PlayStation Plus games for May: FIFA 22, Tribes of Midgard, Curse of the Dead Gods 

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PlayStation Plus games for May: FIFA 22, Tribes of Midgard, Curse of the Dead Gods 

Available starting Tuesday May 3. 

May’s PlayStation Plus lineup is revealed. PlayStation Plus members can enjoy FIFA 22, Tribes of Midgard and Curse of the Dead Gods from Tuesday, May 3* when the three games are available to add to your game library. This month’s lineup also includes a bonus FIFA 22 FUT pack, exclusive to PlayStation Plus**. 

Let’s take a closer look to each game. 

PlayStation Plus games for May: FIFA 22, Tribes of Midgard, Curse of the Dead Gods 

FIFA 22 | PS5, PS4***

Powered by Football, EA Sports FIFA 22 brings the game even closer to the real thing with gameplay advances across every mode. Build your dream squad in Ultimate Team, Create Your Club in Career Mode, and express yourself in style on the streets with reimagined Volta Football gameplay. Enjoy local or online competitive multiplayer matches on PS4 and PS5****, while the power of PS5 makes every match even more real with groundbreaking next-gen HyperMotion technology. With big innovation all over the pitch, it’s time to start your FIFA 22 season!

PlayStation Plus members can kickstart their brand-new Ultimate Team or bolster their existing squad with the PlayStation Plus FUT Pack for FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. This pack includes 11 players rated 82 or above to help build your dream squad in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, as well as an Icon Moments Loan Player Pick, allowing you to choose between some of the best ballers in history and add one of three to your squad for five games.

PlayStation Plus games for May: FIFA 22, Tribes of Midgard, Curse of the Dead Gods 

Tribes of Midgard | PS4 & PS5

Tribes of Midgard blends survival and ARPG genres into a colorful co-op**** or solo experience set within the universe of Norse mythology. As an Einherjar, returned to life by Odin himself, you and your tribe of up to 10 players will need to defend the Seed of Yggdrasil from evil forces set on bringing about Ragnarök. Together, you will have to venture out and explore the wilderness of Midgard to gather the resources, materials, and hidden treasures essential to forging new weapons, epic armor, and fortifying your village. Your greatest threats lie hidden throughout Midgard in the form of giants and great beasts of Norse legend. Will you be able to conquer these forces, save the Seed, and escape before the onset of Fimbulwinter? 

PlayStation Plus games for May: FIFA 22, Tribes of Midgard, Curse of the Dead Gods 

Curse of the Dead Gods | PS4 

In this skill-based, single player roguelike, explore an accursed temple, a seemingly-infinite labyrinth of bottomless pits, deadly traps, and monsters. Your greed will lead you to death, but that is not an escape. Rise to fight again. Collect mystical Relics and an arsenal of weapons to make yourself unstoppable, but each powerful curse can be a double-edged sword, creating unique curses that influence your playstyle on every attempt. Defy the malignant deities that linger in this place. Battle through hordes of enemies in dark, cavernous passages filled with traps and secrets of all sorts – fire-spewing statues, explosives, hidden spikes, and worse.

Last chance to download April’s PlayStation Plus games

You’ve until Monday, May 2 to add Hood: Outlaws & Legends****, SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom – Rehydrated, Slay the Spire to your game library. 

Last chance to download Persona 5 from the PS Plus Collection

Persona 5 will leave the PS Plus Collection on May 11. Add the game to your game library before then to continue to access it while you have an active PlayStation Plus subscription*****. 

* PlayStation Plus members will have until Monday June 6 to add them to their game library. 

**This pack can be claimed by PlayStation Plus members who already own FIFA 22. 

***FIFA 22 versions are single entitlement and need to be redeemed separately to add both to your game library.   

****Online multiplayer requires a PlayStation Plus membership. PS Plus is subject to a recurring subscription fee taken automatically until cancellation. Age restrictions apply. Full terms: 

*****Persona 5 and the PS Plus Collection is available to PS5 owners with an active PlayStation Plus subscription. For more details, go here. The PlayStation Plus Collection is not available in China.

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  • FIFA 22 has 37 trophies to earn!

    Tribes of Midgard has 27 trophies to earn!

    Curse of the Dead Gods has 31 trophies to earn!

