Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception Multiplayer Beta Opens To All Today

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Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception Multiplayer Beta Opens To All Today

The time is finally upon us and I’m pleased to be able to share with you the multiplayer beta plans for Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception.

The beta will be available to download from PlayStation Store later today and will run until the 13th July. To download, just go onto the PS Store and click on the Uncharted banner which will take you through to the download page.

Uncharted 3: chateau kick

As this is a beta, the content and game modes will change over the course of the testing period; overall there will be nine game modes for you to get to grips with, some familiar, some new to Uncharted 3. They are:

  • Team Deathmatch (5 vs. 5)
  • Free For All (8 players)
  • Plunder (capture the treasure 5 vs. 5)
  • 3-Team Deathmatch (three teams of two members competing)
  • Team Objective (tactical, task-orientated 5 vs. 5 matches)
  • High Stakes (bet on your skill by putting your XP and cash on the table)

Uncharted 3: airport fighter

Additionally, three co-op modes will be making an appearance:

  • Co-op Arena (Survive 10 rounds against the enemy AI with friends)
  • Co-op Adventure (a unique adventure to play through with friends)
  • Co-op Hunter (You and a friend join forces with the AI to hunt two heroes)

For those of you lucky enough to get early access to the beta, which varied by territory, let us know your experience so far in the comments section.

I look forward to seeing you guys online this week!

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  • Nice, can’t wait to play the new modes! But when are you announcing the Playstation Plus content for July?

  • I’ve been playing the beta via the Welcome Back PS+ subscription and it’s lots of fun! There are issues but then it is only a test build.

  • Sorry to hijack the thread, but it would be great if you could sort out which UK retailer gets to Uncharted 3 collectors edition so I can put in my pre-order :)

  • This is off topic but I still haven’t received an answer.

    Just wanted to know where the Gun Sonata DLC for Bulletstorm is? Was released on the 12th April before the outage but I can’t find it anywhere.

    The only DLC available is the online pass.

    Please can you look into this?

    Kind Regards

  • absolutely awesome :) cant wait for the new modes. PS ID = refri8x

  • I have played this BETA now for about 4hrs & I have to say it’s fantastic!

    I like the perks that you can unlock & purchase along with the unlocks for outfits etc.

    It also has a purchase system similar to Homefront where you can purchase a skill for the round that you are about to play, but they are costly so it makes you strategise.

    Mechanics & cover system are all good as Uncharted 2 was.

    Would prefer the camera to zoom out a bit more as it can be offputting at times & the hit detection is a little off!

    Download it peeps and enjoy as I have :)

  • The beta is great but one thing that is really really annoying is that’s it’s takes a very long time to join a game -_-. Even when it says on the list found player it takes minutes before the players showes up. And when you join a game in progress why does it takes 30sec to join?

  • i didnt know how good uncharted was i played the u2 demo and liked it. then i played this beta and got it pre orderd 3 hours after download. and off topic but how longs left of the homefront beta?

  • when will co-op Hunter and Adventure modes be available?

  • only on bad thing with beta (+ the 00:00 error in co-op hunter). no stats.. need alot of stats!

  • Whoa… co-op is also included in the beta? Awesome!

    I never got into multiplayer on U2, I’m not really competitive tbh, but I loved the co-op, looking forward to giving this a go.

  • Beta isn’t available yet to download on the Israeli store. Any update when that will be available?

  • Really good game. I want this game to have a part 4 too :D

  • I’ve gotta say, this is the best online game I’ve played since MGO, the buddy system is genius and the customisation is fantastic. A couple of bugs to fix though, the buddy spawn doesn’t always sense u are in combat, and sometimes games have too many people in them with the extras getting kicked out.

  • Matchmaking is too slow. After one Match its slower then before.

    MP is great as UC2 was.

  • Forgot one: Please one or two more maps in the Beta.

  • where are the rewards like the Psn Beta avatar how would we get tham is it just for american or all of us who downloaded the beta .?

  • even wit 1.01 my ps3 sitll freezes after each game…

  • can you detail the beta rewards please and patch it so i can test the fb features out. U3 is a day one purchase for me but as for spending time with multiplayer that will depend on the social features like the fb intergration. Just a shame we couldn’t test out the ingame youtube stuff though.

    All in all the beta’s been pretty good. Matchmaking needs speeding up although dont think that’ll be a problems as more people joining the beta today. The game needs some more polish grapically though, seemed like few white lines in spaces that seperate objects and quick a few jagged edges but i’m sure you’ll polish that up.

