A glimpse at Horizon Forbidden West PS4 and PS4 Pro gameplay

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A glimpse at Horizon Forbidden West PS4 and PS4 Pro gameplay

Guerrilla celebrates the game going gold with a first look at gameplay on the PS4 and PS4 Pro console.

Update: A couple weeks back Guerrilla shared a glimpse at what Aloy’s journey looks like running on PS4 Pro. Now the team is excited to share a new look at Horizon Forbidden West running on PS4.

A glimpse at Horizon Forbidden West PS4 and PS4 Pro gameplay

We have some exciting news for you all: we are thrilled to announce that Horizon Forbidden West has gone Gold! This means we are all set to start printing and distributing the game, ready for you to experience Aloy’s journey into the Forbidden West for yourselves in less than a month. I want to take this opportunity to congratulate everyone on the team for what we have achieved together and the community for their continued support and excitement as we’re preparing for launch.  

An authentic, vibrant world on PS5 and PS4 consoles`

In the past few months, we’ve shown you a selection of our brand new machines in action, as well as some of the locations and settlements of the vibrant tribes inhabiting the world of Horizon, all captured on the PS5 console. Today you get a first exclusive look at gameplay that we captured on the PS4 Pro console.  

The Utaru tribe make their home in Plainsong, although the lands they live in have been heavily affected by the mysterious red blight. In this clip, you get a glimpse at their way of living in the massive thatched canopies, built atop Old World radar dishes – both serene and defensible. 

Clamberjaws are a dangerously agile enemy, who will keep you on your toes throughout a fight. Take a look at what you can expect when you come across them in the wilds, in this extended clip. 

Remember the Bristlebacks shown in our announce trailer? They make for a worthy opponent, especially when found in herds as encountered in this clip.  

Whether you will be playing on your PS4 or PS5 console, our team has made sure you get to enjoy the best experience on each platform. We can’t wait for you all to head to the Forbidden West on February 18! 

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  • Holy mother of god!
    My PS4 pro is ready!
    I really hope Guerilla programmed so SSD users (Samsung Evo 860) installed on a PS4 PRO get faster assets/Load times just like with HZD.

    Looks like Game of the year already!

  • when can we see this for Steam or PC in General?

  • Cant wait for this game to be released 😁

  • Хоты бы тут русская локализация будет?

  • Nice of y’all to showcase the obvious…that the game will be the same on PS4 save it for faster loading times and gimmick like native 4k.It’s good to shut the trap of people who think this is a PS5 game impossible to look the same on PS4 lol.

  • I Can’t wait to play this Game… But I still confused on how to pay for it. From a Sony Blog they said if you buy the PS4 you can upgrade to the PS5 for free. Now SONY seem to be confusing everyone with the Digital Deluxe Version. I have contacted Sony, Via the On-Line chat and via E-Mail and got 2 conflicting answers… one said Yes ( On-Line Chat) the other No. …. So Sadly I am going to wait to see if I buy the cheaper PS4 version, that I can actually upgrade it to the PS5 for free. The other problem is that if I can upgrade for free…. Do I actually do it… as Sony have obviously tried to trick the consumer in paying extra for the PS5 version, which I can’t support and therefore should avoid the game in protest.

    • I’m also trying to figure this out. I’m planning to pickup the digital PS4 version for now and hoping to upgrade later on.

      Free upgrade would be great but I’m not against the $10 upgrade but just kind of confused with this one from an older blog post update.

  • Just again to confirm… I’m planning to pre-order the PS4 digital version (due to no PS5 yet) but down the road I’ll still be able to upgrade to the PS5 version for free?
    Is there a time limit to upgrade for free to PS5? And it’s for both the PS4 digital and physical versions, correct?

  • Looks incredible. Can’t wait to play it!

  • Is the update free from PS4 to PS5 ? :)

  • still run good on a 9 year old console

  • You are really letting us get harassed over the PC stuff and you really let MLB go to Gamepass day one again what is going on at Sony? Please fire the person making these decisions it’s been nothing but grief online ever since you put games on PC and allowed the Gamepass thing to happen I refuse to support you outside of the handful of games I simply cannot miss which as it stands is 3 over several years….I used to buy 3 games in the same month on occasions but not anymore you’ve left such a bad taste about PC I’ve gone over there because what sense does it make to not when they have Xbox and PlayStation games and free online ?

  • After thinking the Regalla Edition was sold out, Sony Direct had it in stock yesterday so im super super excited. Even though I already preordered it digitally. Super excited

  • I assume that it looks good, but the platform you use to upload videos don’t allow us to properly see how your games look.

    Please Sony, start using Vimeo with a proper bitrate, resolution and fps instead of Youtube and gfycat. These compression artifacts are awful.

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