A glimpse at Horizon Forbidden West PS4 and PS4 Pro gameplay

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A glimpse at Horizon Forbidden West PS4 and PS4 Pro gameplay

Guerrilla celebrates the game going gold with a first look at gameplay on the PS4 and PS4 Pro console.

Update: A couple weeks back Guerrilla shared a glimpse at what Aloy’s journey looks like running on PS4 Pro. Now the team is excited to share a new look at Horizon Forbidden West running on PS4.

A glimpse at Horizon Forbidden West PS4 and PS4 Pro gameplay

We have some exciting news for you all: we are thrilled to announce that Horizon Forbidden West has gone Gold! This means we are all set to start printing and distributing the game, ready for you to experience Aloy’s journey into the Forbidden West for yourselves in less than a month. I want to take this opportunity to congratulate everyone on the team for what we have achieved together and the community for their continued support and excitement as we’re preparing for launch.  

An authentic, vibrant world on PS5 and PS4 consoles`

In the past few months, we’ve shown you a selection of our brand new machines in action, as well as some of the locations and settlements of the vibrant tribes inhabiting the world of Horizon, all captured on the PS5 console. Today you get a first exclusive look at gameplay that we captured on the PS4 Pro console.  

The Utaru tribe make their home in Plainsong, although the lands they live in have been heavily affected by the mysterious red blight. In this clip, you get a glimpse at their way of living in the massive thatched canopies, built atop Old World radar dishes – both serene and defensible. 

Clamberjaws are a dangerously agile enemy, who will keep you on your toes throughout a fight. Take a look at what you can expect when you come across them in the wilds, in this extended clip. 

Remember the Bristlebacks shown in our announce trailer? They make for a worthy opponent, especially when found in herds as encountered in this clip.  

Whether you will be playing on your PS4 or PS5 console, our team has made sure you get to enjoy the best experience on each platform. We can’t wait for you all to head to the Forbidden West on February 18! 

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  • I can not wait for this game! Congrats on going gold. It’s coming out two days before my birthday.

    • Привет добавь в друзья посмотреть как будешь играть… Да и всесте поиграем в онлайне 😉👍

    • How does the PS4 version look better than virtually all next gen games? The game is stunning. Clamberjaws jumping animation and cloth physics are tremendous.

      The IGN preview makes this look vastly superior in design to HZD which was already great. Visuals are the best I have ever seen on next gen console as well. The original gameplay demo and IGN preview are beyond gorgeous.

      This looks like it received the KZ2 treatment. I just hope critics give it the respect it appears to deserve.

  • Congratulations guys!!!

  • Wow, that still looks amazing! The Utaru settlement is like something right out of a Dinotopia book.

    • I’m alway wary with these kind of settlements in games. You can guarantee that someone in that settlement will ask you to go out on some random dreaded fetch quest 🙄 😬

      Also you will go unchallenged for looting in these settlements.

      It really is a dated mechanic, and shows you how games have not come that far over the years, heck they still can’t erase clipping from games, it’s all about graphics and resolution first, and everything last.

      I hope theres a customization option to change Aloys appearance. And let’s hope her personality is better this around. Games need good humour, humour that will surprise and affend.

      What made the last game so good was the combat, control of the character and fighting the machines. I never cared about the characters in the game. I just felt the whole writing felt flat.

      Let’s hope that these issues have been addressed in the new game. I’m still looking forward to playing the new game just for the gameplay alone and fighting the machines.

      And lastly the Decima Engine is brilliant.

    • I feel like Frozen Wilds improved dramatically. The characters had more personality and quests were varied with puzzles and NPC co op. Collectables had meaning and payoff. The Banuk were truly intriguing. I do agree with games in general focusing on the wrong thing. Game design has improved much and both combat and animation work is largely similar to a decade ago. But this isn’t exclusive to Horizon. In fact, Horizon has very innovative combat mechanics from the ropecaster and tripcaster to a bow n arrow based game. Forbidden West looks as good as we could hope for and everything appears improved. The NPCs in particular. Witcher 3 had these exact flaws and was among the most awarded games ever. I know it was a long while ago but if anything CP2077 went backwards.

      Let’s appreciate what looks to be a great improvement on the original and keep the soapboxes away from great games that already receive too much criticism. Between boycotting because of PC and propaganda about GG being lazy I’m getting frustrated that ppl are spoiling what should be a celebration of fantastic improvement. Though I appreciate your take on the industry at large and I agree.

      This is prevalent across the industry though. Games like Halo, Forza, Dying Light somehow avoid it when they are the worst offenders. For whatever reason ppl really bang on Sony games. Not sure Forbidden West or GT could look better yet ppl call it copy paste gaming.

