UPDATE: All-new PlayStation Plus launches in June with 700+ games and more value than ever

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UPDATE: All-new PlayStation Plus launches in June with 700+ games and more value than ever

PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now come together; players can choose from three flexible options.

Update: We’re making fantastic progress with our launch efforts and I wanted to update you on the latest. We’re rolling out our new offering for PlayStation Plus a little earlier in select markets in Asia, followed by Japan. Here is a look at our updated regional rollout schedule.

  • Asia markets (excluding Japan) – targeting May 23, 2022 (May 24, 2022 in local time zone)
  • Japan – targeting June 1, 2022 (June 2, 2022 in local time zone)
  • Americas – targeting June 13, 2022
  • Europe, Australia, New Zealand – targeting June 22, 2022 (June 23, 2022 in local time zone)

Additionally, we’re also expanding our cloud streaming access to the following locations for a total of 30 markets with cloud streaming access**. The following markets will also offer the Premium tier from PlayStation Plus at launch: Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Malta, Poland, Republic of Cyprus, Romania, Slovakia, and Slovenia.

We’ve been working on this massive global effort to provide flexible options, quality games and greater value for our members for quite some time now – and we’re just a few weeks away from our first regional rollout. We want to thank our PlayStation community for the ongoing support, and we’ll have more to share as we get closer to launch. For more information, including pricing for your local market, please visit our website at https://www.playstation.com/en-us/ps-plus/

Since launching PlayStation Plus in 2010, SIE has been at the forefront of innovation with game subscription services. We were thrilled to be the first console membership service that included a refreshed library of games through PlayStation Plus, and also launched the first console game streaming service with PlayStation Now. 

Today, we are pleased to share with you official news about changes coming to our subscription services. This June, we’re bringing together PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now in an all-new PlayStation Plus subscription service that provides more choice to customers across three membership tiers globally. 

Our focus is on providing high-quality, curated content with a diverse portfolio of games*. Below is an overview of the three membership tiers:

PlayStation Plus Essential


  • Provides the same benefits that PlayStation Plus members are getting today, such as:
    • Two monthly downloadable games
    • Exclusive discounts
    • Cloud storage for saved games
    • Online multiplayer access
  • There are no changes for existing PlayStation Plus members in this tier.

Price* for PlayStation Plus Essential remains the same as the current price for PlayStation Plus.

  • United States
    • $9.99 monthly / $24.99 quarterly / $59.99 yearly
  • Europe
    • €8.99 monthly / €24.99 quarterly / €59.99 yearly
  • United Kingdom
    • £6.99 monthly / £19.99 quarterly / £49.99 yearly 
  • Japan
    • ¥850 monthly / ¥2,150 quarterly / ¥5,143 yearly

PlayStation Plus Extra


  • Provides all the benefits from the Essential tier
  • Adds a catalog of up to 400* of the most enjoyable PS4 and PS5 games – including blockbuster hits from our PlayStation Studios catalog and third-party partners. Games in the Extra tier are downloadable for play.


  • United States
    • $14.99 monthly / $39.99 quarterly / $99.99 yearly
  • Europe
    • €13.99 monthly / €39.99 quarterly / €99.99 yearly
  • United Kingdom
    • £10.99 monthly / £31.99 quarterly / £83.99 yearly 
  • Japan
    • ¥1,300 monthly / ¥3,600 quarterly / ¥8,600 yearly

PlayStation Plus Premium**


  • Provides all the benefits from Essential and Extra tiers
  • Adds up to 340* additional games, including:
    • PS3 games available via cloud streaming
    • A catalog of beloved classic games available in both streaming and download options from the original PlayStation, PS2 and PSP generations 
  • Offers cloud streaming access for original PlayStation, PS2, PSP and PS4 games offered in the Extra and Premium tiers in markets** where PlayStation Now is currently available. Customers can stream games using PS4 and PS5 consoles, and PC.*** 
  • Time-limited game trials will also be offered in this tier, so customers can try select games before they buy.


