Joe Danger Officially Out On PS3!

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It’s great to be back on the I can’t tell you what an amazing feeling it is to see our game, Joe Danger, actually on the Store on Playstation 3. Due to some unfortunate timing the Playstation Store was offline for maintenance for most of yesterday. So we’re going to consider today 10th June as our real launch day.

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For the people who have already downloaded the game, I just want to say such an unbelievably heartfelt thank you. It’s just out of this world to hear your positive comments and feedback. Hello Games is just four friends sat in a tiny room making our game, and there isn’t a single day for the last two years that the four of us haven’t dreamt of this day.
More importantly we’re having an absolute blast playing with you, and just trying to stay on top of the scoreboards! If you are thinking of downloading Joe Danger today or this weekend, then that’s awesome, we’re looking forward to the challenge.

Joe Danger

There’s some fantastic reviews coming in at the moment including an “incredible” 9.5 on IGN, their highest ever rated PSN game. As well as 9 in GameInformer, also their Game of the Month (the first ever for PSN). Amazing! Check out some more awesome new reviews here, here, here and here.
We’ve literally poured everything we have into Joe Danger. It’s been an incredibly difficult two years, but to see people enjoying what we’ve done is the most rewarding feeling in the world. It’s why we’re so excited for the release.
This is the game we’ve always wanted to make, for each of us it’s every game we’ve loved crammed into one innovative and tight package. I thought I’d let the other members of Hello Games describe what they love about the game.
Grant: “I’m the sole Artist and I designed most of the levels for Joe Danger. Christmas ’92 I got Sonic, and played it straight ’til Christmas ’93. I wanted to create levels with that crazy feeling of speed, those sudden leaps of faith and the fluid feeling when you are in the zone. You might be on a Bike, but for me Joe is a platformer at heart. Just one at 200mph.”
David: “I’m the Gameplay guy on Joe Danger. Before I had my C64 and California Games, I was Pinball obsessed. I’ll basically do anything for a multiplier. Tony Hawks Pro Skater and Jet Set Radio were huge for me at Uni when I was learning to skate. It’s all about that extreme tension when you’ve built up some huge score Combo, and just one mistake will wipe it all out in an instant. Joe Danger is fast and frantic, but really it’s all about highscores for me”
Ryan: “I’m the main technical dude at Hello Games. I’m that guy who loves nothing but racing games, speed-runs, time attacks. Excitebike, Trackmania, Crazy Taxi and Burnout have been big games to me and I guess that’s rubbed off. Joe Danger is never anything but fast, whether you’re trying to grab every coin in Coin Dash, or neck and neck racing for the finish line. It’s all about Boost. Stunts feeds your boost, allowing for even bigger air and crazier Stunts. Boost is that glue between racing, comboing and platforming.”

Joe Danger

Once again, Joe Danger is on the store in Europe today and we really hope you enjoy it! Spread the word.
You can keep up to date with Hello Games and Joe Danger on our blog, follow us on Twitter or even just send us a mail!

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  • First Swedish review on Eurogamer Sweden:
    Good job Hello Games!

  • and its in the store, now?

  • Thank you all at Hello Games. This game is not only superb but a refreshing change to all the other games available. Also means I can relive my mis-spent youth with modern equivilent of Kikstart 2 on Spectrum and Amiga

  • i bought this yesterday before the psn went under maintanence its awesome! thank you hello games its getting glowing reveiws its one of the best games on psn!

  • What a fantastic achievement guys. I’m really pleased to see you are getting fantastic reviews for Joe Danger is rightfully deserved. I played this round my friends house last night as I finished work later than I had hoped and therefore didn’t make it home in time to download the game from PSN! I will however download it tonight.
    Your game boils down to being a ton of fun and I hope others will buy it and join in on the action because this is a game not to be missed.
    Joe Danger is ranked in with the likes of Wipeout HD, Flower and Pixel Junk games as being the must have PSN games. Enjoy the praise guys you all deserve it!
    P.S. What is your next project? ;)

    • Thanks so much, can’t tell you how awesome that is to hear!
      As for the future, for the moment we’re working flat out to hopefully patch in some new features. There’s a couple of things, like Custom Soundtracks, that we just wish we could have included at launch. There’s also a bunch of new features planned, that I shouldn’t talk about yet, but are genuinely really exciting :)

  • 3nd? Still a few bugs to fix?

