Seize the Throne: Join our latest PlayStation community event for an opportunity to win a PS5 and more

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Seize the Throne: Join our latest PlayStation community event for an opportunity to win a PS5 and more

Play games, share moments with friends, and earn Trophies for shared community rewards.

We’re pleased to announce Seize the Throne, an exciting new community challenge that draws inspiration from our new global brand spot. Our aim is to spotlight the power of play, which unites us through unforgettable moments and bold new experiences.

This special event calls on players to join together in a chess-themed celebration.* By playing together to complete three Stages of Community Goals, players can reach the King’s Tower, access the Inner Chambers, and breach the Throne Room — earning exclusive PSN avatars and a one-of-a-kind PS4 theme along the way.**

Eligible players from participating countries will also compete to win grand prizes by testing their PlayStation knowledge in a series of challenging trivia questions. Available grand prizes include a PlayStation 5 console, the King’s PlayStation Shapes Ring Set, and a bundle featuring a Pulse 3D Wireless Headset as well as a PlayStation Store digital gift card ($100 USD or equivalent provided in local currency).*** 

Registrations begin now and will remain open until the end of Stage Two. The first part of the competition ends when the community completes all three Stages to seize the throne, or until November 16th (whichever comes first). Here are the steps to participate:

Seize the Throne: Join our latest PlayStation community event for an opportunity to win a PS5 and more

1. Sign Up 

Register with your PSN Sign-In ID here. Once signed up, players will be automatically entered into all future Stages of the program and the question round.

The event is open to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 users in the following locations: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Slovakia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom, and the United States. Please note: players from Brazil, Italy and Japan cannot take part in the question round of Seize the Throne.

2. Start Playing!

There are three Stages throughout the event, with the first Stage kicking off on November 2. Each Stage will require players to complete the following activities to earn points and achieve the Community Goal for each Stage:

  • Play PS4/PS5 games — Every PS4/PS5 game that each player plays for at least an hour (across as many sessions as they’d like during the week) will earn points towards the Community Goal. Players will earn extra points towards the Goal if they play games with users on their Friends List (who have also signed up to participate). 
  • Use the “Share” feature — Every image or video that each player uploads via the on-console Share feature to PSN Friends or to social media will earn points that count towards the Community Goal. Each player can have a maximum of six PS4/PS5 Shares a day count towards the Goal. 
  • Earn Trophies — Each player can earn a maximum of six PS4/PS5 Trophies per day to contribute points that count towards the Community Goal. Earn extra points towards the Goal for every five trophies earned in a single PS4/PS5 game.

Here’s a breakdown of the points you can earn for each activity:

PlayStation Player ActivitiesNumber of Points
Play any game of Player’s choosing10
Play any game of Player’s choosing with another Player15
Use Share feature5
Obtain Bronze Trophy5
Obtain Silver Trophy10
Obtain Gold Trophy20
Obtain five (5) trophies in a single game25

3. Win Exclusive Rewards

Everyone who signs up can earn exclusive avatar and theme rewards when the Community hits a Goal. The rewards will be delivered directly to players’ PS4/PS5 consoles via system notification approximately 2 days after each Stage is completed.

By signing up, eligible players can compete to win grand prizes, which include a PlayStation 5 console, the King’s PlayStation Shapes Ring Set, and a bundle featuring a Pulse 3D Wireless Headset and a PlayStation Store digital gift card worth $100 USD. Players need to answer a series of three questions that will be posted on between November 17, 2021 at 10:00 AM PDT / 1:00 PM EDT and November 18, 2021 at 11:59 PM PDT. See Official Rules for details.

Check out the chart below to see the Community Goals for each Stage, as well as what prizes you can win:

Stage One – Reach the King’s Tower – Community Goal: Reach 25M total points
Start playing from November 2
Two exclusive PSN avatars
Stage Two – Access the Inner Chambers – Community Goal: Reach 100M total points
Starts when Stage One is completed
Five exclusive PSN avatars
Stage Three – Breach the Throne Room – Community Goal: Reach 160M total points
Starts when Stage Two is completed
An exclusive PS4 dynamic theme**
Three exclusive PSN avatars

Click here to learn more about the program and track the latest progress on Community Goals. Make sure to check back often to see how the Community is doing, when each Goal has been met, and when the next Stage begins.

*PS Plus subscription not required to take part. Sign-up from Oct 28 until end of Stage 2. Competition ends Nov 18. Entrants must be 18+. See Rules: No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited.
**PS5 console users will not be able to download the PS4 theme.
***Players from Brazil, Italy and Japan cannot take part in this section of Seize the Throne. There are 35 PS5 consoles and 35 Pulse 3D Wireless Headsets to be won (one per winner from each participating country/region). There are 3 sets of the King’s PlayStationTM Shapes Ring Set to be won (one per winner from each of the Part Two Groups). See
Official Rules for details.

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  • “Global”…

  • I am not sure if it is a problem on my side or your side but nothing is happening for me. No points are appearing and I have no idea if I am even a part of the event (signed up multiple times). This seems poorly designed

  • What time does the event start?

