PlayStation 5 Turns One Today

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PlayStation 5 Turns One Today

Thank you for supporting PS5’s amazing journey during this first year.

Happy birthday, PS5!

A year seems to have flown by rather quickly since the first day that gamers were able to get their hands on PS5 — and I am deeply honored and humbled to celebrate this amazing first year with all of you.

So much has happened in just one year from the day we lit up landmarks and other iconic places all over the world to mark the arrival of PS5. Incredible games such as Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, Returnal, and Deathloop launched. SIE acquired the talented development studios Bluepoint Games, Firesprite, Housemarque, and Nixxes. We revealed our next-generation VR system for PS5. And most recently, we’ve unveiled new footage and exciting updates for upcoming titles such as God of War Ragnarok, Gran Turismo 7, and Horizon Forbidden West all from PlayStation Studios, and announced Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic – Remake during our September showcase.

A busy year indeed, and we are just getting started with PS5. The imaginative game creators and publishing partners we work with have launched more than 360 games on PS5. Additionally, there are currently more than 25 games in development for PS5 at PlayStation Studios.

Most importantly, the passionate support we’ve seen from you, our players, makes this past year truly special for us. PS5 gamers have collectively played more than 4.6 billion hours of gameplay on PS5 and broadcast more than 26 million hours of content. Here is a look at the top ten PS5 games played during PS5’s first year, based on gameplay hours:

  • Fortnite
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War
  • FIFA 21
  • NBA 2K21
  • Assassin’s Creed Valhalla
  • Destiny 2
  • MLB The Show 21
  • Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales
  • Demon’s Souls
  • NBA 2K22

You’ve made PS5 the biggest console launch in history, and I truly can’t thank you enough for your support and dedication this past year.

I also want to thank everyone in the community for your patience. We continue to see historic demand for PS5 and we understand the inventory constraints remain a source of frustration for many of our customers. Rest assured that we are laser-focused on doing everything in our power to ship as many units as possible, it’s something we work on every day across the company and remains my top priority. Again, we appreciate your patience as we navigate through these unprecedented global challenges.

There’s plenty of great things to come for PS5 in the future, and I look forward to sharing more of these extraordinary moments with you. Thank you again for being part of the PlayStation community and celebrating this milestone with us.

All data between November 12, 2020 – September 30, 2021

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  • I really enjoy my PS5. I kinda feel bad for those who really want a PS5, but because of the shortages and scalpers they cannot get it.

    • Day one adopter and I couldn’t be happier. Great launch lineup and quality exclusives year round. Returnal truly is special.

      I’m actually shocked at how PS5 has outperformed specs and flipped every negative into a positive. From 10.3 teraflops to storage. PS5 continues to at least match a 12.15tf machine in terms of performance and Kraken compression has dramatically shrunk file sizes. We all see how right they were to not implement proprietary storage as well. And SSDs are only getting cheaper. Those XB cards already look bad but imagine in a year or two?

      PS5 had a lot of criticism when it was announced. Ppl stared at spec sheets and listened to propaganda. Ppl said PS5 was more like 8-9tf because of variable frequency. SX was going to bully PS5. SX had way more storage and easy expansion cards. DualSense was a gimmick and Gamespot claimed SX had a faster SSD. Funny how the truth beared out and smashed every claim. Now ppl need to keep that same energy when apologizing. But they won’t. You see back page blurbs about Kraken compression or ranting nobodies like myself handing out receipts, but that’s it. At least the truth is out there.

      Happy birthday PS5.

    • I have been looking for one since last Christmas for one. It’s all my son asked for last year now again he’s only asking for a PS5 I have been looking everywhere….

    • What is that brown color on your nose? Stinks.

    • I really love the PS5.
      Technology has advanced so much since last gen with the rise of Ryzen.

      Makes me wish we would get a new portable PlayStation console based off Ryzen that could play PS4 games as backwards compatibility and PS5 games with much lower resolution and frame rate.

      We are coming to a point where in the near future with 4D chips that it can and will be a reality with portable Ryzen chip that would be much more powerful than the Steam Deck.

      What’s coming down the line in advancements for GPUs and CPU
      They are now having double cip sets on the same GPU that literally doubles the performance of games. Which also makes me excited to see what the PS5 Pro or Ultra will look like. It’s also nothing like Cross-fire or SLI and claims to be super development friendly as it’s side by side and integrated.

