Suikoden I and II arrive on PlayStation Store today

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Find out why – should any reason be needed – you need to play these classic JRPGs

I remember my young self hanging around my local video game store in 1997 and picking up a game with a name I could not pronounce. I remember starting up my PlayStation and beginning a long and fantastic journey in the Scarlet Moon Empire, a journey that changed my life as a gamer. The experience of playing Suikoden hasn’t changed and will still affect you, in the best way possible.

Rejoice RPG fans! The day has finally come! The two classic JRPGs from Konami are back today on the European PlayStation Store for you to discover or replay.

Respectively released in 1997 and 2000 in Europe, Suikoden I and II are amongst those titles that will fascinate you for hours with great character, mesmerising music, captivating battles and an intriguing plot involving corruption, political mischief and honour!


The story of the two titles has unique depth and will involve you emotionally and intellectually. To summarise and let you discover the subtlety of Suikoden I and II’s background by yourself, the two games let you play as a young man who is tasked to end the war and restore peace in his land. To do so, you will explore the Northern Continent and recruit 108 heroes, the “Stars of Destiny”, to join your cause and gather your own army. Combat involves either a six character party or vast armies battling on a huge scale requiring a clever use of strategy and magic to bring victory.

I could talk for hours about all the great things in Suikoden I and II but I’d rather let you play these two amazing titles right now and discover the magic behind Suikoden for yourself.

Having the first two titles of the Suikoden franchise available to all PlayStation players in Europe is a release to celebrate and it would not have been possible without a community as great as the Suikoden Revival Movement.

This group of passionate people has been very active making their fellow gamers and the rest of the world aware of the fantastic Suikoden titles and the importance of having them back on PlayStation consoles. Through various initiatives such as art contests, cosplay reunions and their annual Suikoden Day, these dedicated fans show their passion in the best way possible and their work has now been rewarded. You are more than welcome to join the Movement and share your love for Suikoden with them.

Download Suikoden I and II today for the best RPG experience ever! Rejoice people, the future is bright!

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  • Can we please have PSOne Classics and PS2 Classics sections?

    • You expect SCEE team to do something good for PSN? Look… since they changed layout to this current metro-like thingy they didn’t do a single rational thing for PSN.

      There were PSX and PS2 sections before, there was even Import section… everything good was removed…. because why not

    • I prefer if they worked on some sort/delete options for the downloadlist first .. before working on the store layout

    • @Basket21
      Well it is not matter of simple layout. Everything about PSN is plain bad. It is actually hard to believe how company, that want to promote or in many cases even force people to digital only route, can’t even do a proper shop page.

      If you are using PSN from the early PS3 times… than good luck on finding anything in your backlog. And yes you do need to access the backlog because some of games were removed from PSN and other are invisible from the level of browser. Why they didn’t introduce something which would resemble GoG or Steam page… I dunno.

      Lack of good sections is another thing… instead of the good sections they gave us… hmm… discover section… is anyone even using that plain bad section? Or this recommendation which encouraged me to by The Evil Withing just because I had Theme Hospital in my backlog -.-

      Not to forget about the download speed…. ugh…. on PS3 it is bad… like 3-5x worse than on PC… On vita it is like 15-20 times worse than on PC.

    • Archacus being overly negative about ANYTHING? And indeed a post on the arrival of Suikoden I and II on 4 platforms? What a shock!!!!!

    • @andrewsqual
      You never change do you? Well there are some crusaders like you who must slay all infidels, because if they wouldn’t protect their deity they would feel bad. Well that’s how fanboys works.

      Not that I will every treat you seriously, frankly speaking I would treat even a poodle’s opinion more seriously than I treat yours. Even if you would think that PSN works bad you wouldn’t admit it because you love to show your hatred towards my humble person. Ow well… that’s how world works, some people never change.

      If there is something which needs praising I praise, if there is something which needs criticsm I criticize. Simple as that.

