are an assortment of gadgets (thankfully provided by the ACME corporation) which can be unlocked. Compete in events, collect coins and XP, then speed your way to the ACME Shop to buy gadgets for your inventory.

Looney Tunes Galactic Sports will launch exclusively for PlayStation Vita later this year, keep an eye on PlayStation Blog for more details, but for now at least “That’s all folks!”.


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  • Neat, but doesn’t seem to interesting to me.

    How did you guys get the Looney Tunes license for video games by the way?

    Anyway, I wish you a lot of success with this game. The PS Vita is amazing and one of the best PlayStation systems ever made. I’d say it’s the 2nd best PlayStation system ever made! :)

  • And honestly, with all respect towards SCE and Virtual Toys (developer of this game) developer I’d prefer if SCE didn’t publish low-budget mediocre licensed games like this and Muppets Move Adventure. I want the SCE publishing label to be associated with high-quality for which I know SCE. :)

    Leave the rushed, licensed game business to Activision. ;)

  • Though of course high-quality licensed games are always welcome.

    Though it doesn’t seem like Virtual Toys has a rich history of making acclaimed, high-quality games based on popular IP’s. I see SCE published licensed games developed by Virtual Toys before (like Cars 2 on PSP, Geronimo Stilton on PSP, Phineas and Ferb on PSP)

    From a consumer point of view, it’s a bit of a shame to see potentially interesting IP with underdeveloped, sub-par games.

    • Though I see Cars 2, and Phineas and Ferb on consoles is published by Disney Interactive and Cars 2 on PSP by SCE.

      Hmm, does SCEE have publishing rights for various handheld games based on Disney licenses?

      I’m just curious. :)

    • Edit: and Cars 2, Geronimo Stilton, Phineas and Ferb don’t seem like all that bad actually. Sorry for pre-judging a bit too much. Might purchase those games one day, but not in a rush at the moment.

  • This looks totally Looney!! I’m in. Give me nice hijinks from my childhood and I’m all set :)

  • Are you guys really making a Looney Tunes sports game and not including basketball? There was a fairly popular movie about that …

    I’ve seen some release dates listing this for next month. That can’t be true, right?

  • madmanwithabox12

    Not to be that guy, but is this what Sony XDev thinks is going to help Vita gain traction? Free to play iOS games like Run Sackboy Run and low budget licensed exclusives for kids? Surely they could pool their resources and give us something substantial using one of the many dormant SCE IP like MediEvil, Parappa the Rapper, Patapon or Syphon Filter?

    • To be clear, as you can tell by the author that wrote this blog post; SCE London Studio is doing the production management for this game, not SCE XDev Studio Europe. ;)

      I don’t think they expect the PS Vita to gain a lot of tractions, but they probably try to reach some more casual/mainstream players to the PS Vita with licensed games.

      For Run Sackboy Run: confession, I kind of play it regularly and it’s kind of a bit addictive. :) I think it’s a well-made game. Not original as far as automated, endless runners go, but it’s well-made and enjoyable. :)

      Going by the number of downloads and the ratings on the Google Play Store, it’s a commercial success as well. (>1 million downloads) Nothing wrong with bringing it to PS Vita as well. :)

  • Very cool, love it!
    More AAA games please, Sony!

  • Will this be getting a retail release? Or too early to say?

  • Good luck with this, it looks horrible. Why not fund and publish some worthwhile games for the Vita instead of shovelware-looking games that like iOS trash from 4 years ago? You have a whole catalogue of IP that could make great Vita games, if you actually put in an effort!

    Sony pretty much abandoned the Vita after launch. Sure it’s gotten a few ok games, but nothing that’s selling systems. Anywho, it’s probably too late now and I’ll enjoy the occasional quality indie that show up the ol’ Vita. But Sony made sure their system ended up the way it did.

    Such potential, ruined by Sony themselves through utter lack of good support. KZ Mercenary still shows what the Vita is capable of. Imagine some well designed RPGs etc. utilizing the Vita properly. Portable Souls or Bloodborne spin-off anyone? But Sony doesn’t care…

    Vita means life, but it sadly never got to live.

    • I somewhat agree.

      However, SCE made one of the best PlayStation game systems ever with the PS Vita ever. And they made the best handheld video gaming system ever. They deserve credit for that.