  • United States
    • $17.99 monthly / $49.99 quarterly / $119.99 yearly
  • Europe
    • €16.99 monthly / €49.99 quarterly / €119.99 yearly
  • United Kingdom
    • £13.49 monthly / £39.99 quarterly / £99.99 yearly 
  • Japan
    • ¥1,550 – monthly / ¥4,300 – quarterly / ¥10,250 yearly
  • PlayStation Plus Deluxe (Select Markets) For markets without cloud streaming, PlayStation Plus Deluxe will be offered at a lower price compared to Premium, and includes a catalog of beloved classic games from the original PlayStation, PS2 and PSP generations to download and play, along with time-limited game trials. Benefits from Essential and Extra tiers are also included. Local pricing will vary by market.

The new Extra and Premium tiers represent a major evolution for PlayStation Plus. With these tiers, our key focus is to ensure that the hundreds of games we offer will include the best quality content that sets us apart. At launch, we plan to include titles such as Death Stranding, God of War, Marvel’s Spider-Man, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Mortal Kombat 11, and Returnal. We’re working closely with our imaginative developers from PlayStation Studios and third-party partners to include some of the best gaming experiences available with a library that will be regularly refreshed. More details to come on the games we’ll have on our new PlayStation Plus service.  

When the new PlayStation Plus service launches, PlayStation Now will transition into the new PlayStation Plus offering and will no longer be available as a standalone service. PlayStation Now customers will migrate over to PlayStation Plus Premium with no increase to their current subscription fees at launch.

As this is a massive launch effort, we’re rolling out the new PlayStation Plus offering in a phased regional approach. In the June timeframe, we’ll begin with an initial launch in several markets in Asia, followed by North America, Europe and the rest of the world where PlayStation Plus is offered. We aim to have most PlayStation Network territories live with our new PlayStation Plus game subscription service by the end of the first half of 2022. We also plan to expand our cloud streaming benefit to additional markets, and will provide more details at a later date.  

Building upon more than 25 years of expertise in gaming innovation, this change to our subscription services highlights our continued efforts to evolve our network services business to match our customer’s preferences. With the all-new PlayStation Plus, we’re focused on delivering a compelling game subscription service with curated content from our exclusive PlayStation Studios team and our third-party partners. The newly enhanced PlayStation Plus will enable our fans to discover and engage with more content than ever before, and deepen their connection with the PlayStation community through shared experiences. 

We’re providing an early look at our new PlayStation Plus subscription service today, and we’ll plan to share more information with you as we get closer to launch. Stay tuned. 

*Local pricing may vary by market. PlayStation Plus catalog titles may also vary by market and tier, and may change over time. PlayStation Plus is an ongoing subscription subject to a recurring subscription fee taken automatically until cancellation. Age restrictions apply.  Terms apply: play.st/psplus-usageterms 

**Current markets where PlayStation Now is available: US, Canada, Japan, UK, France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Austria, Switzerland, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Norway, Denmark, Finland, and Sweden.

***PC streaming is not available in Japan at launch and will be supported in a future update.

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  • What’s the procedure if like me you have several years remaining on your PS Plus subscription?

    • Yeah im in the same boat, i have playstation plus until 2032 and playstation now until 2026, im confused with how it will affect me

    • The way I read this is, is that PS+ will automatically be converted to PS+ Essential and PSNow converted to PS+ Premium, where everyone’s end date remains the same. I.e. PSNow gets the better deal.
      For cases like @Sreenadh who have both subscriptions, I’m curious what they will do about those.

    • @ViperHD

      I guess my question is will I be able to upgrade and pay the difference? I don’t want to be stuck with Essential because I have 4 years on my subscription.

    • @MartinWallis If you plan to upgrade to Premium, my suggestion would be to now quickly subscribe to PSNow for multiple years and take advantage of the automatic conversion into Premium. I assume that Sony will then still convert your remaining PS+ time accordingly. But of course, my guess is as good as anyone’s.

    • @Sreenadh This means that the money you paid for Plus between June 2022 and 2026 is lost, because Now would put you in the Plus Extra tier and thus, the benefits of Plus. You should be entitled to compensation, but what will Sony do? That’s the question…

    • @Sreenadh

      You bought 10 years worth of PS+?
      That’s hardcore dude :)

    • Yo why they charging £100 wth it’s crazy lower it people can’t pay £100 a year

    • Same boat as well. Can’t wait to see what sony has to comment on this.