      I do believe resources are applied to the wrong things in the industry overall and I’d love to see less focus on specs and more innovation with design, combat, traversal, animation, and most importantly AI. We’ve had the same combat and AI for two decades now. Mostly indie games are experimenting but even they aren’t hits. Unto the End has interesting combat and even Dreams pushes the creation genre but neither were successful. I’d like to see SC take the combat engine in Sifu and innovate beyond the Arkham style but I like the technical emphasis they impose. Insomniac does great animation work with squash n stretch but the industry overall needs to do better. With SSDs it should allow for new design choices, let’s just hope it happens.

  • My personal favorite action adventure game from PS4 (Horizon Zero Dawn + Frozen Wilds) and the reason I started playing Monster Hunter World and then Genshin Impact (due to cross-over promotion) is finally getting the sequel I have really been waiting for and I’ll be playing it on PS5.

    • Привет добавь в друзья посмотреть как будешь играть… Да и всесте поиграем в онлайне 😉👍

  • Huge congrats to the team on finally going gold. Can’t wait to experience this on ps5 on the 18th

    • Привет добавь в друзья посмотреть как будешь играть… Да и всесте поиграем в онлайне 😉👍или ник напиши свой

  • The PS4 Pro version looks the same as PS5👍 The only difference will be the load times which I don’t mind at all.

    Very impressive😁👍

    • This is why we push for ps5-only games. It should look 5 times better.

      What resolution is this running?
      Notice they had to walk really slow to prevent tearing and frame drops.

    • are you one of those people who can’t tell the difference between 30fps and 60fps?

    • Who cares. It won’t be playable on your series s/x consoles regardless. It, a PS4 game, still looks better then anything in that genre on both those next gen consoles lol.

    • 😂, nope it’s quite noticable difference between PS4 PRO and PS5 versions

    • No, Ands, but my mustard PC will play it 5x’s better. If it was on X, it would look better, because it has more graphical power.
      Oh, don’t stress too hard about me waiting for release, I’m so busy with games from the multiple marketplaces on PC, and gamepass.
      Enjoy $70+.

    • @alkalinetp, the only thing you’re busy at is trolling this site, you are in hardship to spend 70$ i doubt you have a gaming rig, you’re just a noisy troll

    • rYte – it’s not that I don’t have the $70 to spend.
      I couldn’t care at all if you think I have a PC or not.

      You’re just a noisy 🤡

    • 720p + 60fps in PS4 Pro that’s gonna be awesome

    • We’ll enjoy $70/waiting for a sale.

      You enjoy perpetually renting and never owning anything.

  • Looks amazing, will you also post what it looks like on ps4 slim(performance especially) or is it same as ps4 pro?

    • 😂 in no universe will the slim play this game like the pro

    • How funny would that be if the base PS4 looked the same as the PS4 Pro that looks the same as PS5🤣

      The Decima Engine is fantastic. It reminds me of the Fox Engine in ways. I remember Metal Gear Solid 5 running on a base PS4 at 60fps, quite the achievement back in 2015.

      I honestly believe that Horizon Forbidden West on a base PS4 will run very smooth. The Decima Engine will have been improved further since Zero Dawn. What a beast that Decima Engine is.

  • Cant wait 2025 2026, i will play that at that time no need to play this masterpiece in 2022 waiting to be free on ps plus

  • Gongratulations!

  • A worthy contender for best open-world game ever, next to Witcher 3, and RDR2… this looks phenomenal

  • cant wait pc version on the september

  • This looks just as good as the ps5 version. That’s not a good thing for the ps5…

    • How?

    • Going from 1080p to 4K requires 4 times as much power…and the new consoles are about 6 times as powerful as the old one. we’re not gonna see much improvement outside improved drawing distance, shadows and stuff until we have Engines built to take advantage of the new GPU features.

    • It is because it’s PS4 Pro gameplay made on 60fps gifs. It will not look this clean on the PS4 Pro like in these gifs when you move the camera and character.

  • Game why I purchased PS5 for 800$. Hope I will not enjoy as Returnal 😒

  • Congratulations!!! Got the ps5 special edition preordered!

  • It’s 2022 and PlayStation Studios are still competing with themselves alone, putting out game after game that surpasses the last and squeezes every ounce of that pure GDDR5 juice out of the PS4.

    Sort of disappointed with the PS5 version though. No sign of a Miles Morales launch game job here. It has multiple ray tracing modes, does this even have one on PS5???

  • 🤡
    So much Salt and tears coming from another xbot😂

  • Even the PS4 version looks better than anything on Xbox Serious L 😂

  • Can’t wait. 😊

  • I just can’t wait. 😊

  • I am concerned…they are showing PS4 PRO footage but not BASE PS4 footage….i am very suspicious after being burned by Cyberpunk 2077 I have a bad feeling this is going to be a disaster on a standard PS4.

  • congratulations!
    I can NOT wait to Play This Amazing Game.
    Looks great on PS4😍🤩

  • I don’t see any on screen huds, or any slow downs with weapon switching, this game got a whole lot more terrifying as a result.

  • Will you be adding gyro aiming as an option? 🙏

    • They’re working on reducing costs, like an old worn down thrift store, whos owner just received an eviction notice, and they have 7 dogs to feed.