    • He’s not being overly negative, he’s speaking the absolute TRUTH and it’s just ridiculous that the new PSN store has not only gone completely backwards but stayed that way since it’s been introduced. I thought maybe in 1-2 months they’d figure it out, but it’s been more like 1-2 years and it’s an absolute, broken, convoluted mess, after all this time.

    • They so need to sort out this shop. It’s especially bad on Vita, where hardly anything loads, it’s full of broken graphics, and to get the games you bought, you need to scroll through (in my case, hundreds of) items on your download list that aren’t even downloadable on Vita.

      If this helps at all – go on the PSN website, click on “Games” then “All games”, you can then check boxes to select only PS1 and PS2 games.

      Here’s a link, I’m not sure whether it’ll work for you though:!/en-gb/all-games/cid=STORE-MSF75508-FULLGAMES%7Cgame_type~psone_classics%2Cps2_classics%7C

    • And just for the record, around the time PSN crapping out in October or whenever the first attack was, I managed to half-assedly load my download list on the PS3 store, where I couldn’t scroll down or see anything, but Sort options showed up at the bottom. So uh…. it seems like they’re at least somewhat programmed in, but only available to be SEEN via a glitch. As for using them? That’d be too much trouble.

    • The bigger question is why were they removed in the first place. Ridiculous

    • @Basket21 Here, try this tool.
      It’s a Javascript add-on that adds sorting and searching functionality to the download list. Everybody should have this, and Sony should hang their heads in shame that they don’t have anything remotely as useful.

  • Thank you so much for this. Even the pricing is so good there’s no reason not to buy these Day One. In fact, the first one is already installed and second one is downloading on my PSP right now :) You have made many people very happy with these two games.

    • Yes, let’s hope they bring some other currently US-only PSOne classics to EU, like Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross, and Xenogears. Would love to play these on my Vita!!

  • Bought both like an hour ago… thx for great price!

    I’ve been waiting for them for sooo long. Uhh… finally

  • Finally!!!
    I usually never comment on this blog (I am an avid reader of it though), but this is worth signing in and taking time to comment on…!
    Please take my money so I can enjoy these beautiful games. I only played Suikoden II before (the best JRPG right after FFVII imo): can’t wait to play the first too.

    (Hopefully I will be able to recruit all possible characters this time around in Suikoden II…! :))

    • Omg..! B/c of the former comments I checked the prices… € 9,98 total for 2 amazing classics…! No brainer. Anyone into JRPG (especially the turn-based ones): if you haven’t played this yet take these steps: 1. shame on yourself, even though you might be too young to have played this on PS One. 2. Go buy this now!!

  • Great stuff! I’m buying Suikoden II!
    Plus games are up too on webstore, nice and early!

  • Very happy about that, already downloaded the first one to my vita and made a few posters for the game.

  • This will be the first thing i’ll be buying when I get home today, finally getting a chance to move on to Suikoden 2! Victory!

  • Hey everyone, I’m thrilled that we get these games finally. I try to get the 2 Game from the german PSN. But i cannot find them. Does anyone knows if the german PSN store is already updated? Thanks

  • There is absolutely no reason these shouldn’t have come to PS4, woefully disappointed.

    • Well there is…

      Sony team has a problem with PSX and PS2 emulation on PS4, for some reason it’s not working for them properly. From what we could read some time ago, it was kinda too buggy to implement. On PS3, PSP and PSV there is already working emulation system.

      Most probably it will be introduced some time later… though… maybe now that PS NOW is coming, they might drop that and focus on their new golden eggs laying goose

    • Really hope that they can at least get PS1 emulation working on PS4. I assumed it would be relatively easy since it’s a x86 architecture. If you look at what other people are doing with PS1 emulation on PC it’s surprising, especially since those people have to reverse engineer pretty much everything.

    • @soniq
      They are trying to do native 1080p thingy with PSX/PS2 games… that’s not as simple as it sounds.