    37+27+31= all three games in May 95 trophies to earn!

    Another great month thank u sony! 😁

    You was right about! #greatness_awaits :)

    • You forget that ps4 and ps5 lists are separate. So you can add another 64 to your total if you want to chase trophies.

    • If trophies is your measure for how good a game is, I feel genuinely bad for you. I used to be a trophy hunter, but I found I was no longer enjoying playing most games, buy games I didn’t much like purely to get the trophies or even skipping good games because I thought I couldn’t Platinum them… Since I gave that up I’m been having way more fun playing games!

    • yeah good luck with the fifa trophy list, not even colin moriarty cares about your mo thly trophy list counts.

      The lists only matters if the games are good and the trophies are fun to naturally acquire as you play. It’s one of the fun things my 9 year old son likes to do when we play.

      platinuming minit taking turns one weekend was fun, working our way through yooka laylee and the impossible lair trophies and game ithis month is another.

      it’s a meta game, and is only fun based on the game the trophy set and how and who is playing.

      i’m on the c sides of celeste for the platinum, and it is no longer fun it is just a measure if how much time and will i am willing to trade, dead cells and hollow knight are similar, the games are top tier but the trophy set is now a measure of prestige.

      games you can get and enjoy while you go, like fallen order or infamous second son are fine, as are the favourites you platinum like gow etc. But trophies ultimately don’t mean so much beyond the user and the account.

      my son doesn’t have them on switch and he enjoys them on ps5 playing ratchet or hot wheels, or the joy of platinuming astro together after we got ps5.

      Just saying your trophy lists don’t mean anything to anyone nor your rush to post it and be “first”.

    • It is possible to both chase Trophies and also enjoy the games you earn them in.

      If you are disheartened that doesn’t mean that anyone else has to be.

      We all have our own definition of pleasure and enjoyment.

      Live and Let Play!

    • Sad that 95 trophies in mediocre, grindy, games is your measure a a good month. Another weak offering imo. Play games for fun, bro. No need to praise Sony for the lineup simply because you can possibly get a higher trophy count. Judge em for what they’re worth and don’t be content with mediocrity month after month

    • @Ben-Rogue dropping facts

    • Tribes is very good as Curse is solid. Unfortunately I own both because I actually support small developers but these are very solid games though this month does nothing for me. I’m happy more people get to experience tribes.

  • Nothing for me this month.

  • I’m not into sports games, and the other 2 games don’t exactly scream to play immediately. Meh for me.

    • The other two are excellent roguelikes. Tribes is a very fun co-op game as well. These are actually solid games.

    • I completely understand your view on it, but honestly I am always open to try something new. It’s how I got into Horizon Zero Dawn. Can’t wait to get the sufficient funds to get Forbidden West.

  • Thank you for failing us again, and again, and again.

  • Hyped for FIFA 22. Great month for me :)

    • So much crying in here about fifa 22 ps4/ps5.

      meanwhile when it’s a shooster people don’t complain.

      Shooters and Sports are by far the biggest genres of games, and the average ps + player doesn’t use the blog, so all these whiners on here pretending 90% of the community don’t want sports etc are so far up their own rears it’s comical.

      unless sony gives sony first party you whine or some niche game on 5k peoples lists.

      Stuff like end of season fifa is good business, what isn’t is when they give multiple games of the same genre back to back (which they have done)

      For those acting like game pass ultimate is better, go ahead drop the $500 for a series x and the monthly sub for third party games. Everyone knows they have nothing behind halo and forza right now so why are you complaining about plus? either pay to play online or play online for free on pc and pasd on plus. it’s simple.

      ps+ with now aka premium depends on what they are actually going to add, and it’s not going to change what is safe to buy, aka new first party and popular stuff. it’s like you guys haven’t even looked at nows mediocre game list.

    • You could’ve gotten a decent game and picked it from the bargain bin as soon as ’23 drops…

    • Unless they have a FIFA game in the earlier days, this is the first FIFA game I’m getting out of PS+. This line up looks pretty good.

    • Skeetlejuice, most people who love sports games buy them when they come out. I’m sure a lot will get it just bc its there. Take me, I can’t stand sports games anymore. It’s the same game over and over with an updated roster. But I’ll get fifa only bc I’ve never played a fifa game and I’d just like to check it out. But most people who play fifa most likely already have fifa.

