PlayStation Home: Star Wars, Ghostbusters Firehouse, Monty Python And More!

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UPDATE: I’ve received news this morning that the Ghostbusters Firehouse personal space will not be released this week as previously announced. We will now be releasing this space in the April 15th update. We apologise for the delay.

This week’s PlayStationHome update is full of content that we know has been eagerly awaited by you all. We’ll start with the first batch of content from LucasArts, follow with an invasion of Knights from Monty Python, then visit the Ghostbusters Firehouse personal space. Last – but not least – we tour the SIREN: Blood Curse space.

I’m sure you’re all excited to know the full details of the Star Wars content we’ll have this week, so I’ll start there. In addition to a selection of t-shirts and caps, you’ll be treated to full costumes for the Stormtrooper, Clone Trooper and Imperial Officer. For your personal space there’s three impressive statues. Finally, for those of you who feel the Force there’s the Black Lightsaber. This is the first batch of many, so keep your eyes on the blog over the coming months for more fantastic content from LucasArts!

Home - Star Wars

Next in this week’s line up are some iconic costumes from Monty Python. I have to mention what is probably my favourite costume in Home first: The Black Knight, complete with missing arms! You can also purchase Sir Bedevere, Sir Galahad, Sir Lancelot and Sir Robin either individually or all four in a bundle pack. The final item in our Monty Python haul is an unusual item of furniture: the iconic Foot. Even better, it’s a chair!

Home - Monty Python Home - Monty Python

We know you’ve been waiting for the Ghostbusters Firehouse personal ever since it released for North America, and we’re pleased to announce it’s here! This space consists of three floors packed full of furniture and decorations, not least of which is your very own Ecto-1. The Ghostbusters Firehouse comes complete with movie props and portable blue screens that will be perfect for creating your own machinima movies. Just make sure you have your eyes open in case of any supernatural activity!

Home - Ghostbusters

I’m very pleased to announce that SIREN: Blood Curse will be launching in Europe! Now you can all stop asking me when it will come out :). When you first step into this space you’ll find yourself in a rundown forest outside the entrance to the Ward of Despair. Step through the entrance to the Ward and you’ll enter the mini-game lobby. Here you’ll find video screens and places to sit while preparing to take on the Ward of Despair mini-game. When ready, talk to the receptionist and you’ll be taken into the Ward (Note: if you’re on a slow connection you may need to wait for the background download, which starts on entry to the lobby, to complete).


Siren Siren

The Ward of Despair is playable by up to 5 players and is a recreation of the Saiga Hospital stage. Each player will be given a set of objectives that must be completed within a 5 minute time limit. Beware of the Shibito; get caught by one, and it will be game over! Complete all objectives within the time limit to earn yourself costume rewards.

Finally for this week, we’ve got good news on the Alien vs Predator costumes: we’ve been given permission to extend the time they’ll be available for. So if you haven’t got yours yet, rest easy – there’s still plenty of time to get over to Threads.

[viddler id=124aa4b5&w=545&h=349&playertype=simple]

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9 Author Replies

  • Looks really nice, but I didn’t use to much Home.

    Please don’t remove Other OS from older models

  • Good update Thy.

    Ghostbusters! Star Wars ! Cool!

  • Colour me impressed.

  • No Final Fantasy XIII costumes?

  • So this week can be described as “catching up to all other regions”, eh?

    • You have no idea how happy the team here is to finally see Siren released. That one has been a thorn in their sides for too long!

  • We want….a shrubbery!

  • Use the force Alex! Use it to get Namco Essentials!

    Amazing update! Kudos!

  • Nice! Not everything is dark on PS3 i guess…
    A really good effort there Dax, well done! I’m gonna follow your choice and jump on the dark knight costume :p

  • Heh, was wondering when we’d get the Firehouse. The Monty Python stuff interests me too.

  • sweet update starwars FTW

  • Nice update, I think home has definately had a great month.

  • OMG you used my images in the PROMO YAY what do i win :P i kid but im honoured woop

  • Can I ask why these spaces weren’t released before their respective games hit shelves? They would function better as promotional spaces that way. Hopefully in future we get spaces released like that.

    Fantastic content this week. The Monty Python stuff sounds awesome. Genius!

  • Alex you missed two things that are available tomorrow:

    Uncharted 2 Totem Poles
    Sark Costume

    • I didn’t miss them at all … it’s just they were only confirmed today. The blog post is always finalised as early as possible Tuesday because it needs to be localised.

      That’s why they’re in the forum posts – easier to add them in there impromptu.