      I wouldn’t mind paying 750$ for a Dual GPU PS5 Pro if it meant top tier (or close to it) gaming, besides, scalpers would rip all the profits anyway so might as well put it in Sony’s bank.

      The possibilities.

    • I’m still trying 😪 😫

    • Yes, we would love to purchase one (our whole family is waiting to share). We have all been checking since the release. I had missed a notification everyone was mad at me. Hoping to get another opportunity in the near future.

    • Yeah, I enjoy the PS5, but it definitely sucks that it’s so hard to get. I feel bad for my friends that have been trying to get one. At least the future is bright, I wouldn’t be surprised if at the end of next year we start seeing them in-store at retailers. Here’s to another year of PS5 :)

    • I’m one of those people who can’t get one :(((

  • I have never played any of those games except AC Valhalla and Miles Morales. Besides that, I’ve had fun playing my PS5 this past year.

  • Please bring back movies and TV shows that you can purchase on playstation. Because there’s a lot of movies and TV shows that can’t be found online or in apps that playstation had that could be purchased in store.

    • Amen!

    • i did that back in the PS3 days. Then I lost all the movies I bought because Sony dropped the service. Never again.

    • Yes! Please hear us on this. Purchased over 200 movies thinking PlayStation would replace my blu rey library and now concerned they will eventually just decide to stop supporting altogether

    • How about fixing it first?

      I can’t watch a damn thing online.

      We needed download option like we used to have on the PS3.

      I only buy really old release that I can get a PS3 license on how bad it can be at times streaming some shows and movies.

      There needs to be a way to reset all the watch stuff and clear cookies from the PS Server side.

      I love having the ability to purchase movies and shows online.

      Sony needs to change their store layout where the publisher can upload their shows and movies and allow them to make deals without having their team making theme sales. all other store including Nintendo allows publishers to put on things on sale at any time.

    • @SCoopat Actually, you didn’t loose any of them.

      If you go to your download list, you will find that they are all there.

      It is an absolute pain to check out if you’re like me and bought a lot of stuff, but I can assure you that you can re-download them all and make backup copies.

    • Dang, look at all the zombies who actually still watch scripted movies and tv shows. What, you warped minds can’t find your brain-numbing shows elsewhere? Grab a life, to go.

    • Absolutely. I grabbed a bunch of episodes and movies before it shut down, to watch on the Vita and PS3, but half of them never showed up in the download list. As much as I liked the service, PS Video’s interface has too many issues that the playback on PS3 and PS4 never had to deal with.

      Also, recently my Vita has been refusing me access to the store, under the NP-2244-2 error and given how Sony have been removing features from PS3, PS4 and Vita, it does make me concerned for how they might turn on the PS5, once its time comes.

      A lot of people have told me that I should either move on to new consoles or get left behind, but considering the state of PS5 preorders and what has already happened on the ones I already own, it doesn’t give me that much confidence that the same won’t happen again.

  • Congratulations and wish you more success in the future, time for a party😂

  • Happy birthday, PS5 :)

  • I’ve been among the few who got the PS5 at retail price. I’ll really enjoy this beast of a machine. Loved the games so far and the new gen performance and graphics are amazing. Enjoyed all the remastered for PS5 as well as ray tracing PS5 games. The PS5 worked flawlessly so far and I wish more people gets to enjoy this. Stay safe.

  • Please make PlayStation Direct available everywhere. I’d rather buy one from you knowing I will get in a few months rather than play roulette with all the major outlets here in Europe.

  • The only console I had enough money saved up to buy on launch day but have spent a whole year failing to actually acquire one. :/ And yes I’ve been doing all the app alerts and been in so many online queues. I even got as close as Argos taking my money but then having to refund it days later. Blah.

    • PlayStation direct just launched in the UK. You might think that would mean you could place an order direct with Sony and be put in a waiting list but no, it just says: Out of Stock. Very disappointing. It might as well say: Go Buy One From The Scalpers.

    • Right?!
      I got the email announcing that store, I jumped on it, went to look for consoles and NOPE NOT EVEN THERE!

    • PlayStation Direct is amazing. My fiance got the email and was in and out in ten minutes. Console came early morning day one and had a ty note with a voucher for avatars. Great experience. I’m happy Sony is expanding SD to Europe.

