PlayStation Mobile: FuturLab serves up Surge

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PlayStation Mobile: FuturLab serves up Surge

Hello! My name is Jack Lang, I’m 23 years old, and I’m a junior programmer at FuturLab. I’m responsible for all the programming on our new game Surge (which is out for PlayStation Mobile tomorrow) and I’m here today to talk briefly about how the PSM SDK has made the process of developing our game for the PS Vita really easy!
I started out as a Flash developer because I wanted to make games and this experience along with some prior knowledge of C# meant that I was able to use the PSM cross-platform SDK to focus on the game rather than the specifics of each platform it supports.

As you can see from the trailer above, Surge uses nice visual effects, and thanks to PSM I was able to pick and choose between high and low level programming libraries, making it possible to get visual features like the ‘awesomizer’ line style, particles and the attractive colour blurring glow effects running efficiently and in a short space of time.

Surge came together in just three months and was a fantastic learning experience, and the best bit is the code runs on the PS Vita and lots of Android devices without any code changes!
I’d recommend learning the PlayStation Mobile SDK if any readers want to get started making games, so if you have any questions I’ll be happy to answer them; don’t be shy!
Surge is out tomorrow, 12th December, for all PlayStation Certified devices including PlayStation Vita, priced at £2.59/€3.29. For more info, check out FuturLab’s website:

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  • SOLD :) <3 FuturLab

  • Looks really good. Now – when will the rest of EU get PlayStation Mobile, Fred, Jawad, anyone???

  • Great news! But oh wait, like NONE of us can use PSM.
    Get it together, stop spamming PSM news when it affects like 3 countries.
    Bring PSM to all countries, then you can update on games for mobile devices.

  • Also you NEVER answer people on PSM posts, what is up with that?
    Just ignore the people that supports your company and buys your games.

  • lol , every week same stuf = no can suport games if sony not lounch in other contry .
    really easy to also set to vita , good to see somtings are geting esy ;)
    sony major companie = to lots in once but 1 ting 100 % noooooo :(

  • Why is this in the Irish channel? So disrespectful again.
    Sort your CMS out, Sony. Better still, get your finger out and roll out the service to more than 9 countries. Until you do, PSM is nothing but an abject failure.

  • New FuturLab game? = sold! :)

  • Why it’s so hard for Sony to deliver PSM for more EU countries, I’m having a hard time to figure out, whats the issues?
    Anyway :) This will be bought on day one, when PSM launches here.

  • It’s getting harder and harder to think about PSM posts as something other than trolling. Like, “Look at all this cool games we won’t give to you, bwa-ha-ha!”.

  • Thats nice and all, I have the PS Mobile function updated to version 1.00 in my PSVita OS yet the Dutch PSN store still doesn’t show PS Mobile.
    What is up with that? Fix it Sony…

  • Hello Jack
    My name is Declan and I’m 15 on Saturday, I think this is a great game, will look forward to playing it when I get psm with my sony Xperia s smartphone.
    I heard that you had signed a deal with sony to make exclusive minis for ps3 maybe hopefully some amazing ps3 IPs in the future too.
    Thank you guys. LongLivePlay Sony make.believe
    The World Is In Play :)

  • @Brodiesan
    Please be more patient as Fred has mentioned ps mobile news isn’t avalible at the moment when it is he will tell you every bit of detail stop pressuring him by saying that disrespectful by conning in here and saying that is just way disrespectful to Fred and the staff of Sony computer entertainment Europe and blog staff.
    I’m sorry for any inconvenience.

  • @Brodiesan
    Playstation mobile is not a failure, it’s making fabulous progress it’s better than any other mobile gaming platform like android, iOS etc. Xbox live on windows phones is way much a failure you cannot play any Ames on it ps mobile you can play way better games.
    Sorry for any inconvenience. LongLivePlay

  • Looks fun but I’d love some HD Velocity Vita action with Trophies, the mini version is great but a proper PSN sequel would be great.
    In fact is there any news on Trophies coming to PSM?

  • Declan, I’m not sure if you’re really 15 or just a parody account. After all, you do sign off each comment with a company slogan.
    Launching a service that serves a minority of your userbase and regurgitating the trite old “we have no news to share” line is a failure in my book.
    I mean no, and have shown no, disrespect to Fred, despite the fact that he’s promised to look into issues (like why we were promised more Video Store roll out details in 2009 and there hasn’t been any update since) and never responded to any degree of satisfaction.
    I have to assume your comments are based on the fact that you are quite young. Saying something has failed is not disrespectful. You can’t call foul whenever someone says something you disagree with. You have the right to disagree with me.
    In my opinion, PS Mobile is disrespectful to the millions of PlayStation fans who are locked out of the service because they are not in a region Sony deem important. As I’ve said before, no one expects a global rollout, but to not share the roadmap with your customers, that’s disrespectful. That’s why it is failing.

  • @Brodiesan
    I beg your pardon I am so 15 years old how dare you say in not 15 and don’t say that my account is just a parody one. I’m not like some individuals I only have 1 account this one which I am always on everyday. So don’t say that I have more than 1 account and come on here as if im just trying to troll the blog etc. I am level 5 on my account with 183 trophies.
    The reason I sign off like that is because I mean we’ll. I am a massive playstation gamer have been for 11 to 12 years and of the 12 years of joy I have had as a playstation gamer.
    Ps mobile isn’t disrespectful as I said before its not available the now but will be in the future as Fred the blog manager has stated. Playstation mobile is really good, I understand you want it in Ireland and it will come you just need to give sony more time.
    Thank you. Sorry for any inconvenience.

  • @17
    I’m still waiting for my video store and PSM too mate and i don’t get all the games like you either. JUST because sony don’t think my region is important. ^^

  • Well, since we’re not going to get PSM any time soon, how about you use Geo-IP location to hide all posts about PSM games for all people who can’t play them anyway?
    Will save you from a lot of irrelevant comments.
    This will be way easier to implement of course than just share your roadmap about when you expect to roll out to other countries or indicate what the problem with the roll out is.
    I have an Xperia S, a Vita, PSP, PS3 and a Sony TV (and also a Sony amplifier and speakers, but that doesn’t run any software) so I’m completely ready for whenever PSM will be launched…
    So, it’s not that I don’t like Sony or anything but some estimate would really, really be nice. How difficult can it be?! WHY is it difficult to give us a date?

  • Will PSM be another Video Store or worse, another Comic Store fiasco?
    What’s wrong with sharing a roadmap that should have already been know during the first phase of the roll-out?

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