  • These days I really only pay for plus just to play online, redeeming the “free” games because I still technically pay for ’em. Can probably count the amount of plus games I’ve actually played and enjoyed on two hands.

  • I don’t really care about Fifa, but the other games are solid. Curse of the Dead Gods has been on my wishlist for a while and Tribes of Midgard looks like some decent fun..
    Not the best month ever but this is still a solid lineup IMO.

  • I have been a fan of playstations since the first one. Now I am getting an xbox, thank you Jim Ryan.

    • Crazy because in 21 years I never bothered with Xbox and…………………….. nope…… can’t think of a single reason that anything has changed since.

      What was their 2 last biggest games? Oh right, those 2 franchises that didn’t grab my attention 15 years ago.

    • Lmao bye then!!!! If you think xbox games with gold are better then your gonna be in for a suprise. And your not a true fan lmao I am and I’m still here. If one month of free games hurts you that bad you need to get more steel in your balls. Xbox has nothing on Sony first party games. Best gaming experiences hand down

    • You don’t even need one. If you got a PC, just get GamePass 🤣

    • You are getting an Xbox because you don’t like the PS plus games LOL you are clown Buddy.

      More importantly this year we’ve had Forbidden West, Sifu, GT7, Ghostwire, Legacy of Thieves, Anno, etc. Good luck with the new exclusives on Xbox you are going to be playing a lot of old games and new Indies on Game pass. And Ragnarok, Forspoken, Stray, and more still scheduled for this year but I understand people don’t care about new games anymore they care about old games and mediocre multiplats.

    • But in all seriousness, please explain.

      What is Microsoft doing THIS WEEK, that is different from last week, last month, 3 months ago, 1 year ago, 3 years ago and so on that never got you on board before? Why is right now the time to go to Xbox all of a sudden???

      All I can think of is they announced what’s in Season 2 of Halo Infinite Problems. And its a massive disappointment all round……. and S2 is now 6 months, not 3 months long and Co-op has been delayed AGAIN.

      Yeah, NOW is the time to Jump In to Xbox lol.

    • Yeah, gamepass for PC is where I’m at when my PS+ runs out. I decided this when I discovered Outer Worlds was becoming an XBox/PC exclusive. No need to buy an actual XBox. I’ll probably still get a PS5 someday but for single player stuff only. With Epic’s free games alone PS+ no longer looks like a good deal and I imagine the lowest tier offerings will get worse once the new membership options are introduced.

  • I don’t like when PS+ offers sports games but I’m glad I held off on Tribes of Midgard. Curse of the Dead Gods is really good too if you haven’t played it yet.

    • Curse is pretty good and tribes is very enjoyable. I know people are crying but those are two very solid roguelikes.

  • ‘Curse of the Dead Gods’ is good for me. I wanted to try it for a long time.

  • Its interesting to see how this goes down. 2 or so years back, PES was offered and US PS gamers got mad and it was changed very quickly. Will history repeat?

    Mere months later. us Europeans got landed with MLB which none of us wanted and not a single crap was given by Sony.

    • No, because it’s ‘Fifa’ the ‘real deal’… actually just a reskin of Fifa ’18 with a roster update, but no one seems to notice 🤣

    • My exact thoughts. I have zero interest in American rounders and American netball. I’ll give FIFA 22 a go (if we actually get it) even though there’s less than a month left of the season…

  • This is the third game from EA Play to be added to PS Plus in the most recent months (FIFA 22 was most likely to be added next week to EA Play same as FIFA 21 last year), Dirt 5 and UFC 4, so this is like a big slap in the face for people with multiple subs (EA Play and PS Plus) it happened many time before with people having both PS Plus and PS Now, overlapping between games!!!

    So why don’t you just add EA Play to the new PS Plus service launching soon?! Like Game Pass, otherwise it’s just ridiculous and stupid!

    • Yeah having a game that is on base level EA Play is very redundant. Just because I don’t have EA Play but have PS+ doesn’t mean I want a sports game from EA Play either. Especially when FIFA 23 will probably be out in a few months at most.

