Holy Invasion Of Privacy Badman Demo Out Now

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Holy Invasion of Privacy Badman 1

Elohim essaim! My Lord, God of Destruction!

It is I, Badman, who has called you to my side. You and you alone can succeed in showing these heroes who has the power. We will defeat them in the full game Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman! What Did I Do To Deserve This?, which will be out in stores and on PSN October 2009. But, to crush the heros, you need training, O Obliterating One.

For this purpose, I have tasked my minions to create a simulation, a demo if you will, of battles waged against me by these hypocritical heroes. This little training sample will enable you to discover the powers of the creatures that live in the earth, who eats whom, and who fights best.

Holy Invasion of Privacy Badman 2

Did you know that the game is in German (ja, das ist richtig) and in French (c’est vrai, ouais)? Here is a sample from the Almanach and the game from each language version:

Badman GermanBadman French

But, hurry, O Demolishing One, for these justice-loving heroes will bind me and drag me to the surface to face their “goodness” as they have tried before…

Holy Invasion of Privacy Badman 3Holy Invasion of Privacy Badman 4

Download the demo NOW free of charge from PSN. Afterwards, click your way to a quiz that will test the knowledge you have acquired from your demo experience. Here is the website where you will be able to exercise your mighty knowledge: www.holybadman.com/quiz. I have captured a few wonky Omnoms that have begun to multiply. Since I can’t sell them, I’m giving them away, two at a time, to those who take the quiz. Perhaps, should I find you truly savvy, I’ll invite you to hang out at my new bar, The Piper Room, and introduce you to my ever-growing family of sisters.

O God of Devastation, I plan to summon you soon…

P.S. NIS America in Europe and NIS America are now on Twitter. Get the latest tweets at NISAinEurope and NISAmerica.

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57 Author Replies

  • Downloading now, heard good things about it :D

  • I can’t play it. Firmware 5.55 is required and is not available online.
    I will have to wait for Soulcalibur UMD with 5.55 included to play badman demo.

  • Do you think that the way things are handled regarding the PSN in Europe and game releases in Europe compared to SCEA is acceptable?

    please copy and paste this question at will please lets hope the more people who do the more we likely get an answer. im gonna copy and paste this on a couple of other threads on the blog too to drum up support.

  • Installed, about to play it, when i was told to update to 5.55, which isn’t out for download, so i can’t play it :(

    Sony, please digitally release 5.55, ive been looking forward to playing this!

    BTW, thanks for the demo!

  • Downloading it now. I’ve been waiting to try this game out, thanks for the demo :)


  • Played the US demo a ton :D

    Roll on October, cannot wait!

  • Was looking forward to trying the demo, but as has already been mentioned it needs PSP firmware 5.55 which isn’t out yet :(

    Will be downloading the firmware update as soon as its up though to try the demo

  • Hurray Allison is back!
    I’ve been watching the EU Twitter for a while now, very good idea!
    I’m sure the demo is great, but I’m more thankful for the Disgaea 3 complete package, I didn’t buy any last week with the hope of you bringing the complete package over quickly, and you did!
    I <3 NIS

    • Hey Amherst_Wind_4! It’s great to be back! And, thanks for joinging Twitter! I’ll check on the D3 complete package. It should be coming out very soon.

  • yeah why is it asking me to have a piece of firmware that isnt even released yet? come on NIS/SCEE.. been waiting to try this demo for 3 weeks now :(

  • maybe you should get onto NIS and ask where our Disgaea3 trophy patch is?? i download the 564Meg update last night to bring the game up to version 2.0 and STILL NO TROPHIES! this is getting beyond a joke, Japan and America have had the patch for months now.

  • @ AcidCrashX – we should write this week off as an Epic Fail as far as Sony is concerned.

  • @ MobileTone – It’s a shame as this friday was going to my PSP week. Dissidia out 2moz, FateStayNight and Badman today.. unforuntately Fate/Unlimited Codes got pulled and Badman’s demo doesnt even work. Couple that with the fact that the postal strike/Zavvi’s terrible customer service has made damn sure Dissidia wont even get to me anytime before next monday and it looks like its back to batman for this weekend.

  • wow a demo that i was actually looking forward too and cant due to firmware what isnt even out yet. EPIC FAIL!!!!

  • Shame on you Sony lol

  • God damn it, can’t wait for my Go now :)
    But yeah, hasn’t been a good week for SCEE lol

  • what about crap store update?????

    can someone talk to us???!!!