    • Bleem supported 1080p PS1 emulation on PC back in 1999. I Randy Linden of Bleem jumped over to Sony to work on emulation. It’s obviously entirely possible to do it with PS1, PS2 is probably a lot harder. Maybe Sony wants to launch both emulators at the same time. With quality testing and developing it’s not a trivial task!
      I hope Sony invests the time and energy instead of going the suboptimal route of just streaming everything henceforth.

    • @Blueberryboll är du R.Linden? ((ヾ(≧皿≦メ)ノ))

    • @Rildiz No, I’m not R Linden lol. I wrote “I know” and removed “know” so now there’s this embarrassing mistake there. öh

  • Bought them. Will replay them soon. As if I didn’t have enough of a backlog on my Vita as it were.

  • Hi Melaine,

    glad to see Suikoden I and II re-released on PSN as PSone Classics.

    I am hoping that you could answer to one question unrelated to Suikoden – Why isn’t Metal Gear Solid (first one) available on PSN in Croatia, although all other MGS games are available? I already asked here and Fred told me that it was probably publisher’s (Konami’s) decision.

  • the word instabuy has never been so true :)
    thank you at last

  • Great price. Been waiting about 15 years to play these. I agree with the above comments that there should be amore visible section for PSOne and PS2 Classics on the store. I suppose from Sony’s point of view they would rather we spend our money on new games.

    I really hope these 2 games sell really well and that they are promoted on the store so that people know they are available after all this time.

  • So great to see these games released again! I’ll be sure to download my copies before the day is out. I’ve played both of these games over a dozen times combined, and I’m due another couple of playthroughs. Hopefully just the first step on the road to more Suikoden releases and re-releases, right Konami? :)

    And I would be remiss to see a PSOne Classic post on the EU Blog without pulling SCEE aside and asking, “Still no Legend of Dragoon, guys? Seriously?” So I will.

    Still no Legend of Dragoon, guys? Seriously?

  • Now give us more, more, more like Syphon Filter 2 :)

  • Are Aus/NZ getting Suikoden 1? Because it seems to be released everywhere except on our stores and usually that’s a bad sign.

    • I couldn’t find one either no matter how I searched for it. I really want to play both but don’t want to start out of order

  • About time. Well done.

  • just bought them, but not showing up in download list, and still showing as add to basket on store, although says im not elligible to buy when i click basket again
    Had email receipt also
    any ideas

  • I still have Suikoden I on disc but didn’t buy II when I had the chance and it’s extortionate on eBay so I’ve been waiting for this day for years!! :D

  • Plaudits for bringing these out. And if the appreciation -not to mention the pride of a good thing done- is not enough, hopefully figures will go to show: even a really old game like this is worth the effort to share.
    And the price (going by what other commenters have said) is unexpectedly low, great value, so I think that’s worth a thanks as well.

  • 2 problems. The first is that only Suikoden 2 has appeared on the Australian store and not Suikoden 1. The second is that it’s not anywhere on the Vita’s store despite it being compatible with Vita. Still in the works of being uploaded I suspect?

  • Now how about you give us a good game, like Azure Dreams?

    • Because two of the most critically and fan acclaimed games in JRPG history aren’t good games? Apparently Suikoden 2 only got 9.5/10 on metacritics user reviews, and 9/10 on IGN… :(

    • Another game I am eternally grateful for having bought on a whim in a tiny independent games store back in 1999. Smugfaceing all over the place here…

  • Insta-buy for these classics, Thank you very much for bringing these to PSN! :D

    I’m going to be a pain in the backside though… if you could also bring back Azure Dreams for us then I shall be in retro-JRPG heaven :) Never cleared the 40 floor dungeon, and gearing to give it another whirl!

  • Bought it but can’t download it on my vita? Seems something is not quite right with it at the moment.

  • Bought both but only Suikoden downloads to the Vita, Suikoden II Vita download is broken at present.

  • Bought both been playing them on my PSP all morning. it was a long time coming :)

  • I would like to thank Konami, like other folks here, for their sensible pricing. I feared that they woould set some fanboy-gouging over-the-top price to these games. I told myself if they were over £4 I would wait till a sale. I was pleasantly disappointed and will be buying them straight away. :D

  • Thanks to everyone who made these possible.