  • Great game guys I’m loving it :D Any plans to add custom soundtracks or youtube uploading?

  • Aww… it seems in the final retail version the 3ND place has gone, to be replaced with a boring old 3RD. You meanies? Why did you remove it? At least add a patch to the options that lets you bring it back.

    • I’m afraid the certification process meant we had to remove the 3ND :(
      We hung onto it until the last possible moment. I absolutely love the idea of an option in the menu, I can’t imagine what most people would think when they found it ;)

  • any chance of adding online multiplayer in a patch? its really the only thing keeping me from buying it :l

  • Darn… I was hoping to make the “3ND” comment, I’ll just have to settle for making the “3ND” comment about the “3ND” comment :)
    Good to see the Sony Quality Assurance process is as strict as ever.
    Great game guys. Thank you. I’ve not had as much fun with a new PlayStation Network title since “Pain” was released.
    [ ]
    Pity none of my Trophy suggestions were included, but I’m still looking forward to Sackboy wearing one of Big Al’s Big Hats.
    I’ve seen some video footage that included Xbox 360 controller buttons.
    Is “Joe Danger” a PS3-exclusive for a set period of time, or did you drop the plans to release on a Microsoft platform.
    Will you need another two years to make a PSP variant?

  • Great Job Guys!
    I would like to see some features/articles on:
    track creation=ins/outs tips to build levels and link them all together.And when im at it could we get a gauge or indicator so we know how many items we have to build with.Its hard to guess how many you can put down until the 5 pieces remaining text pops up.
    general gameplay=tips on achieving crazy scores.
    Oh yes and youtube support would be huge.

    • Those are both awesome suggestions. Replays and youtube support is something we’re already working on now. How I wish we had had time to do that before release, but hopefully we’ll be able to patch it in.
      I love the idea of doing some “Tips and Tricks” posts, for the editor, but also for the game. We have talked about doing a manual, but maybe a post with videos would work better.

  • I dunno if I’d rate it amongst my favorite PSN games but I’ve certainly got a good amount of enjoyment so far.
    @Opt1mus76 glad I ain’t the only one remembering Kikstart 2. Played it on CPC a lot and the two main features I enjoyed most (track editior and 2 player split screen) are both present here too so it does feel like Kikstart for the PS3 generation perfectly.

  • Great game from what I have played so far, my 4 year old daughter loves it :)

  • PS.
    The quotes around your embedded e-mail address link syntax mean the mailto is not working with my browser (Mozilla Firefox) & e-mail client (Mozilla Thunderbird).

  • amazing game bought it yesterday ( keep ir exclusive ) lol . Hope you guys have dlc coming and are happy with sales

  • anyone else notice the quorocity sign above sign in bit on blog when putting in email and password . we must be gettn that too is that not a movie service

  • quorocity seany1
    I just found a googlewhack!

  • got this yesterday and im loving it only problem for me is the misses likes it aswell and keeps hogging the pad as she is 2 scared for split screen lol

  • qrioricity thats it lol .

  • Cheers lads. Been looking forward to this one for ages. It’s downloading now (was unable to buy it yesterday due to PSN downtime).
    Hope it goes well for you and look forward to seeing more of your projects :)

  • Well done on a great game.
    A few issues for us still on large widescreen sdtv’s, can you fix the aspect/ration as it odd.
    The intro/menu screen is in the wrong resolution.
    In game alerts (user online/offline etc) is huge due to incorrect resolution and impacts on playing the game.
    Going to the xmb in game is always in bizzare proportions.
    Hope you can fix these issues to an others great game.

    • We hadn’t seen this problem before release, but we are looking at the issue now. It’s definitely something we’ll try to rectify in a patch.
      Towards the end of development we literally filled our office with other people’s TVs so we could test the game out – I count 13 in our tiny little room at the moment :) Apologies for any issues that slipped through the net.
      It might be helpful if you could send me an email and I could ask you more about the problem.

  • This title is fantastic & brilliant. I enjoy it very much. Thank you so much.

  • Great! I couldn’t buy it yesterday because when I arrived home (my home, no playstation’s home :P ) the store was already closed.
    I’ll buy it today as soon I arrive home.

    • We think demos are important, especially for a £9.99 game, so we’d love to do one.
      We’re going to put together a patch right now, and then start looking at a making a demo.
      It might take us a little while. In the meantime we’re planning to release as many videos and as much information, as we can, to help people decide.

