PlayStation 5 Turns One Today

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PlayStation 5 Turns One Today

Thank you for supporting PS5’s amazing journey during this first year.

Happy birthday, PS5!

A year seems to have flown by rather quickly since the first day that gamers were able to get their hands on PS5 — and I am deeply honored and humbled to celebrate this amazing first year with all of you.

So much has happened in just one year from the day we lit up landmarks and other iconic places all over the world to mark the arrival of PS5. Incredible games such as Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, Returnal, and Deathloop launched. SIE acquired the talented development studios Bluepoint Games, Firesprite, Housemarque, and Nixxes. We revealed our next-generation VR system for PS5. And most recently, we’ve unveiled new footage and exciting updates for upcoming titles such as God of War Ragnarok, Gran Turismo 7, and Horizon Forbidden West all from PlayStation Studios, and announced Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic – Remake during our September showcase.

A busy year indeed, and we are just getting started with PS5. The imaginative game creators and publishing partners we work with have launched more than 360 games on PS5. Additionally, there are currently more than 25 games in development for PS5 at PlayStation Studios.

Most importantly, the passionate support we’ve seen from you, our players, makes this past year truly special for us. PS5 gamers have collectively played more than 4.6 billion hours of gameplay on PS5 and broadcast more than 26 million hours of content. Here is a look at the top ten PS5 games played during PS5’s first year, based on gameplay hours:

  • Fortnite
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War
  • FIFA 21
  • NBA 2K21
  • Assassin’s Creed Valhalla
  • Destiny 2
  • MLB The Show 21
  • Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales
  • Demon’s Souls
  • NBA 2K22

You’ve made PS5 the biggest console launch in history, and I truly can’t thank you enough for your support and dedication this past year.

I also want to thank everyone in the community for your patience. We continue to see historic demand for PS5 and we understand the inventory constraints remain a source of frustration for many of our customers. Rest assured that we are laser-focused on doing everything in our power to ship as many units as possible, it’s something we work on every day across the company and remains my top priority. Again, we appreciate your patience as we navigate through these unprecedented global challenges.

There’s plenty of great things to come for PS5 in the future, and I look forward to sharing more of these extraordinary moments with you. Thank you again for being part of the PlayStation community and celebrating this milestone with us.

All data between November 12, 2020 – September 30, 2021

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  • 🎉 Congratulations PlayStation 🎉 And happy gaming 🥳

  • Happy Birthday PS5!! Great 1st Year

  • Happpy Year One Ps5

  • I got my PS5 ( physical edition of course ) just 5 days before it’s official birthday. It was a long wait, but I’m a man of patience, so I wasn’t worried about the duration. The scalpers were all over this bad boy, and for a good reason,too. Can’t say I admire their ways though. A lot of people have been scammed out of a PS5 via postal delivery, or in worst cases, stolen. Fortunately, I was one of the lucky ones, but mine was nearly $1K in price. ( due to the scalpers ) Been hyped for this console ever since it was revealed at the 2020 PlayStation Convention, but to see it in person…..magnificent. Honestly, my only gripes with the PS5 are as follows: no visible internet browser on the home screen ( similar to PS3 & PS4 ) & no option for custom wallpapers. ( again similar to PS3 & PS4 ) All in all, I’m looking to create some fond memories with this behemoth of a console. ( seriously, this thing got some weight on it XD ) Really looking forward to future titles, such as Black Myth Wukong, Forspoken, Project EvE, Final Fantasy XVI, God of War: Ragnarok, and many others. I am honored to share this moment, even if it was only 5 days.

    • Since the long waiting lines and scalpers (I refuse to pay $1K to a scalper for a “used” game machine that is out-of-warrenty). I’ve given up trying for a PS5. Period. My PS4 Pro is faster than my reaction time anyway. 4K UHDTV up-scales in any case with super “refresh time” game modes.
      Perhaps it would help if Sony Direct sold single-units only then multi-buyer goes to the end of the line…but sales are sales, I guess, and customers do not really matter anymore.
      From some of the posts here, it sounds like the new Sony Playstation chiefs are killing off the machine with false or misleading forecasts.

    • I didn’t pay it from a Scalper. Walmart just upped the prices. My PS5 was new.