      The indies are fine but indies are free everyday on Epic Games Store. Without a non-sports AA or AAA game every month it’s hard to be happy or even ecstatic about paying for just playing online and having cloud saves. Especially when cloud saves are free on a few competitors ecosystems.

      You can do better than this Sony, I just hope the launch lineup of games for PS+ Premium is gonna be worth it.

  • It’s my first year with PS Plus and honestly I’m disappointed, I think I got better games for free during the pandemic than the ones I’m getting with the subscription.

    • O yeah many great experiences were given out for free by Sony during the pandemic. That was a great time to be in the PlayStation ecosystem.

    • There not required to give you free games so stop complaining. You pay to play online that’s it

    • They aren’t even free games. You are paying a subscription fee for them…and someone else is choosing them for you. So, yeah…even better.

    • you are NOT paying for them. what you are paying for is the online service, server saves, discounts, etc

      the games from plus are a free bonus. it’s mind boggling to see people still get this wrong.

    • You’re the one still getting this wrong. From your perspective, how do you explain PS+ during the PS3 generation? It was the exact same thing. You payed for -and still do- the games and discounts. At the start of the PS4 generation they simply added online costs and cloud saves to that existing digital rental service PS+ in order to force everyone else in. This isn’t Xbox, they were never crazy enough to charge for online only or primarily, just gutsy and improvident enough to simply add it to PS+. I’m sure it payed off financially but it’s still my main beef with Playstation, followed by them pushing for higher prices on software this generation and their inability or unwillingness to implement backwards compatibility.

    • Yeah during the pandemic Sony gave out about a dozen fantastic games including Horizon, Uncharted, Astro Bot, TWD S&S, Moss, Thumper. It’s nice that you are giving a shout out to the covid initiative because yes it was absolutely amazing.

    • I’m one of those people who don’t even think about playing the games from the monthly ps plus thing. But I just add them to my library just in case. And thank goodness that I did because some hidden gems were found in some of them.

  • Not sure I’m interested, but they’re all real things.

  • Gee thx now fifa is free lol

  • Curse of the Dead Gods and Tribes of Midgard are good additions.

    Fifa 22 don’t care for.

  • Pretty good month, I did picked up FIFA 22 few weeks ago so that’s a bummer but Tribes of Midgar does look interesting as I love Diablo style games and even the Curse of the God’s is something I will look into as well.
    Better month this time around.

  • That’s it I’ve had enough of these trash PS plus games I’m switching to Xbox

    • Are you guys real or are you just trolls because I can’t imagine the PlayStation plus games are your measure of a console’s worth. It honestly feels like a joke but in reality I’m sure you kids are just using this as an excuse to push an agenda or you are woefully brainwashed by all of the hilarious Gamepass overhype.

      I personally enjoy PlayStation for the hardware and the new games but call me crazy this is the second clown I’ve seen switching to Xbox because he’s too casual to understand that tribes and a curse are actually good games God help us this industry is in a pathetic state right now in terms of the casual fans.

  • I’m done with PS Plus.

    • You take that $5 a month back buddy you show them!

    • When a large proportion of their subscribers take their “buddy $5 back buddy back buddy” Sony might actually do something.

      But hey continue to shill a corporation that is actively ripping you off.

    • We’ll see, they haven’t achieved anything for that to happen yet though.

      And I’m talking big, big like console name destroying big, like the worst games console reveal in history on May 21st 2013. Xbox literally lost 30 million gold subs for the next 12 months after that and haven’t gotten back to that total gold subscribers number they were at on that day.

      We’ll let you know when it happens PlayStstion, but like back then, you will already know like the rest of the gaming world did that day.

    • @iamtylerdurden1
      I don’t have the energy for it mate, i’m just saying it’s not worth it for me.
      I’ll just buy the game if i want it instead of ps plus
      And for online, i’m not so active for it.
      I’m just a week away from the end of an annual subscription, and i didn’t do much with it, but that’s just me tho.
      U keep doin your thing, m8.

    • And if any of you fellas could tell me if there’s a push notification thing for this PlayStation blog thing, cuz i have to check back for replies without any alerts of any sort.
      and thx in advance.

  • Another bad month(for me at least). Here’s hoping the next one is better.