      (and before people say Nintendo handhelds, YES YES I know, I played Gameboy Colour, Game Boy Advance, have a DS lite, DSi. I still prefer PSP and PS Vita to all of Nintendo’s handhelds. I don’t have a 3DS, so I can’t compare fairly with that, but from what I tried the display looked horrible and the form-factor is just not as ergonomic as PS Vita)

      However, in my humble opinion, it’s hard to blame SCE when they delivered an amazing handheld for a market that is just not all that big. It’s a bit of a fan-service device to me, and I’m very grateful for that.

      I’m very happy that SCE made sure their amazing handheld ended up the way it did. I have such a rich backlog of PS Vita/PSP/PS1 games that I still want to play so it’s going to last me for years and decades! :)

      Portable Souls or Bloodborne spin-off doesn’t make much sense business-wise. Huge production cost, small market. But yeah they could try. Since most of PS Vita’s market is core gamers and Bloodborne caters really to core gamers, maybe it could work in terms of business. But I’m not sure.

      I agree, maybe they could still try to produce some games with low-production costs for PS Vita so that the risk is low. I’m thinking a new Patapon game maybe. Or just Pub Fund games like Axiom Verge, Severed. I’m fine with that.

    • Vita might be the best designed handheld, hardware wise, but you’re on another planet if you think it has the best software library.

      I don’t see how you can blame anyone other than SCE for Vita’s failure. Look at the list of best selling PSP games. How many of those series are on Vita? Almost none of them. Imagine how PS4 would’ve sold had Grand Theft Auto, Gran Turismo, Final Fantasy, Metal Gear Solid, etc. all had 0 prospects of being released on the machine? Not very well, I imagine.

      Souls games only became expensive once they became popular. Prior to that games like King’s Field and even Demon’s Souls were produced on small budgets. Vita being a semi-popular platform in Asia would easily recoup the cost of that development, but Sony only cares about PS4 so that won’t happen.

    • @ gerneric123

      I’m fine with the software library on PS Vita.

      It covers my video games itches so I’m satisfied. The limiting factor to play PS Vita games for me, is my monetary income I’m able to spend on video games (I’m a student for the record), not the amount of games available on PS Vita.

      And yeah, I agree, they could try to do a smaller budget Bloodborne spin-off if Bloodborne is popular in Japan and Pacific Asia, but I’m just not sure. They have to find a good developer as well and controls need to be very good.

      I don’t think a GTA, Gran Turismo, Final Fantasy, Metal Gear Solid would have changed for the commercial success of PS Vita. Yes, it would have a sizeable impact and it could have increased the PS Vita sales with 10% to 50% maybe. But you clearly need to analyze the market well. Maybe I’m being an armchair analyst here, but it’s clear that a lot of the people who had PSP’s are now satisfied with iOS/Android for gaming on the go (anecdotal evidence: I know a lot of my acquitances who had PSP’s are now playing iOS/Android games for on-the-go gaming). The market for dedicated handheld video games has just significantly decreased. Mainstream gamers aren’t really interested in handhelds anymore, and the small subset who are, are drawn to 3DS because they can recognize Mario and Pokémon there. SCE doesn’t have an IP as recognizeable as Mario/Pokémon.

      I’m still very happy with SCE and the PS Vita, personally. :D

    • Just have a small team within From make it. The company that owns them, Kadokawa, has no issue with Vita and back in the day From used to make PSP games.

    • If it was never going to get support to begin with then it should’ve been based on the android OS so at least then we could’ve had the vita games coupled with everything on the googleplay store. Instead of what little has been put there now and is even having support taken away when it hasn’t been on the market that long like youtube.

  • YES! Bring back MediEvil :P

  • Also in addition to maybe a new Patapon, I’d like to see sidescrolling / 2D platforming games on PS Vita. Can be on PS4 as well, but I’d like it on PS Vita as well.

    That kind of games doesn’t have huge production costs usually, but are tremendously enjoyable for me and probably for a lot of PS Vita players as well! I wouldn’t mind more Pub Fund games like Guacamelee! Or first-party funded sidescrolling games. I’d love to play more good platformers/metroidvanias on PS Vita!

    • madmanwithabox12

      I can’t believe we haven’t even got games like Mega Man 9 & 10 on Vita. Or the Sonic remasters. Or… well, anything from an established franchise really. We’re getting Shantae and Oddworld this year, that’s about it. =/

    • @madmanwithabox12
      What about Octodad and Resident Evil Revelations 2?