  • Congratulations !! Keep doing tremendous job .. Sony PlayStation Forever

  • Hapi birthday PS5, Recently received a PS5 from Direct PlayStation on October 25, Arigatou gozaimasu! Enjoy 2021 and looking forward 2022. Also love to Cosplay.

  • Honestly wasn’t difficult as I thought it would be to acquire a PS5. Nonetheless I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time on it and can’t wait to see what’s to come in the future.

  • Would be great if you could actually acquire one…

  • Best game so far on PS5 for me this year has been Resident Evil Village. Call of Duty Cold War and Jedi Fallen Order also great games on PS5.

  • A year in and I still can not buy one, without paying scalpers. Sad launch.

  • So much to celebrate. /s

    Price increase, scalpers controlling the market, not having any exclusives anymore since everything is going to PC soon enough. If the goal is making the brand irrelevant, Jim Ryan and Hulst are doing an outstanding job.

    • Not every PS5 title is going to PC, my guy.

    • Can’t wait for them to announce all major PS games coming to PC.

    • The brand is not the hardware. The brand is the overall experience and the reach it has. Limiting the brand to console only limits the brand itself. So perhaps you can see the irony in your suggestion that the brand is made weaker by reaching more gamers and better catering to many existing fans. Sure, the console is becoming less necessary (hopefully) but the brand is becoming stronger than ever.

      All that matters is that options arent being taken away from us. I can still buy a console since that’s how I prefer to game, so I havent lost an option. My friends on PC can now game with me on certain games, so Ive even gained options. Being able to play CoD with my friend is better than not being able, regardless of the device he uses.

      I dont see one way in which my playing PS games on PS5 has become less enjoyable. Mostly I just see others getting hope that they will soon be able to enjoy PS even more on their preferred device. If one day you dont want to game on console, it wont be because console is a weaker experience than it is today; it will be because you were given an even better option that makes you happier.

    • Well, there you go. Klee says he plays cod. He is supporting a frat boy sexist environment. Sad.

    • Right??

  • And so it begins, another year of trying to find one for sale.

  • Congratulations Sony, but please release a PS5 Black color, I’m waiting for a Black edition since forever to finally buy it.

    We players like OPTIONS, and having COLOR OPTIONS is important. PS5 Black, Midnight Black, call it like you wish, but RELEASE IT FOR GODS SAKE!

  • I’m from Bosnia & Herzegovina. I purchased PS 5 four months ago for 800 $. With concole i get Demons souls, Spidermen MM and Spidermen Remastered so i think it was a fair price. Only critics so far i have with Ps+ subscribtion, but i hope it will change, i dont like MP games.

  • Got mine on launch day thanks to you guys. I feel the same as some of the other comments. I feel bad for the people that did not manage to get one; blame the scalpers. They have abused this pandemic. It’s not just PlayStation they have scalped. Microsoft, Nintendo, Nvidia etc.. It’s the shortage of chips along with every circumstance. Excited for next year.

  • Awesome year for ps5 under review,looking for more greatness

  • Manage to get one a couple weeks ago and the Ps5 is great hyped for the upcoming games next year and happy one year Ps5

  • I still cant buy it in Canada after a year

  • Love PS5 as it’s perhaps the biggest leap frog technological improvement from previous generations… would be nice to have one for this Christmas at least though lol

  • Great to be a part of this; i’m more than happy with my PS5

  • Happy Birthday, PS5!

    The greatest gaming system ever made.

  • Awesome console. Happy birthday PS5! Heres to many more!

  • Congratulations Sony, but please release a PS5 Black color, I’m waiting for a Black edition since forever to finally buy it.

    We players like OPTIONS, and having COLOR OPTIONS is important. PS5 Black, Midnight Black, call it like you wish, but RELEASE IT FOR GODS SAKE!

  • Hello and Happy birthday ps5 ! I want to thank you for my amazing gaming experience!! Hopefully, what id love to see in the future is Customization Specially for the whole screen I’d like to change different colors and get different scenery and I’m not talking about The theme.. I really hope you guys will take this into consideration And Please let me know if this was the right place to express How I think that PS5 can become better further down this Long Road That I plan Head down for a very long time !! Again thank you for this amazing experienceI hope you have a great birthday and PS5

  • I finally got a PS5 the end of July. I really like it. Here ‘s hoping the drought ends soon for those that haven’t been able to get one yet!

