Tune in to State of Play this Thursday for an extended look at Deathloop

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Tune in to State of Play this Thursday for an extended look at Deathloop

Get ready for approximately 30 minutes of indie and third-party updates, including a reality warping tour of Blackreef Island.

We’ve seen Colt’s head-spinning powers in action before, but this Thursday we’ll get a nine-minute look at Deathloop’s time-twisted world as part of a new State of Play. The show kicks off at 2pm Pacific / 5pm Eastern / 11pm CEST, viewable on Twitch or YouTube.

In this extended gameplay sequence, we’ll see Colt use his abilities to stealthily skulk across rooftops… or go in guns blazing to create a whole lot of mayhem. Lots of options available on Blackreef Island.

In addition to this long look at Bethesda’s violent adventure, we’ll have updates on some exciting indie and third-party titles. The full show clocks in around 30 minutes.

This showcase will not include updates on the next God of War, Horizon Forbidden West or the next generation of PlayStation VR. Stay tuned throughout the summer though, as we’ll have more updates soon.

See you Thursday!

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  • We’ve seen more than enough of Deathloop at this point so stop showing it. Was really hoping we were going to hear more about PlayStation games at this point. Very disappointing

    • The big event is coming later in summer

    • Deathloop is the new Godfall.

    • U right about that because we have seen Deadpool game play over a year now. I mean what else can they show. I totally forgot about that game. I honestly thought it came out already. Show God of War or new Spiderman 2 tease.

    • Agreed F DeathLoop that’s a Microsoft game.

    • I 1000% agree. We’ve seen plenty from Deathloop. I’m excited for the game, but there’s no need for another gameplay showcase, like at all. I was really looking forward to news about new games. I’m disappointed already. I will wait for this show to be over and look for news on new game reveals hopefully.

    • I 1000% agree. We’ve seen plenty from Deathloop. I’m excited for the game, but there’s no need for another gameplay showcase, like at all. I was really looking forward to news about new games. I’m disappointed already. I will wait for this State of Play to be over and watch a recap from a YouTuber afterwards.

    • Not part of E3 and what we get is a 30 mins show with a third of it being deathloop which we have already seen and some indies. PS3 Sony dropping the ball again. Color me Disappointed.

    • I agree with you 100%. As a loyal Playstation fan for all my life, I totally disagree with the content they’re showing lately… But Playstation is not listening to their fanbase. For example…We have been asking for a new Sly Cooper game since 2013, and still have not seen or received such game.

    • NinjaRemoteplay

      Updates on deathloops and more

    • u r

  • I guess this is sony’s E3 now

    • No its not. They said at the end there will be more to come in the summer including god of war, horizon, and psvr 2

    • No, they didn’t promise updates on those three this summer – only that those, specifically, would NOT be in this SoP and that more updates (in general) were coming “soon.”

      I would honestly be surprised at any significant PSVR2 news in 2021. I’m open to such a surprise, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

    • Please, don’t be excited.

  • nuklearni_karel

    Where is some big summer event? Why are you showing Deathloop for the 10th time? What the h*ll are you doing Sony?

  • LegoshiBeastMode

    Parappa the Rapper 3, please

    • A new Parappa could have been easily funded in place of the stupid, stupid, STUPID decision to pay money to make Deathloop a timed exclusive.

  • LegoshiBeastMode

    I like how Sony is featuring a Bethesda game even though Microsoft bought them out already lmao

    • Deathloop is a PS5 timed console exclusive and Sony probably has marketing rights to the game.

  • Looking forward to the indie and third-party titles.

  • Seriously? Sony needs to snap out of it already.

  • It doesn’t even make sense why Sony is investing so much into Deathloop when it’s a Bethesda title. I was interested, but now we might not even see a sequel or more to it because it’s Bethesda so I lost all interest…….

  • I hope Sony will abandon the marketing model of State of Play. Every time you write at the bottom of the article, there will be no surprises. What is needed is a big show

  • I hope people read that it says THIRD PARTY and INDIE updates. So no God of War or Horizon 2.

  • Well I guess I can go to work in peace this Thursday. Talk about disappointing.

    • Bunch of cry babies. Be patient , is only July there’s more to come. Go outside and play with your kids or something else.

    • Right!!!

    • thundercatss4d@ Hey pal….come here…instead of getting in your feelings about people getting excited over PlayStation Experience, how about you take your own advice and grow a pair. Acting like we trashed your precious PS5😂. Grow up and go back to Rift Apart my g👌😉.

  • I didn’t expect this, I was expecting the announcement of a big PlayStation event, disappointed news.

  • I’m not sure why this State of Play exist. We’ve already gotten an extended look at Deathloop because it was suppose to come out back in May. You have to assassinate people before the loop restarts, WE GET IT. At this point we just need the game in our hands. As for the other stuff, I get it if they’re console exclusives like Kena: Bridge of Spirits, but PlayStation doesn’t really need to show off 3rd party stuff.

    I understand that not every State of Play can just be an update on all 1st Party Studios. Honestly though, each State of Play should have at least ONE 1st Party game, and then you can fill time with indies & 3rd party.