  • Great month, it’s rare to see a major aaa sport game so I’m happy there and people complaining be honest now how often do these types of games come up? Also curse of the dead gods is great, its a tight, fun and addictive roguelike that’s an easy 8.5/10, I bought it day 1 and still play it now, try it out its a stellar game. I’ve read and heard good things about tribes of mithguard so I’m looking forward to playing that asap, we could do with at least 1 month a year with a big aaa sport title imo, there’s loads like nba, mlb, f1, fifa, golf, the show etc that are all great games, you’re never going to satisfy everyone so a mixed bag suits more people. This month is the best for a while imo ( even though I own 1 game ).

    • The problem is you understand something most (not all) of the people here don’t.

      I’m not a sport fan either. But I understand they have to cater to everyone, not just me. And those other two games are good, I know personally from owning both on my computer.

      And for everyone saying “I’m going to xbox”, Have you people seen the games GWG gives you now?

    • I’m happy that at least they make deals with these game companies to give them out for free. Like I may not play or enjoy all of them, but it never hurts to try them out. No matter how disappointing month seems I’m always excited to see the next.

  • Is there a way to refund PS Plus? I think I’ll stick to renting out physical games

    • how and where exactly are you renting?

      i get free 3 week switch ps4/5 “rentals”from my local library, but you have to queue online for it. it’s not super convenient but it allows me and my son to try out / play a lot of games we wouldn’t drop money on or are considering buying doen the line.

      there’s no conventional rentals here though, zero.

      you can call customer service if you got it recently about a refund, but if you are into the year you will have to enjoy plus such as it is.

    • renting is non existent unless you use like gamefly these days.

    • PS Now is technically “renting” games.

    • Yeah, I used game fly to rent a number of titles last year and I now own some of then. Primarily, Scarlet Nexus and The Pathless.

  • Wow… disappointing

  • let us play our entire digital playstation library on ps5

  • The lineup is ridicolous again. No wonder that ~90% of the people who commented are upset, and a majority of them moving to the competitors. The fifth month of the year is coming up, many AAA games came out lately, and within this 5 months we received mostly Indie games, and games which 5 to 10 % of the people will be happy for… I just hope that the PS Plus Premium with “700” games will not be “PS Plus Indie Games who no-one in the world would pay for otherwise…”
    Well done Sony, way to get some happy users….for XBox.

    • 90% of people are upset

      games which 5 to 10% of the people will be happy for

      Fifa 22 sold over 9 million as of december 2021, it was the top selling game in 17/19 european countries. That is their old released stats and they have sold well beyond that from them through sales etc.

      curse of the ancient gods has a 79 metacritic with a 76 user score, and a game even here people are calling out as a positive addition.

      your hokum doesn’t add up. Just say you dislike the offerings.

      Getting a massively popular triple a game with multiplayer or single player content and a unique ps+ fut pack and a above 75 rated metacritic indie game is well in the above average ps+ range.

      keep pulling numbers out of your a$$ though.

    • @Skeetle you are proving a point against your own argument. The people who actually want Fifa most likely already paid full price for it. Those are usually the people who exclusively play sports games.

    • First of all you spelled ridiculous wrong so in actuality you kind of look ridiculous.

      Second of all don’t say no one in the right mind would pay for solid indie games. I bought tribes of midgard and curse of the Dead gods and both games are excellent. We can’t all be casuals who play garbage.

      Third, claiming that people are going to move to Xbox because they are disappointed with this month’s PS plus games is laughable to the point where I truly wonder if someone is feeding you guys this rhetoric. Games with gold is atrocious and Game pass is $180 per year. Game pass and PS plus are completely different animals. To compare them is asinine. Games with Gold would be the apt comparison.

      Lastly, PlayStation just released about a half dozen fantastic exclusives and buy comparison is dominating Xbox in terms of new games. It’s baffling that people are judging the quality of the platform on a month of PS plus games. This can’t be a real thing. These have to be people who lean Xbox in the first place or perhaps are just sheep being brainwashed by some big mouth with an agenda. Or maybe they’re just kids, naive and casual without the funds to actually buy a new games? I personally have been enjoying PlayStation lately because of Forbidden West, GT7, DualSense, etc but yeah PlayStation is the worst because you are unhappy with this month’s PS plus games LOL. Covid created many new gamers but it also watered down the quality of the common fan to the point where we are inundated with absolute casual fools who are poison for the industry. Sad AF.