    • Just subscribe to the monthly $10 now on the consoles. The wording in the email sent out suggests when it goes to one tier if you have Now and Plus it’ll just go to Premium for the longest date. This also matches the glitch in Italy and Portugal last month.

  • I’ll wait and see what is announced in the coming months but I’m baffled at this solution for PS3 games.

    • Couldn’t agree more. The truth is that people like me who love the PS3 are in the minority, and Sony knows this. Heck, they almost killed the PS3 store last year. This isn’t Netflix, streaming a game is a mediocre experience. The PS3 deserves better. If you can’t get a company to care about its own product, there isn’t much you can do.

    • @MartyLives – I still have my PS3 if I absolutely need to play those games, it’s just an important generation for me and I wish more titles from it were playable on PS4 and PS5, including numerous 1st party games and collections.

  • TL;DR was there anything noteworthy in this post, seems like a no story to me, i’m just going to stick to base PS Plus screw that noise


    Can’t download my PS3 library of digital games. No backwards compatibility.

    Tell me Sony, will the original PlayStation and PS2 games I purchased on the PSN store on my PS3 now be added to my library??? Or are you getting people to pay to download digital assets they already own again?


    • This is my question exactly. Are we really going to have to pay a subscription to download games we already purchased on PS3 and PSP. I understand the PS3 games not being downloadable, but what about the digital PS2, PS2, and PSP games I have purchased on my account?

    • THIS!!! Sony has to answer these questions. And they know what the wrong answers are. Microsoft let us download whatever was purchased on the Xbox even 10 years ago. Sony better not have us purchases Classics we already purchased before. This is probably why they were shutting down the PS Store on the PS3. And no physical backwards compatibility is a huge slap like Will Smith

  • so my ps now ends in october, and i have no ps plus, does this mean i’ll have psplus premium until october? im so confused

    • That’s how I read it. PSNow members definitely get a great deal based on their existing subscription.
      Though afterwards, they will see their cost double, which sucks. I suspect a lot of PSNow members will now quickly extend their subscription before this kicks in.

  • While I don’t like subscriptions (I have a Google Drive file tracking the dozen or so digital subscriptions I have), this seems like a good value. I might go for the top tier as I sold my PS3 console recently. I hope Sony credits customers who have pre-paid their PS Plus memberships months into the future. I might have 18 months remining on my PS Plus account.

    • Sorry, but there is no comparison between streaming a PS3 game and playing it locally. It’s like night and day. There is even lag when you navigate the main menu, forget about actually playing the game. I guess my fiber connection just isn’t fast enough.

  • So if the service allows for downloadable PSP, PS1, and PS2 games, Does that mean we will be able to access our digital purchases for those games? Or will we be forced to pay for access to them even though we purchased them digitally on our account? I am currently unable to access any classic games I purchased digitally on PS3 and PSP

  • I have playstation plus until 2032 and playstation now until 2026
    How would it affect me with both memberships?

    • Same for me. You’d think Sony would be proactive for loyal, invested customers like us

    • Looks like you will have premium until 2026 and then it will downgrade to essentials from 2026 to 2032. If these tiers even exist that far into the future…

    • @Sreenadh This means that the money you paid for Plus between June 2022 and 2026 is lost, because Now would put you in the Plus Extra tier and thus, you get the benefits of Plus.

      You should be entitled to compensation, but what will Sony do? That’s the question…

  • Mainly just need to know if the PS1/PS2/PSP games are getting added trophy support or not

  • Now tell me there’s trophy support for that PS1, PS2, and PSP catalog, and I’m in.

  • “Offers cloud streaming access”
    If this is the same service as PS Now streaming, it’s not good enough.
    The input lag is very bad on PS3 games via cloud streaming, and is basically unplayable.
    The only way is offer to download all games locally and play them via software emulation.
    Sure the PS3 is pretty hard to emulate, but if Sony really wanted to invest in this service, it IS possible.

    Very disappointing that they didn’t drop the cloud streaming and made everything downloadable, as a certain competitor.

  • 💯 PlayStation Now service is only useful for people that have never played a PlayStation Exclusive in their life (Xbox gamer, sports gamer, cod gamer). If you have every or most of the PlayStation exclusives it’s almost completely pointless. Most are single player games that are 15hrs long.