  • AmericanSamurai1

    Really disappointing,. Was hoping for a big event. I’m tired of seeing death loop.

    • Me too bro!!

    • Yeah I was excited for deathloop but I have seen enough of it, we need new announcements, new PSN on PS5, m.2 SSD update, new games, a big e3 like show. Could have made the housemarque purchase part of the show would have been much better then just a blog post.

  • Are you being serious rn? Is anyone in Playstation reading what fans want anymore? Who even asked to show more deathloop after seeing it 100s of times. Not only you are not giving us a big event with updates from first party studios you are making it even worse by showing this same game again and again. It would’ve been atleast better if there are couple more indies added to this SoP instead of this stupid deep dive of this game.

    • Its astonishing why Sony even bothers to make blog posts anymore when they NEVER take the feedback from over 70% of the comments, that pretty much lets them know if it was a good or terrible piece of news/decision.

      Here, its clear nobody cares about Deathloop. And they just WILL not listen otherwise.

    • what fans want? you mean like an hour showcase with every rumour or conspiracy theory come true?

  • Nice!

  • I think Sony really need to read the room better. Most people were expecting an E3 style event and this will just fuel more of the negative narrative that seems to be around Sony at the minute. Could have just added this on to that event coming later.

    • I really don’t think anyone making any decisions at Sony read this. Because if they do there just ignoring everything.

    • this is akin to stomping your feet at the supermarket wanting your mum to put everything in the trolley

    • Nothing wrong with calling out Sony when they’re making stupid moves…

  • The last State of Play was an Indie Showcase, and we’ve already had a huge amount of info for Deathloop, including gameplay. We need an update on the PlayStation Studio’s roadmap.

  • I’m OK with more Deathloop gameplay but after the amount of rumours that their is going to be a big PS event I’m a little disappointed.

  • Be a little bit more open to fans, Sony.

    At least any roadmap of what to expect from you. Or do the big show already…

  • From mic drop to ball drop

  • Ok but I expected more. It is good that we have a big event in the summer.

  • I’m interested in Deathloop and what Indie games may be on the horizon, I’ll give this a watch. I’m very excited to hear about PSVR2, Horizon: Forbidden West, the next God of War, and hopefully some surprises for what comes in 2022 and beyond at the future State of Plays.

  • How many times sony will shows deathloop? Gave us previews of something else! Like god of war 2, gran turismo 7 and final fantasy 16.

  • I love my ps5 but you guys NEED an answer to GamePass and stuff like this just isn’t it. You can’t justify a 70 dollar purchase when your competition is releasing current gen games day one on their console and PC for a ridiculously good monthly price. C’mon, Sony help us out here.

    • Here in Brazil is even worse, 350 R$ for a game, Its insano, we dont even have psnow available, sony is becoming a new nintendo…

    • Vanlischtenstein

      They will not do it lol SONY do not have deep pocket like MSFT to be able to afford to lose Billions of $ on 1st party game sales … But there is still PS+ Collection and PS Now

    • They do not “NEED” an answer to game pass.
      Microsoft “NEED” great, GOTY nominated, games industry changing games to release day one on game pass. It is over 4 years now and it has never once gotten a game like this.

    • Gamepass is a subscription service and extremely expensive. If you at any point decide to end it, you remain with 0 games, even if you had already paid a b*ttload of cash. Subscription services like these are going to be the cancer of the gaming industry.

    • you NEED to keep your expectations in check. if you prefer gamepass then stick with your XSX

  • Hello ko Ps5 Play at home? Deathloop

  • Since Bethesda sold to Xbox they can go suck it for me. Aint getting another cent from my purse

  • We’ve seen more than enough of Deathloop, we don’t need this.

    • I agree this shouldn’t be the focus but these smaller events are important it’s good Sony isn’t forgetting the indies and smaller developers

  • Aw man, I see Sony repeating the same mistakes from PS3 era where they came from a comfortable position with the PS2.

    They don’t seem to care to listen to what their fans want, they are coming up with some inacceptable pricing policies, overall services offered is really lacking compared to Microsoft and their communication strategy has been the absolute worst as of late.

    Deathloop has been shown countless times already, everyone knows what this is about and you are going to dedicate a deep dive to it? It is not even a big game compared to many others within Sony’s upcoming releases.

    What pain it has become to be a PS owner. At least thanks for the heads up, so I don’t spend my time to watch this.

    • I agree with a lot of your complaints in the first half but your just using that to complain about this event, which to be honest is eh. They did they that God of War and horizon (and hopefully a bigger event) is coming within summer that is like 2 months, so be patient

  • Real talk though could you guys just upload it to YouTube instead of streaming it?

    Watching the streams always makes these games look like terribly blocky low bitrate 1080p SDR garbage. Even Ratchet and Clank looked bad in the State of Play live stream

    • I really don’t know why that is a problem if im interested in a game I check out the trailer which to it which gets uploaded at the same time as the stream

  • Well my expectations are set very low now so I guess we’ll see how it goes. Hopefully some cute surprises.


