PS5 and PS4 System Software Updates release globally today

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PS5 and PS4 System Software Updates release globally today

Variable Refresh Rate support is coming to PS5 in the months ahead.

Our next PS5 and PS4 system software updates are rolling out globally today, so we wanted to provide a quick look at some of the new features. We’re also glad to share new details on Variable Refresh Rate for PS5 on HDMI 2.1-compatible TVs and PC monitors, which is planned to release in the months ahead. 

New features for PS5 and PS4

Thanks to support from our beta participants, we’re introducing some fan-requested features to our global community today, like the ability to create or join Open and Closed Parties on PS5 and PS4 consoles. On PS5, we’re also bringing UI enhancements to Game Base and Trophy cards, as well as accessibility features like mono audio for headphones.

You can read more about these system update features here.

For a refresher on PS5 features like how to apply game presets on your console, pin videos and apps to your screen while you play, or share your screen with friends, check out the new “Pro Tips” cards in the Control Center.

PS App and PS Remote Play enhancements

Starting later today, we’re gradually rolling out the ability for PS App users to create or join Open and Closed Parties through the app as well. We’ve also updated the PS App Game Base UI to make it easier to access the Friends, Parties and messaging features, delivering a consistent player experience with PS5.

PS Remote Play mobile app users can enjoy a new “dark mode” based on their phone setting and choose from new Screen Reader languages for both iOS and Android, including Portuguese (Brazil and Portugal), Finnish, Swedish, Turkish, Greek, Thai and Chinese (traditional and simplified).

On the horizon: Variable Refresh Rate support for PS5

We’re also pleased to share that Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) is planned to release on PS5 in the coming months. On HDMI 2.1-compatible TVs and PC monitors, VRR dynamically syncs the refresh rate of the display to the PS5 console’s graphical output. This enhances visual performance for PS5 games by minimizing or eliminating visual artifacts, such as frame pacing issues and screen tearing. Gameplay in many PS5 titles feels smoother as scenes render instantly, graphics look crisper, and input lag is reduced. Previously released PS5 games can be fully optimized for VRR through a game patch and future games may include VRR support at launch.

As an added option, you can also choose to apply VRR to PS5 games that don’t support it. This feature may improve video quality for some games. If this results in any unexpected visual effects, you can turn off this option at any time. Both VRR and this secondary option can be turned on or off.

Please note that results may vary depending on the TV you’re using and game you’re playing. As we get closer to the feature’s release, we’ll share more details, including some of the games that will enable VRR support through a game patch.

Our teams will continue to work hard on ways to enhance your gaming and social experiences on PlayStation, so stay tuned for more updates!

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  • I’ve updated this morning and now I can play online. I have PlayStation plus account and ps now(both run out in October). I can’t access either of those and it has asked me to renew both accounts. How do I fix this! If you haven’t update yet I’d leave it at the moment

  • Installed update this morning on my PS5, went to load COD: Vanguard, and it says I need a Playtstation Plus Subscription. I already have one! Posts on Reddit are saying this is also happening to the PS4.


    • I updated my PS5 around 2pm EST on 3/23/22. After the update I was unable to use my wireless dual sense controller. I’ve tried trouble shooting it but neither controller will work. I’ve gone into safe mode to update the system software, reset default settings, and clear cache / rebuild database and nothing will get my controllers to resync to the system. I tried resetting my controller using the reset button located in the back and nothing is working. What did your update do to my PS5 and when can we expect a fix for this?

    • japril93 same issue, found a fix yet??

  • The update seems to have broken FIFA22 Pro Clubs, can’t access this game mode anymore!

  • Just did the update which download great…but one problem, can’t go online to play multiplayer due to a error😠

  • Can we get an update, so we can use our trophy that we have unlocked as avatar

  • This firmware has blocked my PS5 from playing online in any game. No came server can recognise PSN subscription.
    Every game says “failed to recognise PlayStation plus subscription cannot play online”

    So yeah that’s happening right now.

  • Haven’t been able to play any online games (Destiny 2/GTAV) since the update. PSN is logged in, network is fine, but no games will connect to the PSN servers

  • Please add folders 🙏🏼
    With a huge backlog is a mess the way it is now. Glad to see you added genres, but it’s not as effective as folders.

    It would also be nice, if you could see the same info on games as in the store; i.e. who of your friends play the game, but also info about size, release date etc.

  • Cannt connect to the ps plus…

  • Many people are having a problem with PSN since the update and I was wonding if it will be fix anytime soon .

  • Any idea why after downloading the update my ps plus is not working not impressed

  • Dear Admin,

    Please help on my error “Could not verify PlayStation Plus Subscription”, I don’t even see my playstation plus when switch account and i can’t play Elden Ring online.