    It’s not like Xbox GamePass where you get Brand New Triple AAA Games Day 1 of release for 1st and 3rd party games. I see zero point for Playstation Now service for me or the serious PlayStation gamer.

  • Thank you jim

  • Hang on a second. PS+ and PSNow today both cost $60 a year.
    Yet, when this launches, PS+ is converted to the $60 PS+ Essential, while PSNow is converted to the $120 PS+ Premium.
    That doesn’t seem to make much sense to me.

    • I think it’s a concession that since PSnow “only” will no longer be an alacarte option, and will become more expensive as it’s permanently saddled with ps+, they are offering that segment a better deal.

  • so… basically all the old games that I’ve bought (box or digital) I cannot play on my ps5 but, by paying more I can download or stream them as part of the new PS + tiers? sorry, but no… I’ll stick to the basic Plus for online play and still use my older consoles when I feel like it. More like Playstation Minus

    • It’s not all of them. Only a selected amount. This Sony not even trying with backwards compatibility.

    • Yea, really disappointing. I see no reason why you would not be able to download a game you purchased digitally if its being offered for download with this service. HUGE slap in the face. So essentially you will have to pay a subscription to access games you have purchased on PS3 or PSP.
      I understand PS3 games not being able to be downloaded, but what about my PS1, PS2, and PSP games I purchased on my account?

  • Simply combining plus and now and then charging extra is ridiculous.
    And what happens to people who have stacks or both subs?
    I have 2 years of Plus and a year of Now, so this better not be merged into essential.

    • You will get a year of premium and then it will downgrade to a second year of essentials. Hopefully they change the current plan as I have 2 or more years of PS+ left, and I’m assuming the essentials games will become crap in the future as they throw the better games into the middle tier.

  • Now the question is since they’re bringing in streaming/downloadable PS1 & PS2 games with the Premium Tier are they finally going to make it so people who have/had purchased digital PS1 & PS2 games on the PS3 PSN store can download & play these games they paid for on the PS4/PS5?

    • This is the question the most loyal PS fans are asking. Sony needs to answer this ASAP. No reason why I can’t access the same game your offering for download with a service if I purchased that same game digitally before on the same account I am still using.

  • Make PS3 games downloadable and able to be played without Cloud streaming and I would consider the new tiers.

  • What a profoundly uninspired offering from PlayStation. How disappointing that, after all the time of witnessing Xbox Game Pass absolutely slaying it with gamers, Jim Ryan and company thinks THIS is the best service they could muster. The value proposition is just not there for me.

    Xbox offers day one titles, in addition to a catalogue of legacy titles. PlayStation is offering demos & legacy titles, in addition to a catalogue of titles. This is almost as bad an offering as Nintendo Online. What a miss, PlayStation.

  • If it were to include streaming to mobile phone, I would personally find it a more attractive proposition

  • Glad you’re not doing day and date exclusives on this; we all know thats not sustainable and could hurt the quality.

    As for me, I already have a big enough backlog so I will stick with essential ps plus. Don’t need to pay more to feel like I have an infinite number of games which I’ll never have time to see to completion.

    Thanks for the option, though. Some people will want to do this to themselves.

  • Will the ps1 and ps2 games get trophy’s? Please let us download ps3 games. I do not want to stream them. Will vr games be included in any of the bundles?

  • I only have one question. Will we get SOCOM back with online service? Sony, please make that happen.

  • Sorry not for me. I like current games on PS5 that show the capabilities of new hardware. I don’t want to pay for old games that I have little or no interest in. If the fee included playing the latest releases then that’s different.

  • They state 2 monthly games for basic tier but we’ve been getting 3, are they taking one away? I’m fine with what we have now so I’m sticking to that.

  • Oh my gosh, this sounds amazing! Thank you, Sony!

  • I feel safe staying with the Essential tier given my current (and huge) backlog of games.

  • No Playstation Vita Games, come on ?

    I would like to play SOUL SACRIFICE on my PS5 with my friends….

  • Guys it’s 80$ less than ultimate people like to cry like babies ps3 is hard to emulate if it’s not perfect they won’t put it. One thing is why ps1 is not on the list? I imagine they could also add vita later one .