  • Hello Hello :P
    Great game you’ve people have made. It’s was a fun way to start the summer holliday :D Can’t wait to play it with my friends. Keep up the good work.

  • @24
    I second that. A demo would be appreciated.
    Please and thank you :D

  • great game, bought it yesterday. i thought the price was a bit high, but i said to myself if its under 100NOK i will buy it, and it was 99NOK:)

  • I was luckily able to download Joe Danger yesterday before the PSN down time, and I played it for the best part of 2 hours last night.
    The game really is superb Sean, fully deserving of all the positive reviews that it has received. Great presentation, great soundtrack, great controls, just great really.
    It also seems to strike the right balance between fun and frustration, meaning that I had a smile on my face whilst playing it, even when I failed to collect the award I was after for the 20th time in a row. That 21nd run was killer though ;)
    I would love an option to view and save replays, if that is going to be possible.

  • Love it !! Best Psn game ive played !!

  • There’s no mail adress behind the link (only a mailto:) so I’ll give my praise in the comments.
    Got up early this morning to download and try out Joe Danger as the Store was already down when I got back from work yesterday. Damn, was worth the painfull sleepy eyes for sure! Can’t believe only three guys made this stuff. Just awesome and inspiring. Keep up the good work guys!

  • Got the game yesterday before the store closed, it’s awesome! Just a small (and probably minor) side note – thanks for choosing a pleasant XMB music and not going “full race organ” on us.

  • Man I would love an option to turn on 3ND, thats part of your company history now!
    Anyways, buying this game as soon as I get home to my PS3… Guess I’ll finally be putting RDR aside to play some JD!

  • This is what Modnation racers should have been.

  • Will we see on-line multi player?

  • You going to announce how much you’ve sold Sean or do you know? or can you tell?
    The internet seems abuzz by the release, good job, downloaded this afternoon and its great craic!

  • Such admiration for what you guys have done, congrats to all of you.
    I’ll be picking this up soon, and I look forward to your future projects as well.

  • Just wanna say that the game is awesome!
    The best PSN game i’ve ever purchased! =)
    And for all your doubters wanting a demo, it’s well worth the money!

  • can i buy peace walker on the store yet?

  • Bought it, played it, am loving it. Great job guys.
    One feature I would like to see is categorization of items in the level editor. It’s quite difficult to find the piece you need at any one time. So sorting by type (ramps, obsticles, lane gates) would be great.

  • Don’t got enough money on my PSN account :( But I will buy it when I transfer more money to my account :D

  • Saw a vid on Tuesday night, decided there and then I must buy it. Picked it up before the store shut down on Wednesday.
    For something that didn’t have millions of people making it, it’s a really impressive game. In fact I’d still be impressed if it did have loads of people working on it. The gameplay is that good. One of the best games I’ve played on PSN.

  • Bought and downloading :D Had enough to buy it, just an error last time i tried :)

  • I love it! Only complaint/suggestion is taking out the mole at the beginning of the track, I don’t fancy being told that I can jump with square and hear ‘Hey boooy, go gettum!’ 40 times in a row on a difficult track!

  • Oh, also! haha in the track editor I’d love a track switcher that has a bumper on it like in the campaign. At the moment I’m having to make two tracks worth of content just because you can continue on down the same piece of track. There’s lots of pieces from the full game that are missing, is it a memory issue? I wish you all success, it’s an excellent game and if it gets enough support maybe there could be an expansion with the ability to share levels with everyone like in LittleBigPlanet?

  • My 2 year old nephew loves this, he managed to score over 200k on the first level just by holding the left stick in the top left for a while (although I have to hold X to boost him over the shark tanks). Although, his favourite thing seems to be killing Joe repeatedly.
    One thing i do not like however is when the announcer goes “J-J-J-Joe D-D-D-Danger”. Needless to say, people haven’t been kind over my stammer. Not that I’m suggesting anybody associated with Joe Danger wishes to offend anybody.

  • It really nice to see 4 talented guys make a fun experience. I’ll download it right away, since I love to support that talented people who do their best to entertain me. :D

  • Perhaps the 3ND could appear in “Legacy Mode” or something.

  • guys it’s worth the money it’s really great so go buy alrdy

  • Tried to get onto the PlayStation Store last night but it was still misbehaving, so couldn’t even attempt to buy the game. Maybe Sony will have sorted it out today, who knows.

  • Why do you want people to mail you when you don’t answer it?

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