PlayStation’s Black Friday Deals 2021

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PlayStation’s Black Friday Deals 2021

Save on games like Deathloop, Far Cry 6, Back 4 Blood as well as PlayStation Plus memberships and more.

Black Friday comes to PlayStation starting tomorrow, Friday, November 19. Discover great deals, with deep discounts for a variety of titles on PlayStation Store*. Make sure to bookmark the PlayStation Black Friday homepage to track every discount available.

PlayStation Gear 

It’s not just games: the PlayStation Gear store is also celebrating Black Friday with 20% off apparel, accessories, collectables and more. Simply use the code “BLACKFRIDAY20” at the checkout***.

PlayStation Store discounts 

Enjoy incredible PS5 and PS4 titles for less with PlayStation Store’s Black Friday promotion. Below is the full list of games that will be discounted during Black Friday, along with deals on PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now memberships. All discounts will be revealed on PlayStation Store tomorrow.

*PlayStation Store Black Friday promotion runs from Friday November 19 at 00.00am (local time) until Monday. November 29 at 23.59pm (local time).  

***PlayStation Gear Store available in Austria, Belgium, Canada, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, France, Finland, Germany, Guatemala, Honduras, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Spain,, United Kingdom, United States of America, Uruguay. Black Friday discount available from Friday November 19 at 00.00am (local time) until Monday. November 29 at 23.59pm (local time)

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  • 💫💫can’t wait

  • Seriously no BF deals for Scarlet Nexus?!

  • The Dark Picture Anthology…. i was waiting for a bundle pack. Maybe they will come up with a second one bunble pack. Ill wait.

  • A bit lackluster

    • Yep, prices are crap. $50 for returnal and r&c. Still haven’t played them; still not in the price range for non-replayability style games; still won’t buy digital.

  • DOAloop is the first game you mention? How fitting.

    • One of the best reviewed games of the year, sure to be a GOTY nominee, but you just keep trying to bend that narrative, don’t you?

    • Zampano some people (like me) don’t care about that game and are tired of hearing about it.

    • Some people (like me) don’t care about that game and are tired of hearing about it.

    • its got an 88 on meta, why you acting like some xbox game?

    • Check out liquid ocelot’s thinking in their reply… ” bro, it is reviewed well by people being paid to give it a good review and you don’t like it? Well then, you are just a stupid….” proceeds to call him every bad name in the book.
      haha – stfu

  • how about the console to start with ?

  • Somewhat a dumb question on the Death Stranding Directors Cut. Does that include retroactively the PS4 original version or Deluxe version? It doesn’t mention so I assume no, but held off buying till a decent deal. Don’t see the PS4 version on here that does get a upgrade for 10$ or something for the Directors Deluxe on PS5 I believe.

    Just curious though not the best place to ask given no immediate response be it by another user that would know or someone actually from Playstation. Also though not the place still find random issues on store front of bought games still showing purchasable when I already own it for a few… Also on the Nier info on a different page on Playstation states the game as a FPS game… If any from Playstation reads this in the unlikely event that isn’t accurate information at all.

    Nier Automata is more Action Adventure and only shooting is a third person pod or a hacking mini game… It’s not even anything close to a shooter and find it somewhat insulting to the series. I believe the page in question with wrong info is about games enhanced on PS5. Mind doesn’t matter to me as I have played it, but if for some odd reason somebody purchase on that mistake….

    Just a slight change in genre name to a more accurate reflection is all I suggest. Also hopefully very deep discounts on the noted games as I’m penny pinching this year. Also still not the happiest with Sony Playstation current first party and second party titles getting little to no love on PS5. But that is a different topic beyond the others I brought up…

    Hopefully the backwards compatibility is further enhanced in PS5 general as well. Since some PS4 games with no warning of issues have seen multiple oddities I don’t recall seeing on my PS4. Besides the current communication change way back now between parties is still a mess. Use to be in parties with friends all the time and now many just stopped or left Playstation… Yes I’m making a random laundry list of complaints.

