Tune in to State of Play this Thursday for an extended look at Deathloop

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Tune in to State of Play this Thursday for an extended look at Deathloop

Get ready for approximately 30 minutes of indie and third-party updates, including a reality warping tour of Blackreef Island.

We’ve seen Colt’s head-spinning powers in action before, but this Thursday we’ll get a nine-minute look at Deathloop’s time-twisted world as part of a new State of Play. The show kicks off at 2pm Pacific / 5pm Eastern / 11pm CEST, viewable on Twitch or YouTube.

In this extended gameplay sequence, we’ll see Colt use his abilities to stealthily skulk across rooftops… or go in guns blazing to create a whole lot of mayhem. Lots of options available on Blackreef Island.

In addition to this long look at Bethesda’s violent adventure, we’ll have updates on some exciting indie and third-party titles. The full show clocks in around 30 minutes.

This showcase will not include updates on the next God of War, Horizon Forbidden West or the next generation of PlayStation VR. Stay tuned throughout the summer though, as we’ll have more updates soon.

See you Thursday!

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  • No one cares abt deathloop. We just want real actual good games

  • We’ve seen enough of this game. No one cares. Why not show one of the “25 new games” that you’re working on? Where is the HZD 60FPS patch? And communicate with us what Nixxes is going to do, PC Ports, a new game, or help other PS Studios? Jim and Hulst, you guys are on thin ice with the community. Its just been bad news after bad news.

  • Any news about Dreams? What is Mm cooking up? Is Dreams+ real? Ps5 performance upgrades? Multiplayer?
    telllllllll meeeeeeee

  • Sony do you not realize by dedicating an entire State of Play to Deathloop you are just advertising Microsofts game for them ? Everyone knows what to expect with this game, you’re just making yourselves look stupid since all people will think about is that PS5 are paying $60 for this when it will be free on GamePass a year later. Let Microsoft advertise their own game you dolts. State of Plays should be dedicated to PlayStation 1st party games.

    • Well said, especially the dolts part lol.

    • Couldn’t have said it better. Sony already made a fool of itself when MLB The Show 21 was free on GamePass day one, while everyone on Playstation had to pay thru the nose for it. They’re setting themselves up once again with DeathLoop…

    • Exactly Steeler, these guys have consistently shown they have absolutely zero foresight. The complete opposite of previous administrations.

    • Does anyone have a clue why Sony is being so quiet ? What are they waiting for ?I mean Nintendo and Xbox are out here showing everything they have and Sony has things we know about and won’t show it ? WHY WTF are they waiting for ?

  • Thank you for telling us that Gow and ps vr and Horizon not included in the next show I don’t like being in suspension bad for the heart but glad to hear that we might hear about them soon

    Can’t wait to see what to expect from third parties developers

    I love sony

  • So we don’t have to watch it. If all you are gonna do is reannounce Deathloop and some indies, then it just sounds like a waste of time

  • Give me news on forspoken, FF16,GWT, or Stray and I’ll be happy with the show. Deathloop looks interesting but it’s not my top list of games I’m excited for

  • Its great to see you taking all the feedback yet again. In this case you really listened to the “PLEASE DON’T SHOW ANY MORE DEATHLOOP” feedback, we get the premise, it looks crap, what else is there to explain anymore???

    But yeah, if this is the highlight, this is an instant crap show and its very clear there is not going to be a big July showcase when you actually think it is necessary to put on a crap show like this.

    No, I’m going back to Deathloop. I still cannot fathom what the reasoning was for spending money on timed exclusivity for this. What were you thinking??? You close down Japan Studio, lose Keiichiro Toyama, the ONLY person out there that could be the closest thing to giving us a great Silent Hill or new Forbidden Siren reboot of some kind……….. but you spend money on this instead.

    Every week it starts to become more and more clear why Andrew House and Shawn Layden and others ran.

    • And I cannot wait for this Thursday’s State of Play to be the least watched event in the past 2 years.
      You read it here now Sony. Get ready to be told yet again that you just won’t listen to the people that are telling you when you are doing nothing but damage to your brand…. like the utter failure GT Sport.