    Jim Ryan = Traitor

  • This is a massive blunder in my opinion. You are going to answer all of the E3 announcements with Deathloop!?

    Pretty bad choice on Jim’s part here. I’m starting to drink the ‘New Leadership’ Kool aid.

  • Not interested in any Microsoft games at all. Was hoping for a larger show with Sony first party games. Looking forward to more Kena that’s for sure. Now looking forward to news on GoW and Horizon later in the summer, I hope.

  • Soon, stay tuned, in the coming months… great communication Sony.

    No next gen only PS5 games announcements, no E3, nothing, just a timed exclusive.

  • Possibly a Forspoken update seeing as that is an exciting third-party game!

  • I really dont get the timing. Why not showing deathloop 2-3 weeks prior to release in september?

    • That’s what I just wrote.
      It makes no sense. They should either done this during E3 or move it to September
      It’s coming in September and we already had a deep dive.
      There’s no real interest in this game.
      Bethesda definitely goes well with Microsoft

    • Exactly.

    • This whole thing is due to multiple indie studios coming out and saying Sony treats them terribly and they have a nightmare working with them as they don’t promote their products and the process of putting their games on sale is tied up in hoops and red tape that they find it difficult to to do.. So this is a cover their ass movement

  • What is going on over there at Sony?
    This game is coming in September. Why are we getting another deep dive of a timed exclusive that’s now a Microsoft game and also will be straight to gamepass next year since Xbox users don’t buy games.
    So Bethesda is trying to milk us PS fans one last time. I have no interest in this game if I want to play it. I’ll get gamepass for a dollar next year.
    Gamepass is showly killing the industry.
    Anyway, this will be a boring deep dive.
    And that deep dive should have been moved during E3 not now

  • It’s very hard to get excited with what $ony is telling me now.
    I don’t care for Deathloop or paying 80 euros for a M$ game (or any game in that matter).

  • July 8 is not going to be God Of War supply and information….
    We hope that the God Of War trailer will be shown at least before the end of the summer !
    We are really tired of waiting !
    Please publish God Of War news as soon as possible !
    A year has passed and there is still no news….
    So when are we going to see the God Of War trailer?
    Please give the exact date of the release of the God Of War trailer to the fans and keep us from wandering in the dark.
    Please 🙏
    We are tired of waiting
    Please release the (God Of War) trailer faster ! 🙏❤🌹
    We are not eager to see another game trailer
    It is important for us only to see the ( God Of War ) trailer…!
    please release ( God Of War ) Trailer.🌺🌺🌺
    💎 #PS4 💎

  • Please cancel this item…
    And instead of this game
    👉Show God Of War trailer👈
    Please do not disappoint us🙏
    We are really tired of waiting !
    Please release the (God Of War) trailer as sooner…❤

  • First those games with Plus this month, now this?…

    • Don’t forget the hidden 30 quid PS5 lazy port of Ghost of Tsushima. They are on a a troll roll of their fans it seems.

    • Ghost has really ruined any hype I had for the summer
      Sony why did I go through all the trouble to buy a PlayStation 5
      Ratchet and clank?(great game)
      Returnal?(fun but not £70 fun)
      Please give the people who spent £400-500 SOMETHING

  • Ugh. Disappointing as usual lately, Sony. You skip E3 and all we get after months of nothing is a deep dive for a Microsoft game. Good job guys.

  • leave them xbox games on xbox. make something better looking than deathloop please.

  • Huge missed opportunity for you to not acquire Square Enix. Housemarque and Bluepoint provide nowhere near what Square’s IP would for not only Playstation, but also Sony Pictures and the brand as a whole. They know how to craft everlasting universes and lore.

    • Square isn’t for sale nor would they ever sell…

    • Oh yeah, let’s acquire Nintendo while we’re at it too. And also, CD Project Red and Rockstar Games seem like great options as well. What do you think?

    • @chr15_D1995 Err shouldn’t the joke be about mentioning studios that would be incredible to acquire? Why would anyone want CDPR at even a discount lol?

    • Sony us successful but they dont have Microsoft money these massive mergers would put a huge dent in Sony’s finances

  • Knack 3

    • At this point I would actually be excited for Knack 3. Not lying either. It could even be part of a big show like an e3 style show where they show more then 3 things off. Oh wait…

  • What’s the motivation to buy Deathloop if future Bethesda games will not be available on PS?

    Judging by this new Sony, we can expect more PC ports being announced. Ryan Hulst care more about PC than PlayStation ffs.

  • Cobrar upgrade de games first party! Vergonha Sony!
    clients for upgrade do games first party! Shame on you Sony! #PlaytationLowerPrices #JogarTemLimites

  • Remember y’all: if you set up unrealistic expectations, you’re gonna be disappointed. So, let’s all just sit back, relax, and enjoy what they have to show us :)

    • Yeah really gonna enjoy seeing Deathloop for a 6th time. Honestly I am only a little bit more interested in the indies and 3rd party games but will keep expectations low because this sounds like a disappointment

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