  • Nice! I am going to Gamefly this for a weekend on my PS5. Next game on my Gamefly que… GOW Ragnarok. Keep em’ coming

  • Well Done Guys, Congratulations!

  • It’s funny how Sony never mention that this game has a free upgrade for the basic version.

  • Wait was that Utaru settlement built on a Horus?

  • What salt exactly? Jim is kinda crappy and tries do the whole car salesman bs to the playerbase since he assumes PS fans are morons.

  • What salt exactly? Jim is kinda crappy and tries do the whole car salesman bs to the playerbase since he assumes PS fans are morons.

  • I will wait for the PC version.

    Dying Light 2 and Elden Ring are coming soon too and it’s always better to wait for the best version.

  • Does the release version have gyro aim or will you add it in a later patch like TLOU2?

  • I got a PS5 for y’know, PS5 games.

    And yet we’re still being held back by outdated hardware.

    • You really think they were building this game with PS5 in mind to begin with? Nobody is being held back, you’re still getting the best version on PS5 despite your immature whining.

    • You’re just plain selfish. I also own a PS5 and I’m happy to share games with PS4 players, especially those that can’t afford PS5 right now or those that can but can’t find one.

    • @MaxDiehard

      PS5 is already outdated lol.

  • Congratulations!!!
    Thank you for for making sure everyone enjoy the game no matter what platform. Can’t wait for my C.E.

    Thank you again.

  • Looks great, how about on base PS4?

  • Will it still run on the regular PS4 like the OG and the Slim, for example…?

  • Congrats on going Gold Team! My little Brother and I can’t wait. Most surprising he only plays Rolox/Fortniew but something about my recommendation of Horizon he went ahead and 100% complete. He doesn’t Yet have PS5 so I’m feeling ok that it still looks damn impressive.

  • Buy the PS4 version, if you want to save money💵. Its got the free upgrade remember folks 😉👍

    I will be buying the physical release at Base.com, its £51.85

  • This glimpse didn’t show much. And the article didn’t provide the frame rate, resolution, or mention other modes like quality or performance. Gonna need some numbers in the coming weeks before release.

  • I will buy PS4 version used than upgrade to ps5 I will never support 70$ and pc get best version.

  • I love that outfit in the last video!

  • No offense Sony, but I am not buying any more PS4 games. I’ve been failing to buy a PS5 since launch, all of the peripherals I bought have a fine layer of dust on them because they haven’t moved in over a year. Even still, I am DONE with PS4. I’ve been on the PS5 wait list for months. Why would I want to buy this for a last gen console after I just replayed Horizon on PC at 1440p and 4k?

    • You can buy it for PS4, pay to upgrade it on PS5, then you’ll be able to play it on more than one console. You’ll also have the visual improvements on PS5.

    • @Spacerac: They don’t even have to pay anything for the PS5 upgrade. It’s free. Actually the last free upgrade offering from Sony

    • Horizon’s upgrade isn’t free, what Sony did was (rightfully) backtrack on forcing people who wanted to get the game digitally on PS4 to pay more money for the Deluxe version that is for both PS4 and PS5.

    • I am taking my previous comment back, I see Sony did indeed state that owners of the PS4 version will be able to upgrade it for free. This is after the initial reveal though.

    • 🤡 <– spacecrap

  • I am hyped

  • おめでとう🎊 楽しみです。
    I pre-ordered the full collector’s edition months ago.

  • Looks great on PS4

  • Almost looks the same as PS5 version from what I can tell, other than the framerate.

  • Will there (ever) be gyro aiming for crossbows? Or do we have to wait, again, for PC release?

  • Coming from a PS5 owner, you people are total jerks to want PS4 owners to be left out from experiencing this game.

  • @Spacerrac

    You don’t pay for the upgrade when you buy it for PS4. It’s Free😁 the way it should be.

    Also if anyone’s wondering if the games going to sound like a jet engine on PS4 Pro, I suggest buying a decent pair of noise cancellation headphones that should do the trick 👍

  • The PS4 Pro will run this game in 30fps. These gifs are in 60fps? Correct me if I am wrong. That means the game will not look this clean on the PS4 Pro when you move the camera and character.

    • This is gameplay, not a cut scene bro. It will look even better on a actual 4aaK HDR tv, most tvs today can push the frames so it looks like a 60fps game anyway. So yeah, very little difference between PS5 / pro version.
      60 fps and faster load times is what will be the difference.

    • Yeah it will look better on an actual 4k tv. It depends on which 4K tv you buy and what refresh and hertz the TV has. Plus it helps to get the settings correct.

      Don’t forget when a console becomes older the better the games tend to look and run. Plus the Decima Engine will have been improved further since 2017.

  • Holy mother of god!
    My PS4 pro is ready!
    I really hope Guerilla programmed so SSD users (Samsung Evo 860) installed on a PS4 PRO get faster assets)load times just like with HZD.

    Looks like Game if the year already!

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