DC Universe Online – Release Date And Subscription Pricing Confirmed

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DC Universe Online – Release Date And Subscription Pricing Confirmed

What Is DC Universe Online?

It’s gone gold!

We can now confirm the DC Universe Online is in production and winging your way (perhaps a little bit sooner than you thought it would?). Here are the release dates:

PS3 & PC versions:

  • 14th January 2011: UK & Ireland
  • 12th January 2011: Rest of PAL

And both versions come complete with a 30 day subscription key.

Though, please note, depending on where you’re based, some stock may take a little longer to arrive in stores due to manufacturing and the festive break. So, please double check with your local retailer.

Below are the final packshots for the PS3 and PC versions:


The first current-gen console MMOAG, (massively multiplayer online action game) DCUO throws you into a huge interactive environment where you take control of your own uniquely created character and engage with other players, whether chatting and creating new friendships, teaming up on adventures or taking part in fierce battles.

Because the world you’re playing in is constantly online, it’s always evolving – you may go away for a few weeks, come back and discover whole new areas or people. The more you keep coming back, the more you’ll find and enjoy.

Being an MMO, DCUO does require you to have an active subscription to enter the game. Here are the subscription packages available in PAL:

  • 1 Month – €12.99
  • 3 Month – €34.99
  • 6 Month – €64.99
  • 12 Month – €124.99 (Available on PC only)
  • Lifetime Subscription – €179.99 (Available on PC only)

PC fans can also download the PC version from Station, Steam and IGN D2D.

For those of you that want a little more information on DCUO, check out our “What is DCUO?” article over at PlayStation.com.

Also, the PlayStation Plus beta is still available, so if you want to jump in and experience this brand-new console MMO experience for yourself – head to the Store now and download the launcher.

There will be plenty more to come on DC Universe Online over the next few weeks. However, in the meantime, for those of you that haven’t seen this already, I’ll leave you with the game’s ever impressive opening cinematic.

In DC Universe Online – The Next Legend Is You! :-)

[viddler id=9b298d6 w=545 h=327 playertype=simple]


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10 Author Replies

  • I really wanted this to be successful, but I’m not sure about that subscription pricing, which seems VERY optimistic.

    I’m not biting. Sorry guys :(

    • Hi Andrefpvs
      DCUO is an entirely new experience for console, it’s the PS3’s first MMO and, as such, will be constantly updated with new content and experiences for you to enjoy.
      You’re correct, subscription is new to PS3, but it’s quite normal for PC based MMOs (and the PS3 / PC pricing is identical).
      Being subscription based means that every time you log into DCUO, you’re gameplay experience will be different and unique compared to the time before.
      I can see from your avatar that you’re a Plus subscriber, if you haven’t already, I’d encourage you to download DCUO and see if it’s right for you. :)

  • What is that in £?

  • What’s the £ translation of that price? Also, why no PS3 lifetime sub?

    • Hi Number45
      It’s something we’re looking into at the moment however there’s no PS3 lifetime sub because the cost would exceed the PS Wallet maximum capacity.
      And it’s £9.99 per month.

  • What’s the UK subscription pricing?

  • Can you let us know how that works out in £s?

  • NO PS3 lifetime subscription…. no PS3 version for rossthebassist, and i aint going to get it on PC… sorry guy you just lost a sale.

  • in £ Please? It is, by the BETA, a really good game. But i think the prices are too high for casual gamers.

  • No lifetime sub on PS3? Arg

  • Ha ha, I was obviously a bit slow there.

  • Even as a a huge DC fan, I just can’t justify that pricing. Sorry guys, I was really interested before and would have paid £5.99 a month or £80 for a year, but those prices are just not in the ball park for me. If my PS+ membership could have got me a discount I might have been ok with this.

    Good luck with it.

  • Will + Members at least be able to download the client for free? Paying for the game and paying per month seems a little off.

  • Sorry im not paying that much for 1 game , the subscription gonna have the game fall flat on its face like many other mmo , such ashame better make the beta last so , superman well fight one last time

  • It’s unfortunate that there is no lifetime sub for PS3 owners :(

  • Would have bought a lifetime sub for PS3, but I think I’ll pass now.

  • Actually I’d have paid for the lifetime subscription. Shame really, this was one of my most wanted games :(

  • if you buy the ps3 version will you be able to download the PC version for free and have all the same characters

  • That is one awesome cover.

  • I’d like to know what the subscription pricing is going to be in £’s aswell? I’m used to mmo’s so I don’t mind paying a sub so much, but the market is changing and I can’t help but think that with DCUO coming to the PS3 aswell that it would be better off with a micro-transaction system instead of being sub based.

    From my time with the beta though, I really can’t see the game actually being ready for those release dates. Gameplay wise the game is very good and any issues revolving around that in the beta I can see being fixed in time, but I’ve had DCUO lock my PS3 more times in a couple of days than it has since I got it at launch.

    Part 1 of 2 (comment was to long)

  • Part 2

    Yes it’s a beta so I didn’t expect everything to be in good order, but the amount of times I’ve had to do improper shutdowns is beyond a joke. Looking at the beta forums it seems that the new patch has just made that worse to. Even though I want to help test the game, I don’t think I’ll be logging back into the beta until the number of crashs has been reduced.

    I simply down want to end up with a bricked PS3 because I keep having to do improper shutdowns all the time.

