Uncharted 3 Multiplayer Modes Detailed

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Uncharted 3 Multiplayer Modes Detailed

Just a few days ago we hosted a large press event with editors from the US and Europe where we gave everyone a first taste of our expansive multiplayer mode in Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception. I’m sure you’ll easily find your way to the many articles that hit the net today if you want to check out an independent perspective of what was shown. Read on for our own rundown – we’ve got so much to share that I don’t even know where to start!

First off, Uncharted 3 multiplayer is a complete evolution from the initial foray we made into multiplayer with Uncharted 2. The leap forward in gameplay, technology — not the least of which is 3D stereoscopic support — and depth is nothing short of astounding, no joke. Our goal has always been to take the signature Uncharted gameplay and our penchant for awesome set-piece moments to serve as the key building blocks for creating a multiplayer experience like no other. We dipped our toe in with Uncharted 2. Now, with Uncharted 3, we’re diving in headfirst.

The Uncharted 3 Multiplayer trailer, which was JUST released today, is the best crash course on everything we’ve revealed about our competitive multiplayer modes — and more. Check it out below.

At the event we provided the assembled editors hands-on time with two of our multiplayer maps – The Airstrip and The Chateau. Both are great examples of the whole spectrum of map design and dynamic environments we’re aiming to have available in Uncharted 3.

The Chateau is a more traditional style arena map, with multiple levels to take advantage of our unique Uncharted traversal options — including ziplines. The Airstrip is a two-part map where the location and map layout actually changes in the middle of the match! The first part of the match takes place on a massive cargo plane being chased by trucks, with players jumping from truck to truck and between the cargo plane and the truck convoy. You can see some of this better in the Uncharted 3 Multiplayer trailer we released today. The second part of the match begins when the cargo plane is about to take off from the runway. After takeoff, the match changes locations for all players to the airstrip hangar area for a slightly more traditional multiplayer setting and layout. Just watch out for the fighter planes that will inevitably come in for a strafing run.

airstrip approach

We revealed two of our new competitive modes, along with the perennial favorite Team Deathmatch. One is Three Team Deathmatch, which is a small-team 2 vs. 2 vs. 2 variation on Team Deathmatch. The other is the oft-requested Free For All – with every player out for themselves. Over the months left until release – that’s about six-and-a-half months if you’re counting – we’ll detail all of our competitive modes.

As you’re looking to get into matches, we’ve made some updates to make it easier to get into games quicker, and with your friends. The first is Late Join, which is a staple of many online games and for good reason. It ensures that matches stay full, that you can get into matches faster and you can get into your friends matches faster if there’s a slot for you, instead of waiting for your friend to finish their current round. We’ve heard that many of you want to play with a friend on the same couch and we’re really proud to say that we were able to not only implement same-console split screen but you can log into two independent PSN IDs for most gametypes – the ones you can’t are to prevent unfair collusion between players.

Playing with friends and creating a team environment is extremely important for us and we’re trying to encourage this with the Buddy system. Each player will be partnered with a Buddy and you’ll be able to collectively share your successes throughout the match with each other. You can even pick up Treasures — more on that later — for your Buddy. The Buddy system also allows you to choose to spawn on your Buddy if they are safely out of combat so you can jump into the action together quicker. This is key since most of our game modes are all about team play and teams that stick together will do far better than teams who don’t.

chateau gas mask

New to Uncharted 3 multiplayer is character customization. Both heroes and villains skins will have a hundreds of customizable parts, from accessories to shirts and pants to a deep weapon customization feature. Even named characters, like Drake or Sully, will get plenty of options to make your character your own. Hand in hand with customization is our emblem editor. If you’ve worked with emblem editors in other games, you’ll be pretty familiar with the one we’ve implemented in Uncharted 3. Our emblem editor extends the level of customization of your online profile with hundreds of decals, three layers, rotate and scale functions – you’ll see your final emblem on your character and even possibly in the environment during matches.

Speaking of weapon customizations – it goes beyond the cosmetic. We have weapon mods that not only change the look of your weapon of choice, but they are functional too, adding precise scopes, bigger clips and more!

