A new era of game subscription services begins at PlayStation

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A new era of game subscription services begins at PlayStation

All-new PlayStation Plus arrives in select markets in Asia — Japan, North and South America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand launches to follow.

It’s hard to believe that it was almost 12 years ago when we first introduced PlayStation Plus to the world, with Wipeout HD as one of the first games given to PlayStation Plus members. The PlayStation Plus product evolved through the years with more than 1,000 games offered to members globally.  We regularly improved upon our offerings to provide a compelling package to the 47 million members who are part of the service today. And just eight years ago we launched PlayStation Now as an open beta and have since seen it mature to a full-fledged service enjoyed by more than three million users in select markets. 

Starting today, we take our services one step further. I’m pleased to join our PlayStation community in Asia to welcome the new three-tier benefit offering from PlayStation Plus. The rollout begins today in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand, and will be followed by Japan next week. North and South America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand markets are set to launch next month.

This is an exciting time for us as we begin to bring our tremendous game catalog* to PlayStation gamers globally. Putting high-caliber games in the service is our priority, and we are pleased to launch with some of the most celebrated titles, including Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, NBA 2K22, Red Dead Redemption 2, and Returnal for Extra and Premium/Deluxe members. We’ll also have beloved classics like Ape Escape, Super Stardust Portable, Syphon Filter, and Tekken2, and much more – these iconic games will look fantastic when you play them on PS5 and PS4. Our game catalog will refresh over time with more exciting titles, and I can’t wait for everyone to experience this. 

It has been an incredible journey to get to where we are today, and I’m truly proud of the many teams across SIE who worked tirelessly to transform our service offerings to add value and flexibility for our customers. Collectively, our teams have kept you, the gamer, front and center in the decisions we made to create this compelling game subscription.   

To the PlayStation community, thank you for being on this journey with us and celebrating this new era of network game subscription services. Cheers. 

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*Availability of Game Catalog varies over time and plan. See https://www.playstation.com/Plus for details and updates on PS Plus offerings. PlayStation Plus is an ongoing subscription subject to a recurring subscription fee taken automatically (at the then-current PS Store price) at the frequency you choose at purchase until cancellation. Terms apply: play.st/psplus-usageterms

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  • So, is there 740 games at start, or it will be 740 in next 12 years … ?

    • No under 100 only at launch, the ones they announced. I highly doubt there will ever be over 200 games offered through the new plus service.

    • In big FAQ article they still says that there will be 700+ games (including demos), so… that sounds weird, as in every source there’s about 150-200 games listed for now, that’s far from half.

    • RichyAwesome007

      if it aint the 700+ games sony said it will be and less then 100 im gonna call them out on it and start a petition to have ps plus banned for sony lying to us just to pull a fast one and to make money

    • Yes you right they told us there will be on extra 400+ plus games but i only see around 100+ little dissapointed too 😐

    • It’s a repackaging of ps now guys, and the list they posted is a partial one, so just check it until june 13th and the actual extra and premium go up, as well as the june game adds.

      You need to learn to read good.

      PS Now has always been pushed as the 600/700+ games service over the years so the padding is their.

      That link is trying to show first party value more than anything else.

    • That’s called “hyperbole”. And it’s not surprising.

    • CommandingTiger

      Yes 740 games at launch, essentially more or less what PS Now was currently offering that now merged with PS+.
      It is confirmed at this point.

    • CommandingTiger

      Asian territory won’t have 740+ games because they don’t have PS3 streaming. Honestly PS, you really need to fix the pricing of the Deluxe Tier in those territory. There’s no way it’s worth as much as Premium with the PS3 games. Fix that.

      Also, bring the NCST USA versions of the games in the West.
      We don’t want the bad PAL versions, you’re better off patching languages OR have both PAL and NCST versions OF THE SAME GAME and let US choose which version of the game we want to play.

      Smoothing for classics on the PS3 was great and it should be here.

      I know you’ve tried to interlaced the frames to make it run better, but in execution it made it worse.
      That tech would be best suited for 60hz 30fps NCST version to double the frame rate to 60fps instead of adding 5 more fps.
      Don’t get rid of the tech, just patch the right version of the game with it. Syphon Filter could use a much needed FPS boost.

      While some may not like the use of high resolution textures, personally I love the effort and hope to see improvement over time.

      You should watch Digital Foundry video on it. It is constructive criticism and tells you how you need to improve. Even Nintendo expansion pak didn’t run well at all when it first launched, but they patched the games and it’s much better now. I hope you fix a lot of the issues with the emulation as well and built upon it.

      I also recommend having Sony TV and Sony Music department involvement with their upscaling technology for resolution and audio. Sony TVs especially back in the 1080p days could upscale resolution to 1080p, and now they can for 4k. Audio as well I feel the tracks themselves can be upscaled and greatly enhanced with it’s tech.
      Not only should it be in the emulator, but it should be within the PS5 UI settings prior to the game getting displayed and sound output. Same goes for AMD Fidelity Super Resolution FSR, games already have FSR included in their games.