    • WELL LUCKY YOU! I literally straight onto the store as soon as I got the email and the PS5 was already sold out. And I’ve tried several times over the past few days and nothing…

  • I got my ps5 2 days before launch and am really enjoying it, only problem I have have had is joystick drift came out of the box like that but I fixed it myself, all we need now is backwards compatability and it’ll be a machine for the ages.

    • I got my PS5 5 days before launch and am also really enjoying it. No joycon drift nor any other issues with it.

    • PS5 has great back compat with PS4.

    • Got the PS5 in January. Liked it at first, then I got a 3090; now PS5 just collects dust because everything plays and looks so much better on PC. That, plus there is not one PS5 “strictly exclusive” game that I would purchase. I don’t do superman because it reminds me of pajamas, cereal, and nap time as a child, R&C is too kiddy, and returnal is repetitive and short and neither is worth more than $40, in my opinion.

  • PS What? I’m sorry, but for a moment I thought I read something about a “PS5”. Silly me, I must have misheard. This will be the first time in over thirty years that through no decision of my own I’m apparently going to sit out a new console. Better be careful Sony, once people give up on the prospect of buying a PS5 anytime soon, as I have, there’s a pretty good chance they simply won’t be coming back for any Playstation at all, ever. I know that *my* time for you is quickly running out.

    • Don’t blame Sony for you not getting one blame the scalpers that want to make huge profit by price hiking it.

    • Yeah I’ve been trying to get a PS5 all year but it ain’t Sony I blame. I know there’s a shortage in chips affecting the production of all electronic devices. At least with phones and TVs and such you could just choose a different make and model but PS5 is so specific that it’s more noticable.

    • You are not missing anything. The most depressing and disappointing birthday ever.

    • Not when they have the best game ever made guardians of the galaxy. Y’all need to make it an exclusive to PlayStation I wonder if it’s possible that’s is already been release cross console.

    • We don’t play the kids games, so guardian galaxy is not for us. My 7 year-old nephew who still wears marvel pajamas will surely enjoy.

    • @alkaline


      Read PS5s resume.

    • This is a stupid comment. I’m frustrated that I can’t get a PS5, but it’s not that big of a deal. I wouldn’t go to Xbox, because I don’t like the Xbox. I’ve had a PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4, and PS Vita. I’m not gonna switch to Xbox because scalpers buy the PS5 immediately. I’ll wait. It’s not the end of the world.

    • It is truly pathetic that you think posting this on PlayStation blog will get the attention of some Sony worker and have them ship you a PS 5. Nobody cares if you can’t get a PlayStation , Either cry some more in a sad lonely little corner in your pathetic lonely little life. And for the love of God shut your damn mouth on PlayStation blog because nobody wants to hear you whine. Grow up

    • Maybe I was lucky, but I signed up at playstation direct and got an email invite a couple days later. Went online and waited about 15 minutes and was able to purchase a PS5. I haven’t bothered with the restock nonsense elsewhere, because of work I normally don’t have time, so I recommend signing up at PS direct if you haven’t and I hope everyone who wants one is able to get one soon. I am very happy with mine.

  • Love the PS5 such a good console. Almost a year on and still find time for Demon’s souls. Just like I did over the years with the original.

    Still can’t get my head around that there are people who wanted a PS5 this time a year ago. Still don’t have one. Not because they couldn’t afford it. But because they simply can’t be found in stores.

  • Loving my PS5 and I haven’t even given the 3D audio a go yet. I really need to get a pair of headphones. That said, I’m surprised they didn’t do an Anniversary sale or something to celebrate.

  • Horizon Forbidden West: 2023-09-30
    Returnal: 2022-04-30
    Ghost of Tsushima: 2022-02-08
    Sackboy: A Big Adventure: 2022-05-01
    Ratchet & Clank: 2022-10-03
    PS5 games release dates on PC

    • lmao, all of those won’t come to PC and those most likely wouldn’t be the correct dates.

    • I’ll add God of war Ragnarok. Final fantasy 16/xvi and final fantasy origin

    • Just imagine Gran Turismo 7 PC with your sim racing setup! Have you got your direct drive wheel yet? It’s gonna be awesome!

    • Lol.

      Pull dates out of your azz. Even your fake dates are still a year+ after launch. That the best you got? Sad. Take that avatar off.

      I have no issue if Sony wants to port games to PC years after launch and you shouldn’t either.