  • @marcindpol

    Allison doesn’t work for SCEE so she can’t answer your questions about the store update, and if anyone from SCEE did answer your question all they are likely to say “We can only update the store with what our publishing partners submit”

  • I’d like to thank NISA for their efforts concerning Europe.
    Few years ago, i’d never expect games like Badman, Prinny or Disgaea released here and now I wish Disgaea 2 and La Pucelle Ragnarok will come soon. Cherry on the cake, games are in french.

    Some publishers should take lessons from NISA.

  • Been wanting to play this game and finally downloaded it. Installed it and then it says needs v.5.55 (which isnt even out)!


  • Thanks for looking into this Allison

    • My pleasure. I’m really sorry that the Firmware wasn’t released beforehand. I’m frustrated that you guys can’t play the demo. I want to hear what you think.

  • I will buy it for sure. Played demo when it was released in US and it’s great.

  • Ho thanks for the demo in french, but i’m not sure because of 5.55

    • It is absolutely in French, English and German. Helped the translations myself. Even the quiz for the demo is in French.

  • When is this getting released in new zealand?

  • much kudos for Allison, at least someone around here is doing their job :D

    not a peep from anyone about 3.0 yet though and the Yanks buried the news and banned people off the site for mentioning it.

  • Looking forward to playing it, thanks for the update Allisom

  • I hope 5.55 comes soon. But I think it’s a bit stupid that the demo comes before the firmware update as everyone has to wait anyway now… Better do the firmware first next time :9

  • yes alison i can be more specific regarding my previous coment.How about you get a senior manager to look through the official forums and on today store blog update and tell me why we have no response to the 300+ negative coments all asking the same genuine questions about todays update.

    • Hi Dante_Zero! I wish I could. I’m from NIS Europe. I’ve notified Sony, which should be working on getting everyone the firmware ASAP.

  • Allison is a representative from Nippon Ichi Software America for Europe, she has nothing to do with Sony Europe. There is no point asking her about PS3 firmware 3.00 or your disappointment at the latest store update. Don’t fill this post with off topic pointless posts otherwise she wont be able to answer questions that she actually should.

  • Great demo! Though I already played the Japanese and American ones.

    I am a bit disappointed with the game having only 3 languages in Europe :(
    Its not my problem because I can understand English pretty well, but all the people I know that own a PSP do not, so it will be very difficult for them to get interested in the game.

    Also I want you to know about a game in japan named 3D Dot Game Heroes made by From Software that looks awesome, and I would love you to get the rights to distribute the game here in Europe :)


    • Hey SappYoda! I should have told you last blog entry, but your icon is hot! Yes, I understand your disappointment. I wish as well that we could localize all our games in all European langauges, but at the moment, we aren’t in the position to do so. I’ll ask about the Dot Game Heroes by From Software. You never know…

    • So, I got a look at Dot Game Heroes and, yea, it looks hot. Love how the water looks and the funky lego-like / dot matrix landscape, very retro but detailed, not unlike Badman. And, the gameplay is challenging.

  • @28 ill post what i want where i want if it means the message gets across cause god knows SCEE arnt listerning but im gonna try bloody hard to get it across wether that messgae is delivered from 3rd partys/1st partys i dont care. enoughs enough and i have drawn a line, question is will SCEE continue to cross it?

  • Heh, i meant Allison. Sorry for the typo

  • @ Amherst_Wind_4

    We understand that allison is here to answer other qeustions. I think there is no harm down with what is asked. Just ask one of the managers @ SCEE to take a look in this weeks psn store update section.

    That is all.. we are being treated like rubbish over there.

  • So i’m guessing this hasn’t been fixed?

  • Hey I liked Disgaea 3,and this game seems rather innovative and challenging.Thanks for caring about Europe NIS, looking forward to the trophies, hopefully they won’t get lost for months between pizza boxes in our beloved QA & “”Testing”” departments.

    Funny though, It seems the very soul of Playstation resides now in their 1st and 3rd Party associates,and not in Sony themselves.

    Bad management is bad? bad feedback is bad.

    • I hope you enjoy the game. I think it’s hot, and that’s not just because I work for NIS. There’s a lot of strategy and balancing in the game, which is a lot of fun as well as challenging.

    • I think the QA guys are reeeeally busy right now. I certainly hope the firmware will be available very soon.

  • Aaand cool companies are cool too. Thanks for your continued support Ms.Walter! Just be careful with collateral damage xD there’s a lot of flak flying around here lately, and rightfully so I might dare to add.