    Mind doing it because I want to enjoy my time on Playstation and it feels worse over the years. I say this out of concern and actually wanting to enjoy the platform. Can’t even get any of my friends outside still on Sony to come back to the platform… I’m only here honestly due to a 700+ game back catalogue at this point.

    Best wishes to all this Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Holidays.

    • look at eBay. returnal (for example) was $50 used, physically, just 1 week after launch. 3 weeks it was $50 new. You get better deals on eBay than you will with psn, and physical copy. 😉

    • Hey man, I bought death stranding ps5 upgrade a few months back and upgrade plus normal directors cut (for non-upgraders) contains the deluxe content from PS4 version. Soundtrack, artwork in-game customisation extras etc.

      If you haven’t played it before it’s a great game with slow start but stick with it there is more to it than it originally appears, one of my favourite games of recent years.

  • We need a Kena sale!

  • 99% of these are normally on off but ill be picking spider man up, shame guardians of the galaxy isnt on here

  • Any way to know if the PS5 upgrade for Marvel’s Spider-Man will be discounted?

    I own the PS4 version of it with the full season pass, and then the PS4-upgraded-to-PS5 version of Miles, but didn’t get the Ultimate Edition of Miles so I can’t upgrade the base game of the original to the PS5 version for free.

    I’d absolutely love to play the upgraded PS5 version of the original but don’t want to spend more money on a game I already own.
    ($20 isn’t terrible but I’m trying to be responsible about my irresponsible spending)

    • I don’t think they’ll let us if they’re going to charge for Remasters. Especially when you need access to the PS5 version of Miles Morales at bare minimum to access your right for purchase. I think you’re better off saving a bit longer if you the remaster that bad, because I doubt it’ll be discontinued, ever

  • Does this mean the Far Cry Season pass will be discounted?

  • Please give me PS5 so that I can play these games…. I wanna buy ps5. why there is a shortage of PS5

    • I know exactly how you feel. I have been in the invite list for a long time for PS5 and still no invite. Why would I buy PS5 games with no console. I will go back to xbox if I dont get one by Christmas.

  • Dang I really wish we could get a sale on the regular version of Ys 9. They always want to only discount the deluxe version.

  • Nice. Nearly everything in my Wishlist is covered. Gonna be a tough choice which to buy and what to hold off on.

  • Let’s face it, this is really about you and me getting PS5’s, the others are simply there to help us get inside those doors…

  • Yessss 😍😍
    Can’t wait for Guardians of The Galaxy.

  • Can you guys make an update for Dualsense work on PS4?

    Would be much better until PS5 gets available. Besides, Dualsense already works on PS3 and PC.

    • They’ve designed the dualsense controller to fail – obviously. I have never had stick drift until the PS5. It took less than a month before I got stick drift.
      I have had a pos switch 2 months after it released – never had an issue. I still use my old dualshock 4 on pc to play rocket league. I have over 2800 hours on steam with RL alone – that doesn’t count the thousands of hours I had used it on ps4.
      They like having you buy an expensive controller from them once a month.

  • Anyone know about the PS Plus subscription discount? It is only for new members or renewals like every year?

    Disappointed that Bungie didn’t include The Witch Queen Deluxe Edition in the list. Greedy punks.

    • They’re discounting plus because they’ve seen many people cancelling their subscription. This is their hope that you re-up, because there’s more crap planned in the future.

    • Normally it’s for renewals too, I always get it on discount every year on black friday but I just popped into the store and it’s still full price on their site

    • So far it’s still on full price at the store. Bummer.

  • I need a PS5, nothing else.
    Please don’t waste my time until I can get one.

  • Well once again the only the Grand Theft Auto V: Premium Edition is on sale and not the Grand Theft Auto V, so still not able to get a discount on the digital copy of the game. Thanks alot playstation, to bad your not as nice as Xbox and let us that have the DLC of Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack go ahead and buy the digital copy of Grand Theft Auto V: Premium Edition.