  • Lol Monty Python
    You should try and get weekly episodes put up in the cinema,and possibly even the Ghostbusters cartoons,not sure if Sony hold the rights for the animated versions,but would be cool if they did as you wouldn’t have any problems licensing them.

  • wow nice update finally getting some of the good stuff !!!

  • Hi all,

    I’ve got another important piece of information about tomorrow’s maintenance. The global update will be commencing at 17:00 BST instead of the normal 08:00 timeslot.

    I’d like to apologise for the late notice and any inconvenience that this change may cause.

    – Alex / Thylaudax

  • Alex what was with your forum picture?

  • amazing update alex nd co. thank god its payday for me tomorrow. gonna get them all ;D

  • hi alex, when the irem spaces are planned in europe?

  • THE BEST THING EVER IN HOME……. a giant Monty Python (left) foot.
    I had my left foot amputated 21 years ago this april, its like you guys knew or somethin. It will never be as good as the wooden left foot shaped ashtray my uncle gave me a week after my accident but its by far the best thing that could happen for my foots 21st anniversary……… oh by the way the other stuffs not bad either :p

  • hmm two gd sized updates in 2 weeks im impressed , thanks finally for siren , now that siren is out thy is it safe to say this will be better for our weekly updats size as siren sounds like it held stuff back to be prioritised

    • What we’re seeing is the results of the new staff I mentioned earlier in the year. We’ve significantly improved the number of items that can be published each week, along with lots of other general improvements in workflow and efficiency.

  • also namco museum is last space we need to get more using home , pacman arcades will defo pull users in , me anyway

    • Namco Museum Essentials is released on PSN for SCEE this week, and that brings us a big step closer to being able to release the space for Home.

  • Thanks thy! you never seem to disappoint :D

  • Nice Update Alex :)
    thought we get our new Home square lol
    maybe next time i can wait!
    Thx for Star Wars content

  • So when are we getting the Siren space? ;)

  • aww! So cool!

    thank you very much on getting us this content!

  • Tomorrow loony, very good update, i might buy the firehouse tomorrow, looking forward to siren

  • Unfortunately it looks like I can’t use PSHome after tomorrow…. Or any else online-features because of 3.21 fw-update….

    This is no-win situation for me as I DO use Linux and play online games…

    Thanks a lot, Sony

  • Last I checked no-one was asking about siren blood curse right now, we’re too busy asking about Linux and when that’ll be reintroduced into Europe :P

  • Siren space, finally! The Star Wars stuff is looking cool too.

  • This is a playstation home blog post and not a firmware blog post

  • @31

    Well Sony are ignoring the thousands of posts in the US and UK firmware update threads, but are happy to post three comments so far in this blog post. Maybe people are making comments about the outrageous firmware update here because after tomorrow Sony wants to lock them out of using Playstation home along with other online features and they are not happy about it?

  • Yup, agree with 32, I’m very annoyed at being ignored by Sony…And I know Mike and Alex aren’t from that dept of the company. But you never know. At least here I’ve got a chance of getting a humourous satirical answer

  • i’m not going to praise you for finally releasing content months late, still no stage set or picture frames yet though, and i suppose like always no explanation why not.
    but the monty python stuff is a neat addition.
    are any of the outfits announced her available for women?
    i can understand if the python stuff isn’t but it should be a different matter for the star wars stuff, when they launched similar star wars themed outfits for the xbox avatars they all had male and female versions.

    • The picture frames situation has been explained multiple times on the forum, and I’ve referred to those posts here in the blog comments in recent weeks as well. I’m surprised you apparently haven’t seen those posts. There are very good legal reasons why we do not yet have them for SCEE, and these reasons were recently proven by a court case ruling in Italy.

      The Stage Set space is one I need to ask about, however as you can see we’ve brought the related Ghostbusters space this week…

      The Stormtrooper outfit is for male and female. I’ll need to check on the other two tomorrow.

  • sweet!! monty python! :D

  • Star Wars, Ghostbusters AND Python!? Nerdgasm! lol

  • Just when I give up on the Siren space, here it is! Thanks, I thought you were ignoring our pleas. Also, one friend in particular is going to love the ghostbusters arrival. Thanks so much, i’ll be sure to check it out.

    • We were working pretty hard to get the Siren space released. The team here was convinced it was haunted or something the way things kept going wrong with it at the last minute before release.

  • Those suits look really cool. So cool that I would have logged into home to see them being used. Shame FW 3.21 means I will not see this on my phat.