  • FIFA 22 really just shows you how out of touch the plus team are with most of the community and they take no interest or feedback from these comments or even probably how many download’s actually relate to the monthly line up,keep up the good work Sony watch more players not continue their subscriptions when you keep forcing crap on them monthly,let’s hope the new subscription is a improvement but going on the historical evidence of plus you’ve already failed before you’ve even released it.

    • Agreed. And another niche survival game? We just got Stranded Deep and Ark. And what’s up with the idea we wanted a Switch game? 🤣 Another weak lineup.

    • We get sports games from time to time it’s been happening for years.

      Tribes and curse are both excellent indie games.

      And quite honestly everything is changing in about a month anyway so I never expected the last month or two of PS Plus as we know it to be great.

  • This lineup just made Nintendo expansion pack worth the money.

    • Bruh if I have to pay extra to play Majoras Mask and Ocarina of Time on Switch I’ll take that in a heartbeat. Well I already did.

  • Very important remark here: “***FIFA 22 versions are single entitlement and need to be redeemed separately to add both to your game library.”

    • good callout, most people play the ps4 version for “better” gameplay even on ps5. your account is the same on both versions. ps5 has a different animation system which changes the feel of the game.

  • A worthless reskin of the same Fifa we got 5 yrs ago, another survival game, and an old Switch game… another AWESOME month of Plus. Is it just me, or does it seem they don’t give a $#!t about giving us quality games anymore? 🤔

    • You can really say that about every single sports game so it’s not specific to FIFA at all.

      Is tribes a survival game? It has elements but I certainly wouldn’t call it a survival game it’s nothing like Deep Stranded, Ark, etc. It’s more of a unique roguelike with with crafting and base building mechanics. You don’t eat or drink in this game and the only survival mechanic is the effect of extreme temperatures. In actuality it’s a pretty unique rogue like with minor Tower defense significant co-op elements. It’s not a survival game or an MMO.

      An old switch game? Curse of the Dead gods never came out on switch first so I’m not sure how it’s classified as a switch game but push your agenda you seem to really have one seeing all the comments you continuously spam.

      The bottom line is both tribes and curse are solid games but I never expected the last month or two before PlayStation Plus premium to be great.

  • Sony, here’s to hoping you actually try to compete with GamePass and give us strong, quality offerings with the new PS Plus rollout… if not, shame on ya

    • Gamepass ultimate is $180 per year and PlayStation Plus premium will be $120 per year so I’m not sure it has to 100% match Game pass but ultimately I believe PS Plus premium will carve out its own niche and be a quality service.

      It does not have to mirror Game pass but simply offer good value. PS1, PS2, PS3, PSP, PS4, PS5 and 700+ games overall for a significantly cheaper price should certainly be adequate but we all know the bread and butter of the PlayStation brand is not services with old games and mediocre day one multiplats but rather great new exclusives and unique hardware. Gamepass is the only reason to invest in Xbox whereas PlayStation Plus premium will be just a side note and fun distraction because PlayStation has the consistency and quality to not have to essentially give all of their games away in a budget service. All TWO new first party games this generation for Xbox yet people spew nonsense about day one first party being the reason why game passes great LOL. The industry is an absolute joke right now and the quality of the common fan is at an all-time low. It would be funny if it wasn’t sad. God help us.

  • I’ll take the other 2 games Sony but this is still a mediocre month.

    And for God sake, STOP GIVING US SPORTS GAMES!!

  • Sony, you perfectly remind what happened last time you tried to give a soccer game in the PS+ in 2019… that was already a bad idea last time.

  • PS+ games constantly been put on is extremely bad and makes the service for a lot of people worthless

    • Didn’t we get Persona 5 Strikers, Ghost runner PS5, Plague Tale PS5, and FFVII PS5, Re-Reckoning, Slay the Spire, SpongeBob, Hitman, team Sonic racing, UFC4, Greedfall, Lego DC Villains, Deep Rock PS5, and Ghost of Tsushima Legends/Until You Fall (extras) over the past several months??? Those are pretty decent games imo. Tribes and Curse are actually pretty solid also. Five bucks per month and really you are paying for online primarily…. I think it’s all right.