  • Sony now is not the best time to talk about deathloop. Microsoft came in with heavy hitters and you’re a bunch of sitting ducks right now.

    • Err, could you name one for me please? 8 months later, after already not caring 2 decades for Xbox, and there is still zero reasons for me to get a series s/x

      Phil Spencer said in 2017 that he would love Xbox to get its own Horizon Zero Dawn sort of spectacle of a game.
      Over 4 years later and they haven’t even PRESENTED a game with a debut as epic as HZD’s debut at E3 2015. Not even close.

  • PhantomMenace84

    Sony is getting to be too full of themselves again. They need to go back to being open and communicating with us.

    Who cares about deathloop? It’s now coming out in a crowded time so my preorder is cancelled.

    We want to know about your games! Horizon, God of War, hopefully a resurrection of one of your shooters, GT, VR, really just about what the PS family are doing.

  • There was already an event that featured indies, and we had multiple trailers etc regarding Deathloop. We don’t need to go through all of this again on a dedicated State of Play, this is pointless. We need something new. If you don’t have news, don’t do event that is disappointing to pretty much everybody.

  • Disappointed in you Sony. People want a BIG event. Your version of E3… but better, and in a way only you can deliver. Its clear from the comments that people don’t care to hear more about Microsoft’s Deathloop. Why push it? At least give us a date to the even that everyone wants. Give us something to be excited about and not some Indi / deathloop love fest just because you’re in hot water with Indi devs.

  • Deadmanshand_MB

    What do you expect from a PACK OF LIARS! They claimed. “We have the games!” at the PS5 launch. Where are the said games?

  • Sid,

    I’m sorry, but DeathLoop has been shown enough times already for me to be excited about it. Can’t Sony show something else?

  • Shepherd_Tallon

    Indies? If I get another look at Salt and Sacrifice I’ll be pretty happy.

  • Come on.. and Give Us Socom already.
    Or atleast turn the servers back on.

    Wtf is guerilla games making? MAG?

    Socom socom socom socom

  • willowierpuppet

    Me I would love anything that PlayStation produces any new games and updates same thing with Microsoft but I like PlayStation overall

  • When’s the big event also what’s going on with that abandoned game? blue box game studios

  • I don’t think Sony will announce anything big and new besides the limited exclusive Deathloop. So, with that in mind, thinking a remake or port of an older game is more possible as an announcement. I would love Sony announce an Anthology of older games like Sly Cooper or Ratchet and Clank (not remakes, just an HD Collection like on PS3). Also, Infamous 1&2 Collection, Heavenly Sword, and finally a remaster of Ico. And celebrate Housemarque by releasing Outland on PS4/PS5. Or maybe Sunset Overdrive Director’s Cut edition will finally come to Sony….

  • Gotta love Sony’s new “Let’s give them nothing but scraps to see how fast our loyal fans disengage from our platform.” marketing strategy.

    Come on Jim. Stop f-ing around. Give us the real Summer show already.

  • Deathloop kinda looks interesting but it also looks like every other fps game because it’s made by Arcane Studios which is the black sheep of Bethesda.

    Im probably more excited for Indies than DeathLoop.

  • Is silent hill real idk

  • Socom Socom Socom. You may be outselling as far as consoles go, but gamepass is winning. Give us the exclusives we want, not the exclusives you think is best for us… Socom

  • I really feel like this should have been added to a much larger show later this summer. I’ve been expecting Sony to announce a show ever since e3, but this is not the show we were looking for.

    I actually didn’t believe my friend at first when he said it was just deathloop and indies. Why would Sony invite predictable criticism by answering e3 with THAT? It doesn’t even make sense for deathloop. Why not wait to hype it until closer to release?

  • If there was ever a time to release a new handheld (that you actually support and care about rather than not allowing games on sale anymore and blocking the release of new games on a digital store even though developers want to), it would be a pretty good time to think about it…

  • Hope they add a news about fresh stocks of PS5 to India.