Boosters are back in Uncharted 3, but we didn’t just carry over the Booster selection from Uncharted 2. There are a few old favorites in there, but we’ve created what we feel is a more satisfying mix of old and new based on your feedback and selection patterns. We’ve extended the Booster system with a special subset of Paid Boosters, give you a one-time Booster that you spend some cash to have the option of using during a match. There are still other ways to get minor advantages during a match. You have to option to select a specific Medal Kickback, which activates when you’ve racked up the required number of Medals for that specific Kickback. You can see this in the Multiplayer Trailer when the RPG Kickback is activated at 00:50 into the video. You’re taking a little chance when you select these, as some really choice Kickbacks require you to get a significant number of Medals before you can activate them.

airstrip crash

Those are a TON of customization options you can pick through and we know that you don’t want to be bogged down in menus in the limited time before the match begins trying to figure out which sets of customizations you want to slot for that match. We’ve introduced four slots to save specific loadouts — your starting rifle, starting sidearm, weapon customizations and mods, Boosters, and Kickbacks.

All of these customization and modifier options allowed us to extend our in-game reward system. No longer is everything tied to level gain or cash. During matches, you’ll have the opportunity to get items from treasure chests on the maps. You’ll also be able unlock a wide variety of items and modifiers through Missions. There are two types of Missions – some are instant missions and others, accessible from the Multiplayer menu, are more long term. Instant missions can appear in the middle of a match and provide a target that you can complete within a few matches tops. The Missions you select from the Multiplayer menu will take significantly more time, days of playtime possibly, and the rewards will be accordingly more significant.

A couple of things we’ve learned over the past year and a half of reviewing thousands upon thousands of Uncharted 2 matches is that it really sucks to be blown out on the way to losing a match and that winning or losing a tightly contested match by some kill made way off-screen is a bit of a letdown. We’ve thought of some ways to make these inevitable multiplayer moments a bit more exciting and satisfying. Power Plays activate when one team is way behind in the score count. They provide the team on top with an opportunity to maximize their cash for the match, while evening the odds a little for the team on the losing end of the equation and giving them the opportunity to close the gap a little.

airport jump

If matches are too close to call as they get close to the end, Overtime will activate, giving either time an opportunity to win the match by more than one point within a limited time. If the game is still too close to call, the match enters Sudden Death. Sudden Death is similar to Elimination – there are no respawns and the last player standing wins the match for their team.

We’ve also made it easier to share your passion for Uncharted 3 multiplayer with your real life friends and family through social media hooks we’ve added to the game. We’ve integrated Facebook into the game in a way unseen on a console game so far – way more than just sharing videos and photos, or updates to your Wall. USA Today has an exclusive look at our plans to bring social networks into Uncharted 3. Cinema mode has gotten a revamp allowing you to create clips from full matches and upload them directly to your own YouTube OR Facebook account (or both). We’re streaming a tightly curated list of awesome Uncharted videos created by you – our community – back into your multiplayer menu via Uncharted TV. We’ll have more details on all of the above over the next few days.

Oh yeah, and we have a brand new Sprint button. Don’t hate on it until you’ve had a chance to go hands on! We feel it works extremely well and, of course, we’ve built Uncharted 3 multiplayer to take into account that you can sprint.

chateau kick

We’ve spent a lot of time talking about competitive multiplayer, but what about co-op? Fear not, co-op is most definitely IN Uncharted 3 multiplayer and it too has been vastly expanded upon. We didn’t cover anything co-op related at our multiplayer event last week – everything and anything co-op will be revealed further down the line.

When can you get a crack at Uncharted 3 multiplayer? In just a couple of months – the Multiplayer Beta for Uncharted 3 begins WORLDWIDE on June 28, 2011, with early access for PlayStation Plus members or by purchasing copies of Infamous 2 (excluding Australia).

Stay tuned as that date draws nearer for more details!

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5 Author Replies

  • That plane chase… customizable logos… customizable weapons… OMG. I need this game.

  • There goes the start of my summer…..

  • So the beta actually does come with Infamous 2, not like that Socom 4/Resistance 3 beta BS?! THANK YOU!