  • If you really had us, your customers, in mind you would release the full list of titles so we know what we are signing up for. Also you really need more classic titles because from what we’ve seen on the Asia list that highest tier isn’t looking like it’s worth the money.

    • I saw them all , there is so many great games. But i think u already played almost all. U can create an Asian acc and see for yourself

    • No Merc is right, but Sony is slow rolling on purpose.

      The value for long time core Sony players was always going to be lower and this is clearly about courting casuals like Hasan.

    • CommandingTiger

      I mean, if you saw the list of PS Now, it’s more or less the same list.
      Some games are missing for obvious Microsoft reasons…

  • This so weird the PS4/PS5 games on the extra tier are good, no problem but the premium tier is garbage. The most expensive tier is (for now) worse what we had before. On a side note there is almost nothing of note in this post here, why bother. Either Sony is once again terrible at messanging here and we are getting a decent cataloge in a few weeks or the “new” revamped ps plus is worse than the “old” bad ps now.

  • Thank you for the new gaming additions. But when will y’all talk about improving the actual cloud service? For example, removing the 1000 item save limit for PS+. I am unable to cloud save all of my 1317 games. Also, please merge the saves of download and stream games. I have a save for when I play the download GOW and when I stream GOW. Xbox Live does not have either one of these issues. Thanks.

  • It is the step in the right direction. Very excited to see how this service will be nurtured with the addition of more and more games in the future… although…

    Don’t you think it’s time to see a new PS Shoecase?

    • not if they don’t have cool stuff ready to show that is a few months out from launch.

      The end of summer they will have one, october-> early December is game release time, just like every year.

      Showing a raft of titles for June… 😆😅🤦‍♂️

  • RichyAwesome007

    it better be over 700 games as sony said or someone will sue them for lying about it just to make money

    • There will be no suing. The new plans will be available to purchase june 13th and the game lists will be up for extra and premium as will be the games of the month for june on essential with the mid month adds for extra and premium.

      The only people crying will be the now and plus 2-10year stack abusers. As far as the law goes if they want to speculate on a huge potential savings thats on them no refunds.

      You are talking nonsense, just wait for the service to officially launch and have a look on console and blog etc.

      Sony has been around a long time, and frankly i’d rather 50 things i actually want to play than the 700 psnow chaff festivali already had in the past for a year with about 10th quality games on it.

    • Skeetlejuice apparently works for Sony because they’re buzzing around like they have a personal stake in the company as PR man.

    • “Wait for the official launch” What the hell does that mean? Is Asia a region where selling undercooked product okay that it doesn’t warrant any criticism? Skeetlejuice idk what Sony pays you but you are such a fanboy.

    • *blog post not necessarily every comment i write.

      Sony have great games, they have always been dodgy service wise. But you only have yourselves to blame slurping up their inferior plus since ps4 launch.

  • Thanks, sony! greatness will awaits me with amazing games. Amazing list keep up good work mate:)

    • Hasan in 2013.

      Play has no Limits.

      the PS5 Slogan, not greatness waits, or for the payers from that 2013 console.

      stale ps4 list not seeing how anyone is stoked for that. If you don’t already own most of the quality ps4 first party i have to wonder what you have been playing since 2013.

    • RichyAwesome007

      anoher fake comment from someone who works for sony

    • …. What a sad comment.

  • Hopefully they put Socom 2 & Socom Combined both with online play, back on the new Playstation Premium service

  • When will it be launching in the Middle East specifically UAE?

  • When will it be launching in the Middle East specifically UAE ?

  • i have a question if i renew my 12 month membership right now it’s basically my tier was just essential right? so can i a upgrade tier or i must wait for next year for sellect the new tier?

    • Just wait till launch see what you want and buy then with complete information.

      You should use that thing on top of your neck to figure out a solution.

      Here’s the big clue: June 13th

  • i have a question if i renew my 12 month membership right now it’s basically my tier was just essential right? so can i a upgrade tier or i must wait for next year for sellect the new tier

  • Let us play our entire digital Playstation library on ps4 & ps5

    • They announced that’s coming for ps5 owners.

    • No they said you can have access to the older ones if they appear in the collection not your whole back catalogue

    • i know i was trolling him.

      barely anyone that comments on these blog posts for plus etc looks up anything at all themselves or reads.

      Leave the fun answers up.

  • According to Sony India is not in Asia. What a joke!

  • I’m trying really hard not to be a jerk but I also want to be honest and really, the point of it is, I can’t say anything good about PS+ personally, other than maybe in general it’s good value (that is, if you don’t mind random choices of games – or downloading them for that matter…). As an advocate for physical hard- and software and having my own refined taste in games (generally buying anything that interests me, leaving few choices for random games to my taste) I was already indifferent to PS+ when it was optional. I really started hating the service when they suddenly pushed it on me for -something as basic as- online multiplayer since PS4. Just the principle. All these years later I’m still unwillingly subscribed to this digital rental/lease service just for online multiplayer to be accessible and waiting for a true “Essential” tier, consisting of online multiplayer access and cloud storage (obviously for a lower fee without the games). I hardly even get anything out of the online accessibility, I just want it all year around just in case.

