PlayStation Plus games for May: FIFA 22, Tribes of Midgard, Curse of the Dead Gods 

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PlayStation Plus games for May: FIFA 22, Tribes of Midgard, Curse of the Dead Gods 

Available starting Tuesday May 3. 

May’s PlayStation Plus lineup is revealed. PlayStation Plus members can enjoy FIFA 22, Tribes of Midgard and Curse of the Dead Gods from Tuesday, May 3* when the three games are available to add to your game library. This month’s lineup also includes a bonus FIFA 22 FUT pack, exclusive to PlayStation Plus**. 

Let’s take a closer look to each game. 

PlayStation Plus games for May: FIFA 22, Tribes of Midgard, Curse of the Dead Gods 

FIFA 22 | PS5, PS4***

Powered by Football, EA Sports FIFA 22 brings the game even closer to the real thing with gameplay advances across every mode. Build your dream squad in Ultimate Team, Create Your Club in Career Mode, and express yourself in style on the streets with reimagined Volta Football gameplay. Enjoy local or online competitive multiplayer matches on PS4 and PS5****, while the power of PS5 makes every match even more real with groundbreaking next-gen HyperMotion technology. With big innovation all over the pitch, it’s time to start your FIFA 22 season!

PlayStation Plus members can kickstart their brand-new Ultimate Team or bolster their existing squad with the PlayStation Plus FUT Pack for FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. This pack includes 11 players rated 82 or above to help build your dream squad in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, as well as an Icon Moments Loan Player Pick, allowing you to choose between some of the best ballers in history and add one of three to your squad for five games.

PlayStation Plus games for May: FIFA 22, Tribes of Midgard, Curse of the Dead Gods 

Tribes of Midgard | PS4 & PS5

Tribes of Midgard blends survival and ARPG genres into a colorful co-op**** or solo experience set within the universe of Norse mythology. As an Einherjar, returned to life by Odin himself, you and your tribe of up to 10 players will need to defend the Seed of Yggdrasil from evil forces set on bringing about Ragnarök. Together, you will have to venture out and explore the wilderness of Midgard to gather the resources, materials, and hidden treasures essential to forging new weapons, epic armor, and fortifying your village. Your greatest threats lie hidden throughout Midgard in the form of giants and great beasts of Norse legend. Will you be able to conquer these forces, save the Seed, and escape before the onset of Fimbulwinter? 

PlayStation Plus games for May: FIFA 22, Tribes of Midgard, Curse of the Dead Gods 

Curse of the Dead Gods | PS4 

In this skill-based, single player roguelike, explore an accursed temple, a seemingly-infinite labyrinth of bottomless pits, deadly traps, and monsters. Your greed will lead you to death, but that is not an escape. Rise to fight again. Collect mystical Relics and an arsenal of weapons to make yourself unstoppable, but each powerful curse can be a double-edged sword, creating unique curses that influence your playstyle on every attempt. Defy the malignant deities that linger in this place. Battle through hordes of enemies in dark, cavernous passages filled with traps and secrets of all sorts – fire-spewing statues, explosives, hidden spikes, and worse.

Last chance to download April’s PlayStation Plus games

You’ve until Monday, May 2 to add Hood: Outlaws & Legends****, SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom – Rehydrated, Slay the Spire to your game library. 

Last chance to download Persona 5 from the PS Plus Collection

Persona 5 will leave the PS Plus Collection on May 11. Add the game to your game library before then to continue to access it while you have an active PlayStation Plus subscription*****. 

* PlayStation Plus members will have until Monday June 6 to add them to their game library. 

**This pack can be claimed by PlayStation Plus members who already own FIFA 22. 

***FIFA 22 versions are single entitlement and need to be redeemed separately to add both to your game library.   

****Online multiplayer requires a PlayStation Plus membership. PS Plus is subject to a recurring subscription fee taken automatically until cancellation. Age restrictions apply. Full terms: 

*****Persona 5 and the PS Plus Collection is available to PS5 owners with an active PlayStation Plus subscription. For more details, go here. The PlayStation Plus Collection is not available in China.

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  • Glad to see their putting fifa 22 on this month

  • Another disappointing month

  • Unfortunately this is disgraceful worst games for this month and after 4 months of garbage now this sorry but this is not good enough and you expect people to pay more for this upcoming service no thanks im not paying for garbage

  • you are great sony thankful :) you are the best

    • Dose Sony realize not all their fans want a sports game as their AAA game every month?? Cause it seems all they give us is a EA sports title and a couple idie games for the last few months they’ve been giving trash games imo

  • Aaaand that’s it…. no more native PS5 games in PS+ boys…. Thanks Sony!

  • I guess I’m in the minority when I say that this month is a nice offering. Thanks Sony for providing the ps4 and ps5 version of both FIFA and Tribes of Midgard.