  • @34

    “I’m very annoyed at being ignored by Sony”

    I understand your frustrations if you used other os,but wasn’t the Blog entry clear enough,not sure what else they could they say.
    If you guys (as some have said) choose not to update then that’s your problem,but going on about doesn’t change a thing.If Sony think the other os could compromise the systems security in a way that could lead to piracy,then surly people should be support that.
    Look how far Sony have come since Ps one,they were rightly labelled as quantity of quality,you cant say that any more.In terms of first and second party output I dont think there’s a better publisher right now,and at the very least up there with the big N.
    The investments they’ve made,not just the fact they sell their system at a loss (and a huge one at launch) but in breeding a pool of talented developers that delivered the best experiences you can get at the moment,should be enough for people to say ok,sucks it’s getting removed,but lets support them on this.

    I do hope Sony push forward on the XMB side of things now though,better browser,possibly a open XMB that can have different things that could of been done iwith other os as app’s.

  • @40

    I perfectly understand your apathy towards this however Sony are violating your EU consumer rights. A company can NOT advertise a product containing certain features and then remove those features for 6 years after the product is sold. (6 years in UK or Ireland, could be as little as 2 years in some countries in the EU)

    This is covered by Directive 1999/44/EC and can NOT be overridden by any EULA or ToS…Sony are going to be in real trouble

  • vonhammer, under the same logic you give above you must be totally up for Sony to disable the DVD drive since it can be used to play pirated DVDs and CDs. Sucks that those could be removed next, but lets support them on this.

  • Dont be a tit, there removing linux so 25 million Fat PS3’s can’t play pirated games thus saving themselves million’s more that they can put back into creating new ip. I don’t know where you lost your logic.

  • Like GeoHot said…What security issue? The supposed hack that has been mentioned was only possible by OPENING the system, now I don’t know about you guys, but my PS3 is already secure, unless there are guys hiding in my place with screw drivers and electrical components. Sony is scared, scared enough to take something from us, something a lot of us may not use, but nevertheless was advertised to us as a reason for purchasing and not buying a certain “competitors” product. Now what do they have? A few thousand very unhappy customers, from my experience unhappy customers do not put their tail between their legs and take it. Well done Sony, still up to your old tricks.

  • please, please PLEASE tell me we get the MAG costumes too just like the americans did.. please.. dont disappoint me on this one!!!

  • @44.

    How is it not a security issue? It’s used to break a hole into the PS3, thereby breaching the PS3’s security. It needs to be fixed to prevent security issues. Therefore it’s there to fix security concerns.

    Also, the update is OPTIONAL. Your console still has Linux installed. If you want to keep Linux, then don’t update.

    Piracy should be fought as hard as it can be, and while Sony may not be doing it the right way, I think they should do everything they can to combat piracy.

    I have no idea what you mean by old tricks, as Sony essentially has to do things like this to prevent idiots like Geohot from ruining the system. It would be a great world if we didn’t have issues with copyright and piracy, but unfortunately hackers create scenarios where companies have to do things to stop them and these have an adverse effects on the consumers.

    I for one would prefer to remove Linux now than to potentially have piracy become rampant on the PS3 and have lower quality games in the future. A few thousand people lose now versus millions losing later. Stop being selfish and think of everyone else.

  • @45

    I’m sorry, but it seems to me (and a great deal of other people) that this update is not entirely “OPTIONAL” as you put it, if you want to use your system as a gaming machine you can update, if you want to use your system as a personal Computer you don’t update.If you want to use your system in the way it was advertised…oh WAIT you can’t! Explain to me exactly how this is preventing security issues in my system when my system has never or will never be opened, and the only way of performing this “hack” is to open the system and tamper with its insides.

    The XBOX 360 and Wii are rampant with pirated software, are you saying that their quality of software is noticably lower than PS3? If this were the case do you not think Sony would be up to their necks in profits right now? Would there be a console war on right now if that were true? No.

  • That slogan “It Only Does Everything” should be completely dumped! Sony Sucks and let me tell you that i will tell my friends to get an xbox 360 for a number of reasons. Remember Sony; the word SPREADS quickly!
    You guys are too slow on everything and Firmware version 3.21 is NOT AN UPGRADE, its simply a pathetic DOWNGRADE. Get real Sony.

  • thanks for the reply, i don’t visit the forum much, not much point when you can’t get involved.
    i haven’t heard about any court case that would impact on the availability of the picture frames here in europe.
    one thing with the star wars statues, you missed a trick it seems.
    no han solo in carbonite? what were you thinking? :)
    just had a thought, jabba the hutt costume, life size of course :)

    • LucasArts as the IP owner are the ones who need convincing, not us.

      We do have plenty more LucasArts content scheduled, however, including more Star Wars.

  • The Monty Python are definitely the stars of this update (no doubts about it),

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