    • RichyAwesome007

      all il say is PC – emulators ;)

    • Richy

      No og psx/ps2/ps3

      just a thief, goes well with being a rube.

      You aren’t entitled to steal, sorry not sorry.

      Guys i steal games an advocate others to do the same, because i’m “cool”.

  • No thanks. Rebranding PS Now is all this is. And you’ve made me not want to resubscribe even to the basic PS Plus. Just hope the classic games available to buy aren’t PAL and the selection isn’t limited on purpose to attempt to get me to subscribe because I don’t stream games….

  • Why does Sony pretend that Africa (or the Middle East for that matter) does not exist?!

  • mountain_spider

    Hey Sony, can you actually put a package out there the only pays for a yearly save file import and export as well as online play? I never download any of your games since the service started. I’m paying all this extra money for stuff I’m not using. I actually purchased games.

  • Dear Sony,

    If you decided to strip me of my discounts I will be forced to cancel all subscriptions, as per contractual agreement.

    Yours truly,

    The other party

    • RichyAwesome007

      well said so glad i use a backup plan on my pc ps1 ps2 emulators and best thing is i aint breaking the law people been using emulators for years

  • Please release a full list of games that will release for each sub.

    • RichyAwesome007

      if you got a PC do a search for ps1 ps2 emulator and games because it looks like the games ont he new ps plus wont be that many sadly

  • RichyAwesome007

    i knew sony was lying saying over 700 games with new ps plus when it looks like its just 100+ but the jokes on them because i knew something like this was gonna happen thank god pc websites have emulators for ps1 ps2 etc and all the games ever and the best thing is these websites been going for years and sony cant do nothing about them because all they care about is screwing over people for £100 for a measly 100+ games subscription for the year i will keep my ps plus but will be playing my ps1 ps2 games on my pc woth better graphics

    me 10000 – sony ZERO

    • How are you enjoying that ps5 you don’t have?

      I’m feeling pretry envious of you with my PS5 and my 60fb PS3…. oh wait.

      You keep pretending that you are justified and entitled to play Sony’s back catalogue on your out if date pc hunched up to the screen.

      Sony is doing fine, your the Loser zero.

      Time to go back to ps5, they are really screwing me by giving me access to every game i bought digitally on the new service even without plus.

      Fight the power kid rich.

  • RichyAwesome007

    my advice to people who are angry with the new ps plus farce is to go onto your pc oif you have one and look up ps1 ps2 etc emulators and games atlest the websites have all games a to z and dont try anything funny with me sony because i have Lawyers

    • Doesn’t have lawyers or PS5


      Thing is very few people care about anything but PS4 and PS5 games.

      Advocating people to steal because of a false sense of entitlement is a bit much. Just enjoy not having a ps5 and shut your pie hole about being a thief, get a job my guy.

    • His post is about how PlayStation has horrible backwards support you utter moron.

  • Здраствуйте я живу в России,у меня такой вопрос!будут ли в будующем PlayStation работать с Российскими партнёрами и будут ли поступления от PlayStation на Российском рынке?и как скоро этого ждать?

    • Если Путин прекратит свою войну и резню на Украине и покинет страну, возможно, Sony и другие глобальные компании возобновят бизнес с Россией. Уже было совершено слишком много военных преступлений.

  • Please offer 60Hz versions of PSone games. I was really looking forward to playing games like Ape Escape, Intelligent Qube, Jumping Flash!, and Wild Arms, but not if they’re in 50Hz PAL refresh rate.

  • I just think this could have been prepared a little better. I can’t play anything right now because I play the games through the subscription. My membership was canceled without notice and now I have to wait another 3 weeks.

  • I’ll wait for the official full list of games, because what Sony has presented so far is as good as their website. Total crap.

  • Hey Sony! I love you 😽 Please love me back and do the PS3 and PS Vita emulation 😽

  • sony, I deliberately don’t capitalize your name because I and most of the people on this forum don’t respect you for the crap you spew at us every month calling it psplus and you don’t post all the comments

  • I just saw an article saying that all first-party PS1 games, among others, have been PAL versions on the Asian instances of the service. Please get it together folks.

  • This is looking absolutely terrible. Lots of games already left Now and lots about to leave….. And not a single warning given. I’m so sick of games I’m playing just disappearing. Also looking at the list lots of the games getting added are just previous Now and Plus games, so bad! i will not be resubscribing.

  • Yeah, the serious lack of PSP, PS1 and PS2 games is a dealer breaker. It’s severely disappointing. There are a ton of PS3 games to stream but almost none of the other legacy systems. That needs to be fixed. Also, what about all the PS1 and PSP games I already purchased years ago on the PSN?

  • gameroreocookie3

    sony please listen to me i would u need to bring back sonic mega conllection ps2 street fighter 15th anniversary street fighter alpha anthology Street Fighter Collection mortal kombat 2 mortal kombat 3 NBA JAM T.E. PS1 please help the cloud all madden ps2+ps1 madden 98?

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