    FIFA 22 is a nice game to add to the collection. I play everything including sports games and FIFA is a good series. I’m not opposed to receiving sports games as long as the game is good..

    I also don’t have these two: Tribes of Midgard and Curse of the Dead Gods so I’m looking forward to trying these out, as these are games I’d otherwise never buy.

  • Fifa not for me, but my Son will be well happy with that.
    The other 2 look ok, never heard of them but seem like they’re worth a look

  • What I think people are failing to see is this is how the free games are going to be from now on. Right now you’re at the bottom ‘Tier’ of the new PS+. If you want better games, you’re going to have to subscribe to a higher ‘Tier’ aka spend more on a subscription. They’re trying to force you to pay more. That’s all.

  • PlayStation plus is like a comedy show 💔🥺

  • Roll on June 22nd

    It’s a poor month when Fifa 22 is the highest rated game of the month especially as it will be free to EA subscribers soon anyway

  • without fifa, trade this pls

    • you think thats bad sony has temporary turned of stacking of ps plus till the new ps plus comes out in june that just shows how greedy sony really is

  • congrats sony for turning of stacking of ps plus cards temporary just because ps plus getting upgraded in june this stacking of ps plus better be turned back on when the new ps plus is out or alot of people will turn on sony

  • Many times I have thought about getting Curse of the Dead Gods and finally, FINALLY PS Plus answers the call BEFORE I pressed the buy button. Thank you!

  • As somebody who owns Tribes, it is quite good, and Curse looks rather interesting; however, I won’t bother with another grindy sports game such as FIFA.

  • Good

  • Please give us Blasphemous already

    • Blasphemous was $6 two times in recent sales…what kept you from buying it if you want it so much?…the game is freakin awesome,the type that really stands out from the crowd.You think the devs don’t deserve support?…come on man buy it.

  • Waiting on TOTS

  • Nice

  • Wows and more trash games.

  • Another month, another heap of disappointing and cheap garbage that serves maybe 1% of the customer base.

    It’s amazing that Sony takes the time and effort each month to make me feel like a total fool for buying a 1 year PS plus subscription for the monthly games (I don’t play online). They are not ‘free’ games. You and I are paying for them and Sony is ripping every one of us off. Shameful.

    • The only shameful thing here is that you wasted your time assuming only 1% of the customer base will enjoy Tribes and Curse.Look I know a bunch of y’all casuals plagued the gaming community during the PS4 gen but us actual gamers enjoy small games from small companies,thank you.

  • Another tripe of Games, not interesting in sport with its money predatory.

    And those other games, are not blockbuster titles. If you want the new service of Plus in June, you won’t put these titles simple as that.

    • And when was ever said that Plus is about AAA games?…when did Sony said that?…you know how free games started on Plus?…they used to give only PS1 games and very small PSN games.If you want AAA games so much get outta your a** and buy them,getting PSN games like this is much better than AAA titles.

  • Not so good month imo :/

  • Now with ps plus/ps now combo you getting 8 or 10 games per month for 100euro a year! I am going too starting my journey with plus/now on june 22 ! ill pay 100euro for long road of amazing games like.
    Death Stranding, Returnal, Spiderman, Spiderman Morales, Mortal Kombat 11 and so so many to come
    Sony was right #greatness_awaits!

  • يا ريت تسوون وكاله رسميه للبلي بل عراق

  • For a service that is better for everyone PlayStation should start doing end of the month surverys that are optional that you can opt out of. Because I just feel like it is rare for me to be truly excited about a month of PS Plus these days. Or what if they like allowed you to set like preferences to where the type of content you’ll get is catered to what you play? That could be interesting.

    I personally think May’s is actually pretty decent and that is kind of the purpose of commenting. I mean if I liked sports games I’d be excited but then again if you play FIFA chances are you already have it.

    Also if I liked Diablo type games I’d be pumped. But for me I just am constantly questioning the decisions behind when some of these games come out on PS plus…Why would you give us two very very similar games? One is co-op and the other is solo or appears to be solo story mode that and seems to be a little more action based.

    Can we please get a solid month where there is a bigger game that is recent for free and 2-3 popular games that may either not be from as big of a studio or may be more than a year old.
    It would be cool if I don’t know…things were at least somewhat closer to how you competition does things. Like we don’t need games thee day they come out but rarely getting titles that people are actually excited for, that has some community hype surrounding them, or are bigger AAA games.

    I really don’t want to sound ungrateful for getting a game that is actually known and loved by people like FIFA because that’s at least a step in the right direction. I just personally don’t play sports games which is my problem.

    But when it comes to an entire year of PS Plus how many games are you guys actually hyped for and play a lot of? I feel like a lot of people don’t even get around to even downloading the games let alone play them. So just think things could be improved more than exclusive early demo’s for an increased price tag (aka paying for advertisements to try to get you to pre-order or buy the full priced game on release day).