      But you like the fact they signed Housemarque, Bluepoint, etc right? You like that PS5 has a ton of exclusives in development, right? You like the partnerships with Deviation, Haven, and Firewalk. How do you think that happens? Revenue. The revenue from three PC ports is enough to fund a brand new, megaton exclusive or acquire a studio. Would you rather keep ppl on PC from experiencing a few old PS4 games or would you rather have new games, more studios, and bigger budgets for higher quality? You kids are funny. If these games are years old it doesn’t devalue the console at all. In fact, it can actually pull more fans in. If the games become day n date I’m with you, until then, kindly stop with the laughable narrative that it somehow hurts the brand. Maybe it hurts your feels but Jim Ryan isn’t responsible for you being a fragile kid. PlayStation is good. And to the person creaming about the dream of GT7 on PC. GT supports plenty of wheel setups. The competitive infrastructure is unbelievable. The only time GT will be on PC is with YouTube when watching the FIA championships. Go watch the Olympics.

    • Imagine the competitiveness of GT7 on PC. Plus, the graphics will be gt8 status.

    • I can’t say about the dates, but some of those games were definitely leaked before for coming to PC.

      And yet people on here always say they’re only porting “old PS4 games”. This would certainly change that narrative.

  • One year old and still impossible for the normal consumer to buy. Disgraceful

    • I have two in my house. Got em both day one. Be more vigilant. Don’t blame Sony for your laziness. I was hours late when they went live and got two at retail price, no bundle. Just grind. It’s doable. Blame Covid. Blame PS5 being fire. Blame demand. Blame scalpers.

    • Please, let’s not start personally attacking each other to defend a brand/corporation.

    • LAZINESS? I’ve wasted so many countless hours this past year waiting in online queues and staying up late for store drops and all that malarkey. You’re talking absolute dog crud, ‘tyler’.

    • Carnivius – he usually does. He’s always on here crying.

  • Black PS5, please. You already released controllers and headphones in Midnight Black. How about a matching console?

  • Good to see demon’s souls on the list🤘

  • Jim Ryan you are a LIAR TRAITOR

    • My ultimate gaming dream is that Sony and Microsoft start releasing all first party games on every platform capable of running them day and date, and yes that means Sony games on Xbox and vice versa. I not only genuinely believe that this is the most pro consumer scenario, I also believe that it will drive hardware innovation, a thing that Sony excels at, anyway.

      And a nice bonus would be that people who think it’s reasonable and appropriate to use a word like “traitor” in a conversation about video games would be forced to either grow up or find a new hobby.

    • What proof you have ? Your avatar is that of a bandit. You don’t expect me to trust that do you. Look I’m thankful for Jim Ryan he made the best system of all time. I was loyal to Nintendo for the longest since that’s what I started out as a kid. But PlayStation amp up its video games big time. Happy Birthday PlayStation 5, you made dreams come true. You made competition mad and scornful. That is proof you are the best because that’s all they can do. They can’t even show their games better because yours is far better. Well maybe he’s not a bandit I was thinking of a certain raccoon but what I says still stand. Most of it. The good parts.

    • Zampano I don’t really like first person shooter games at all. Why do you ?

    • @King_Orion15

      Are you replying to the correct person? I didn’t say anything about FPS games, or any genre of games, for that matter.

    • Jim Ryan:



      Partnered with:


      Launched the fastest selling console ever.

      Green lit PSVR2.

      Continues to drench us in quality exclusives and make 3rd party deals for games like FFVII, Forspoken, FFXVI, Kena, Stray, etc.

      25 PS5 exclusives in development at PlayStation Studios. A ridiculous launch lineup including Demon’s Souls, Miles Morales, Sackboy, and more. R&C, Deathloop, Returnal. Next year we got Horizon, God of War, Gran Turismo, Final Fantasy, Ghostwire, and Forspoken. They already announced Spider-Man 2 and Wolverine. He turned Insomniac into a juggernaut.

      PS5 bullied expectations and outperformed 12 teraflops. The SSD and DualSense blew it out the box. We get killers year round. Are you not entertained? PlayStation is at an all-time high, don’t blame big Jim for the fact that you are a lowly troll.

  • I’m so sad that I didn’t get the PS5 since at launch, but either way PS5 is one of the biggest launch of all times, including Spider-Man Miles Morales, Demons Souls, Sackboy: A big adventure at launch titles.
    Can’t wait to see the next step on 2022 on God of War: Ragnarok, Gran Truismo 7, Horizon Forbidden West.

