See the Skyline Track from MotorStorm Apocalypse in Action

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See the Skyline Track from MotorStorm Apocalypse in Action

Hi everyone,
On the recent trip to New York we unveiled Skyline and we’d like to share a video of this new track with everyone on PlayStation.Blog, as well as bring you a round-up of the details revealed at the event and give away some info on the activity you can expect to see coming up. First up, the video of Skyline starring my favourite new vehicle, the Superbike:

[viddler id=d2f9bb8a w=545 h=327 playertype=simple]

…and here’s a recap of the new info we shared:

  • PSN avatars, dynamic themes, pre-order and PS+ exclusives are all planned and we’ll have specifics very soon.
  • We’ve got a sophisticated Photo Mode with really high resolutions available and some simple tools that allow for fantastic post-effects – all of the Skyline screenshots were taken using Photo Mode mid-race!
  • We have big ambitions to continue support for the game after it releases, and to develop some of the concepts we haven’t been able to find time for in development, including a special island track we’re hoping to be able to give away for free.
  • New videos – including a series of three developer diaries – will be launched on the blog and PSN in the next couple of weeks.
  • Full visual customisation and performance customisation in the form of perks are both new features.
  • All previous versions of MotorStorm featured the ability to taunt other riders. This time round we have a set of insanely flamboyant ‘gestures’ guaranteed to get your opponents fuming.
  • We don’t have a final global release date but are scheduled to launch in Spring 2011.
  • A demo is being planned for 2011.
  • We showed Skyline in stereoscopic 3D, and pretty much everyone agreed with me that it sets the benchmark for 3D gaming. I hope you get to experience it in this way!

We always try to release video and game information first here on the blog, but as some of you have already discovered we didn’t quite manage it this time. Here’s a quick round-up of some of the reaction to the unveiling, and some links to me talking and (more excitingly) videos of MotorStorm…including some playthrough footage of the track.

Jamie, our Community Manager who answered your questions while I was travelling back, has shared your reactions, feedback and concerns with me, and a great way to keep in the loop on all things MotorStorm Apocalypse is to follow him on Twitter: @PhenomEvolution.
Thanks to everyone for your comments and your support. Speak soon!

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  • that course looks crazy fun! think that the last motorstorm game looked better though. think the greys of the city are a bit dull and bland but still looks fun as

    • It is crazy fun, and I can assure that the city of MotorStorm Apocalypse is just as diverse and sublime as the tropical island of MotorStorm Pacific Rift. More so when you consider that the city is being devastated by extreme weather and relentless earthquakes.
      From the roofs of falling skyscrapers to a tornado-swept boardwalk by the waterfront, there are plenty of stunning and varied *urban off-road* locations to experience. Although there shouldn’t be much time for admiring the scenery while racing for survival through it all. ;-)

  • Looks crazily awesome that track and the graphics looks smoking. Looking forward to it.

    • Thanks! A lot of effort has gone into turning an incredible idea into a playable and enjoyable track, especially trying to make it competitive for all 13 vehicle classes. It has been quite a challenge, so it’s great to hear that you’re liking the look of it so far.

  • Reminds me of canabalt. except on bikes.. Its a nice twist.

  • I’m really liking the look of the new tracks, though I wish we could see more of them but I can understand that the team at Evolution don’t want to show off everything the game has to offer before it’s released.
    The music in the video is really dramatic, is that a hint at the sort of music we will hear in the game or was it just for the video? It’s very different from past Motorstorm soundtracks.
    Can’t wait to try the demo, and get my hands on the full game! :)

    • It is a hint of the sort of music you’ll hear in the game (unless you set-up a custom soundtrack) and it is indeed very unique – it’s an original score written by Klaus Badelt (who has Pirates of the Carribean and Gladiator to his name, plus many more). It was recorded with a 75 piece orchestra at the world famous Abbey Road Studios and then remixed by DJ Shadow, Elite Force and Noisia. It’s incredible. :-D

  • Have bought every motorstorm game and will absolute but this!!! Looks AWESOME!!!!!

  • I bought the first two MotorStorm games on day one but I’ll wait to see if the absolutely ridiculous AI rubberbanding is still in this one before purchasing.

  • Wow. Wish I had a PS3.
    Can we have that game, with those exact same graphics ported to the PSP please LOL

  • Any possibility to use Wheels to drive the cars? If not by release, maybe in a patch?