  • So … I hope your work on Suikoden 6 is doing well? :P

  • Awesome. I never got to play it in the PSOne days, just downloaded it onto the vita; plus the pricing is awesome. Will make my daily commute to work fun.

  • I bought it but it doesn’t show up up in the DL list :(

  • I’m confused, there’s nothing there about platform or price. Will it be released on PS4? For how much?

  • Never played 1, 2 is one of my favorites ever.

    I say, lets show them how much we love Suikoden. So they make a new one for the series :).

    Buying them both!!

  • Bought and downloaded.

    I know how I will be spending the rest of the week.

  • Bought both! Thank you so much! I have one question though, why can’t I download Suikoden 2 on my Vita? I am currently abroad and I have only Vita with me, I wanted to play Suikoden 2 so bad lol, I hope there will be a fix for this?

  • Wonderful news, Suikoden 2 is one of my absolute favorite games of all times, and it’s even better if you played the first game first since the two games share many characters and stuff. Highly recommend these if you’re into JRPGs. Heck, I recommend them even if you’re not into JRPGs, that’s how good they are!

  • This makes me wonder though, why can’t the PS4 play PS1 games yet? What’s taking so long? The PS3 and Vita could play PS1 games from the beginning, and the PS4 been out over a year now.

    • They’re probably not going to bother because of PlayStation Now… which makes me sad. Because it also means they’ll stop bothering with PS1 classics since their beloved PS4 can’t play them. Screw Vita owners. =/

  • Bought them both through browser store, cause they’re still not visible on vita, suikoden 1 is queued, but it does not download, while suikoden 2 doesn’t even give an option to queue it to dl on vita : (

  • I’m guessing this is an emulation of the PAL (50Hz) version. Any issues with video/sound speed?

  • Finally decent pricing for a digital classic game.

    Makes it a instabuy!

  • Please add THOUSAND ARMS to PSOne Classics

  • Absurdly psyched at the moment! When ppl said it was an instabuy it never rang so true!! I bought both I & II through my laptops browser and dl’d them directly onto my pspGo. Finally have a reason to use the lil pspGo as I’ve ignored it for ages; since I played FF Typo-0 through my jpn psn account. Putting down my psVita for a while and will be enjoying this classic for some time to come!

    and yes, Suikoden II wasn’t downloadable from the psVita for some unexpected reason but I can confirm that they both work beautifully on the pspGo!

    Thanks a bunch SCEE and Konami!
    What a great way to relive some long forgotten memories.

  • Will be getting these on my vita the second I get in from work :) I have been waiting years for these to get released in the UK. A physical copy is just to expensive these days.

  • Does anyone know how to get this on the Vita? In the download list all it says is it cannot be downloaded on this system. I dont have a ps3. Only ps4 and vita….

  • Okay this is getting to me now.
    First we have to wait so much longer then any1 else.
    Now i had to de a detour instead of downloading straight from my vita. And what now? It doesnt download to the vita. not compatible.

    Suikoden II
    PS One®-Klassieker|Uitgebracht 4 Feb 2015|
    58 waarderingen
    Compatibel met PlayStation®3, PSP® (PlayStation®Portable), PlayStation®Vita en PlayStation®TV.

    for those not speaking dutch, it clearly sais compatible with VITA!

  • Now can you bring The Gateway and The Getaway: Black Monday to the store please? These games are my favorites of all time I would really love to replay them! If someone could make a petition about it I would join in!

  • Ah yes! Never played these, but super excited to get in on the action. I just love any decent JRPG and these seem to be amazing! :D Just waiting for some Legend Of Dragoon :P

    Absolutely amazing news that these are finally available for us in EU though :)

  • Why isn’t Suikoden One available in Aus or NZ?

  • cannot download Suikoden II to Vita. Suikoden downloaded fine. Can you fix?

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