  • HB

    John Earwig

  • its has been one awesome year happy birthday

  • Been on psn since day dot.Love your work always will. PlayStation forever!. When is Star Wars KOTR coming too ps5 that’s what I’m waiting for.

    • Hola comunidad yo tengo mi ps5 desde el primer dia que se lanzó en mi país y me encantan los cambios con respecto a ps4 pero igual todavía le faltan cosas fundamentales como el soporte 1440p así poder hacer que la fluidez de los juegos sean mejores si no quieres la resolución 4k el juego competitivos online o el VRR yo tengo tv que lo soporta pero en ps5 no esta disponible o cosas más estéticas como los temas de ps4 etc ..espero los implementen pronto..

  • Yes, Jim. Thanks for this great year of Playstation:

    -Bad launch of PS5
    -Price increase
    -Ports of significant franchises on PC
    -Censored games
    And so on and so forth

    Keep killing the legacy of playstation and in a few years no one will need this console

    Best regards

    • Salty Fanboy

    • A fanboy let down by Sony, yeah call it whatever you want to.

    • I hope every fanboy is let down by Sony this gen. Would be a great sign for the future of the platform. The fanboy idea of PS dominance is toxic and Sony should be above that. It’s naive to think that PS can indefinitely operate as a closed off box while the competitor becomes more interconnected, accessible and affordable… all the while aquiring more and more awesome dev teams. Nevermind winter.. Starfield is coming.. to $10 Gamepass.. on smart TV. God help us all!

  • Was finally able to buy one a couple days ago… thanks for that. Took a year until I saw it in stores.

  • Happy birthday 🎉🎉

  • I got my PS5 in December on the 9th of 2020. Its crazy how its still hard to get one, I have enjoyed my time.

  • So what? No interesting games worth playing on your system and even if there were… I have NEVER seen one.

    • Sharp X the New Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy game is the best game ever made of all time through all generations and I should know. I basically played them all. I had to be resourceful to do it too because I’m not rich and it’s expensive and if you feel that way. Why are you stalking PlayStation like this? You one of the very first people to comment and you gonna ruin their birthday with comments like that ? Didn’t it say don’t be a jerk ? And you going to be anyway. If you haven’t ever had a PlayStation then I can name tons of games that keep you busy for a few years.

    • Then if you don’t see no interesting game you want to play as all these diverse games there is to play. Then make one your self and then it should be the greatest game ever right sense you know what you are talking about.

  • I’m really enjoying playing on my PS5 thank Jim everything you do for the PS5 and playstation studio I can’t wait for more next gen games in 2022-2023

  • Happy birthday!

  • Release PSVR 2 in the Spring or Summer, if you can’t ever meet the demand of PS5s then why make us wait forever for something that will never catch up… It’s THE next generation reason I bought a PS5… Really hope to see more on NGVR soon AT LEAST

  • Need more PS5 games!

  • Also, I’m not frustrated with the stock shortage, that is just bad luck do to a pandemic. But I AM frustrated with the silence, lack of communication, the PS5 UI which removed themes, movies, and FOLDERS, the poor setting of expectations with state of plays, and the silence on PSVR 2 (NGVR) while other headsets are selling like hot cakes. I’m worried that you aren’t prepared, that you are only able to stick to ps blog posts for marketing which have proven to fail to sell, and I’d like to see more showcase events and see you and Hermen Hulst or SOMEBODY get on a stage and be transparent about things.

  • PlayStation 5 Dream review. First off I would buy the PlayStation 5 over the PlayStation 4 just from the fast load times. It’s like barely any loading time. I wish they had said that because Xbox one cost me so much time and now it’s all mine like the PlayStation 5. Everything is better on the PlayStation 5. Just no web browser but I think it will be one because of the option in settings. It looks a lot nicer and cooler. Everyone keep trying to steal it. Don’t lay a hand on my beloved PlayStation 5. I been sitting at home every day playing every game. Racking up tons of trophies and beating all the games that came out. And waiting for more. New system. This all I will be doing every day.I been having so much fun. You definitely need to get one as soon as possible. No matter the price. No matter how much you got to search. No matter how long you got to wait. Get a PlayStation 5 at all cost. Get a PlayStation 5 against all odds. Xbox one didn’t have a single good game. All the best games is PlayStation only. PlayStation has no limits. PlayStation is a must to survive the pandemic. It can save your life and keep you busy at home. And buy digital copies so you don’t have to leave. Xbox is always breaking down. Nintendo is just for kiddies. PlayStation is next generation gaming that evolve pass all competitions. Trust me on this.