    • “A catalog of beloved classic games available in both streaming and download options from the original PlayStation, PS2 and PSP generations”
      It’s easy to miss because it doesn’t say “PS1” but “original Playstation” instead. So PS1 is part of it as well.

  • Can we buy PS1/2/PSP games individually? instead of subscribing to the highest tier, i mean.

  • My PS Plus will expire in 2025, can I upgrade to PlayStation Plus Extra for only 40$ ?

  • “Offers cloud streaming access for original PlayStation, PS2, PSP and PS4 games offered in the Extra and Premium tiers in markets** where PlayStation Now is currently available. Customers can stream games using PS4 and PS5 consoles, and PC.***”

    Why isn’t “PS3” included in this list?

    • The bulletpoints are very awkwardly worded.
      Easy answer is because it talks about PS3 streaming two lines above that point.
      What they’re basically trying to say is “Hey no matter what region, you can download PS1, PS2, PSP and PS4 games, BUT if you happen to live in a place where PS Now is available, with PS+ Premium you could also stream those.” while PS3 is the outlier as it can only be streamed and not downloaded.

  • I would rather be able to BUY PS1, PS2, and PSP games than have them tied to a subscription. I would like to play them anytime than have to pay monthly to play old games like PS Classics on PS3.

  • playstation extra silver or gold sound best value for money Jim ryan can we expect games like sifu & kena on subscription??

  • Can we get some clarification for the base tier? This article says that it will be unchanged but clearly we’re losing a PS+ game per month. We’re currently getting 3 a month while this says it’s dropping to 2. I hope it’s a typo or explained at a later date.

  • Sounds interesting. Could you please make the “Deluxe” service available for everybody else too? Streamming of PS3 games has too many issues.

  • No Vita? Literally every console including PSP is included but not Vita? What gives?

  • If I upgrade to the PlayStation Plus Premium, will PlayStation automatically convert the new expiration date to reflect what I’ve already paid for?

    For example, Premium is $119.99 yearly and Essential is $59.99 yearly, let’s say I had 4 years remaining of Essential with an expiration of 03/29/26 and I converted to Premium, my new automatically updated expiration date would be 03/29/24, CORRECT?

  • It’s pretty pathetic that ya still can’t get PS3 games to run natively on anything.

    • It’s disappointing, yes. 😥 At least I still have my old 40 GB PS3. I played Burnout Paradise for a few hours yesterday. (With a cheap SSD in it… [I’ll probably put whatever is cheaper between a good SSD or a good HDD once it dies])

  • I dont comment much, but this offer is bad. First of all, instead of expanding your streaming capabilities, you created a separate deluxe version, which you say will be cheaper, which will probably end up in 5-10 eur savings. The tiers are still to expensive, plus was already too expensive and now its the basic version, unless you are counting on discounted prices.

    And I dont get it why are u locking ps1,ps2,ps3 behind the most expensive tiers,of which the latter I cant even access,because “Now” is not supported in my country.

    You’re trying to be both Nintendo and Microsoft at the same time and it just sucks!

  • Para quem quer jogar os jogos do PS1, PS2 e PSP, poderam compra-los e joga-los sem esta na assinatura ?
    Para quem já tem o psplus podera ter um desconto ao fazer o upgrade ou será a preço cheio ?

  • sound like can not buy old games just under subscription & is there any graphics improvement or fps boost

    • Buy to play on what? A PS4? A PS5? I’m genuinely curious because I only own a PS4 (and a PS3) with no plan to ever buy a PS5. I’ll look into the Premium tier for PC.

  • Nice.

    John Earwig

  • i have never been so excited 😊😊😊thank you sony for listening to us.

  • So you’re locking PS1, PS2 and PSP games behind the most expensive tier with no option to buy the titles separately? F you, Sony.

  • This is lame.

  • i have never been so excited 😊😊😊thank you sony for listening to us

  • *We want Syphon Filter remake*

  • I am extremely disappointed not to include backwards compatibility with PS3 even if it is software. You disappoint me more and more Sony.

  • Sounds great! Looking forward to see the full list of games. I’d like to know the details of how the time limited trials work and what games are going to be included there.

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