  • allison is it possible to ask why the disgaea 3 trophies wont be here ’till late autumn
    thanks in advance.
    P.S i get cross edge today. PRINNY DOOOOOOOOD!!!

    • good question! I think it’s a programming issue and schedules, something really mundane. I’ll let you know more a bit later. And, you got CE Europe or CE US? It’s pretty amazing to be able to play with all those hot characters…

  • Allison, love the fact Badman is coming over here, do you know if there is any chance we will get Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days and Prinny as downloads?

    • Hey Jemile! Prinny is definitely coming within a month or so. Disgaea 2… I’m not saying no and I’m not saying when quite yet.

  • allison can you tell me why cross edge is delayed *again* because i was gonna pick that up today

    • I can definitely tell you that it is coming out 25 Sept. It’s being manufactured as I write. What I can tell you is that the European copy is the cleanest copy of CE. It’s gone through Japan’s QA, North America’s QA, and the extremely tough European QA. We’ve fixed almost everything, and should be the best version yet.

  • Hi Allison,

    Any chance NIS is looking into releasing Prinny on the PSN Store?

    Thanks for your time.

    • Hi Dutch_Rootsman! Prinny should be out either this Sept or Oct. And, there are three additional stories as well. If you like a hardcore battle, Li’l Asaghi Comes Home will keep you leaping.

  • its just that every time i go to buy an NIS game its either delayed *again* or stores dont stock more than 2 copies.
    no edit button is annoying

    • I realize that the CE and Badman have been delayed, and I think it’s NISA for Europe is going through growing pains. If stores only carry 2 copies, they should order more. Let us know through support@nisamerica.com the stores so we can see if we can get them to restock. I can’t promise anything, but maaaaybee….

  • Imagine my surprise when I downloaded the demo only to be told I coulnd’t play it. Then imagine my surprise when my copioes of Dissidia and Soul Calibur weren’t waiting for me when I got to work this morning. Is this a ruse just to get everyone to buy the Prinny download pack? Because it worked. :-D

    • Hahahaha! No, there’s no consipiracy going on. What is going to happen is that Sony is going to republish the Badman demo 10 September. By that time, I’m told, Firmware 6.0 will have been released. Sorry about the delay.

  • It appears as if it has been removed from the store now? Also when downloading it gave me the ‘activation on a different account’ lark which would happen if I downloaded a demo from the US store and put it on my euro psp, yet this happened within the euro PSN store. I tested the dissidia demo to be sure and I didn’t get it with that, so perhaps theres some sort of region encoding fault..

  • Just when you thought SCEE couldnt get any more incompetent……
    seriously guys how do you manage to make mistake after mistake after mistake? its getting tiresome now

  • Just wanted to know… Do you have any idea as to why the “special custom theme” that’s supposed to come with the EU complete dlc pack doesn’t work? From what Ive heard it doesn’t work for anyone.
    From what I know there is no other disgaea theme on the EU store so I kinda wonder if its even supposed to be a theme with it…

    Well anyway I’m glad the complete dlc got out as fast as it did. I was right to wait for it ^^ <3 NIS

  • Any news on 5.55 firmware release?

  • Hi Killzone_Kid! This is what has been decided for the Badman demo: we’re going to re-release it next Thursday, 10 Sept, by which time Firmware 6.0 should have been released. Sorry for the wait!

  • Hi Allison I know you probably will not be able to answer but there is no harm in trying could you comment on how you feel or how the company feels at this blunder by SCEE?

  • thanks for the link allison i’ll be sure to use it

  • Ehhh…. Allison, is there any particular reason that the demo wasn’t released on the Irish store? I had been really looking forward to this demo

    • Hi Andy-McK-4ever! Because the demo wasn’t playable without the updated PSP Firmware, it was taken off the store. Perhaps your search took place just after it was taken off. The demo will be released again this Thursday after which time Firmware 6.00 should also have been released. Very sorry about the wait!

  • Old school graphics? I love it.

    Poor Badman, I hope that he will finally conquer the world :D

    Good luck for the game sells and thank you Allison for this fantastic update.

    • Thanks for checking in! The demo is out tomorrow, 10 Sept. Firmware 6.00 should be released by then as well. BTW: play our quiz after you play the demo at http://www.holybadman.com/quiz, and be in the running for a couple of amourous Omnoms. The quiz is in French and English. We tried to get it together for other languages, but that will be for the next contest, I hope. Cheers, A+, Tscheusse, Hasta luego, Ciao, Dag, Slan léat, Hej då!

    • The demo is out! I hope you all can play it! Give me a shout to tell me what you think. Grrr!

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