Assassin’s Creed: Revelations Beta Open To All PSN Users Tomorrow

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Hello Assassins,


We are happy to announce that at 10:00 am tomorrow (GMT) we will be opening the Assassin’s Creed Revelations Multiplayer Beta up to ALL PSN USERS!! Please note that the Beta is scheduled to end on the 11th of September and space is limited so get started on that download to reserve your slot in the ACR Beta!

Be advised, there is a scheduled maintenance on PSN on September 8th (tomorrow) during which the Beta will be unavailable for download. This maintenance is estimated to go from 4:00 – 6:00 pm GMT.

In the meantime, you should totally give our Beta guide a once over so you’ re fully prepared for the battles ahead-

See you out there!

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  • awesome that the beta goes open to all psn users now we can assassinate more templars ^^

  • Will the extra characters visible in the picture be available in the beta at anytime?

  • im downloading mine right now that i got the ratchet and clank all 4 one beta installed im a ps plus member also the street fighter game aint free i checked in the plus section and it said street fighter is £7.99 and theres no thing on it to say its free to plus members

  • Very cool but Gabe, I was wondering with Revelations so close to release, will you guys be supporting Brotherhood as well? For instance will you be adding double XP or triple XP to playlists so people can level up? Similar to what other companies are doing? or will Brotherhood be left in the dirt?

  • I think pretty much everyone has downloaded it because of uplay…

  • when is the release date?

  • Why did they take away the old score system? It now rewards people for just a running up assassination while others who wait and hide only get a reckless score even though the target hasn’t suspected anything. :(
    Please change it back to the AC Brotherhood score system, I found it more rewarding

    Thank you

  • Is there a way for a group of 3 people to play team modes and always be in the same team?

  • I believe the Beta should have stayed around for a longer time, like until Sept 13th, or at least made available today for non PS+ users because 3 days isn’t enough to fully enjoy it.

    Anyway, it’s still better than nothing, so thanks for the heads-up, Mr Graziani.

  • i got the beta via email =)

    assassins join uplay its amazing


    just story mode i mean no one really likes the multiplayer

    100% platinum trophy ac2

    97% trophy on acb

    2 multiplayer trophies………… for 100%

  • I disconnected allllllllllllllllllllllll the time :(

  • not nearly long enough left, but at least now people will actually be on

  • I have similar problem as Oliver. But also I really grudge the new menu system before a game starts.

  • is really unhappy that u have to be a playstation plus member to play the beta why cant you be a normal playstation user??? cant afford playstation plus im a jobseeker

  • To bad I don’t have time to play :-( I got a uPlay code.
    might try to download and play a bit tomorrow.

  • I played it and I didn´t care.
    It hurts to see they put money in this MP part of the game that only a small % will play. This is a SP game, put the money there.
    It´s the reason I won´t pay full price for this game, I´m not going to pay for the MP part.

  • i hope we get

    ratchet clank original HD &
    jak daxter original HD
    crash bandicoot HD
    spyro dragon HD

    oh yea comin sooon devil may cry HD i read bout it in a ps3 mag

  • “AC beta is now open to all users”- Translation= “Come on peasants, you can play with us now, as long as you’ve had a bath”.

    Never felt so much like the last kid standing against the wall, waiting to be picked, lol.
    Think i’ll give it a miss if you don’t mind.

  • @ CoolRichy007UK

    I agree, those titles would be great!

    It’s a no brainer really so hopefully it happens.

    It was confirmed that there will be no Jak & Daxter collection, as they’re concentrating on Uncharted & only work on 1 title per console :(

  • Only got this on plus yesterday,has it been there for a while?
    I like the idea of the MP,but it becomes easy spotting other players,needs a random character skin when you die.

    On sunday I played my first ever assassin creed game,brotherhood.I think there’s an ok game in there.But god damn it Ubi Soft,it was ruined by the constant and bloody poor cutscenes.loading,acting was awful.I gave up after I had to throw Elena mkII (lol) over the same puzzle for the 3rd time in 3 minutes.Free run is designed for people watching not playing.I thought the combat was ok,but controls were pants.
    I’ll probably do more,but really glad I borrowed it and not bought it.

  • the beta is awsome iv nt stopped playing it

  • is it available already???

  • it’s kinda funny or sad?..but i got AC2 day 1 then 20 hours in had to change my ps3 so didn’t have the heart to finish it (except for 12 feathers lol) until i played beta for Brotherhood.. I then got Brotherhood day1 and this time lost (corrupt) a 20ish hour save But most of that was gold medalling all training and 100% every mission/property/towers and just making money about a million florins or so,.. and i hadn’t even finished chapter 3 ! ..and again found it to hard to start over,but now the Revelations beta’s out i’ve been ‘practicing’ again on Brotherhood.. though it’s not going to be a dozen feathers that prevent me from earning a plat this time as i’m not that big on multiplayer But multi with stupid requirements defo sink my boat altogether, so i will probably finish Brotherhood b4 Revelations launches i doubt i will buy it day1.. If it has same crappy..(sorry but thats my opinion) multiplayer trophy requirements…

  • Just to add to my other post … i love the single/….STORY player of AC and if by any chance the devs read these comments why can’t you’s take a leaf out of how Naughtydog done UC2.. where the early buyers only had to play 2 online games and beat game to earn the plat.. and after a patch the other multiplayer trophies come out, that way you’d be keeping Everyone happy… i can’t remember if the people who bought it (UC2) a couple of weeks later?.. had to earn the multi trophies to get thier plat, or not but looking at it as well as it keeping a lot of people happy using this method i’d bet that it would improve most every devs Early sales… And if i wasn’t feeling ‘Forced’ into playing the multi i like many others would more than likely begin playing/enjoying it… i really hope that some devs see this or that someone on the blog passes it on to them.. i mean i understand you have to cater for the majority market but please spare a thought for us (mainly older…slightly lol) gamers when you can..

  • it’s annoying whenever I go on nobody else is on

  • Keen to get revelations but won’t get it day 1 I’ll try and finish AC2 and ACB first

  • I had the code but I’m not interested in the multiplayer of this series at all..

  • Please make the the stealth bar start at incognito and decrease instead of the new way!

  • it is just me or is not working anymore ? It worked until the last friday but is not finding any open sessions anymore in the last few days…

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