  • I cannot wait for that beta. Uncharted 2 multiplayer is pretty much the only action game I play online cos it’s so damn fun. I don’t think even Uncharted 3 is awesome enough for me to brave facebook again though. My internet usage has been a lot less stressful since I stopped using that thing.

  • Every infamous2 got a beta code?????????!!!!!

  • wait… split screen 2 players on one machine?

  • Cant wait for U3!

  • Biggest gripes for me in Uncharted 2 MP

    – The health nerf patch meaning people don’t need aim and promotes camping.
    – Wall hack booster, especially combined with the health patch.
    – Lack of auto-balance, people drop out and the game is massively unbalanced, especially in objective games.
    – Quit penalty meaning when the above happens and the full team wanna kill farm you cannot even leave without punishment.
    – Pull-downs/kicks offs/stealth kills being impossible to do to laggy players, you always lose the kick/pull.
    – Grenades, lamest things in the world. You get the drop on someone and they throw a nade at their own feet which blows up near instantly and catches you. Those things need to have a 4 second fuse or something and if you want a quick explosion after throw you should need cook it first.

    I’ll likely buy this on release but really hoping they fix these issues.

  • Looks AMAZING :P DAY 1…
    Now if only someone could make a 4 player split-screen mode that is playable online to(i.e – me + 3 friends on my HD:TV Vs online people or Bots)that would be PERFECT :P [Maybe PS4?} :D

  • The youtubing matches thing sounds really cool.

  • I’d be all over this game if it was the same, but with new story and new maps, but Naughty Dog always deliver more than that. This news is great. Love the customizations on characters, weapons and emblems. Can’t wait to hear more about this. Love you Naughty Dog!

  • Looks amazing, thanks Naughty Dog. :D

  • YES! Love it. Dynamic multiplayer sounds awesome and i love the customisation to make us unique. I am a little weary of the sprint button (i’m assuming it’s L3) because i like Uncharted’s controls the way they are, but, like you said, i need to try it first. Speaking of trying it out, can i have it? Like, now?!

    • We’ll release more info about co-op in the coming months. This first look was only about competitive multiplayer. There was SO much to talk about as it is!

  • Wow, amazing in pretty much every way, though there was a distinct lack of Elena in that trailer…

    And perfect timing with the beta, it comes just after my term at uni finished, so I will have plenty of time just for Uncharteding, I really can’t wait

  • That sounds amazing !!!
    Great stuff once again Naughty Dog.

  • Wait, need to go get another pair of pants! :D

  • i can’t wait 4 Uncharted 3 i play the 1st & 2nd & platnum tham this looks awsome …..is there any betas comein to plus too.???

  • & cheers 4 th goodies be4 xmas last year whan u announce uncharted 3 Naughty Dog :)

  • uncharted 3 is the only game where i dont care about multiplayer, dont get me wrong multiplayer in a game is a great extra, but i have both uncharted games, and singleplayer is the reason why i buy these games, love the story and gameplay.

    these mp video i just seen looks like its far from done, but you have enough time to tweak it, but cant wait day one buy!

    uncharted is a must buy !

  • Hi everybody!!! I´m very happy I`m a fan of Uncharted, is the best for me!!! I can`t wait!!!! Best regards

  • Looks hella fun, I’m more interested in the co-op though, it was great in Uncharted 2.

  • As long as the story mode is still as gripping and long as Uncharted 2/1 then I’m ok :D

    However, will there be local splitscreen co-op aswell?

    That… that would just be the bees knees.

  • I was worried when I heard the info about the Boosters.
    Now I’m relieved. Read that you guys are aware that something like will not break the balance of the multiplayer.

    Just Thanks.


  • I’m down on my knees. Speachless!!!!!!!!

  • Hey naughty dog, this looks amazing! Just one quick question, is weapon damage pretty much identical to u2? I know you guys don’t like making parallels between u2 and u3, but is it like the current u2 damage model? Or 1.04? Different entirely? I would really appreciate a reply cause this is a really important piece of info for me.