  • I just don’t get it at all it’s like they want us to look elsewhere that new switch is looking real pretty right now I haven’t bothered renewing my plus membership the communication from PlayStation has been awful I honestly cannot recommend a PS5 to people on the fence.

    • You’ve got a point, there’s nothing out worth the console price atm, feels a year too early

  • PS5 has been out for 8 months already, where are all of the AAA titles? Show us some big exclusive games to get us excited.

  • Not Deathloop again … 😩

  • I’m yet to meet anyone who wants deathloop, idk perhaps I’m too out of the loop with the streaming crowd or something.

    • oppositesleeper

      Thats along the lines of my comment. Only a few content creators are pushing this game. I have yet to meet a real human whos even slightly interested in it. Literally nothing about the game is appealing to me. The one thing it had was early ps5 release but they screwed that up super hard.

  • You and I may have heard of Deathloop, but what about the people that have not?

  • oppositesleeper

    Its been a while since we’ve had a good state of play. The last one should have just been a horizon zero dawn feature, not a state of play.
    Deathloop being the feature doesn’t bode well in my opinion. I have yet to meet a real person whos interested in deathloop. A few content creators seem to be the only people keeping hype to this game anymore. Between deathloop and a focus on indies (which has been a big focus for months now) this will be the first state of play i fully intend on skipping.
    Hopefully this trend doesnt continue.

  • Yeah… We really, REALLY don’t need ANOTHER look at Deathloop…

  • love how Sony not listening to the fans is them not announcing a 1h 30m event full of unseen exclusives that cost $0. get a reality check folks. maybe brave the outdoors for a bit.

  • Just announce the ps event already

  • There better be some information on the internal SSD expansion!

  • Why is My Playstation (my.playstation.com) not working? How do I manage my Friends, Messages, Tropheys from my PC/Website?

  • Sony really is dropping the ball this console generation, PS4 they knocked it out the park, but they seem to be doing the wrong thing every time this time around.

  • Very disappointing Sony
    You guys sold out all the ps5 units through the hype of GOW now you don’t even bother to show us a trailer or gameplay?
    Selling all these crap games before the big announcement huh?
    My opinion you should show what you’ve got (in this case GOW) in order to push the other studios to their limits and beyond for creating a better game when you don’t reveal anything the rivalry between studios will vanish….
    Very disappointing

  • dark_gravestone

    This time the realease date for five nights at Freddy’s: security breach WILL BE REVEALED ONCE AND FOR ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • skipped E3 to give us this? Deathloop a game nobody cares about by a company owned my ur competition… nice… not…

    GG on destroying the hype from the fanbase. start looking back to the ps1 and ps2 era to remind u why it was so awesome to be a PS fan…

    The only thing that can help u out to survive this trainwreck is if you announce the PS5 Backwards compatibility with ps3 games at least…

  • It’s time to accept we can’t predict PlayStation anymore

  • Omg can’t stand Jeff grubb or any games journalist

  • Gaming journalism is dead stop listening to them they are a joke games don’t take their BS

  • So many cty babies here i domt know where to start…

  • It’s unfortunate that there isn’t more news about the games we are all looking forward to; however, the pandemic has definitely affected development for all games this last year and a half. I for one am excited that there are some fun looking games releasing this year, including Deathloop. And I’m excited to see some new indie games.

  • So about that expansion slot in the PS5, obscene prices for PlayStation first party games and the upcharge for upgrades…anything of that gets a moment during this presentation?

  • How about you tell us a way for everyone to get a PS5! Instead of the bots buying them up and tripling the price.

  • 1440p support for PS5? seen enough of Deathloop now

  • Have no Interest in Deathloop any longer .

    If this game is open ended (as many new IP’s are ) Sony players will never get to finish it.
    So who wants to play a new IP which will never have a sequal.

    This was initially very high on my nextgen list and now it is scratched…
    Sony is going to push this because they money hatted timed exclusivity. They may as well make it a PS+ game .

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