    Thank you

  • How do u fix the ps5 psn problem I can’t play online and i Brought the yearly payment Sony if you can respond ASAP …

  • playstation just a good idea official ps5 game plates

  • If they don’t have this up soon I’m going straight to pc

  • Pity I did not buy XBOX shares prior to this update

  • Vrr is here is is coming can’t wait for that. Ps5 will now be really ahead on graphics then Xbox series x/s elden ring will finally have best frame rates with no screen tearing.

  • This update has removed my PlayStation plus but still says in use when I go onto subscriptions in settings, anyone else having this same problem?

  • So much for the extensive PSN firmware testing you’ve gone and stuffed it right up Sony no one can play online now with this latest firmware update.?
    Like really!?
    Well done great live server testing….

  • I’m unable to play any online games on my PS4 since the update. I’m not the only one either, Destiny 2 twitter has lots of ps4 and 5 players complaining. Why does this happen after every update?

  • 1440p please

  • You have broken ps plus I cannot play online in uk

  • Can they create an update to allow us to play multiplayer or connect to PlayStation Plus?

  • They should release a rollout to previous build immediately until the find and fix the issue.
    Unthinkable that a lot of paying customers are locked out, not even a peep over any network about this.

  • *slow clapping* yeah well now i cant play elden ring online because this update isnt registering I have a 12-month ps pass… Not sure if this is affecting any other games but it definitely is affecting elden ring.

  • Why is 1440p being so ignored, when it’s so in demand

  • And yet no support to backup the saves in a USB drive. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Seems like I’m not the only one having trouble with my games not connecting to ps plus

  • Isn’t it great. After the update, can’t connect to Destiny 2. Friends from mostly Asia and UK got screwed. PSN please look into it asap. Thanks.

  • Can we get an update, so we can use our trophy as an avatar

  • Unable to connect to PSN after update.

  • After software updated, multi-player function of all my games are disabled and misleaded by subscription renewal of PSN 3-12 Months package. My PSN just renewed end of December 2021. No way PSN expired.

    PSN really sucks.

  • I was playing marvel avengers updated and now cant play it on ps5 and cant play destiny 2 on ps5 bull poop good job playstation

  • What was the point of removing folders?

    • My guess it is a design choice. They revamped the whole UI and when they see fit and how to implement a folder solution, they will probably do that. They didn’t remove folders just to F with people.

  • 1440p @ 120 please

  • People are so whiny all the time! Jeez. I’m happy for any improvements and especially the upcoming VRR support. I’m just wondering why it took (takes) so long for Sony to add it. Microsoft added it much faster. I’m curious as to how they managed that, it’s all.

  • 8 button pushes to get my mssgs full screen every time that I enter a mssg group. Convenient? No… botched? Yes… at least have the option available for mssg groups to open full screen all the time,literally 8 button pushes to get my mssgs full screen every time I enter a mssg group.. terrible…

  • Thanks for fixing the problem

  • Can we get trophies sorting option from A to Z on ps4 an ps5.

  • Is there a legitimate reason Sony is screwing over people with HDMI 2.0 TVs that support VRR? I have one of those TVS and the VRR works fine with our XsX.

    I bought this TV a couple years ago with the hope the PS5 would support PS5 with it. My hope is that this is just Sony being forced to use the HDMI 2.1 Marketing as part of some ag reement and that 2.0 TVs will still work. Prior to the finalization of 2.1 standards Samsung took pieces of 2.1 and included it in some of their 2.0 HDMI TVS.

  • Let me use my dual shock 4 on ps5 games, or make a cheap paddle attachment for the dual sense please… This is 100% ruining my experience as a competitive player, even more so now that most games are crossplay.

  • Enjoyed trying the new features in the beta. Nice to hear VRR is coming too. Next im hoping for folders, a media player app, and my ps4 dynamic themes made available on ps5. I miss my indivisible theme!

  • Allow me use my dual shock 4 on ps5 games, or make a cheap paddle attachment for the dual sense please… This is 100% ruining my experience as a competitive player, even more so now that most games are crossplay.

  • Hi, ps4 I have a complaint, as soon as I update the system software today I cannot play any online modes, Mk x, ufc 4 etc… it redirect to play station plus, as if my play station plus is expired but my PS plus is still valid up to 26/11/2022 this year.. if you can tell me a reason I’ll be more than happy.
    Dave from Israel

  • ps+ down?

  • Well done. Thought updates were meant to help? Not to stop us. Sort it out. We pay alot of money, and you can’t even update without messing it up.

  • Downloading save files is not working after the update. It asks to subscribe for ps plus even i have an active subscription

  • When are you going to sort out the problems you caused with the update? Playing games online not working!

  • Finally voice command. I thought they had added that as soon as it came out because I had the ps4 so just assumed it was already there on ps5 and I was disappointed when it wasn’t. But know that it’s coming out I’m exited for it.

  • Since I did this update 1hr 30mins ago, I can no long play any game online and can not play with any of my friends.
    Please fix this asap Playstation

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