PlayStation Home: Star Wars, Ghostbusters Firehouse, Monty Python And More!

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UPDATE: I’ve received news this morning that the Ghostbusters Firehouse personal space will not be released this week as previously announced. We will now be releasing this space in the April 15th update. We apologise for the delay.

This week’s PlayStationHome update is full of content that we know has been eagerly awaited by you all. We’ll start with the first batch of content from LucasArts, follow with an invasion of Knights from Monty Python, then visit the Ghostbusters Firehouse personal space. Last – but not least – we tour the SIREN: Blood Curse space.

I’m sure you’re all excited to know the full details of the Star Wars content we’ll have this week, so I’ll start there. In addition to a selection of t-shirts and caps, you’ll be treated to full costumes for the Stormtrooper, Clone Trooper and Imperial Officer. For your personal space there’s three impressive statues. Finally, for those of you who feel the Force there’s the Black Lightsaber. This is the first batch of many, so keep your eyes on the blog over the coming months for more fantastic content from LucasArts!

Home - Star Wars

Next in this week’s line up are some iconic costumes from Monty Python. I have to mention what is probably my favourite costume in Home first: The Black Knight, complete with missing arms! You can also purchase Sir Bedevere, Sir Galahad, Sir Lancelot and Sir Robin either individually or all four in a bundle pack. The final item in our Monty Python haul is an unusual item of furniture: the iconic Foot. Even better, it’s a chair!

Home - Monty Python Home - Monty Python

We know you’ve been waiting for the Ghostbusters Firehouse personal ever since it released for North America, and we’re pleased to announce it’s here! This space consists of three floors packed full of furniture and decorations, not least of which is your very own Ecto-1. The Ghostbusters Firehouse comes complete with movie props and portable blue screens that will be perfect for creating your own machinima movies. Just make sure you have your eyes open in case of any supernatural activity!

Home - Ghostbusters

I’m very pleased to announce that SIREN: Blood Curse will be launching in Europe! Now you can all stop asking me when it will come out :). When you first step into this space you’ll find yourself in a rundown forest outside the entrance to the Ward of Despair. Step through the entrance to the Ward and you’ll enter the mini-game lobby. Here you’ll find video screens and places to sit while preparing to take on the Ward of Despair mini-game. When ready, talk to the receptionist and you’ll be taken into the Ward (Note: if you’re on a slow connection you may need to wait for the background download, which starts on entry to the lobby, to complete).


Siren Siren

The Ward of Despair is playable by up to 5 players and is a recreation of the Saiga Hospital stage. Each player will be given a set of objectives that must be completed within a 5 minute time limit. Beware of the Shibito; get caught by one, and it will be game over! Complete all objectives within the time limit to earn yourself costume rewards.

Finally for this week, we’ve got good news on the Alien vs Predator costumes: we’ve been given permission to extend the time they’ll be available for. So if you haven’t got yours yet, rest easy – there’s still plenty of time to get over to Threads.

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