  • PS5 Console?
    What’s that?
    As rare as a Dodo Bird…
    Or a Passenger Pidgin…
    Or a telegraph operator…
    Or a coal powered ship…
    A Time Machine?
    Great Scott! Marty, don’t have kids!

  • There are so many console games I wanted to buy and play that have come out in the last 3 years but I can’t get a console to play them.

  • Hi Sony, unfortunately, the slogan “Play has no limits” is not entirely true. Right now (and it has been for a while now), it does have a limit and that is limited PS5 console stock. I live in Australia and I can’t find it anywhere without paying an inflated price (and no proper retailer would take my name for a pre-order). I’m probably the only Sony without a PS5 right now. What a shame. Cheers, Sony

    • Believe me your not the only one who cant get a PS5. The bots are getting them and scalpers are reselling for 1500. Me and so many others are going back to Xbox. I am if l dont get one by Christmas!

    • The slogan, “Play has no limits” is their way of saying everything is going to PC.

  • Really no call of duty vanguard 🙄

  • Why would I buy games if I can’t get a PS5? Get me access to a PS5 and we can talk about games sales.

    • Right on agree 100% Sony needs to get its act together. Need to shut down all the bots buying up stock and then reselling for triple the price!!

    • Right there with you!!!!

    • You can buy playstation games without a playstation on PC. ….and xbox and all 3rd-party games, and PC exclusives. There are more exclusives on PC than the 3 current leading consoles.

  • Where the Black Friday deals menu at? Way past 00:00 currently, and the discouts are still not available.

  • How about selling PS5 consoles!!!!

  • Yesss! Exactly what I was waiting for. I’ll finally play it takes two

  • Please!!! Just give me a way to purchase just ONE PS5!! It’s been over a year and no where to be found! Being scalped everywhere for $1200. You should give us fans who have had accounts a chance to buy a PS5 before any bot and scalper! Please hear us! We are the community ❤️

  • Will there be any PS5 console to purchase tomorrow?

  • It’s cool the discounts that are coming but it’s too bad that I don’t buy online because I’m a minor :( and because they don’t want me to spend online. (I’m using XD translator)

  • I got all excited thinking I was finally getting an invite to purchase a console, but nope. I pray I finally get one from at least a retail store before Xmas. This is the mom of the special needs boy, 12 yrs, who just loves gaming.. He literally has every console except a PS5. Well, he didn’t ask for the new Xbox X, he asked for sad that scalpers and BOTS are able to scoop them all up and resell at astronomical prices.

  • Nice PS5 Games. Unfortunately I can’t get my hands on a console to play them. Time to go back to Xbox. They care about their consumer. Sony has no idea of all the customers they are losing cause of this nonsense.

  • Will there be also a discount for PS3 & PS Vita games?

  • I really wish Sony would bring back the movies! I miss buying lots and lots of movies :'(

  • I really would like to buy a ps5 console disc

  • Please playstation help me

  • Awesome! I look forward to this sale every year. Thank you PlayStation! 🤩🥰🥳

  • How about sell us a PS5 console?

  • Damn no deal on gran turismo sport

  • Physical sales are sooo much better then Digital, so wish i didn’t get a digital only PS5!

    • Not always sometimes the digital deals are better but its always to be able to have both so you can compare and go for the better whether it was the digital or physical deal

    • yes , physical sales are always better on eBay, and the sales there are year-round

  • A lot of people saying they’d be going back to Xbox on December but for Christ’s sake as someone who wants to have both they’re a pain to get. Its not just PS5 getting shortages, been waiting for both since release and luck hasn’t been on my side.

  • Is the black friday deals available yet on PS US, its now 00:08 in USA and cannot seems to see the deals yet? Can anyone help please?

  • Ps5 me please, a turkey would do it..

  • Playstation subscription is not on sale. False

  • Returnal – £53…

  • When I am young man My dream coming true , with ps 2 …. And now I hope that the truth will come true with Ps5 ….

  • Whats the exact time that it will be aviailable in us store guys ?

  • When’s the PlayStation plus deals rolling out ?

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