Holy Invasion Of Privacy Badman Demo Out Now

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Holy Invasion of Privacy Badman 1

Elohim essaim! My Lord, God of Destruction!

It is I, Badman, who has called you to my side. You and you alone can succeed in showing these heroes who has the power. We will defeat them in the full game Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman! What Did I Do To Deserve This?, which will be out in stores and on PSN October 2009. But, to crush the heros, you need training, O Obliterating One.

For this purpose, I have tasked my minions to create a simulation, a demo if you will, of battles waged against me by these hypocritical heroes. This little training sample will enable you to discover the powers of the creatures that live in the earth, who eats whom, and who fights best.

Holy Invasion of Privacy Badman 2

Did you know that the game is in German (ja, das ist richtig) and in French (c’est vrai, ouais)? Here is a sample from the Almanach and the game from each language version:

Badman GermanBadman French

But, hurry, O Demolishing One, for these justice-loving heroes will bind me and drag me to the surface to face their “goodness” as they have tried before…

Holy Invasion of Privacy Badman 3Holy Invasion of Privacy Badman 4

Download the demo NOW free of charge from PSN. Afterwards, click your way to a quiz that will test the knowledge you have acquired from your demo experience. Here is the website where you will be able to exercise your mighty knowledge: www.holybadman.com/quiz. I have captured a few wonky Omnoms that have begun to multiply. Since I can’t sell them, I’m giving them away, two at a time, to those who take the quiz. Perhaps, should I find you truly savvy, I’ll invite you to hang out at my new bar, The Piper Room, and introduce you to my ever-growing family of sisters.

O God of Devastation, I plan to summon you soon…

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