    • Just wait till you can finally get a gaming PC. You want to talk about mind-blown? You don’t even know no limits until you have a beast PC. Has web browser too.

    • @alkalinetp Right, a gaming PC that still barely produces consistent games on the level of the jaguar powered PS4 lol.

    • This poor thing has never gamed on a good PC. I would be depressed too if I were you.

  • A very good launch year! Amazing games in Demon’s Souls, Spider-Boy: MM, Godfall, Returnal, R&C: RA, and solid performance updates. Look forward to 2022 and GT7, & HFW on the PS5! As well as Wolverine!!!

    *We still need Themes

    *Proper backwards compatibility with all PlayStation Generations. Game preservation is important. Remember, PS4, and PS5 games will eventually be old. Will you not have backwards compatibility support for PS4, and PS5 come PlayStation 7? Because they will be “old”?

  • My In-depth review for Guardian of the galaxy game here is 100 out of Ten. Yes one hundred. It’s better than ever other video game made so far and it’s the hardest and most challenging video game ever. It’s the most entertaining. The most thrilling the most fun packing game I ever played. My only down side it ended. The only reason these other people gave it a bad review is because they wasn’t good enough to play it all and couldn’t handle being a guardian of the galaxy. You have to be a hero to play this game. It’s flawless. Nothing wrong with it. No errors. This is the game to play. Not game of the year. But game of an lifetime. Treasure this. They put their hearts and soul into it and it shows and I love it desperately. I can’t ask for more because they put their hearts and souls into it otherwise I would be like lots more. But we can’t over work them. No blood. Sweat and tears. Congratulations PlayStation. Square Enix. Marvel. Eidos Montreal. Bravo. Encore. Magnificent. You put the Marvel in Marvelous and Marvel. And to marvel at something is kinda like gawking at something so in love with it and I’m in love with this game.

  • I want to do a better review on this Dragon Ball Z game. Then the one I did. For a long time Dragon Ball Z has been my favorite anime. And I loved video games but no video game company ever made a good Dragon Ball Z game and I played them all. Trust me. Reliving the same story over and over again and not giving up. Now this been the closest and greatest feeling I had to a real Dragon Ball Z game. If you been waiting for a good one. This is it. If you not strong enough to win then train. You will be if you work hard. Nothing broke nothing flawed. Out of all the Dragon Ball Z games out there. This is the best one. The only good one. The only one worth playing. Especially if you hated all the others. You won’t hate this one. If you anything like the Saiyan race. The Warrior race. I’m more like Goku than Vegeta. The first vegeta fight is the only fight I had problem with. After that fight I wasn’t gonna be weak ever again. And he tried to destroy my planet. No!!! Give it a shot. You won’t be disappointed. Its better than every other Dragon Ball Z game out there. And I mean all generations. My console of choice is PlayStation 5 or PlayStation 4. People keep changing and editing my reviews on YouTube to make me look dumb. Then hide my comment and get my videos deleted so I can’t be famous. It’s been non stop for the last few years. I’m Jesus Christ. Everyone been waiting for me to return but they making sure they do everything I can so I can’t return. As soon as I did. Detroit Michigan police department set me up with two fake charges against them. Saying I assaulted and tried to kill two police officers and I haven’t done a single thing wrong all my life. Especially no crimes. And it’s two life sentences so now People will think I’m fake and don’t exist sense I won’t ever be return if they succeed and lock me up forever. Someone powerful been waiting for me to return and stole all my credentials and can’t get new ones without specific others. All I got is my debit card in my name Jesus Christ that can’t be fake. That was luckily in the mail at the time my credentials was taken. Now they desperately trying to steal that , my iPhone and PlayStation 5. The only things I have left. Unbelievable I would of stayed hidden if I knew all this.

    • You are mentally unwell.

      take your medications and seek professional help.

      spamming your nonsense on the blog isn’t going to be useful to anyone.

      Enjoy your Ps5, you are lucky to have one.

      Jesus wouldn’t be obsessed with dragonball z or guardians of the galaxy much less have your bad grammar. stop spamming on the blog.

  • I guess it’s party time and I know what my Friday night is going to be filled with. :) Happy anniversary day! I am a longtime PlayStation fan. I don’t get into the console wars BS because, seriously, to each their own. But I am satisfied with the PS5 offerings and enjoy adventuring on it most days.

