Suikoden I and II arrive on PlayStation Store today

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Find out why – should any reason be needed – you need to play these classic JRPGs

I remember my young self hanging around my local video game store in 1997 and picking up a game with a name I could not pronounce. I remember starting up my PlayStation and beginning a long and fantastic journey in the Scarlet Moon Empire, a journey that changed my life as a gamer. The experience of playing Suikoden hasn’t changed and will still affect you, in the best way possible.

Rejoice RPG fans! The day has finally come! The two classic JRPGs from Konami are back today on the European PlayStation Store for you to discover or replay.

Respectively released in 1997 and 2000 in Europe, Suikoden I and II are amongst those titles that will fascinate you for hours with great character, mesmerising music, captivating battles and an intriguing plot involving corruption, political mischief and honour!


The story of the two titles has unique depth and will involve you emotionally and intellectually. To summarise and let you discover the subtlety of Suikoden I and II’s background by yourself, the two games let you play as a young man who is tasked to end the war and restore peace in his land. To do so, you will explore the Northern Continent and recruit 108 heroes, the “Stars of Destiny”, to join your cause and gather your own army. Combat involves either a six character party or vast armies battling on a huge scale requiring a clever use of strategy and magic to bring victory.

I could talk for hours about all the great things in Suikoden I and II but I’d rather let you play these two amazing titles right now and discover the magic behind Suikoden for yourself.

Having the first two titles of the Suikoden franchise available to all PlayStation players in Europe is a release to celebrate and it would not have been possible without a community as great as the Suikoden Revival Movement.

This group of passionate people has been very active making their fellow gamers and the rest of the world aware of the fantastic Suikoden titles and the importance of having them back on PlayStation consoles. Through various initiatives such as art contests, cosplay reunions and their annual Suikoden Day, these dedicated fans show their passion in the best way possible and their work has now been rewarded. You are more than welcome to join the Movement and share your love for Suikoden with them.

Download Suikoden I and II today for the best RPG experience ever! Rejoice people, the future is bright!

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