PlayStation At E3: 2000

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As the world recovered from the cataclysmic disappointment of the Millennium Bug, Hideo Kojima proved his knack for stealing the show at E3 by revealing a trailer for Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty. It was shown every hour and proved so popular that hundreds of people would queue for each screening.

It was the most impressive demo of PS2 graphics to date, especially as it was revealed to have been created in real time using the game’s engine, with the exception of the weather effects at the start.
Metal Gear Solid 2 headed up a visually striking selection of games that also included Tekken Tag Tournament and Onimusha: Warlords. It was already becoming clear that, like its predecessor, PS2 would have no shortage of both first and third party games.
In a trend that has been constant since E3 began in 1995, booths grew in size and budget as game companies fought to attract the eyes of visitors and the Internet opened the show floor to billions of eyes and ears.

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  • Still holds up well today. If only it didn’t have the “old” camera system.

  • I am a little afraid when the topic comes to 2009…

  • Ahhh so many emotions when thinking about games running on the emotion engine. :D
    Unfortunately MGS2 was the weakest MGS game on home console so far, Raiden was just not as cool as Snake.
    Any chance on getting a new Onimusha?

  • just a shame most of the game was played as the mgs universe’s version of jar jar binks.

  • tomorrow 2001 Gran Turismo 3?:d would be nice…
    That trailer is just nostalgic!
    And pure porn to every car enthusiast.

  • Good memories. I loved the first level when you’re on the boat. Too bad Raiden took over from then on.
    Not to mention the sections at the end of the game, especially when I was up at 4am playing it, freaked me right out!

    • The bit when you think that it’s game over but you’re still playing in the small window was mental. I love stuff like that.

  • Ten years later that trailer is still epic!

  • Hey James… I was wondering, is there any place where you can watch past editions of E3 (at least starting from the year press conferences were broadcasted live)?
    I understand that Sony has the whole 2008 and 2009 shows available to download at the Store (which is extremely nice, if I may add), but I am specifically looking for older shows.
    I would love to see what the reaction to the announcements of the PSP or FF13 were like (maybe even Uncharted — I wonder if people realized the potential at the moment).
    Can you help a fellow out? Thanks!

    • It’s pretty tricky to be honest – I was looking for the same thing when researching these posts and the earlier you go, the trickier it gets. was a pretty good resource and you can find some snippets of earlier events on YouTube.

  • The game still looks really good.

  • Good to see you got the name right that time, sir ;)
    Metal Gear Solid 2 is still an awesome game…Love it. Even if the whole game is a complete mind**** :)

    • Yes, I triple checked this time and you’re right, it was a total mindpond. But then, it wouldn’t be the same if it wasn’t bonkers.

  • Turn off the games console :D

  • Despite what other people say, I think MGS2 was the best Metal Gear game by far. It simply blew the first one away, and later installments didn’t even come close to MGS2’s twisted story.
    I hope MGS Rising will be the star of _Sony_s E3 this year. I also hope that Konami can make the franchise feel fresh again with gameplay that’s not alienating the game from the other games in the series (I’m looking at you, MGS4).

  • Mindpond? Love it :D Haha

  • Guess tomorrow either GT3, Jack & Daxter or Devil May Cry? :)
    Btw. when you get to 2006, please no Giant Enemy Crabs ;)

  • Raiden turn off your game RIGHT NOW!
    MGS is epic!!!!

  • I remember this video…i bought OPM magazine back in the day and they have this 9 minute VHS tape free with it!…yes VHS, not DVD.
    I watched it over and over and over again, loved it so much.

  • That was awesome James, took me right back, thanks :)

  • I loved that ship! ! ! :D The rain and everything. PlayStation is the BEST :)

  • The Japanese audio is good of course the English is superb too especially in MGS but it’s just sad that games don’t have dual audio possibility more even in these days since the disc capacity has gotten bigger

  • OMG Memories. :) Might have to dust this one off and play again. Shame MGS 4 departed from the ‘feel’ of Sons of Liberty.

  • E3 2009 was in my opinion undoubtedly the best E3 EVER!
    E3 2010 might just top it up! XD

  • Good Ol’ Days when I liked Sony over all other consoles. Its a shame those days are over. I cannot think the same way of Sony since the “PS3” was released. We’ll see what happens at E3 2010. If they present something good (i’m not talking about that lame move device), then it just might change my mind and think of them as the top once again.

  • ah mgs2.. as a major mgs1 fan this one was so disappointing..the first 10 minutes (the demo gameplay) obviously rocked but after that it just went downhill imo…due to Raiden mostly..i didnt wanna play with some unknown blond guy instead of the great snake :s also the environment and the bosses were less interesting to me..guess i had high hopes for this one..biggest mistake was making Raiden the maincharacter though..
    it was still an amazing game obviously, just not for an mgs game imo..if u look at mgs1, 3 and 4, all those games are major epic..mgs2 just doesnt seem to fit in there.. still a great game, just not a great mgs game..

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