  • I also love myPS5 I wish there were more advanced games to play

  • Happy birthday PS5 I remember picking it up on launch day while holding a frozen turkey, funny huh, picking up a PS5 and Thanksgiving dinner at the same time LOL

  • I cannot believe it has already been a year since the PS5 Launched. When I placed my order for one on the Walmart App, my hands were shaking with excitement. I couldn’t believe I sealed one for myself. I have really enjoyed the PS5 Experience this past year and cannot wait for what’s to come. Happy Birthday PS5! Good Luck to Everyone who’s still trying to get one. It is definitely worth it. :)

  • The console itself is brilliant but Sony’s reputation has hit an all time low with Jim Ryan at the helm (at least in my experience). It’s like they took the momentum of the successful PS4 generation to introduce and announce all the worst ideas they could come up with this generation. Getting rid of exclusives and increasing the price for them at the same time just reeks of arrogance. This has left a bad aftertaste even worse than having to pay for online (through PS+ to bump up the price) that was introduced during the PS4 generation. Meanwhile they’re going the Xbox way of “we have 25 games in development” but got nothing to show for it. The significant studios you acquired were already practically first party, the VR and porting studios I couldn’t care less about, and none of them amount for the loss of Quantic Dream (or the acquisition of Zenimax by Microsoft).

  • Sadly, I’m not invited to the party. I would dearly love to get a PS5 though.

  • Woot woot! Nice. Congrats on an awesome first year!

    On another note most
    day 1 or early adopters 1 year factory warranty is about to be up..

    Please add movies anywhere or other options to bring our digital library of movies over.

  • Hey Sony, how about you return “PS Communities” to Playstation system not just you sit down there and calculating how many hours of people playing their games like every day on their PS5 consoles and why did you remove so many useful features on every Playstation consoles you made and they are great like PS Vita,PS3 and the PS4 and you’re doing great back in 2009-2020 but now it’s getting different in 2021 and what have you done Sony you said playstation games like Uncharted 4,Horizon Zero Dawn, exclusively to the Playstation 4 consoles, you lied and it’s been steam or epic games (I hate eg) in months now then you ruined the PlayStation History and I’m not complaining about this and now it’s totally PS5 is the “next gen” console more like just for scalpers (10 million PS5 sold what a joke).

  • PlayStation 5 turns one today, and I’m still not able to get one! Good job!! <-The last part was sarcasm.

  • Happy birthday to you but unhappy to me!!!

  • Bring back Themes. Personal customization is important for consumers who spend $500+ for your consoles. Also bring back PS Home. Ok, bye.

  • also same year announcement ps5 have no exclusive anymore.

    ” we’ve unveiled new footage and exciting updates for upcoming titles such as God of War Ragnarok, Gran Turismo 7, and Horizon Forbidden West all from PlayStation Studios”
    lol they don’t even say exclusive anymore lol.

  • Thanks for letting me down, fairly consistently, every single week since the infamous “PlayStation Studios update and BTW GT7 and GOW2 are PS4 games” sham of a blog post.

    You, Jim Lyan and Hermen Dulst are destroying the PlayStation brand name one step at a time since then.

    Ghost of Tsushima, a PS5 native port with pretty much identical spec visuals to PS4 Pro…. for a 30 quid “upgrade” price.

    Delaying Horizon Forbidden West because YOU decided it was worth months of wasting Guerilla’s time on a PC port that didn’t even sell 1/6 of what it sold on PS4 after 12 months. A few pitiful sales was worth the damage?

    Continuing to announce more developers and resources on more PC ports that will also not sell much compared to where your fans are.

    Horrendous timed exclusive deals on failures like Deathloop. How many millions did you waste on that?

    You don’t even a universal console level cross save feature on PS4 and PS5……mostly to go back from PS5 to PS4 if one so wishes…….. AFTER THE FACT you lied about “supporting console generations”. I was fine with no proper cross save support when GT7 and GOW2 were made out to be PS5 only games. But it makes NO SENSE when you are STILL releasing held back PS4 games in 2022.

    Looking forward to future disappointments. Please, please turn things around already. There is still time. Get Kevin Butler back because its sad to say but we need him more then ever……. but that was a glory days when CEOs were awesome and knew what a great marketing campaign was.

  • Happy birthday to PS5:)

  • Jim Ryan, could you leave? This is a community for Playstation fans. Take your fake employee-written posts with you. Nobody wants you here.

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