    The game is really fun, but I’m not sure the beta is even stable enough to have been opened up to so many people, let alone be ready for release in about three weeks.

  • £54 for 3 months of online gaming? I’m also not biting.

  • same Lifetime Subscription for PS3 would have made me buy it not so sure now lol

  • im not bothered about the pricing, because i was banking on a ps3 lifetime membership… no way am i getting short changed because i choose to play console over PC.

    straight away reading the few comments that are here, Elliot must relise the outrage that is going to happen and its a disaster.

    Elliot you got to look into this man because launch is very very soon and i aint buying it untill i get lifetime option on PS3.

    i just told my mate wheelchairgamer and he was shocked aswell. we need to know that your going to look into it for us.

  • Ouch! Those subscription prices are way too high in my opinion. I know its normal for MMO games to have online but I think particularly console owners pay enough for games in the first place without adding subs on top. At least you get 30-days free but I object to paying for game then paying again to play it for more than a month

  • This is way overpriced?(The euros is the only price available)But if this translates to the same for UK pounds, i’ll pass.
    Was seriously considering getting the game until now, as I’m loving the beta.

    Any discounts for Plus members?

  • The game is really fun, but it’s just way too expensive. I think a huge mistake has been made by SOE, and I can’t see this game lasting longer than a year as long as the subscription fees stay like that. Furthermore, if the prices were to change it wouldn’t be fair on the early adopters. It’s a real shame.

    It converts to around £10/£11 a month. That’ll cost you over £150 (11 months & the game) for just one year.

    Also, with LittleBigPlanet 2, Dead Space 2 and Mass Effect 2 all releasing in January, DCUO is going to really struggle from the beginning.

  • Absolute pure greed again. This game is destined to be a failure you’re not happy at making a profit you want to make a killing.

  • Amendment to above post – I meant ‘normal for MMO games to have online subs…’. It must have been delayed shock from reading the price list

  • Not even the industry standard of a 30 day free trial for those who don’t have PS+ is kinda shocking too.

  • Has new patch actually been implemented yet?

  • amazing no replies to the pricing issue!

    love the beta but sony just can’t justify subscription fee for this or any other game especially to plus members.

    Complete joke!

  • Will my character I’ve made in the Beta be able to be used in the final product or do I have to start over? I’ve gotten a bit attached to him.

  • Looks like they’ve priced yourself out of a lot of sales (myself included) it’s a shame really because I was looking forward to this after playing the beta

  • What a sec – if I play this can I log on at work at lunchtime and continue my game if I own the PC version too?

  • themselves even


    Going by IGN’s interview everything gets wiped after the beta

  • £11 a month! Think I’ll cancel my preorder now and resubscribe to wow

  • ELLLLLLIOT…. ELLLLLLLLLLLLIIIIIIIOT……. OI ELLIOT we are waiting for a response, we are the dedicated, the hardcore, the guys who will pay the crazy prices for games…

    if this is how we are reacting to it, how do you think the casual guy is going to react…. ill tell you shall i.

    man walks into a game shop. oooo new release, DCUO hummm, *asks sales assistant* whats the fee’s…. 2nd question, is there a lifetime option… answer on the PC yes, on the PS3 no….. man puts down game walks away.


  • right whoever is saying it is patched in EU. IT IS NOT.

    It is a 3GB download…

  • Buy a game and then pay to play it ? What an utter joke Sony. It wouldn’t be so bad if it was a brilliant game but the idea of this game bores me to death.

  • Will I be able to add the PS3 version of this game to my already existing Sony All Access pass?

  • I saw the subscription prices on computerandvideogames.com earlier today. I text a few people the prices and we were all considering the lifetime subscription, guess we’ll not be bothering with the game now. Shame.

  • The video looks good but there is no way I would pay that much for a game, I will probably get bored with after a few weeks.

    If it was free to play and contained premium content, I might consider buying, but in it’s current possible iteration I shall protest with my pocket.

    Therefore it’s a no for me.

  • OK Elliots ignoring us, anyone else on the blog team want to comment on the situation, because the rating of this article is going down.

  • The subscription subs are too expensive, I’m sorry to say that I’ll pass.

  • *Sorry, I meant subscription fees.

  • Might pick it up when the price drops (quickly I imagine judging by gamer’s reactions). But if there’s no pricing restructure, I certainly won’t touch this. There are some breathtaking games out in 2011 that aren’t quite as greedy (except anything by Activision naturally), and deserve my money more than this.

    Greed and vanity. Our worst failings.

  • No beta/trial for me to try before buying. Despite having to sign up for it months ago only to be let down by giving it to Plus members only.

    High pricing to play online for a month.

    Shockingly bad and certainly not worth even taking the risk of a blind buy.

  • No replies? Guess they just wanted feedback without negatives. They’ve lost a lot of sales and the their silence isn’t going to help

  • I have never played an MMO, but I can assure anyone who has made the decision on the pricing, that you’ve made a huge error.
    The pricing is way too high. I would have though half of that for a years subscription.
    You need to reassess that immediately. People aren’t going to pay that and if you release the game with that subscription fee, the game will be dead in the water.

  • they say silence is golden, we will see how golden it is when this game tanks, and not in an mmo way

  • £55 for six months? Played the beta on PS+, and it’s okay but nothing special.
    However not my sort of genre. Hopefully they’ll be releasing a trial of some description for those who might have the pockets deep enough.

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