  • Too bad this is only for PS Plus

  • When they add the game ?

  • Fifa is a kick in the nuts but for someone with a giant backlog who almost never touches Plus games I couldn’t care less,they’ll always give crap once in a while and you just gotta deal with it.The other 2 games completely make up for it too…been in doubt about both Tribes and Curse and am glad to be getting them on Plus so I’ll just forget you’re throwing that damn fifa crap at us Sony and say nice job,good month.

    Curse looks good,I missed that trailer.

  • Great month! I don’t understand why people get so upset over the monthly games they give. I feel like there is always at least one game from each month that is a great play. Even if there is a month where you have all the games or you’re just not interested, you can still play the other ones that they gave you last month. How much free time do you guys have on your hands?

    Try being open-minded and attempt a new/different game. :)


  • April (PS PLUS) May =Disappointment.

  • Mine ps plus expire june 2 2022 and im gonna subscribe again on June 22 2022. This time im gonna pay 100€ without regreting! God bless you sony, greatness awaits you! I have 90 games from begging started 2020 may ended june 2 2022

  • Sony boasts about fifa 22 in ps plus where ina is added in ea access . What a bunch of jerks 🤣 . You guys have learned nothing and continue to give away total crap 🖕


    In my household, we have an entire gaming community. We have a Nintendo switch, a Nintendo Switch light, a Nintendo Wii, a Microsoft Xbox 360, an Xbox One, a Playstation 1, two Playstation 2s, two Playstation 3s, two
    Playstation 4s, and a Playstation 5. Obviously Playstation is my favorite. Nintendo and Xbox both have family accounts. It would be nice if playstation plus also included something similar. When will playstation, like the others, have a PLAYSTATION PLUS FAMILY ACCOUNT? As a parent and a player, I think it’s unfair to have to buy multiples of the same game so that my kids can still play their games, especially when they have separate Plus accounts.

  • xlil_llililiilil

    can i down loud fifa 22 ps4 version on ps5 plz som one tell me

    • Yes you can, it has both version PS4/PS5. And its coming tomorrow you must wait one day left, to be available for download. Be ready for both version PS4 & PS5 good luck mate.

  • More rubbish,
    Goodbye PSN Plus.

  • More rubbish again,
    Goodbye PSN Plus.

  • triiiiiiiibes ! best game ever !

  • To be honest guys I’m not exactly happy with the PS Plus games either. But to be fair I’ve also never tried any of them before. I can see people’s point of views that dislike the month based on if they upset because they spent money on some of the games in it or they’ve already tried them. But for people that haven’t tried the games yet? Like come on at least try it before you judge it. Maybe like many of you I enjoy FPS games or strategic assault games. But I’ve expanded that because I was open to try different games. Many of you might not enjoy trying new things and I get that. But many other people would see this month as an absolute win and you can’t really complain about that. Like if they had three games you’ve always wanted for the month, you would’ve loved that but some may have not. But just because this month and even the previous ones may not have been the best doesn’t mean it should make you buy a whole new console or PC. That’s a butt ton of money. I’m not trying to like shill PlayStation or trying to prevent you from going to a different console. But I’m asking you to try something new. Maybe you might enjoy it. Like if you ever knew me, you probably would never expect me to ever play Animal Crossing or Legend of Zelda. But that’s a whole different story. *can’t wait to read comments either grilling me or agreeing.*

  • This one’s is a meh for me the last ps+ game I played the hell outa was hitman 2 and got

  • Anyone know what time it’s available to download, it says available the third but hasn’t updated yet still got the April games?

  • Salut!!! Sunt un membru nou pe PS Store si vreau să știu la ce ora apar jocurile de pe data de 3.5.22 pls

  • hsjahsgshsbsbsb

  • Good pls

  • Fifa 22 don’t appear free yet. Why ?

  • Its May 3 , 09:00 A.M in NY , ( 01:00 P.M UTC)
    AND still cant download this month games and still aprill games : Hood: Outlaws & Legends, SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom – Rehydrated, Slay the Spire

  • Its May 3 , 09:00 A.M in NY , ( 01:00 P.M UTC)
    AND still cant download this month games and still aprill games : Hood: SpongeBob SquarePants – Rehydrated, Slay the Spire
    Where is th May Games

  • Imagine being upset with free content. They may not suit you this month, (see what I did there) but eventually there will be a game you enjoy. Check back in 30 days. ITS FREE.

  • Tried getting Fifa 22 for my PS4 library but you can only get it for PS5. Every site about Mays free plus games says Fifa 22 is for both PS4 and PS5. Apparently they’re all wrong and I wanted that game for my PS4 since I don’t have a PS5 yet.

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