  • I had my ps5 for 5 months now it have gotten me gaming again too. I have played several ps5 & ps4 games on my ps5 & platinum them. I’m also very excited to buy horizion forbidden west for ps5 next year.

  • Still can’t find one to buy.

  • Happy birthday!!!!!

  • Love my ps5tgot it on launch day but also didn’t get to use it right away because my son was born the same day and delivery happened on the same hour lol. My ps5 will never be replaced because they share a birthday now and I hope to play it with him as he gets older and pass it on to him when the time is right.

  • Happy birthday ps5

  • Happy birthday PS5!

  • It’s crazy how fast the year has gone by but congrats on the one year anniversary! 🎈excited to see what the future has in store.

  • Happy 1st Birthday PS5

  • 1 year and up till now I can’t get one 🤨🤨🙄 I’m not paying 800/900 and sum for one

  • Happy birthday ps5

  • I stood in line from 5am till 12noon to preorder my PS5 & as always it was well worth it!!!!! GameStop only had 7 consoles @ preorder & I was 5th in line so I was fortunate & as always with me since the PS3 I have gotten my PlayStation @ launch! I wasn’t going to miss out on the PS5 launch & I am honored to have purchased mine @ launch & I have enjoyed my PS5 immensely!

  • Great work stepping up PC ports, Jim! Now shoot for establishing consistency and predictability in 2022 to continue strengthening the brand as a whole, rather than as a single forced access point with console. I say this as someone who will never prefer PC to console.

    PSNow needs love too! Start putting some of those PS3 games on PS Plus. Giving PS3 game access on PS4 and PS5 will give players access to games they cant play on modern consoles otherwise, which will strengthen the Plus offering. Then as players go to play the PS3 games they will keep getting exposed to PS Now and the vast library. Just sort out an upgrade from Plus to a Plus/Now bundle and watch the subscription count rise as more gamers discover that streaming works well in their area.

    • You most likely don’t play PC because you can’t afford a good one.
      If you were able to experience all of PC, then it’s a no-brainer that PS5 is a joke compared to PC. Unless, of course, you have no-brainer.

  • I wish random players could join your party like how it use to

  • I love my PS5 So much more advanced then the PS4 in many ways

  • Yeah it’s been a year and I still can’t buy one… everywhere is still out of stock.

  • Please make sure that you can purchase it normally in Japan as soon as possible.
    In Japan, it is not sold in stores or online. please take quick action so gamers can buy.
    Be quickly quickly quickly quickly quickly quickly quickly quickly

  • Happy Birthday to PS5. I were able to get the PS5 November 22nd through Best buy and never looked back. Ultra quiet system, works wonderfully and very happy with my purchase. Looking forwards to GT7 when it releases come March 4th, 2022. Keep it going Sony and good luck to all still looking for a PS5 system.

  • Happy birthday, PS5. I got one on the first day, and have loved every second of it. I can’t wait to see what the future holds and play the new horizon, GoW, gran turismo, spider-man, wolverine, KOTOR remake and whatever else the future holds. Thank you Sony, and keep up the good work!!!!!

  • Kind of expected some kind of event so we could nab some kind of loot. But all good. Enjoying my Console, when will we hear about VR2

  • Yes i so love the PlayStation 5 hbd PlayStation.

  • What i’ve realized, with a whole year gone by and not being able to purchase a PS5, is that I’m not missing anything. When they do make the PS5 available for everyone, they should come with some upgrades as the base system should be easily improved upon with the extra time. Also, would think that they’d have developer ready with a large collection of games.

  • Blue light of death on my day 1 machine. After factory reset , over half my psplus coud save data is gone. Random games from 2014 to 2021 just disappeared

  • My only complaint is that the controllers does last long before drift kicks in on controller ten now. I am going to send them all back to Sony help desk in a few days to have them fixed just need a box big enough

  • Seeing Fortnite at the top of the most played list makes me sad…

  • Killzone PlayStation 5

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