Floating Cloud God Saves the Pilgrims in HD! coming soon to PS Vita

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Hello from Dakko Dakko!  Today I’m here to talk about Floating Cloud God Saves the Pilgrims in HD!, which we’re bringing to PlayStation Vita this Summer!

This brand new PS Vita remake of Dakko Dakko’s second game, Floating Cloud God Saves the Pilgrims (originally released on PSP minis last year), comes with a set of enhancements and upgrades over the original to take advantage of its new home.

When we embarked on this version there were two things we most wanted to do – the first was a full re-mastering of the game’s art to make the most of PS Vita’s huge screen, and the second was a new way to control Floating Cloud God.

The original Floating Cloud God Saves the Pilgrims on PSP featured beautiful artwork depicting Japanese folklore and myth, by Army of Trolls’ Gary Lucken . Drawn as pin-sharp vectors, the art was a perfect fit for the Vita. It was great to go back to the original images and re-create all the sprite sheets at double the size to match the Vita’s resolution, and the results were amazing. Below is an image showing just how much better it looks on the new system.


Implementing a whole new control system was less straightforward! We were determined to leave the original controls intact, and to add a new system alongside that taking advantage of the Vita’s extra control options. The original game combined player movement and shot direction on the D-pad or left stick. For the Vita version, we wanted to try separating the player’s shot direction from movement, to allow skilled players to save their pilgrims with more flair!

We started by using the rear-touch panel to control Floating Cloud God’s shooting arm, but it was when we switched to a twin-stick configuration that we knew we had nailed it. Plenty of balancing later, the game retains both the original’s control options and this new vita-exclusive system that really opens the game up, whilst keeping the original challenge, which we’re really proud of.

With a full set of trophies and all the little fixes and tweaks we did along the way, we think this is the definitive version of the game. I’ll be around on the Blog to answer all your questions of course, and we hope you enjoy playing Floating Cloud God Saves the Pilgrims in HD! as much as we have enjoyed making it. Bye!

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  • Loved this when it was a mini, can’t wait to play it in HD. Nice work chaps!

  • ..give us beter games please…

  • Love my Vita, in fact I play it more often than my ps3 (and im getting ps4). It’s the best handheld ever, but I have to say this:

    Whats up with no first party Vita suport on e3???
    Not even one new first party / big game announcement?
    Nothing from bend, gravity rush 2, uncharted 2, soul sacrifice 2, bioshock Vita, New ip?? Not even a teaser to hope for one;((((
    Have all plans been scrapped?

    We only have two Great upcoming titles but not even showing killzone mercenary or any hype on the sony Conference??

    Fred, PS EU team…I love the work you do guys and own all sony systems but:

    Even a hint that there will be a new first party/aaa game would make me smile:(

  • I hope more re-releases of minis titles for the Vita aren’t the exciting news for the Vita that were teased for E3.

  • Sony, please, show more love for PS Vita. It’s an awesome system, but too bad there’s not enough love for it from the devs it seem.

  • i hated this game as a mini

  • 38 Games announced for the Vita… bring it on Sony :)

  • 38, yes and I love my Veocity Ultra / Hotline Miami / Retro City Rampage / Guacamelee. Keep em coming!

    But games that pull new people in are those that are not possible on other platforms.

    Golden Abyss dropped my jaw and made me think :
    “Damn, this device is amazing and totally worth what I paid for it”
    AC Liberation, Killzone Mercenary. Those are experiances not possible anywhate else, that can sway someone to pay over 200$ for vita.

    And those caliber new announcement were lacking, not even a teaser or confirmation of anything new beyond KZ and Tearaway(which we knew were coming long ago). Not even for 2014.

    On a brighter note, waiting for more batman origins blackgate footage:D

  • #8: No other device can do Remote Play. Just watch a single PS4 game on vita, and eveyone is convinced.

  • so another great game that only purpose of existence is to fill one spot on next vita plus update, wonderful just awsome can’t wait to play this game.

  • Many first party studios haven’t announced their projects yet, keep your hopes up.

    #9 Just play Shadow of the Colossus via remote play. Simply brilliant.

    Come on Demon Souls for Vita. You know the Vita can handle it.

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