  • Oh noooo!
    I hate FIFA games.
    Sad 😢

  • I don’t have soccer game (not very like it though), this can add to my library 😂👍

  • Once again, sony has failed!! The way the do this, it s kind of pointless to buy any game. Just wait for it unless you just can’t wait. I’ve been thinking Xbox too now…. For multiple reasons.

    • You are thinking about Xbox because you are disappointed in this month’s PS plus games? Do people not buy great new exclusives anymore? Has the game pass over hype really brainwashed people into renting mediocre games rather than buying great new games? I own an Xbox and all it has ever been is a diversion for me because great new exclusives take precedent but then again I’m not a casual or brainwashed TMZ gamer who allows others to think for them I just like quality. By all means though grab a series s and rent your old in mediocre games it really isn’t as great as it seems.

  • What a great month, two Android games and a football game. 🤡

  • another crummy month . no thanks this service just hasn’t been worthwhile for a long time now , rebranding ps now isn’t gonna get me to reup n add-on to a bad service either.

  • “Add a comment But don’t be a jerk!”
    I’ll tell you what Sony. I won’t be a Jerk! when you stop treating your loyal customers like one.
    In the last year I have had 3 games that I have taken to my library… like fudge am I going to wast £100 for a new subscription.

  • Another month of paying for cloud storage. I seriously hope that Sony starts offering better quality when the new PS+ tiers start. I am not getting a fair value for what I pay. That is my personal view,and for the gamer’s who enjoy the offerings I have nothing but happiness for you.

  • Yet another DISAPPOINTING MONTH!! I only downloaded 1 of the free games for April!! They need to get it together as much as people pay for their membership.. this new tier system they r coming out with better pay off or I’m not!

  • personally a worthless month. but cant get good stuff all the time. maybe june

  • I’m very disappointed of this month!

  • Fifa 22 ps4/ps5 with the 11*82 rated pack

    curse of the ancient gods, a 79 metacritic indie rlite

    is on the well above average range.

    last month there was a lot of crying about Spongebob BB, “a kids game” when they wanted triple a “adult” game, this month crying because Fifa 22 is not the triple a “ adult” game they wanted.

    i find it hilarious. I also find it amusing the myopia of 20-30 year old blog users that cannot acknowledge there are a range of people using playstation products and services like plus.

    for me my 9 year old son likes spongebob and that was a good add, for me i like football / soccer and fifa 22 (for plus) is a good add despite being flawed.

    not everything is added for your niche interests. theres been many poor months but to be delusional about what is good for a range of user demographics is something else.

    so many of you complaining are going to upgrade to premium or have already stacked years of ps now to get the deal only to what? spend the next year/s complaining about now plus plus with whatever they add to it. all that people on now and plus already do is complain anyways.

    it’s simple don’t buy the service, or if it is online to ransom paywall, just accept it and only sign up for base plus. or play online for free on pc.

  • just do what epic store does give away free games

  • Fifa 22? REALLY? You guys still haven’t realized we don’t want sports games on plus. I don’t care if it’s a big budget game, I’d rather have a cheaper actually good indie game.

    • completely agree anything EA puts out is straight up trash That company got sum sort of vendetta I figured them out years ago won’t be buying or play anything from them ever again.

  • Slay the spire, curse of the dead gods and tribes of midguard all feel too similar. They’re all top down rogue likes and I feel like bunching them all together so closely does them a disservice.

    I mean I’m sure they all have unique stories and gameplay (think of Spire’s deck building) but for someone who isn’t fond of the genre, they kind of blur together.

    And even if you DO like these sorts of games, you still might feel a bit fatigued of the style after playing all of these so soon after each other.

    I mean ps plus should cater to all audiences and I don’t mind that they’re adding indie titles like this, even if I’m personally not fond of them. I just wish they would give us more breathing room between games that are so alike.

  • Sadly nothing for me.

  • More secondary backlog I’ll never end up playing. At least the first few months of PS5 were decent with A Plague Tale and Control, and still holding off on Ghostrunner. Not bad games this month per se, just nothing for me. If only I could pay for online separately and didn’t have to pay to be disappointed about the games most of the times…

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