PlayStation’s Black Friday Deals 2021

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PlayStation’s Black Friday Deals 2021

Save on games like Deathloop, Far Cry 6, Back 4 Blood as well as PlayStation Plus memberships and more.

Black Friday comes to PlayStation starting tomorrow, Friday, November 19. Discover great deals, with deep discounts for a variety of titles on PlayStation Store*. Make sure to bookmark the PlayStation Black Friday homepage to track every discount available.

PlayStation Gear 

It’s not just games: the PlayStation Gear store is also celebrating Black Friday with 20% off apparel, accessories, collectables and more. Simply use the code “BLACKFRIDAY20” at the checkout***.

PlayStation Store discounts 

Enjoy incredible PS5 and PS4 titles for less with PlayStation Store’s Black Friday promotion. Below is the full list of games that will be discounted during Black Friday, along with deals on PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now memberships. All discounts will be revealed on PlayStation Store tomorrow.

*PlayStation Store Black Friday promotion runs from Friday November 19 at 00.00am (local time) until Monday. November 29 at 23.59pm (local time).  

***PlayStation Gear Store available in Austria, Belgium, Canada, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, France, Finland, Germany, Guatemala, Honduras, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Spain,, United Kingdom, United States of America, Uruguay. Black Friday discount available from Friday November 19 at 00.00am (local time) until Monday. November 29 at 23.59pm (local time)

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  • I don’t see the Plus Membership renewal

  • Is it normal that i dont have the sales till now ?

  • is it normal i dont have the sales till now?

  • Why, all-of-a-sudden, are we getting flooded with questionable posts regarding stock of ps5’s?

    • Everyone who has one has purchased it without problems. Maybe you all should make sure you have enough money and get a ride from mommy.

  • This “sale” has seen better prices, Valhalla was cheaper last month. How can it be that the best you can do for Ghost of Tsushima is USD 40??

    Worst BF sale in years

    • They just flat out don’t even care to try to compete anymore. They bring in millions because of the ps plus and now, which are better than Microsoft or anyone else’s but its most of the time just renting bottom end games or something you own.

  • The PS Plus discount is not on the PS Store yet

  • REALLY! Canada has to pay more than anywhere else for PS Plus and then whenever you have deals on PS Plus you exclude our country from the deal! Such a joke.

  • To be honest: I’m somewhat disappointed with this one. Guess there’s always the Winter Sale I suppose but I was definitely expecting a lot more games on the Black Friday Sale.

  • why PS Plus discount is not available in PS Store(US) ? Already redeemed $ but cant buy it ;\

  • Either the list is inaccurate or some games are slow to update. Final Fantasy VII intergrade is on the list but no discount.

  • What about Spiderman PS4 ?
    Why I cant find it on sale right now ?

  • the Discount prices are not really attractive… $42 for tales of arise, $39 for Guardians of the galaxy, $49 for fifa22 ps5, $42 for lost judgment

  • I’m going to skip this sales and wait for the next winter sale.

  • Digital prices on this sale are a joke. Worst Black Friday sale ever

  • PS Plus deal are out, can anyone please confirm they apply to renewals and not just new subscribers? Thank you.

  • Nothing to get excited over that is for sure. Most real gamers want a physical copy, but even you guys digital only games are more than you can buy a download code for in other stores. You guys should be the best price around on digital only sales but your competition beats your price points. Next your Sony a huge library of movies and if its true you have Crunchy roll and Funimation you could be milking that for black Friday sales, all through your PlayStation, or if you want to give your console a break have a app on the tv. I really do wonder about Sonys business model in recent years. Been promoting Deathloop even though its fun a little its not even a 20 dollar game, was promoting Vanguard pretty hard for weeks, despite blizzards and activisions drama and problems.

    • Yah, Jim Ryan is supposedly very dissapointed in Activision, yet he is still taking their money for advertisements and selling their rehash game to all the kids unaware or don’t care.
      Meanwhile, there is so much more to the activision lawsuit than you know. Just look at the people sitting at Activision’s board of directors and do research on them; you’ll see what I mean. Bobby “Kotic” was listed in Jeffery Epstein’s blackbook..

  • Why not have PS Now 12 month on sale ?

  • The selection is nice and all, but most all of these titles are cheaper physically at retail stores. If you want us to buy digital games, you have to compete better with the retail stores. Sorry, rant over.

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  • Another useless “discount” for digital only users who have to pay the Sony premium for their games..

    Returnal, a game that costs 58€ in retail now and has been for the past three months.
    After having being released with the outrageous 80€ price tag, just because Sony decided to enforce their “new gen” tax.
    Sony thinks it’s a good deal to just match the retail price in “Black Friday”, supposedly the best deal weekend of the year.

    Far Cry 6 is another example of the same and most of the other games still cost more than retail.

    I feel sorry for digital only console owners unless they practice the art of account sharing.

  • I strongly condemn the black friday campaign, this decision is your racist rhetoric you can’t attack islam like this

  • Why didn’t you discount PS Now for a year like usual?

  • Would be nice if Sony could actually get back to me in regards to getting invite to purchase ps5 then try adding to basket. Waiting to load to pay and kicks me out end of session. Tried chat function and it does not work and I am not only one had issues.

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  • Sony PlayStation its really crappie the wat you all are doing people over the PS5 it is totally wrong you give these systems to retailers when you know there’s a shortage of them and they jack the price way up doubling the price or more calling it a bundle when all it is
    Is a PS5 and 2 controllers
    Now ive been a fan/gamer of sony since the beginning of you all im 50 years old now and am actually considering going back to PC or even Xbox after all these years because of this !!! And it would truly hurt my soul to do so
    Ive even registered on your site to be selected to receive one but still nothing
    Hope this is resolved quick its been over a year since the release and this is Bull Sh;+ !!!

    • I agree about the price gouging.

      WalMart has PS5 listed for like $999 up and I refuse to pay 2 times what the console cost at launch.

      I did manage to get aan XBOX Series X digital for $299.99.

  • I managed to snag Two point Hospital but I was hoping that CB IAT would be in the list.

  • Finally got a year of plus. Also picked up a handful of games (all physical).

    Lost Judgment (PS5)
    Persona 5 Strikers
    Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne
    Nioh 2
    Alan Wake Remastered
    Need For Speed Hot Pursuit Remastered

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