  • Thats alot of content Naughty Dog hope you guys release new Playstation heroes skins for this :)

  • Woah. I don’t think that a word has been invented to describe how incredible that looks! The Uncharted 2 multiplayer has kept me entertained since release (I’m playing it right this second actually), but this is clearly going to full-on RPG it out of the water! :D

    I wasn’t even planning to pick up inFamous 2 at launch as I was going to wait till it comes down in price, but damn, I may now just to get the Uncharted 3 beta on the 28th of June! I don’t think I have ever been this excited about the forthcoming release of a video game in my life, it’s shaping up to EASILY surpass the best video game of all time, which, of course, is its predecessor! :P Hell, I’m planning to get a 3D TV in late October SOLELY for this!

    Actually having said that, will the beta be in 3D Arne? If so I may need to look getting one a little sooner! :D Anyway, how do you want my cash Naughty Dog; cash, card or cheque? Hell just take whatever’s in my bank account! :D

  • June 28 is Tuesday, so I guess that refers to the US store?

    So Europe should have it on June 29 (Wednesday), right Arne?

  • Brilliant, can’t wait

  • I Love Uncharted but don´t care about mp.
    I hope the mp doesn´t hurt the development of the sp part.
    I wish I could only buy the sp part of the game.

  • I’m really glad Naughty Dog is paying so much attention to every part of the game. Uncharted 2 was pretty much everything I could ever expect from an Uncharted game, and I loved it for that reason. The sequel seems to be even more, including stuff I wouldn’t expect.

    Though there are some worries on my part (why is the multiplayer starting to look more and more like Call of Duty?), this game will certainly be worth it. Another awesome single player experience that explores new grounds, a more fleshed out coop section and even an entirely new multiplayer. I can’t wait for the beta!

  • Two PSN id split screen!!! Finally, I have been waiting a long time for games to support that :) Great job ND!

  • Finally, a game that I like and expect with enthuasim has a beta code for another game that I also am expecting.
    Will ND this time actually support and show other first party studios how long term game support is done and not just release couple of map packs and leave it be. More Co-Op mission support and lots of maps. I know that you are going to sell more clothing afterwards so I don’t need to mention that.
    Will the beta contain these 2 maps or will it have other maps as well or only these 2?
    Also could you ask ND to up the player count by 2 players, I think it would be the sweet spot.
    And can we edit a video in the game and send that gameplay video to people in our friend list? Also, is it possible to create a profile of you where you could add couple of videos you made or like so other people who are checking your profile could download them and see those funny/awesome/skill stuff clips, and this been done in game also, not required to upload for Youtube.

    Extra question, where can I get this song in the trailer? :D

  • I’m a little confused, as we’ve been given different dates. Your post on Facebook says, that PS+ users and owners of inFAMOUS 2 will get access to the beta on june 28th and everyone else on july 5th. You on the other hand announce that the beta will be available worldwide on june 28th and “earlier access” for PS+ and owners of inFAMOUS 2 (with a code).

    When exactly is the early access then? Before june 28th? Or is 28th the early date?

  • I like betas :) Keep it up Sony.

  • This seriously looks freaking awesome!!! Sony proving again to be the marathon runner by giving great content every year and it seems to get better by the year :)

  • whats the song thats played in the trailer?

  • so will it be an open beta as in on the ps store during some point in july or will it just be open to plus and infamous 2 owners? (I intend to be both :D)

  • Well, after this read, I can tell you did everything to improve the excellent multiplayer… and then you improved even more.

    I’m begining to think that Naughty Dog has no limits!

    Of course I’m pre-ordering this or even a collector’s edition if there’s one.

  • :O :O :O i can’t believe my eyes

  • OMFG?! I WANT THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!

    I love it!!!!!

  • Ok. So everything I love about Uncharted 2 multiplayer is bigger and better. That’s cool. Just one question:

    What’ve you done about the Machinima option?

  • When you play split-screen will it use the whole tv or will it be like resident evil, killzone 3 style?Please say that it uses the WHOLE screen like resistance 2.

  • Well, thank you Naughty Dog!
    You’ve obvisouly listend to your fans and brought forward what they’ve asked, AND more!
    I think, once again, all the hard work’ll pay off.
    Great job!

  • you got my money!

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