  • Spring 2011 and a demo early 2011. Happy days. Looks great. Agree with the comment on the rubber band AI. Hope it’s toned down a little. Can kind of understand the reason for it though.

  • Damn NICE!
    can’t wait till it comes out!
    Will the next trailer be a veliche custumisation trailer? : D

  • Actually, this trailer put me off a little. Its just gone too far from what I percieved Motorstorm to be about. I think I’d have looked for a location that was still predominantly natural, though I understand how tricky that is considering the only ones I could think of that would be any fun you’ve already made…

  • seriously the urban environment

  • Crazy motorcycle chase!
    Looks great. Motorstorm has always been among my very favorite racers (with only Criterion games making my other faves) and I can see myself enjoying this game just as much if not more than previous entries.

  • I’m getting a 3D tv just for your game but one quick question.
    Sony or Samsung? ;)

  • (hoped to get an answer in last weeks blogpost, but I think I was too late posting it to get your attention)
    Can you tell us something about the amount of bikes/cars (and what percentage of the vehicles will be bikes), and how the bikes and cars will be able to race together.
    Is there some kind of balance to make sure the bikes ( don’t ) get crushed every time a cars hits them?
    And the new video looks really cool :-)

    • There are 13 vehicle classes in total, and each of them has strengths and weaknesses. 3 of them are motorcycles (dirt Bike, Chopper and Superbike). The other 10 classes are 4-wheeled vehicles: ATV, Buggy, Supermini, Rally Car, Musclecar, Supercar, Racing Truck, Mudplugger, Big Rig and Monster Truck.
      All of the vehicles can race together competitively because all MotorStorm tracks are carefully designed to offer as balanced a playing field as possible, with multiple routes for vehicles to take advantage of. It’s not an easy task to pull this off, especially when real-time earthquakes are added to the mix, but the design team at Evolution Studios has a lot of experience doing this, and they do it very well.
      As for bikes being crushed if hit by a bigger vehicle, it is more than likely (depending on speed and angle of collision, etc.).
      On a bike you should really avoid going toe-to-toe with anything bigger than an ATV; take advantage of being nimble and quick to exploit the higher and narrower routes instead!

  • Great stuff.Wont get into 3D until the tech for no glasses is good enough for big TV’s.
    But I’ve got some isometric type anaglyph 3D city pictures,and they look stunning.I can see why the 3D on this track will look so good.

  • This is really promising. I hope by supporting the game for a while means the way Criterion did with Burnout: Paradise: by building community aspects and releasing free patches, and the occasional big expansions which cost. Too many games these days release content on first week which should have shipped with the game, and it costs money. I skipped Kane and Lynch 2 because of that.
    Also, not everyone likes 3D, and some of us can’t even see 3D (me included).

  • This looks like fun :D Can’t wait.

  • motorstorm overload! finally after waiting since june its everything i wanted to know and more. i hope that flame MS logo avatar will be available to us. how long till participating retailers have the preorder schemes up and running?
    oh, and that vid is JAW-DROPPING! again great job, looking forward to all the future updates!

  • Does this have steering wheel support planned? It would make sence since the release of GT5 has increased the number of wheels bought.
    Also, are the trophies going to be as hard as Pacific Rift?

  • Please add status updates on the xmb to show what your friends are doing during the game, you know like Need for speed:Most Wanted

  • @Posted on 15 December, 2010 at 9:01 pm by Phenom_Evolution (reply to #17)
    Thanks, that’s really helpfull and sounds like it is going to be an amazing game :-D.
    Now if I could add a humble suggestion for the future support after the release:
    Add supermotards. These bikes are perfectly suitable for both onroad as offroad and are really really agile. (got one myself IRL :-)).

  • I think I’ll wait and see with this one given how things went with online in Pacific Rift. The developer stopped support for that title pretty quickly even though there were well known glitches that completely ruined the online experience on tracks like The Rift.
    I think it was Phenom_Evolution who even went as far as to suggest that legit gamers should start using the gliches because there was not going to be a patch to sort it out. Err, NO, the developement team should have fixed their broken game!

  • I have a Samsung 3D tv. Is it possible to Play MS:A in 3D or is 3D only with a Sony Tv possible?

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