    • I’m talking about 2D games. And I wouldn’t really call Octodad an established franchise. It’s had one game on PS4 that some people liked.

  • Come on guys since when we stoped playing games because they dont have ultra realistic graphics? I still remember the good old days where we played for fun and not eye candys. At least they are giving us exclusive games and thats enought for me. Still rember playing bugs lost in time, looked line crap but fun has hell.

    If the dev is seeing the comments i have one request and one question- can the game have atlest portuguese texto and is Lola bunny present in the game?

    Hope to see more of the game :)

    • madmanwithabox12

      I don’t think people are concerned about the graphics as much as the game being garbage-tier shovelware the like of which most of us haven’t seen since the PS2.

    • You haven’t even played it and you’re calling it garbage. At least wait until you see some videos of it in action before you judge it so harshly.

      I’m looking forward to seeing more and hoping it will be something I want to add to my already too large library of Vita games. But then again that’s because I like to be positive about my hobby.

      I wish there were more Vita owners like me….

    • @Deicides Couldnt say better. If i went for what everyone said about Resistance BS i wouldnt had had the fun i haded playing, loved the story. My brother said rogue legacy was cr@p becausw it looked like cr@p and then he tried the game. He freaking plays the game EVERY SINGLE DAY!

      what i meen to say his dont judge a book by its cover

    • @miguel_fabio

      Yeah you’re right. I apologize for pre-judging the game a bit too much. (in the 2nd post on this page) :)

      When I was younger there were various games like this that I loved. Like Toy Story 2 the video game. :) And like Donald Duck: Going Quackers.

  • yes! A huge chunk of my childhood was spent watching looney tunes. Sold!

  • A #psvita exclusive? Am i deaming or what? You got my attention by this. Now, all i need is a playable game with nice trophy list and i m all for loooooooony tunes. Its been long since we had any vita exclusive, so, guys we ought to support it if we want to prove sony wrong that vita games are loss making ventures.

    • The latest Vita exclusive was released this week: Monster Bag. Before that it was Oreshika in early March. That’s ignoring anything from Japan. How has that been a long time? ;P

  • Yes now we’re talking!

  • Seems rather underwhelming announcements like this to do with the Vita considering the continued erosion of support for software (youtube as a recent example we should be getting more apps not less), the closing of the mobile store and more. If Sony are trying to actively kill off the platform your doing a good job guys.

  • I think its a good idea for Sony to go towards the kid market, As kids don’t care about the graphics etc, And I bet there’s loads of parents not liking the idea of having a phone to play around with.

    I would like more mature AAA software but understand it needs more more support, maybe this approach may give that

  • Where is resident evil revelations 2 ?? no news since it was announced in Dec it’s out on all other platforms

    • It is coming this Spring. According to Gio Corsi on Twitter, development is going well.

      Spring lasts until the 21th of June, so there’s still some time left. Maybe it could be delayed to summer, but well like I said it’s coming together well acorrding to Gio Corsi (producer of Resident Evil Revelations 2 PS Vita version).

  • Is it confirmed it’s getting a retail release?

  • I was looking for the keyword: touch screen. This post doesn’t tell me whether this is traditional stick(s) and buttons control or touch screen/rear touch pad. It looks as if it’s a Move game and would play better with such control. Given this is Vita, obviously Move is out. So how is it controlled? Honestty I feel that touch and stick will both not play well.

  • Not really sure what to think about this. Maybe taking the Nintendo DS approach will work (fantastic innovative games periodically with literally hundreds of licensed shovelware games a month to keep sales and interest at the expense of upsetting your hardcore fanbase) but Sony need to make sure the Vita gets more “adult” “AAA” games or at least a couple of decent yearly entries (a COD that wasn’t rushed, a fifa with effort put in).

    Saying that this could be fantastic. The golden age of licensed games (the Disney Capcom games of the early 90’s) is long gone but there have been a few good ones since. It would be nice for the Vita to get something with a known name and good reviews. Mine is used for JRPGs and to play my PS4 while the TV is in use mainly.

    Who thinks an Infamous or the Last of Us prequel should be on Vita?

  • I could get into this for a couple hours … but it looks like a collection of mini-games so I hope it’s priced sensibly.

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