    Anyway hope me posting feedback helps.

  • Been playing it for the past week and absolute loving it. Not had any problems with matchmaking and it all runs very fast. Uncharted 2 and 3’s multiplayer are pretty much my only reasons for justifying paying to have an internet connection these days. I don’t really use it for much else.

  • also can someone tell me what the name of the track is in the mp trailer reveal cause its pretty awesome.

    Also custom soundtracks in mp please ND

  • @manutreble

    I think you will need to get the full game to get the rewards.

  • Really great multiplayer. But for me Uncharted is a singleplayer game. I will probably play online a couple of times before I move on to the next game (Skyrim most likely).

  • beta is awesome.
    the game list, when joining a game, takes ages though.
    however, i experienced a power cut during one of the games, and when i switched my ps3 back on i get an error message and am unable to use the system.
    “cannot start”
    “the correct hard disk was not found”

  • what happened to kenshi dlc comming today? 5 july btw this beta was pretty good

  • How can I play the Beta in 3D? I do have a 3D-TV(passive 3D but the Beta is not in 3D…

  • Open to everyone, there goes the neighborhood. lol

  • @Koolcast – from the menu that has matchmaking at the top, go down to options, then display and 3D is in there, the 3D works pretty well, not the best i’ve seen (wipeout and motorstorm are awesome in 3D) but it’s good

  • how do ichange the language i have on spainsh and i dont know how to change it im getting mad!!!

  • @iamtdogg-3D isn’t in there. :( I do have the TV since today, maybe I should reinstall the beta?

  • Few comments:

    1) when in Co-Op mode, sometimes you cannot puch out the AI enemies, even if you’re close enough – need to run away from them and aproach again to make it work

    2) sometimes items cannot be picked up – it seems to be random though, sometimes it’s a treasure reward, or a weapon

    3) time error in Co-Op Hunter Arena – when the round 1 finishes (time goes down to 00:00) the round doesn’t finish and eventualy you’re kicked out from the game (after 15 mins or so)

    4) The beta freezes still randomly once in a while and Ps3 needs to be restarted via hard button. Plus, it always restarts the PS3 system (three beeps) when I want to quit the beta

    That’s it for the bugs now, other than that it’s tons of fun!

  • I hope this mp thing doesn´t take anything away from the sp game. I just have a hard time to pay full price if there is a huge and overly promoted, and money costing part of the game that I´ll never touch.

  • quit game = restart ps3,still no fix.

  • Got a few days off next week, might try it. Or in the weekend maybe

  • good good, now sort that bloody U3TV bandwidth or give me an off button so I can join my first game!!

  • – The graphics seem to be worse than Uncharted 2 o.0

    – The sprinting felt really awkward and unnatural

    I have no other complaints though, aside from those things it seems to be about as solid as Uncharted 2 was.

  • I whant the psn+ update 24 every week………..

  • I can’t wait to try out the co-op, I adore it in Uncharted 2.

  • Any word on if we’re getting an extention for the 30Days Free PS+ like SCEA have done? A reply would be greatly appreciated.

    I feel like I missed out without meaning to as I must’ve missed something in the small print.

  • all the uncharted games r overrated

  • 1. I don’t like matchmaking in any games it is always too slow to find anyone. Warhawk has the best online system out of any game.

    2. Not feeling the online, it feels too slow paced for me.

    I’ll still be picking it up for the single player though but i much prefer the U2 online except the matchmaking again ruined it for me.

  • Played it, loved it, WANT IT !!!!!


  • Okay Uncharted is really a good game.But i didn’t really enjoyed the BETA.It was the same with Uncharted 2,the SAME.The only diferrence is that they copied the eblem and things like that which i personally dont like it.I liked Uncharted 2 Multiplayer(Especially Co-oP) but now i felt like i am playing the same game.A good but an old Game.And btw i liked it when it the multiplayer was simplier.ANy way that’s my opinion for Uncharted 3 Online,The story mode will be great though…

  • This will be game of the year, uncharted tv shows clips of the SP campaign, it looks awesome.

  • The campaign in the game uncharted is very good, but in multiplayer I missing something. You should see what the dynamics in the Gears of War, and copy from them, because that’s where the gameplay in multiplayer is the best in the TPP.

  • I tried to play last night, but it keep searching for games, but never found one!? :(

  • i dident attack my free ps plus can i still attach it or is there a way plss i wasen’t looking at my psn so i dident know it till now my friend told me

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