  • Did some research. For anyone wondering the start time, it will be 00:01 Pacific Time.

    • so starts in 2 minutes? for all time zones ty good person. though where you found that info i have no clue. i was unable to find it

  • Where’s INDIA 🇮🇳 & I Can’t Buy PS5 Here I’ve Only PS4 Slim & I Wanted To Play And Wanted To Win PS5 😭

  • i can’t find start time anywhere. is event live right now? it november 2

  • There needs to be some sort of live hub on the PS5 for these types of events to track the stats. It’d make these events feel more connected.

  • I guess the odds of me actually being able to buy a PS5 and winning one here are about the same, so…

  • This event should be before I get a lot of trophies 😞

  • They need to stop setting the goals for these things so high. This event only runs for 2 weeks and after 2 days we’re only 14% of the way to the first goal. We’ll be lucky to unlock the first one much less all 3. This is after they set unreal goals for the stretch goals last time around. C’mon PlayStation.

  • I never got a notification confirmation that I’m in this competition even though I joined twice before it started. How do I tell that I’m in?

  • I would love Uruguay was able to participate too, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, all our brothers are there… I hope someday you will take us in consideration for this kind of events too. Good luck everyone!

  • That’s very nice…

  • So where do we go to claim the stage 1 avatars?

  • How do I know I’ve entered? I’ve signed up and the screen never changes, like you can sign up multiple times. The goal tracker has passed goal one and I haven’t received anything yet, I signed up before it started.

  • The goal is or actually was an absolute ridiculous. The second stage was not even close to reach.

  • Where are the questions for the next phase?

  • I cant se the questions what’s up with that

  • And the questions for the rewards? A Scam?

  • Questions are up. Good luck with those guesses.

  • …But what kind of stupid questions are these.

  • Seize the throne questions are glitched and I can’t take my guesses.

  • I think the avatars for the Easter egg hunt challenge is bugged – you’re supposed to get the set of 3, but when I went to redeem my voucher code, it tells me it’s the PS Direct avatar bundle

    • Where did you find the stats to answer the questions?

    • I honestly just guessed based on copies/consoles sold by those dates and the amount of trophies there are in Uncharted 4. I hope I didn’t over-estimate anything, but I have a feeling I was well under on each answer. Pretty sure all of the answers are massive numbers.

    • I’m honestly expecting shenanigans with all of this, and someone is bound to cheat somehow.

  • I only wish they gave us a three choice answers to the questions. Not like this. Treachery! :(

  • Wasn’t even close to reach second stage to get rewards. What a huge letdown. Next time if Sony ever do these kind of community event, keep them small and possible goals set.

  • What a stupid event. Made no sense. No way of knowing if you actually got signed up properly like last events where an email confirmation was sent. The goal was so huge and there was little incentive to even care outside of the grand prize. I didn’t even know about the event till a day after it started because the email promo was buried in my inbox which is my fault but I am surprised I didn’t see it advertised on social media or other game websites even though people wrote blogs about it. Whoever was handling the public relations for this dropped the ball hard and whoever thought up the numbers for each phase dropped the ball. Why even have this event? is what is going through my head.

  • I like these events, not like I’d ever win lol.
    But did anyone of you notice how it say there are 35 PS5 consoles to win, one for each country. but when you check the countries who can participate there’s actually 39 countries listed… that doesn’t make sense?!

  • They should have kept it going o people could at least get the avatars from each stage. I didn’t even get the avatars from the Easter egg challenge, either – what I got with my voucher was the PS Direct avatar bundle, not the three from the set they posted for that (the two kings and the person with the blue hair).

  • Very disappointed with this event. Didn’t know the end date was the same as the questions being posted. Essentially giving only 1 day to answer the questions; which were called “Three Skill Based Questions” and not a random gamble with unknowable outcomes. No idea if I was ever properly signed up as every time I looked at the tracker it asked me to sign up for the event. Goal 2 was practically an impossible task guaranteeing we would never get the dynamic theme. Those of us with busy lives were almost certain of forgetting to answer the questions as no notifications were made or sent as a reminder for the 15 Day event. IMHO this was rigged to ensure only a very tiny about of people would be able to participate and therefore Sony wouldn’t need to fork over any prizes or very little.

    • I agree that it wasn’t planned out very well, and they should have kept the progress going beyond the posing of those questions so that we could all obtain the avatars/themes. Seemed silly to stop everything because, I mean… they’re just avatars, so why not just give everyone the opportunity to get them? I did the Easter egg challenge and didn’t even get the avatars they said you’d get from doing that. I got the PS Direct avatar bundle from some other contest. Two of the questions were guessable, at least, if you found the sales numbers for Uncharted and the sales of the consoles by the indicated dates. It was impossible to know the exact numbers, which is why they stated that the person closest to the numbers wins. I can almost bet money that someone hacked something to find the actual numbers, and probably cheated because that’s how people are these days.

  • I want my $100 psn card. Probably the only guy on South America who participated 😂

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